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Help Wanted: Fel Contamination and Disposal Experts

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2016, 1:21 pm
by Rand_Shea
The orc peon lumbered down the immaculately kept Dalaran walkway, curiously and nervously looking over the mages' city with an apparent frown on his face. Being here was practically like being on another planet, except instead of the familiar comforts of dirt, wood chippings, and dust from beasts of burden and fellow peons, it was all... shiny polished rocks and the glare and constant hum of arcane 'thingies' he had no hopes of ever understanding.

"Stoopid elf... why me have to come here?" He grumbled, pulling a wadded up and thoroughly stained piece of paper out of a pocket, practically laying his face into it as he attempted to decipher some instructions written in a much more 'graceful' manner than he was obviously capable of. A stop in his footsteps, before looking around again, spotting something, and eyes going wide as he jogged over towards it.

The posting board outside of the Eventide Cafe was full of old and faded notices and fliers... of which the peon grabbed the closest chunk and ripped them all off at once, tossing them onto the sidewalk before pulling out a rolled up piece of paper and crookedly tacking it on.

"HEY!" The shrill yell of a gnome pierced the peon's ears, startling him, and he looked down at what looked to him to be a pile of beard hair in a dress, slapping away shreds of old notices the peon had unintentionally thrown on him, "You buffoon! Pick up this mess, or I will report you for LITTERING!"

The peon blinked, not so much startled now as confused, before waving a hand at the gnome and beginning to lumber away, "Me busy! Leave me alone!"

"CRIMINAL SAVAGE! GUARDS!" The gnome mage began to jump, trying to get the attention of a pair of patrolling guards turning the corner, "ARREST THIS FIEND!"

While half the words the gnome was saying made no sense to the peon, the word 'arrest' did, and with an impressive amount of speed he took off running. People in the streets stopped to watch in odd fascination as the chase began, and shortly after in the distance there was a cry that sounded like: "ME NOT THAT KIND OF ORC!"

Back on the notice board, the new tacked up message read, in Orcish:


Forces experienced with fel-borne creatures

Expertise in containment and extraction preferred

Metaphysical expertise highly desired ((spiritual ability, such as farseeing and communication/exorcism of spirits and ghosts))

Payment to be negotiated upon application

Inquire at the Rutilus Luna garrison, ask for Ranadarus

Re: Help Wanted: Fel Contamination and Disposal Experts

PostPosted: May 2nd, 2016, 1:21 pm
by Rand_Shea
At least one of these notices will appear in every major Horde city, and in the neutral ones and major Horde outposts.