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Elderly is only a state of mind.

Postby DeclanRavenholdt » February 21st, 2015, 4:47 pm

The Reverend sat comfortably in his chair sipping from a glass of wine. His injuries still had not fully recovered from a fun get together with old friends at the abandoned fortress of Dun Garok. He scribbled gently in a black leather bound journal while his bodyguard, a menacing dark iron dwarf stood next to him. A man dressed as an Alliance soldier entered the room and saluted the Reverend.

"Sir. You wanted the report from Dun Garok?" The soldier squealed whilst standing at attention.

The Reverend let out a hacking cough. "Yes. Hand it hear and then get out." He snapped at the soldier. Quickly the soldier handed the elderly man a sealed scroll. The Reverend grabbed the scroll and waved off the soldier without giving him a second glance. He broke the seal and unrolled the scroll.

The scroll read:

Dun Garok Battle Report

Explanation - Forces loyal to the Undead anarchist Declan were ambushed in the Dwarven Battery of Dun Garok after a failed incursion into Karazhan involving Alliance military forces as well as the man himself. Within Dun Garok, Declan licked his wounds from the failed incursion. The Reverend and his men arrived and were welcomed inside due to past relations with Declan. After confirming Declan had both the plague canisters and the mana-bomb in his possession, the Reverend's forces struck a fatal blow. Declan was confirmed dead after an explosion of unknown origins which came from Dun Garok's inner chambers. The remainder of Declan's men were eliminated and the contents of the fortress were secured to used at the Reverend's discretion.

Contents Captured - Multiple containers of plague that had been in Declan's possession since his betrayal some time before. As well as items used for dealing with plague. Including gas masks and sealed containers for the transport and deployment of plague. Also in the bunker, body armor, rifles, ammunition, and explosives. Finally, a functioning mana-bomb of unknown origin.

The Reverend chuckles as he reads through the document. After he finishes, he rolls the scroll up and tosses it into the roaring fire in the nearby hearth. He reclines back into his chair. "I love winning. It is good that all loose ends have been dealt with. Though, my plans are progressing slower than I would have hoped." He lets out another hacking cough. He then raises his glass for a toast. "Heres to all those who call me elderly. They will soon see how old and slow this elderly priest is. Cause I am certainly not on my death bed yet." He takes a sip and chuckles again. He then would look to his bodyguard. "Get some men, there is work that can't be put off any longer . . ."
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Re: Elderly is only a state of mind.

Postby RiktheRed21 » February 21st, 2015, 5:51 pm

As he walked the decrepit halls of his past home, Relegh couldn’t help be feel a sense of nostalgia. This had once been a powerful city full of bright young warriors and other such soldiers. They had so much potential, but it was all thrown to the fire when Ragnaros’ burning army rose from the molten core. Clan Ironember had produced generation after generation of skilled soldiers, but now Relegh was all that remained of that once proud heritage. He’d even lost his wife and children. But none of that mattered anymore, of course, because the Alliance was offering them a chance to repay the world for their ‘past sins.’ As if the dark irons needed anyone to forgive their mistakes.

He pushed these thoughts away as the entrance to the Grim Guzzler grew closer. He had a job to do. He stepped passed a pair of Alliance guards, earning himself some wary looks. Even now, with the seat of the dark iron kingdom infested with humans, elves, and the ancestors knew what else, the Alliance still feared the power the dark irons wielded.

Relegh took silent satisfaction from the power of his presence. Entering the tavern, a wave of merry noises blew past him like the hot wind of a forge. Though the city had been besieged and sacked, the Grim Guzzler had never run out of ale, and therefore, there were always customers. It was a grimmer sight than it had once been; fewer patrons wished to make the trip back to the decrepit city these days, and even fewer still lived in the ruins. Yet there were plenty of dwarves stubborn enough to have stuck around. Relegh was here to see one in particular.

A shady table in the corner is where Relegh found Hendry Kegfist. The young upstart was the son of Relegh’s oldest dead friend. He had more of a fire in his eyes than any dwarf Relegh had ever seen, but a tendency to make rash decisions. Sure, that made it easy to manipulate him, but the young man’s foolish actions ever frustrated Relegh. He took a seat across from Hendry, giving the kid a curt greeting.

“Took you long enough, old man. I was just about to run out of ale again,” he turned to a nearby hostess, “Another round, this time for two!”

Relegh frowned deeply and slapped Hendry upside the head. “You’re a daft boy, you know that? I told you not to draw attention to yourself.”

Hendry rubbed his head and frowned back at Relegh. “It’s not my fault, the barkeeps recognized me! I had to get a round, at least.”

“And how many have ye had?”

The boy grinned like a dumb jackal. “About five.” Relegh hit him again. “Ow! Yer hands are like cold iron, old man!”
Relegh chugged an ale that was placed in front of him. “But my temper is as hot as the Shadowforge. Next time, you do as I ask, no excuses.”

Hendry nodded, still clenching his head in pain. “Gotcha, gotcha. Now, why did you call me here in the first place? Is it…is it about mum?”

Relegh sighed. Hendry understandably wanted to know more about what happened to his mother after the siege. She was among those that surrendered during the sacking and were taken prisoner. The Alliance’s stockades in Stormwind were notoriously unsafe. No one seemed to know what happened to Hilda Kegfist. “Sorry lad, not this time. I needed to ask a favor. Yer dad’s troops, or what remains of them, I need to take command of them.”

Hendry looked puzzled. “What’s this fer? Ye headin’ out ta that portal I keep hearin’ about?”

Relegh shook his head. “No, I need them to help an old friend of mine. We used to work together, long before you were born. Now he needs some protection, and you have the numbers for it. Whaddya say, boy? Help an old man out?”

Hendry took a long swig of ale, finishing his mug and slamming it on the table. He exhaled deeply, and looked Relegh in the eyes. “O’ course I’ll help ye, old man! Ye’ve been like a dad ta me since me own passed. But I want part o’ the action!”

Relegh smiled, a gesture he didn’t make often. “Thank ye, boy. I owe you a round now.”
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Re: Elderly is only a state of mind.

Postby RiktheRed21 » February 22nd, 2015, 8:07 pm

The Reverend hadn’t understated it, this was a plague alright. People all over the city were suffering blatantly from some sort of epidemic. Relegh kept his distance from them, and nearly pulled his weapon on an elf that tried to grab his ankle with his bony fingers. But he carried on, his temper maintained, because he had a job to do. After a brisk walk, he reached the warehouse where the plague was being stored. The guards overseeing the warehouse were paid off, and they were expecting his visit, so he entered without problem. He told one of the watchers to keep their eyes open for spies on his way. The warehouse interior was not nearly as full as he was expecting. Relegh had remarked during his earlier conversation with the Reverend that their “friend” Declan had squandered far too much of his store on the trip south. He had also left several loose ends that Relegh had had to tie up. A useless lunatic, that one.

Relegh’s troops were checking the contents of the crates to ensure that none of the plague canisters had gone missing or been damaged. The symptoms the diseased outside were displaying did not remind Relegh of those he had seen plagued, but it was never a mistake to be too sure. He watched and took part in the checks where needed, and when the process was complete, Relegh instructed his troops to get the crates moved to the docks discretely. A mercenary ship would not stand out in the harbor, but with so much cargo being moved, discretion was key. After the first set of crates had been moved from the warehouse, Relegh made his way to the docks himself, flanked by dark iron guards.

The ship was waiting for them when he arrived, and the crates were within sight as he boarded it. The goblin who owned the ship had sent his associates to invite Relegh to his cabin. The dwarf was pleased to oblige. He wanted to know what sort of man he would be up against when the killing started. He entered the cabin and took a seat in front of a large table, covered in jewels, at the goblin’s invitation.

“Relegh…Ironember, is it? Name’s Ephraim Duhfek, owner of the Duhfek line and valid member of the Steamwheedle cartel. This is a profitable venture you’ve offered me.”

Relegh nodded his head to the goblin and said, “Your service was better than expected last time, so my employer and I thought it best to go through you once more.”

Duhfek mixed a drink while speaking, “I have a bit of a business proposition for you, my friend, if you’re interested in helping me with a mutual…problem.”

Relegh’s face scrunched into a frown. “What sort of problem?”

“The brother killing kind of problem. Let me tell you the tale in a concise way. About a year ago, some insane death knight wearing a blue and gold tabard hops on my brother Bimmi’s ship, kills his crew, the man himself, and sinks it. Naturally, that isn’t good for business, and I happened to love my brother, and his money.” He paused for a long drink.

Relegh spoke up, “And this death knight in the blue and gold, she’s one of them Twilight Empire folk, isn’t she?”

Duhfek swallowed and exhaled satisfaction. “A solider, no less. Some of my boys went through portals to this new Draenor we’ve been hearing about. They shot her up, she slinks away. Lotta good guns went down. Point being, we both have a reason to put a hit on these ‘Empire’ folks. And I think you have the resources to do so.”

Relegh scratched his beard thoughtfully. “What makes you think I would want to take a risk like this? I have no reason to go after the Empire.”

Duhfek made a ‘tsk’ sound. “But you can never get enough of friends and supporters, I know this for certain. You do this, you’ll make a friend in this goblin.”

Relegh took a while to think it over. Then he said, “You’ll have to discuss terms with the Reverend. I’m just his handyman.”

The goblin shrugged and handed Relegh a glass of booze. “I was hoping the drinks would be celebratory; you know what they say, little victories.” They clinked glasses and drank. Relegh would have to reconsider killing this one.
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