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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 3rd, 2015, 9:36 pm

“Xara, down!” Cobrak shouted.

Xara turned and dove behind an unlit brazier before the flashbang went off. The orc was before her in the next moment, shoving a gun into her hands. “Gun, eh?” she said. “Been awhile.”

“Better split up,” Cobrak said. “She’ll be somewhere where Morinth has a bird’s view!”

“I’ll go that way,” Xara said with a nod, suiting action to words.

Xara had always been fast. It was her main means of defense; if they couldn’t catch her, they couldn’t hurt her. The ten or fifteen seconds the Morinths and Doisswix were disabled were all the time she needed to get a lead. She ran down the causeway, past startled steelworkers who didn’t know what to make of a lightly-clad troll with a gun sprinting through their midst. Guards didn’t react fast enough to bar her before she passed through their doorways.

Until a worgen stepped into her path.

One of the things the team had discussed before setting out was Morinth’s enforcers – the elite team she had gathered around her. “Kallavan, a worgen, is tha strongest. If he’s there, don’t fight,” Cobrak had warned them. Though he hadn’t provided any further description, Xara realized, looking at the massive beast in front of her, that he hadn’t needed to.

“Hey there!” Xara greeted the worgen. “Fancy meetin’ you here.”

Cob, found the worgen guy, she sent over the team link. Kallavan was whistling a haunting tune as he eyed her.

Shit, keep moving then, try an' cover your smell! Cobrak responded.

Her response was near automatic. I’ll have you know I smell like flowers! DAISIES!

“No chance.” The tune faded as the worgen spoke in a guttural voice. “Give up.”

“Well, seems like there was some kinda chance!” Xara said. She grinned. “Otherwise, we wouldn’t be talkin’! Ya not very good at math, pup?”

“Die then,” he said.

Xara was already moving, since he didn’t seem the type to stay engaged in conversation. “Get’m, Kitty!” she said. She dropped down to a knee as Lupa leapt over her head, colliding with the worgen. Kallavan’s fur caught fire of its own volition upon the impact, though he staggered and roared. Unsheathing his broadsword, he swiped at the cat, knocking her aside with the flat of the great blade, then held out his other hand. A conjured fireball appeared and flew toward Xara.

Or more accurately, where Xara had been moments ago. She had taken off past him at the first opportunity, and half-turned as she ran to fire at him. The bullets bounced off an arcane shield that glimmered around his body. Lupa pounced him again and Xara kept running.

Only for Kallavan to blink through space toward her several times in rapid succession, closing the gap she had opened. His broadsword arced down and she narrowly dodged being cleaved in half. She took a shot at his feet, hoping to slow him, and he stumbled. Then his fur bubbled and boiled, before exploding in a massive orb of fire all around him.

“That’s not good,” Xara said, and took off running again.

Xara was fleet of foot, but Kallavan would know the terrain better than she. This would get ugly quick. Cob... gonna need a little help soon...

Hang on, he responded.

She spied a large archway that seemed to lead deeper into the city and ran through it. At the base of the stairs, she turned to see Kallavan hot on her trail on all fours. The trolless leveled her gun to fire, but right then, her right eye burned. “Gah! My aim!” she complained.

Cobrak had done something earlier so that they could share their sight. Okay, got yer position... git him round tha corner!

It was going to be close. She wasn’t waiting around, but as soon as Kallavan had gathered the ability to blink again, he’d close on her. She saw the next archway and dove through. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted a small packet slapped to the side of the arch, and the green light on it turn red. Then it went off, and the arch collapsed. She staggered just ahead of the tumbling stone and heard the worgen behind her howl in pain and anger.

“Oh thank gods,” she uttered.

Won’t kill him, probably do little ta stop him.

It’s enough for now. She ducked into an alcove and picked up a rotting sack. It would do to help mask her scent. From here, it was time to hide.

How she was going to get out, and with Lilly, well... she’d worry about that when she got there.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 3rd, 2015, 9:56 pm

[[ To be continued in a week and a half. ]]

18:41:20 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I don't know how to play the game, just rp.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Shaelie » June 7th, 2015, 10:02 pm

Shaelie was still hiding behind the rocks, keeping her cover for now.

"Yer gonna pay fer these lies, elf!" Garfel cocks his gun and moves to turn Naheal into swiss cheese.

Nàheal reaches a hand out a weaves a shield around Garfel, one which stops incoming AND outgoing attacks. "Now, stop for a second and think."

Garfel is trapped within a shell of light, as he tries to fire outside the shield. "Git. Me. OUTTA HERE!"

Nàheal shook his head at the dwarf. "You're a damned marksman! You've lost your cool! What the hell do you think you're gonna hit like that!"

Garfel pounds on the shield, in a fit of rage.

Shaelie was unaware of what Naheal was doing. As soon as she saw the gun come up, she sent her scorpid out towards the two of them. But the bubble appeared around the dwarf, trapping him. Shaelie hit a button in her glove, freezing the mechanical beast motionless before it got far from her.

"Stop. Think.", said Nàheal

Garfel growled. "This stupid thang ain;t gonna last forevah. When its done..."

Nàheal ignored the threat. "Morinth's a spy. She deals in lies."

"No shit."

"Her entire profession is built around assassination and pinning it on someone else. Hell, SI:7 didn't even want her."

"Wut? An' ye're not?"

Shaelie frowned deeply as she listened.. but she trusted Nahael had control of the situation for now. Moving slowly, she brought her gun up, looking through the scope at the trapped dwarf. The sights were aimed at the base of his neck, where his spine met skull. She held her position. Waiting, and listening.

"My name is Naheal Malastar, Mercenary Captain of Borrowed Time."

"Oh aye, I heard o' ya."

"Lies are bad for business."

Garfel glared. "So I'm ta trust a merc come outta tha blue. An elf, no less."

"She's taken over Pyth, Garfel."

Garfel paused. "Well, she chose tha wrong side."

"Do you really think that? She had insisted that she come and talk to you. She wanted to get this all straightened out, but then that happened."

"Well then, sucks ta be her." Garfel crosses his arms...he doesn't believe a bloody word.

"Really? You believe that? You'd sell out people that were supposedly your family on word from someone like her?"

"She stopped bein meh family when her damn brutha killed me father!"

"And where's the proof of that?"

"It was his damn axe wut slit his throat."

Shaelie listened patiently. She had no idea what all was at play here. But Nahael and Xara clearly did. There was much more to be gained by keeping silent and hidden for now, allowing Naheal to play whatever political game was underway. She listened, her eyes sweeping the area. No sign of Liliiana, yet. She waited.

"Me father's blood stained it!"

"If I were to shoot you with your own gun, would that make it suicide?"

"If she wanted ta talk, why now? Why not when they ran like cowards?!"

"I don't know." Nàheal stated, simply. "If I had that answer, I'd give it."

Garfel snorts.

Nàheal pulls his greatsword and stabs it into the ground. He releases it. Then looks around.

Garfel smiles. "By tha way....thanks fer waitin'." The sound of footsteps could be heard. A lot of them.

Shaelie narrowed her eyes and watched through the scope, still keeping the sights trained on the base of Garfel's neck. She heard the approaching footsteps, but held her position.

Garfel looks to the shield, which is now dissipating.

Nàheal appeared unconcerned. "Now. Are you going to come with me quietly, or do I have to rough you up a bit?"

"Ya assume ye're gettin' out alive."

"You've heard of me, right?" Nàheal points toward the footfalls. "That better be an army."

Garfel smiles, "Aye, an' I can't wait ta rip ya apart."

"Oh. One small thing about those shields. They stop physical attacks.... but do nothing about magical."

Nàheal channels a bit of light magic into an incapacitating spell at Garfel. The shield around Garfel crumbles as Naheal blasts into it, Garfel tumbling away as a small squad of gun-toting soldiers approach.

Shaelie lifted her head slightly and looked to the sound of those approaching, trying to determine if they were friend or foe.

Nàheal looks to the squad, then to Garfel. "This is hardly even. I suppose I'll just have to take them all myself to be sporting."
Nàheal unslings his shield and draws his broadsword.

"Kill'im." Garfel commanded his soldiers, as they entered the cavern.

Shaelie gritted her teeth. There were too many. At some point, she had to do something. That time may have come. She swung her rifle around and fired off a barrage of bullets into the approaching soldiers.

Garfel's squad drops two men from the sudden barrage from Shaelie, Garfel too looking somewhat caught off-guard.

"Bloody rats." Garfel throws a flashbang into the midst of the elves, looking to disorient them.

Nàheal charges his shield with holy magic and throws it at the first in the squad. It bounces from member to member.

Shaelie hit the switch in her glove again, and the mechanical scorpid came to life once more. It scuttled towards the foot soldiers, it's pinchers opened wide to clasp and rend their feet and legs, even as the steel stinger lashed forward to impale it's victims.

Garfel smiles, as he activates his camoflauge...slipping away.

Nàheal holds his hand out, eyes closed as his shield returns to his arm. He raises it, still charged with holy magic, in a defensive stance. One of Garfel's soldiers gets slammed in the gut, toppling ass over end, the others move to fire a concentrated barrage. Nàheal grunts as shots fly into his shoulder just above the shield.

Shaelie kept her cover behind the rocks, ducking down as the soldiers returned fire. She frowned, knowing Nahael did not have the advantage of ranged attack. She hunkered behind the rocks and crawled to another vantage point, before popping up to unleash another volley of bullets. Six more marksmen remain, as Shae's sniping pegs an unlucky grunt in the head.

Nàheal charges into the middle of the group of grunts as he glows in holy light. Beams of light magic shoot out to each of the grunts.

Garfel slips out of the shadows from the darkness of the cave, the echoing boom hiding his position.

Shaelie grabbed her communicator, speaking quickly, in a low voice. "We're pinned down by a fist of soldiers. Cobrak, you out there?" The communicator crackled and hissed in her hand. She could hear Cobrak talking, but the signal was cutting in and out so much, she couldn't understand a word.

"We're fine!" Nàheal protested. "These guys can't hit shit!"

One grunt is blinded by the brillaince before getting a beam to his neck, the others, though singed, seem still ableto fight as they draw their swords. Nàheal grins at the grunts. "Bring it on!" His shield starts crackling with holy magic.

Shaelie frowned, hearing the crackling. It seemed they were on their own, for now. She ducked for another rock, fighting to keep an open line of sight on the soldiers who she could only assume were taking their own cover. In the back of her mind, she considered that Nahael seemed to want Garfel alive. She'd go to moderate means to abide by that. But only moderate means. She pulled a grenade from her pack and slung it towards the solders.

Nàheal stumbles forward. He doesn't quite lose his balance, but his shield remains somewhat low, leaving his defenses somewhat exposed. "You know, under different circumstances, I'd say "run," but... no witnesses."

The two soldiers who thought to engage Naheal in swordplay left behind their three remaining soldiers to pepper him with bullets...until Shae's grenade reduced those three to pulp.

The explosion also blew off a couple of the scorpid's legs and severely damaged one pincher. The mechanical beast continued to try to grapple anything nearby, though greatly hindered.

Garfel lines up another shot from his hidden position, hoping this time to cripple Naheal with a leg shot.

Nàheal takes the shot in the leg and starts bleeding. The attack doesn't seem to bother him much, but it does shake up his aim. He goes to fire a rocket from his gauntlet into the middle of the soldiers coming after him.
Naheal's rocket's aim is off....but that proves to be a boon as his arm goes skyward...instead blasting off a massive stalactitie which squashes the two left.

Shaelie saw Nahael take a hit and scanned the area. Garfel was out there somewhere.. hiding, as was she. It was hard to tell where he could be.. though judging by the trajectory of the bullet that hit the other elf, she had a very general idea of what side of the cave he might be on. So, she winged another grenade towards the rocks on that side of the cavern.

Garfel leaps out of the rock cluster Shaelie had tosses her grenade in...frantically getting away before it goes off.
Garfel wipes some dust from his ashen skin and huffs..."Now...ya done it, lass."

Garfel takes out a small syringe of greenish liquid and jams it into his neck. His eyes bulge, his muscles tighten, the ember-y glow of his eyes burns brighter.

Shaelie grinned widely as the dwarf appeared. She would have preferred to see him missing a few limbs, but at least he was flushed out of hiding... her brow furrowed when he injected himself with.. something?

Nàheal turns toward the sound of running, when Garfel emerged. "You know, I really do want to bring you in alive, but you're making this rather difficult..." Nàheal rests a hand on a small bag at his side.

Shaelie took the few moments of downtime to reload, while Nahael engaged the Garfel-hulk in conversation.

Garfel snorts and moves almost impossibly fast as he runs and guns, firing a quick series of shots towards Shaelie.

Shaelie yelped when the gunfire began to ricochet off the rocks by her.. she had not been expecting that, and had been in the middle of reloading. Shit! Startled, the bullets she was putting into the chamber slipped from her fingers, raining down onto the rocks.

Nàheal pulls out a rather large, circular device, flicks it open and tosses it in Garfel's movement path after holding onto it for a second or two.

Garfel sees on the oncoming device, and runs faster than any dwarf should be capable of, barely missing the apex of the explosion, but sending him tumbling and rolling along the cave floor.

Nàheal turns toward the dwarf and activates rockets in his boots, charging at the now downed dwarf, shield raised.

Shaelie didn't bother trying to go after the bullets she dropped. She hit the button in her glove and ducked for the shadows again. The scorpid tried to charge towards Garfel, but missing the legs on one side, it scuttled in a large arc, small curls of smoke wafting from the ruined pincher that had been blown off in the grenade explosion. The beast was out of commission.

Nàheal doesn't attack Garfel with any lethal force, but charges his fist wit holy magic and slams it into the dwarf's gut in an attempt to stun him.

Garfel grunts, and hacks up a bit of spittle from the blow. There is hate in his eyes as he tries to slash Naheal with a hidden blade in his wrist.

Nàheal 's shield moves almost reflexively, stopping the incoming attack before it can even get close.

Shaelie crouched down in the shadows and focused on finishing reloading her gun. From the sounds of it, Nahael and Garfel were already engaged in combat anyway, and the soldiers were dead. She knew she had a few spare seconds to get the ammo into the weapon.

Nàheal slams his shield against Garfel's wrist as he blocks the incoming attack. He moves to pin the arm and render it useless for now.

Garfel sneaks a dirty blow to Naheal before the attack comes.
Nàheal takes the hit to the gut with a grunt. It knocks his shield off balance for a moment and keeps it from pinning Garfel. Not giving up, though, Naheal fires off a burst of holy magic into Garfel.

Shaelie finished loading the weapon and lifted up again. She sighted the two men grappling around on the ground, so she hopped over the rocks and strafed towards them at a crouch, keeping an eye out for any gun that Garfel might have.

Nàheal grits his teeth as the magic starts burning him as well as Garfel.

Shaelie darted foward and raised the gun, spinning it around and aiming a hard blow at Garfel's temple with the butt.
Garfel is no fool to be hit by the elf's magic twice, as he still struggles with the paladin. He tries to headbutt the helmet-less elf in a fit of rage. Garfel manages to barely avoid the most of Shae's blow as his own connects with Naheal's forehead.

Nàheal shakes his head, dazed from the blow. He blinks as he tries to get his bearings. His runeblade glows with power and provides him with a small protective shield while he gets his bearings.

Shaelie scowled deeply, annoyed. She flexed her grip on the gun but changed her mind.. instead, aiming a hard kick towards the dwarf's face.

Garfel has shrunk somewhat from his massive inflation some moments ago, he seems to be breathing harder, and his muscles are lessened. He catches the aimed kick and twists it, throwing the elfess off-balance as he dives for his gun.
Garfel suddenly begins choking on his own breath...clutching his chest as he wheezes.

Nàheal smirked. "Adrenals shouldn't be used like that, idiot.

Garfel mumbles, "Not...now..."

Shaelie hissed as her ankle was wrenched painfully to the side, and she felt herself falling. She tucked her shoulder and rolled, using the momentum to try and jerk her foot away from the dwarf. But he seemed to be struggling with another issue. She spun to her knees, her eyes flashing as she watched Garfel and Nahael.

"Now. Come quietly, like a good lad, and we'll get this all cleared up." Said Nahael. "I have questions for you, as I'm sure you do for me."

Garfel hacks...something...its blood, as well as some form of greenish ooze. "Ye'll nevah....*hack-sputter*....Take..."

Shaelie rose to her feet and glanced around for Garfel's weapon. She'd kick it away if he didn't already have it in hand. If he did, she'd attempt to step forward and put her foot down on it, to pin it to the ground.

Garfel's eyes go wide as he sputters a tremendous gout of blood and ooze.

Nàheal picks up the dwarf and slings him over his shoulder. He weaves a small healing spell - just enough to stabilize him, but not enough to revive him.

Shaelie frowned, watching Garfel spitting up blood and gods knew what else. She flicked a glance at Nahael. "I didn't do that. Probably all that magic you were blasting him with."

Cobrak's com crackles in their ears. "kkkrzzt-eal, Shae, read me?"

Nàheal puts a finger to his ear. "Sort of. We've got Garfel."

Shaelie heard the crackling from the communicator. She glanced around for her broken scorpid, and pressed a button in her glove. The beast folded in on itself, collapsing to a more compact size that she scooped up and deposited into her satchel.

Cobrak's com statics again. "Mor-kkkxxzzrrt-ase is interfer-kkkkxxxsst-ot gonna make it out."

"Didn't think you would. Xara going in there like she did was pretty stupid. But she's not the kind to back down in a situation like this."

Cobrak's com crackles one last time. "Gri-kkrrxxt-atol, repeat Morinth's-kkrrxxxt-se is Grim B-kkkrkrkrssxxrtttttshhhh-"

"I copy, Cobrak. If possible, get Lilly and Xara out of there. If not, get out yourself."

Shaelie huffed a sigh through her nose, listening. She glanced at Nahael and then turned to keep an eye on the cavern where the soldiers had come from.

Nàheal looks at Shaelie. She looked back at him. "Grim Batol. Want me to head there while you do... whatever you need with the dwarf?"

Nàheal shook his head "No. We'll need to regroup. Trickling in is going to do nothing for dealing with Morinth. Especially with your machine needing repairs."

Shaelie nodded. "There are two Grim in there, though. I could call for more backup.."

"And Xaraphyne's in there. Fhenrir's going to raise an army to get her out."

Shaelie flashed an apologetic smile. "Yeah. Sorry. Xaraphyne, too."

"For now, I'll have this dwarf interrogated and, provided he understands the extent of how much Morinth betrayed him, he may turn into a very potent ally."

Shaelie pressed her lips together, but made no comment about her thoughts on the dwarf being an 'ally'. It was Nahael's to deal with. Her concern was Lilli and Cobrak.

Nàheal looks at Shaelie. "I only ask that you petition your superiors to hold off their rescue attempts until I get word back from Fhenrir on what kind of reinforcements we'll have. It's my intention to have her base razed to the ground and the earth salted when we're done with this."

Shaelie sighed, nodding to Naheal. "I'll pass that along. I'll talk to Leyu'jin. If anyone understands adhering to strategic assaults, it'd be him."

"Good." Nàheal shifts as he grabs his greatsword and slings it over his shoulder. "I wouldn't linger long. Reinforcements will be here soon - and not friendly ones."

Shaelie nodded, and followed him out of the cave. She watched as he called his mount to him and got the incapacitated drawf secured. Only once she saw that they had taken to the sky did she depart, as well. She would contact Leyu'jin directly, she decided. Less chance of the others rushing headlong into a rescue attempt. They'd all need to be on the same page. She she turned her rocket towards the Grim garrison, and opened a direct link to the Wordbearer...

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Shaelie » June 8th, 2015, 10:51 am

It was later that night, when a call came across Leyu'jin's communicator. It was Shaelie's voice, heard above the sound of wind and the thrum of an engine.

"Leyu'jin.. are you there? This is Shaelie. I have information that Lilliana is being held in Grim Batol by this Morinth person. Cobrak and Xara are there, trying to get her out. I just left Naheal, he has a dwarf captive that may have information and he's working with someone named Fehnrir to organize a rescue operation. But Naheal wanted me to ask my superiors to hold off any rescue attempts until you can all get organized and on the same page.."

Leyu'jin starts as he hears the blood elf huntress's voice come across the hearthstone. He snatches up the communication device and calls out across the nether.

"Undahstood, sistah. Ah've bin tryin' ta git in contact wit' Fhenrir, e' be Xaraphyne's mate an' ma blood brotha. Ah'll keep ma heels cooled until ah kin coordinate wit' 'im, tho' dat be 'ard when da blood be boilin'. Keep me an' Khorvis Bloodstah informed on all developments. Ah will relay dis information ta da Commandah."

He listens as Shaelie gives her affirmation, then sets down the hearthstone. His lips curl into a frightening grimace, and teeth grind on teeth. "Joo gonna die, Morinth, whoevah joo be. An' it'll be ma hands dat snap yo' lil' neck."

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Khorvis » June 8th, 2015, 10:41 pm

At some time between when Shaelie & company left in search of Lilliana and her newest communication with Leyu'jin, Khorvis flew to Stonard in search of his Supplicant and information on the whereabouts of the Clandestine.

Khorvis sets down with a thud.
Darrethy nods at you.
[Darrethy]: "Khorvis, just who I was hoping to see."
[Khorvis]: Blackguard. It do be a surprise to see you in this swamp.
[Darrethy]: "I came to temporarily pledge the Blackguard to the Grim."
Khorvis grunts in further shock.
[Khorvis]: Why this move?
[Darrethy]: "Because Lilliana is family, and I don't take kindly to family being captured and possibly tortured."
[Khorvis]: She do not be of your blood, but I do know of this bond forged by battle. Your aid do be welcome.
[Darrethy]: "Because of her....condition...she may as well be a Forsaken as far as i'm concerned."
[Khorvis]: Condition?
[Darrethy]: "Her soul is barely attached to her body, in a way that is not that unlike how a Forsakens is bonded."
Khorvis grunts. The nuances of this are clearly lost on the orc. "As you do say, Blackguard. I did come through this outpost as it did be the last signal that the hearthstones felt from my ranks."
[Darrethy]: "But that's something else entirely. For the duration of any Ops against Mornith, if you see any Blackguard you need the assistance of, they will aid in the Grims efforts."
Darrethy nods.
[Khorvis]: Who did speak to you of the Clandestine's capture?
[Darrethy]: "Syreena last night, I was mildly surprised no one spoke to me of it earlier."
Khorvis nods grumpily. "The Morinth creature did spoil our meeting of the Inquisition. It was all I could do to reign in my Grim and keep them from running face first into a trap. I guided their fury into the Firelands."
[Khorvis]: Now may be cooler heads might prevail.
Darrethy nods again "I have let fel magic tamper with my mind and distance my thoughts from mortality. Now that I am, like who I was, I don't plan to encourage any more passivity. If you need me for absolutely anything, just give the call."
You salute Darrethy with respect.
Darrethy salutes you with respect.
[Khorvis]: Bin mog g'thazag cha, Blackguard.
[Darrethy]: "Aka'mogosh, Grim."
[Khorvis]: I will question these grunts here at Stonard, and put out word to the Grim of your intent.
Darrethy nods at you.
[Khorvis]: Here is all I do know: Xaraphyne and Shaelie did run to find Lilliana, following some magic of Qarosimae.
[Khorvis]: It did point to Fuselight.
[Darrethy]: "I see...I take it the operation wasn't succesful?"
[Khorvis]: I do have no word from my Supplicant since. She do be young and unseasoned.
You point at Eres.
[Khorvis]: Does that beast track?
[Darrethy]: "She tracks and eats -bears- so yes, hopefully she should be able to find something."
Darrethy ] Eres blinks at Khorvis and then chitters something to Darrethy, he simply nods in return.
Khorvis digs around in his pouch and removes a small lens that would fit into a rifle's scope. "This do be one of many. It did belong to Mohan the Warden, and I did gift another to Shaelie for her first trial."
Khorvis hands the lens to Darrethy. "May be your beast might track by it."
Darrethy takes the lens and nods "Thank you, hopefully she shall."
[Darrethy]: "And if Mornith is unlucky enough to be around when I find them, then the Alliance witch will be fed to her young."
You cackle maniacally at Darrethy.
[Darrethy]: "...Though, i'v learned there's more then one 'Mornith' around."
[Darrethy]: "It's a catch all name for their agents."
[Khorvis]: The name do be the same, as does the face.
[Khorvis]: Some queer magic?
[Darrethy]: "Yes, actually, or at least they are employing strange magic of some kind. Gems they keep on their person to communicate...and violently explode whenever anyone else touches them."
[Khorvis]: Bah. If only we did be able to capture one of the gems for study.
[Darrethy]: "There was...something else odd too."
You peer at Darrethy searchingly.
[Darrethy]: "Apparently Mornith was connected to Garrosh Hellscream. There was a Wildhammer totem on the person of one which read it as his in Dwarvish."
[Darrethy]: "Most bizzare thing i'v seen."
Khorvis grunts in disbelief. "A Wildhammer totem belonging to Garrosh Hellscream?"
[Darrethy]: "Or...actually, Dark Iron."
[Darrethy]: "It's...confusing."
[Darrethy]: "They aren't exactly known for their Shaman, and I couldn't make heads or tails of the thing. Apparently Mornith was also involved with the Kor'kron."
Khorvis shakes his head. "Too many paths. Some with traps at the ends I do wager. My focus will be the hunt for Lilliana and my Grim Supplicants."
Darrethy nods "Of course. For some reason or another, Mornith had it in for Lily. After you left in Tanaris, one of her assassins tried to shoot at her. I thought you already knew, but apparently some Grim didn't, so if you did not before, you do now."
[Darrethy]: "All very, very strange."
[Khorvis]: I did know of this, but the Grim have made a great many enemies in our time.
Darrethy nods at you.
[Khorvis]: I do thank you for your support in this battle, Blackguard. Now, I do question these grunts.
Khorvis taps the Lash at his side.
[Darrethy]: "...I should make sure the Bone Spiders are well fed tonight as well. Good eve."
Darrethy salutes you with respect.
You salute Darrethy with respect.
[Khorvis]: Mok'rah.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 15th, 2015, 7:55 pm

Deeper and deeper Xara went.

The underground city grew more rough-hewn and even completely naturally cavernous in some places as the tunnels switched back and forth, deeper and deeper alongside the great chasm. Xara stole glances at the great construct when she could, moving down past its torso and then its massive legs, bracketed by trellises on which workers labored for its construction. There had been a time when the trolless made a game of provoking fel reavers in the old Outland, in the company of unsuspecting friends. Somehow, she didn’t think this thing, once it was completed, would be very fun to provoke.

She kept to the shadows, moving silently and quickly between places of cover. Down this low, the lights were sparser and guttered, and the air grew thick and sour. Occasionally, Twilight forces moved past with an air of menace, but none spotted her. She held her breath when one paused near the stack of crates behind which she hid, but he hurried after his companions without checking behind them.

‘Where Morinth has a bird’s-eye view,’ Cobrak had said. Xara glanced up the chasm, though at this angle she couldn’t see to the top. It made sense that prisoners would be kept at the lowest levels. Harder to escape, and their screams would bother the fewest laborers.

Her thoughts turned as dark as the shadows in which she hid as she steadily made her way lower and lower. She had to wonder if Lilliana was still alive. Surely Morinth would not waste such a valuable asset like that. If nothing else, she’d wait to kill Lilliana until it was in front of someone who cared about her. The woman was a sadist, by all accounts.

A great ruckus had her slide behind an awning for total concealment. Peeking through a tear in the fabric, she saw Cobrak run by with the four Morinths from earlier. At least, she could only guess it was the same four. He threw down a trap that covered the ground with frost, forcing them to slow down or take a tumble, but they were still flinging spells at him that he was narrowly keeping ahead of. She readied her gun. Need a peel? she asked.

Nope! I got this! I’m used ta havin’ ladies chasin’ me!

She debated, but had to take him at his word. If she blew her cover now, they might never reach Lilliana. Ha ha. I’m gonna keep looking for Lilly. Let me know if you can’t lose ’em.

Go where I jus’ came from, there’s some stairs that lead down... I fink she might be there.

He was gone, down a narrow offshoot. Xara hoped he could keep Morinth occupied long enough. If their positions were reversed, she would have happily done the same to buy him time to get to Lilliana; so she accepted it and kept going.

Noxious fumes and the terrible scent of blood led her to the torture chamber.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Cobrak » June 16th, 2015, 10:58 pm

Cobrak darted through the passageways of Grim Batol with agility unbecoming of his orcish frame, many an Alliance had underestimated the brawny Deadeye's speed. This would prove to be many's last mistake, just as it would prove Morinth's in the end.

Xaraphyne's scent wafted from some unseen location he had passed as he led his pursuers away from where her trolless twin was being held. In the end, that's all that mattered to Cobrak was getting Lilliana out of here. It was his damn fault that she was here anyway, again and again his emotions get the better of him. How Morinth had known about the bond the two shared was beyond him, but it was a fatal flaw that now had turned the game in the agent's favor. Cobrak suppressed another curse, he had warned Lilliana again and again about the dangers Morinth posed to her, but of course the bratty priestess had blown it off as paranoia.

So many years ago...loving Morinth had been the mistake of his life, allowing the sinister human easy access to kill Broden. Loving Lilliana now was nearing that error, as it had only made her a target for Morinth's goons. He still remembered the kiss they had shared that night back within the Grim garrison, how he had finally broken down before her and laid it out on the table. She said nothing, though it was clear that she held feelings for him, they were not the same he held for her.
Part of the reason he had left had been to drive those emotions back down into the depths of his soul, to focus on the hunt. Yet now, as he dove and dodged his way through perils galore, they flared stronger than ever. She was his first priority here, and second, and third, even if he could choose the death of Morinth or sparing the priestess further torture or death, he would always accept the latter in a heartbeat.

He rounded a corner only for a Morinth clone to ambush him from on high, driving her dagger into his shoulder. He could see the grin in her eyes even as her masked face was concealed to him as she drove the knife in further. Bloodlust took over the hunter as his bestial side took over, using his broader stature to ram the thinner human against the stone walls. The sound of bones cracking along with her grunt of pain was music to his ears as the grip lessened on her weapon, though the song quickly ended with a bullet to her brain.

Cobrak panted, pulling out the dagger and letting it clang upon the floor harmlessly as he sprinted further, the doppelganger brigade rounding the same corner he had just been attacked from. They were gaining, and he knew it. It was only a matter of time before they caught him, but every second they spent chasing him was another gained for Xara and Lilly to escape.

Bounding around another corner, the hunter slapped a small charge on the end, a nasty surprise for the gaggle of Morinths who came round it a second later. The explosion sent a few reeling off the edge, liquefied one, and slowed down the rest.

Cobrak smiled with bloodlust, until a shadow came upon him. A fist the size of Kain barreled into his chest and gut, rocketing him back towards the pursuing mob. Cobrak hacked phlegm and blood as he stood to face...a monstrosity.

It stood at least two taurens tall, the ground shaking with every step it took in its cast-iron leggings and boots. The thing looked akin to a humanoid abomination, stitched together from a multitude of various bodies' flesh and sinew. The air around its shoulder crackled with energy as the two matching tesla coils upon its shoulder blades empowered the creature with pulses of lightning. Wires ran from these down its hulking arms to matching dark iron gauntlets, they too matching the pylons with dancing electricity. The oddest thing was the thing's head, no flesh was had there, only a metallic helm seemingly too small to match the abomination's looming figure. The visor hummed with a glow and a energy different from its powerful pylons, the same energy Cobrak had seen Xek'anjo wield, only on a grander scale. Souls weaved about in the helm, begging for release.

The hunter made to flee from this new threat, but found his legs trapped in a tomb of frost, a staff-wielding Morinth leading the posse now sauntering towards him, cats before the trapped mouse.

"Cobby...." The human witch said in her false voice, "Don't be so cruel to my dear brother...Jaster missed you...and only wants to catch up with his dear friend...." She giggled the last part tauntingly.

Jaster...It couldn't be. Cobrak turned to look at the creature once more, noting the missing head for one. Morinth's so-called "brother" had met his end those years ago at Cobrak's hand, the warrior human getting his head severed just after Broden's own death. To ensure no revival could be made, the orc had tossed the decapitated form into the lava pits of Blackrock as they sought to escape the mountain as their Blackshot family pursued them.

"JJAJAJAAAAAAAASSSTTEEERR.....KNNNOOOOWOWW......YO OOOOOOUUUU...." The creature bellowed in a chorus of damned souls as it easily hefted the hunter from his icy tomb. Cobrak struggled in its monstrous grip, legs dangling helplessly as he was before the helm which served as its head. "SSSSSSUUUUUUUFUFUFFFFFFEEER......"

Bones creaked and cracked, flesh sizzled and boiled, Cobrak grunted and twisted in pain as Jaster began to squeeze him, crushing the life out of him as his pylons imbued his gauntlets with an abundant discharge of electricity to add to the pain.

More and more the Morinths below him laughed at the scene...but he would never give them the amusement of his screams.
The last thought before the blackness took him...a silent prayer to whatever gods may be listening....Please let Lilly be far away from this place.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 18th, 2015, 3:11 pm

[[ Originally posted & written by Lilliana ]]

Lilliana had never felt so stupid.

The mists that filtered through the Darkspear section of Warspear had been unusually thick. The humidity that came with it stuck to the young troll's skin, dampening her hair so that it framed her face in snake like strings. She had initially assumed the mists had merely driven out her troll friends whom Lilliana often watched throw spears, but was quick to discover - after she was beaten into the ground, nothing but a bloody pulp and matted red hair, that this wasn't the case. She should have known better from the start. This was magic and it had been placed here for her. She had sauntered directly into a spell, and hadn't even noticed it. Lilliana's carelessness would betray her severely this day.

Lilliana was not pleased that she was being used for what she perceived as bait for Cobrak, as Morinth had taken a special interest in her from the start. Lilliana had ignored it, as why should she bother worrying? This is war and nothing about any of the brief attacks the priestess had endured from Morinth's crew were especially unusual. However, this last attack was not unusual. It was with strict intent, with deliberate purpose that had been carefully crafted. This was not a scouting mission to gauge and size up the ability of your opponent. Lilliana saw that immediently when she was confronted with not one, but four Morinth's, each with a different sort of power. It wasn't so terrible that Lilliana was attacked. As a member of the Horde, and as a Grim, she was used to that, and accepted this as her lot in life. It was the fact that they didn't kill her - at least not initially, that was terrible.

She didn't know how the Morinth group had turned the stones she used to communicate with her Grim and friends to complete and utter silence. When she reached for her familiar stone it felt empty and dead in her hand, as if weighted down by the rock within now that the magic had left it. Nor did she know how these black haired witches were able to stop her from reaching out to another mind for help, for when the stones failed, Lilliana always had her dark powers as a shadow priest to aid her in reaching those that she needed. There was no Leyu'jin, no Khorvis, no Awatu, no Darrethy, no Fhenrir for her to cry out to and ask for assistance. She didn't bother calling for Cobrak, for he had dismissed his stones and locked his mind with Aaren's aid the week prior, after Lilliana had tracked him down to offer her help, fearful that the Grim hunter would dare to take this fight on his own, alone. Lilliana understood the dangers of fighting alone, and rarely dared to be the only one braving the fight. Like any good soldier, she understood how death will come to those that fight alone. She had feared that for Cobrak, but what could she do? Lilliana didn't panic when she found she could not call for aid when confronted with this peririlous group, but she certainly wasn't happy. She couldn't even reach her mother, Bloodshine. Despite Lilliana's dislike for the dark shaman, her mother was a last resort that would always appear for her. Her mother's abilities had always far surpased anything that Lilliana could muster. When she realized that she was on her own, the priestess buckled down for the storm, leaving her fate to the abilities that she held.

She killed the priestess Morinth, and injured the other three, a rogue and two warriors. It was immensely satisfying when she watched her shadows basically cause the human priest's skin to melt to the bone while the filthy creature screetched in pain. Her wails were like sweet music to the troll. Times like this were where Lilliana would normally giggle and beam, dancing like a triumphent child over her win. Lilliana's distraction both from her satisfaction and from what she was able to gleam from mind controlling this Morinth (a glimpse of an old lady seated in a chair, emaciated, ancient, yet powerful in magical soul terms) resulted in her losing to the other three Morinth's.

If there had been time to feel panic when she discovered that they were not going to kill her but take her away, Lilliana would have howled so loudly that she was sure her voice would have broken through the magical mists that hid her plight. There was no time, and before the priestess knew what had transpired, she was swallowed and consumed in a mages conjuring and was miles and miles away, gone to Grim Batol.


Troll's are incredibly durable creatures. Out of all the creatures from Azeroth (and beyond), they are the most unpredictable and frustrating when tortured. It is extremely difficult to get them to react with the usual screams of desperation and pain. Sometimes impossible to have them cry and babble for mercy. With the exception of the trolls natural regenation ability (which makes it easier to begin the torture again and with renewed vigor), they are rather annoying to the evil being dishing out the torture. Unless the troll itself is just a mere cretin, or weak in spirit, they can hold up longer than most. Lilliana was no different than her bretherin, although to look at her one would assume that she would break rather easily. Lilliana is small in stature, and can be seen to behave as if she is fearful of what is before her, such as times where she will stand very close to Leyu'jin or Khorvis just prior to a battle.

In this situation it wasn't that she didn't scream in reaction to the pain and her frustration at her loss of control, sure, she screamed a lot. She screamed a lot. Every curse that she could think of, every foul word and insult that she could create was sent out of her bloodied mouth. At one point she was thinking "What would Khorvis say?", and did her best to immitate her commanding officer in insults. It felt good to her to let loose with a holler in response to her pain, but to have it mixed with insults that lasted longer than her pain did. Some of these ridiculous insults even brought chuckles to her torturers. It didn't get Lilliana anywhere, and she knew that nothing she did would end her situation. She had resigned herself to dying here.

She hadn't given up, she would screetch in protest until her last breath, but Lilliana was realistic despite her childish and foolish behaviors. She would languish here until these creatures caught Cobrak, their prey - and killed him and eventually her. Although she was deep in some dungeon, what she gathered from listening to the enemies that came and went from the dungeon was that this was quite the fortified base. How did this go unnoticed from the Grim's eyes and ears? Someone had been collecting a fierce army right under the Grim's noses!!! A threat to both Horde and Alliance, apparently Morinth was a force to be reckoned with. Lilliana knew that the Grim would deal with them eventually as word got out, but she was sure the Grim would certainly not risk their numbers for one idiotic troll that walked into a trap so foolishly. Especially one that allowed herself to get caught as opposed to killed. Although the danger posed by Morinth would eventually be dealt with, she figured that her plight here would go unaddressed. Lilliana understood and accepted this. She trusted the Grim in their decisions to push the war effort further, and the loss of one outweighed the loss of many. Rescue attempts were not the Grim's fortay, nor should they be. Lilliana was stuck here, and that was that.

Lilliana did find some reprieve through this darkness. When her mind was not torn asunder by the magic around her, she would remove herself from the pain, reliving certain parts of her life. The memories that brought her the most solace were those of recent events. The most promiment in Lilliana's mental escape was that of an evening spent with the white haired troll, Leyu'jin. This was their conversation of what would transpire between them following the end of the wars between the Horde and Alliance. Although Lilliana and Leyu'jin had their priorities which the two had made it clear to the other (that the Horde and the Mandate would always come first), they both acknowledged their own desires which burned between them. But these two both held hope for the future and that life could be different, peaceful, especially if they continued to fight for such a life. Truthfully, Lilliana had little hope that she would see the end of the war, but it was something nice to think about and dream. Although now it was just a pipe dream, for she would never leave here alive (or even leave here), and if the Horde did conquer and annihilate the Alliance at some future point, Lilliana would never see the future that she and Leyu'jin had spoke of.

However, when Lilliana laid eyes on Xaraphyne her attitude changed.

((to be continued of course!))

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 18th, 2015, 9:31 pm

[[ Some writing contributed by Lilliana. ]]

It was a natural cave; one turned to less natural activities. Lava flowed down the walls at intervals and into pools, filling the room with a reddish glow and the odor of brimstone. Spread about the floor were stalagmites, and, less innocuously, racks and other torture devices Xara was glad she couldn’t identify. A dark archway led down a hall to what Xara assumed were the cells. Easing inside, keeping to the shadows, Xara didn’t see anyone else in the room. Until she saw Lilliana.

The other trolless lay on a table. Despite Lilly’s condition, Xara recognized her. Caked in dried blood, Lilly was carved, bruised, and beaten, her head a baldish blue orb from being scalped – since healed, as her other wounds were healing, but regeneration didn’t extend to hair regrowth. What remained of her beautiful ruby-red mane, the hair Xara had laughingly always said was prettier than her own, was mere dirty red strings. Her earrings had been torn out at some point, and her robes were stained beyond identification between blood and the soils of excrement. She was bound to the table and appeared unconscious, until Xara realized that her eyes were open to slits and that she saw her. Despite it all, it was a flash of determination Xara saw on her face.

“Lilliana!” Xara whispered. She crept forward, gun held in both hands and ears straining to hear anything nearby. There was too much cover for an enemy to be hiding behind. She would be spotted soon; Morinth had to have someone watching Lilly.

Cobrak, I found her. Gonna grab her and start making my way out.

Stopping at the table, Xara reached for the restraints. But then another voice came over the link.

I’m sorry, but no one here is by that name. May I take a message?

It was Morinth. Of course it was Morinth. Xara swore and worked at the rough leather bindings. Lilly spoke faintly. “Hey, Xara... Yo,” she said, her voice a pained whisper.

“I’m gettin’ you outta here,” Xara said, leaving no room in her voice for any other option. The last restraint gave and she picked Lilliana up, slinging her sister over her shoulders heedless of injuries. There just wasn’t time to be careful. The other trolless, while always of slighter stature, nonetheless seemed terribly light. Xara turned and made for the door.

Her hearthstone would be useless; they already knew Morinth could shut down its teleportation and long-range communication magic. The only way out of here was the long way she came in, and Cobrak was no longer running interference. Xara was considering her extremely limited options when the sound of clapping brought her up short.

A lone night elf woman stepped into the doorway, blocking Xara’s exit. She wore dark silver mail and her tattooed face was completely expressionless, despite the clapping. A bow was slung on her back.

Xara unceremoniously dumped Lilly and raised her gun. At the same moment, the bow seemed to almost leap into the elf’s hands, so quick was her response. The arrow she nocked glowed with an effervescent white light, like her eyes; cold and alien.

However, a bullet travelled a hell of a lot faster than an arrow.

“Trade ya,” Xara said.

“No need to,” the night elf said. Her expression didn’t change in the slightest – a noticeable, and disturbing, lack of affect, similar to yet entirely different from the singleminded worgen earlier.

“Just thought I’d offer,” Xara said equanimously.

The moment her finger began to depress the trigger, the night elf dropped to the side and rolled, letting loose with a barrage of arrows. Xara threw herself in a roll to the opposite side, an unintentional inverse of her opponent: the trolless in gold to the night elf in silver, gun to bow, passionate to dispassionate.

Arrows and bullets alike missed their mark as Xara came to a crouch and aimed her gun to fire again. The elf had done the same, and they fired simultaneously. Both were off as fast as their shots, their projectiles only chipping stone or imbedding themselves in nefarious instruments.

Lupa had come out of her stealthy position and was standing guard over Lilliana, shielding the other trolless with her body. The cat was also working her healing magics. If Lilly could be restored to enough strength, she could heal herself the rest of the way, and the two trolleses together had a pretty damn good shot of getting out of here. Xara just had to keep this night elf distracted long enough. She ducked behind a stalagmite and leaned out to fire a shot to keep her opponent’s attention.

However, the elf wasn’t firing at her. A too-bright flash was the only warning Xara had before the powered shot hit the stalagmite.

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Re: Hollow: The Cavalry

by Xaraphyne » June 18th, 2015, 9:33 pm

The blast broke the stalagmite, sending the heavy stone spire careening into the trolless. It knocked her down, and though she tried to shove it away as she and it both fell, it landed across one leg, crushing her ankle and pinning her. Xara grit her teeth and immediately wedged the rifle under the rock to try to lever herself loose.

“You’re fast, for a troll,” came the night elf’s voice. She was moving closer, but was out of sight. “I call upon Elune herself, and you are nary without a beast and a pistol.”

“Heh. I’ve killed Elune’s little sister’s avatar... Elune’s minion ain’t nothin’!” Xara retorted. The rock rolled slightly, bringing more pain as it crushed her foot, but then it became stuck in place. Sensing her opponent about to act, Xara took up the gun and fired just as the night elf stepped out of cover.

The night elf was caught by surprise, the arrow she had aimed at Lupa going astray as the bullet took her in the shoulder. Lupa, realizing the danger, grabbed Lilly’s arm in her maw and shoved her head under the priestess’ body, hauling Lilly over her back and starting to circle away.

“I ain’t down fer the count yet!” Xara said, trying to keep attention on herself. She gave a heave against the stone, ignoring the pain.

But her opponent continued to focus on Lupa and Lilly, the elf’s face finally showing emotion as it twisted into a scowl and she fired another arrow. Lupa faded into the shadows at the last moment, taking Lilly with her.

The night elf’s eyes shimmered coldly. Tracking faint signs, she sighted along her bow.

Xara took a breath, wedged the rifle under the stone again, and shoved as hard as she could. She feared the rifle would break, but it was the stone that moved, freeing her at last, and she staggered to a standing position of sorts. The realization her left foot would no longer support her at all was a foregone one; as foregone as her hope of escaping now. But Lilly still had a chance. “Ya ain’t getting’ both of us!” she told the elf, and raised her gun.

The night elf smiled, a fraction of a second of expression that was terrifying, and ducked. Her bow swung around faster than a blink, and the arrow she had nocked was loosed to explode at Xara’s feet.

The resultant blast sent the trolless tumbling, and though she kept ahold of her gun, she was too stunned to do anything with it before the night elf closed the distance between them with a bound and delivered a kick to her jaw. Xara’s teeth snapped shut and she tasted blood. A second kick divested Xara of her weapon.

Xara tried to shield herself from the next blow, but it was futile. The night elf stood over her and began shooting beams of moonfire down, again and again and again with exacting control and a once-more stony expression. Each beam burned like cold fire, and Xara gasped, reaching out and seizing the elf’s armor. Anything to keep attention on herself. Lupa was escaping with Lilly. Anything, anything that bought them more time.

“Beat me up – if – you want,” Xara gasped between strikes. “I’ve suffered – worse. It was – worth it. I’d do it – all over again—I’d do—anything—”

A roar turning into a whine signaled the end of hope. Lupa collapsed before the doorway, fading back into sight and spilling Lilliana to the floor. Xara didn’t comprehend what had happened, even as the moonfire strikes ended and the night elf looked up at the doorway almost expectantly. Then taunting laughter heralded Morinth’s traipsing entrance.

Several more Morinths followed, a badly-off Cobrak limp in their grasp. He looked like he’d been beaten to a pulp. Following behind were Kallavan and Doisswix. Xara closed her eyes.

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