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Life Becoming

by Kiraleen » April 24th, 2014, 8:26 pm

Kiraleen unhooked the privacy bells, the residual magic of their spell a tingle on her skin. Stronzgrinda and his worg were small black smudges inching along the rope bridge to the central bluff.

Bloodfury's Warmaster had surprised her: that he had come to Thunder Bluff at all, and that he had come specifically in search of her. The biggest surprise, of course, had been his request for her aid in contacting the Twilight Empire. To be precise, one particular member and its Empress. "Battlehammer, the dispeller of confusion." How' he'd gotten that out of Dinpik Fogbuster she couldn't tell.

Her brows dipped down in thought. Efnesien's night elf relaties were her vest option... but it would have to be done more discretely. The kaldorei were riding a crest of racial and fighting pride, and anthing that distracted from them would be suspect.

She folded the draft of Stonzgrinda's message in halves and tucked it into her sleeve-pocket. Lacing tight the Outriders' headquarter's door flap, she headed for her personal tent.


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