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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

by Kexti » December 21st, 2014, 4:27 am

Years ago.

"Is this okay?" She'd been speaking the language longer, but Kex'ti still thought she had an accent.
"Of course. We cleared out the ogres, and we're having dinner just beyond the patrol border, we'll be back to report before sundown," he said.

She brought her knees up under her chin, and prodded the seared sporefish with her multitool. He was still learning her expressions. But, he was also still learning to cook Outland fauna.

"Oh." He grabbed a rock, and skipped it out in to expanse past the floating earth. Nagrand flowed out below in lurid greens and white pools. The wind blew, and the rocs reeled in the breeze. The Skyguards sat there, their nether rays floating just off the edge of the earthmote. The earthenware clinked with each prod of her multitool, and Kex'ti failed to notice she was eating the meal, rather than merely playing with the fish. He began to lose himself in thought when he heard her gasp. His hands darted to his daggers, and he turned. His companion sat there, her mouth full of food, a large chunk of fish on the multitool.

"The fish is very good!" she mumbled over the mouthful.

She smiled at him. If he could get a picture of her, the sporefish tucked into one cheek, the other side of her lips curled upward, it'd have been the one thing he'd carry with him through it all. As it was, he'd have to make due with the memory.

She reached out for help up. Instead, Kex'ti dropped a rock into her outstretched hand and smiled back. Rem tapped it against against a horn and slid her goggles into place. She gently rolled a dial along the top of one of the red lenses until she snapped the rock back and threw it out into the void at one of the windrocs. The creature screeched and dispersed, and the rock sunk into a pond far below, scattering a group of talbuk.

"Not bad," said Kex'ti.

"Not perfect, yet. But, it'll have to do, archenei. Let's get back to work."

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

by Skaedi » March 1st, 2015, 1:26 am

Skaedi hated reading Common.

The syntax was a mess, words with the same letters could be pronounced in completely different ways, and the farther back in time she went, the more the tenses changed on a whim. She stuck with her self-appointed task with grim determination, even if she had to surreptitiously call up Gakgup to help translate. She would have preferred Helandia, but her imp was smaller, and less likely to be seen by the not-quite-as-watchful-as-they-should-be Kirin Tor intern librarians.

At last she set down her quill and shook her hand to ease the writer's cramp. "Back to Snowshadow," she whispered to Gakgup. He snapped a perfect salute, clicked his heels and disappeared with a minimum of the scent of brimstone.

Skaedi straightened her parchment, rolled them and slid them into the scroll case.Pearls. Moonstone, of course. Jade, or opals. Glass -- or quartz crystal. Obsidian would be her choice for the backing, but black enamel was supposed to work as well. Skaedi frowned. She didn't want "as well". She wanted the best materials for this project. Which meant she -- they, all of Dark of the Moon -- would be busting tail to find them. Znort might have to be cajoled, but perhaps not. The challenge and the orc's own curiosity might be enough.

She nodded to the intern slumped at the front desk. He gave her an absent wave, his attention buried deep in what looked to be an unsoiled copy of I'm In Love With A Robot. Skaedi hid a snicker and emerged into the lamp-lit Dalaran streets.

Anna would be pleased.

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

by Kiraleen » April 16th, 2015, 6:00 pm

"Mumoo! More!"

Iantha came running up to Kiraleen, arms full of large, multicolored eggs. Kiraleen smiled at her daughter. "So I see! How many this time?" She counted aloud as she placed each in the beribboned basket in her care. "... three, four, five."

"I find under rocks," Iantha said proudly, pointing in the direction of the small mill at the edge of Bloodhoof Village. She adjusted the rabbit-eared circlet she wore. "An behin' riders." She pointed again toward the stables.

"Very clever! But stay away from the river."

Iantha's eyes grew wide. "Noo, no river!" She looked down at the basket. "Chocolate?" she asked in a hopeful voice.

Kiraleen smiled again. How the druids who made Noblegarden's eggs managed to include candy she didn't know, and in truth, didn't care to. There was something to be said for small mysteries.

Iantha busied herself with the shells, naming off the colors and debating whether a streak of teal was really blue or green. Kiraleen listened, lost in thought. She was glad to be back In Thunder Bluff. Coming to Bloodhoof instead of Falconwing Square had been an easy choice. Iantha was old enough to understand the holiday, and moreover, understand people's reaction to her -- even if she didn't know why some blood elf children wouldn't play with her. To the tauren children, all blood elves were a little strange; they might tease, but that teasing wouldn't hold special malice for a half-elf.

"Mumoo!" Iantha tugged on her pantleg, then pointed. "Lomi!"

Kiraleen followed Iantha's finger. Lomani stood in a circle of other tauren, gesturing widely and laughing. "I see her." She handed Ianth a small chocolate egg. "Did you miss her in Silvermoon?"

Iantha nodded. "Wish her blessings of the Earth-Mumoo."

"Then let's go say hello, sweet girl."

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

by Chimreh » July 31st, 2015, 9:26 am

"You christened those ships what?"

If a Forsaken's voice could be said display emotion, the Forsaken commander (her name momentarily forgotten in a hangover haze) sounded rather upset. Chimreh couldn't quite understand why. "Traditions," the blood elf muttered. She leaned against Starskimmer, grateful for the bear's solidity and warmth... `and that her hangover-induced headache made her keep her eyes closed. The spirit beast's fur had the uncanny knack of resembling the starscape that had inspired her name. "Fine, upstanding human an' elvin naval traditions."

"Really." Yes. The Forsaken definitely sounded upset. "You'll have to find new traditions, then, and rename those ships."

"Nuh-uh." Chimreh shaded her face with an unsteady hand, opened her eyes and squinted. A death-mask stared down at her, and her gut churned. She swallowed reflexively, and managed not to vomit. "Can't. Once a ship's chrif--chros - chrisss-- named-- that's that.

"So." Chimreh beamed. "Rum, Sodomy and The Lash it is."

The Forsaken woman's eyes flared like the sun. She snorted in disgust, pivoted and stalked off.

Chimreh yawned. "S'what they get, 'skimmer, for asking me to name their stupid ships."

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Re: Ravenholdt Bulletin Board

by Kiraleen » September 22nd, 2015, 7:27 am

A good mother didn't wake up hungover on her daughter's birthday.

Kiraleen switched out the washcloth for a colder one and placed it on her forehead. Not using magic to instill them with blessed, refreshing coolness was something of a penance. Besides, she wasn't sure she trusted her ability to cast even that minor a cantrip at the the moment. It had been a long time since she'd gotten drunk. Years, in fact. And at another Brewfest.

All Forsaken men reminded her of Martin in a way, of course. It was unavoidable. But this Executor....

He did and did not sound like her late husband. He did and did not behave like him. His voice, his movement, familiar and strange at once. Last night, it had been too much. After accidentally offending him somehow, she had distracted herself with a couple of Brewfest's diversions, then returned to her tent on Spirit Rise, checked on the sleeping Iantha, and proceeded to try to empty out her small personal liquor cabinet.

She hadn't, but not for lack of trying.

Iantha's birthday was always hard for her, as hard as the winter solstice. Loss, which always lingered in the background of her life, stepped forward to greet her again like an old, unwelcome friend. She tried to keep it from overwhelming her. This time she had failed.

Kiraleen switched out another washcloth from the pail of water and laid back down on her bed, eyes closed. Iantha was still asleep, and probably would remain so for another few hours. She should try to catch a bit of sleep herself. She needed to speak to Ja'he about her hangover cure. She had a party to get ready.


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