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Eclipse: A dinner interrupted!

by Jenasis » February 24th, 2015, 7:08 pm

Jenasis casually strolls across the Undercity's courtyard carrying a dirty sack over her shoulder. When she reaches her old guild hall (under the stairwell to the Silvermoon portal) she calls out to the shadows “I brought you something!” Immediately after hearing Jenasis a tightly bound man tilts his head out of a shadow in the corner of the room, only exposing half of his face to a poorly lit area of the hall. He clears his throat several times before attempting to speak in a gravely voice “Is it water?”

Jenasis drops her sack and laughs arrogantly at the man “This is the city of the dead!”
She waves a hands dismissively “If you want water, you had better pray for rain.”
The shackled man sighs and leans back into the shadows. “Don’t be that way Human! Come on, see what I brought for you.” The man slumps over and wriggles awkwardly towards Jenasis into a more well lit part of the hall.

Jen sits on the floor with her legs criss crossed and the sack she carried now sits comfortably on her lap. “You will be rewarded for your efforts Human!” She reaches into the bag pulling out a handful of rotten mushrooms. “These were old, so the vendor sold them to me for coppers.”
She cackles “A little black mold never hurt anyone, right?”

The bound man shakes his head in disbelief at his situation. “This is madness! You carry a bow on your back. I beg thee use it before I wither!”

Jenasis drops the mushrooms and looks genuinely concerned at the human. She gets on all fours and crawls to him. Upon reaching the man she gently lifts one of his eyelids looking blankly into it. With her other hand she pokes his cheek a few times. “You are looking a bit sickly...I wonder if your safe to eat?”

The man shouts and begins to struggle with his bonds “EAT!!!” “THIS IS WHY YOU CAPTURED ME?”

Jenasis covers his mouth with her palm and whispers “Shhhhhhhhh, If others here you I will have to share.”

The man glares coldly at Jenasis “Oh’ Light forbid! You may starve if there is not enough of me to go around!”

Jenasis laughs amused at the man’s sarcasm “You aren’t so bad human, I might of liked you if you were forsaken.” She shrugs “One day maybe...who knows-

The forsaken and her prisoner are interrupted by the most bone chilling howl either has ever had the misfortune to hear. Instinctively she leaps behind the bound man tucking her body completely behind his and peering over him towards the exit to the courtyard.

She quickly unties the man’s hands “You may leave now. Get out!”

Instead of fleeing the human scrambles to his feet clinching his fists looking back and forth in a panic between Jenasis and the open exit. He takes a step towards Jenasis with his fists held up in front of him “I would rather take my chances with you than whatever the Hell made that sound!”

Jenasis draws her bow and points it at the mans face “Are you sure about that?”

The newly freed man glares hatefully at Jen and runs out the door yelling repeatedly “You Bitch!”

Jenasis snickers to herself “Better a bitch than a dogs dinner.”
“Whatever made that dreadful cry would certainly be to large to fit through the entry way, right?”
She pulls the sack of mushrooms to her using it as a pillow. Clutching her bow she lays down propped up on the bag while staring wide eyed at the entrance... “This is going to be a long night.”


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