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Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
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Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:21 pm

by Chander » Fri May 17, 2013 9:38 am

The waves washed across the shore lightly, the sound of the foam lapping at the sand soothing. As the waves hit a set of rocks along the Ashenvale shore, they passed over a limp form lying half in the water, his eyes open and staring at the sky. The Orc appeared dead at first glance, but after a time he attempted to lift his arm, letting it flop to his side pointlessly. Despite his situation, Chander laughed, "That's the last time I let a half trained monk put a spell on me."

He had been lying there for days, sustained by nothing but the power of the elements as his body recovered. His mind reached back to the meeting he was supposed to have with an Elf, and how bone tired he had been before her arrival. His clansmen hadn't meant any harm when she cast her spell, but suddenly he found himself shooting into the air and floating away, his mind and heart as light as his body had become. He knew he had to get back to the gates of Orgrimmar, but it was like traveling in a vision: he was being pulled and had no choice in the matter. When his consciousness faded it gave way to a jumble of visions he could barely comprehend, and the shaman awoke three days later feeling even more exhausted than he had before.

A wave washed over him again, and this time it nearly forced his tabard over his head. Struggling to lift his arms and pull it down, he noticed the newest rune that had been added to the durable red cloth, and his heart swelled with emotion. Warbringer. Another laugh spilled out of his mouth, and he shook his head. "I told um I'd bring um together fer two gatherings, an' instead I'm laid out in the surf. It would be my first week on the job, wouldn't it?" Growling with stiffness and exhaustion, Chander forced himself to his knees and reached out to the spirit of water. The winds picked up as a fair sized wave began moving toward the rocks, and Chander climbed to the top as he braced himself for the impact. The wave hit and carried him effortlessly to the shore, where he washed up on the sand and lay shivering for several minutes. Still face down in the dirt, he dragged himself toward the treeline with one hand, and began brushing small twigs into a pile. With the snap of his fingers a spark flared on the tinder, and within minutes a comfortable fire was crackling.

As his strength returned he stripped down to his loincloth so his armor could dry, but he replaced his tabard as soon as the rest was laid on the ground. Huddled forward so that his arms were wrapped around the proud symbol of his clan, Chander gazed into the flames and tried to absorb what he had experienced the past week. One thing was for certain: Warbringer or no, he couldn't afford to be as light hearted as he had been. Once again, he began to laugh.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
Joined: April 9th, 2014, 11:47 pm
Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:21 pm

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » Tue May 28, 2013 11:50 am

Order of the Day:


As you will have noticed the defenses of Orgrimmar are being strengthened. General Nazgrim himself is just outside our door, and honors us with his presence. Just beyond is the Warlord Zaela, a worthy example of leadership for any honorable people, and the return of the Dragonmaw is proof that we grow stronger.

Despite these things, recent political upheavals and the stresses of war are tearing at our beloved Horde.

I need not remind Bloodfury orcs that Warchief Garrosh Hellscream was duly appointed by Warchief Thrall. Not all were or are pleased with that appointment. Their pleasure or the lack of it however is meaningless. Warchief Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grom Hellscream, is supreme Warchief of the Horde by the will of Thrall.

Chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof disputed that fact, and had the honor and determination to do so boldly and publicly. The Tauren are an honorable people, blessed with honorable leaders.

Not all are so blessed.

Resentment, subterfuge and seething malice have taken a toll on the fabric of the Horde. Vol'jinite revanchist wreckers and saboteurs eat at our vitals. They have even made common cause with the Alliance. That will be dealt with.

Meanwhile, assist the Kor'kron and indeed all Grommash Hold authorities in rendering fraternal assistance to our comrades in Sen'jin Village, or where ever else such assistance may be required.

Stay strong. That is all.

Warchief Stonzgrinda

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
Joined: April 9th, 2014, 11:47 pm
Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:40 pm

by Chander » Fri May 31, 2013 12:31 pm

All the fires in Dawn’s Blossom had been dimmed for the night, but the one at the inn was still burning despite the hour. Chander sat next to a candle watching the young woman who lay trembling on the bed in front of him. What she told him chilled his blood, but he couldn’t believe it just yet, despite the urgent letter he had received just an hour before telling a similar tale. “Kil’reth, you need to tell me what you saw again, an’ try not ta babble so much this time. I have to know the specifics.”

The girl rolled over, and gazed at her uncle with liquid brown eyes. “Zug-zug. I was on patrol in the Jade Forest, and suddenly everything went dark. At first I thought someone had hit me from behind, but then I realized that I was aware. Then I began to smell blood all around me, I felt it on my hands, tasted it in my mouth. Corpses began appearing at my feet, and I danced around them happily, laughing.” She wasn’t laughing as she told her tale; instead her face was pinched with fear.

“Is that when he appeared? Gul’dann?” Chander pressed gently.

“Yes! He and his demons were standing in the middle of a field of corpses, surrounded by darkness as deep as night. He called to me, and I started running toward him eagerly, but then a bright light blinded me, and I heard mom’s voice.”

Chander inhaled a sharp breath, his heart catching in his chest at the reference to his beloved twin. “What did she say to you?”

“She told me not to take pleasure in darkness, in death or despair, and I can free myself from his grasp. He just laughed, and said that it was too late, that I belonged to him. That’s when the light enveloped me, and mom appeared in front of me. She hugged me tightly, and dared him to come and take me away from her if he could. His demons couldn’t go near the light shining around us, and he became angry. He said he wouldn’t rest until he had both the daughters of Steelspine in his grasp.”

Chander wanted to reach for his flask to wet his throat, but he resisted the urge. “What happened next?”

“She just smiled, and kissed my brow. She told me that no matter what happened, she lived inside my heart, and if I was ever afraid I could find her strength there,” a faint smile began to form on Kil’reth’s lips, and she folded her hands over her chest tightly. “The light became brighter, until it filled me inside and out, then I was standing in the Jade Forest again.”

Chander put a hand on the girl’s, and grunted softly. “I’m glad you contacted me as soon as you got back here. Now that we know Gul’dann’s up to his old tricks again, we can prepare.”

“What about Cha’reth? Will she be safe in Outland? He said he wanted both of us,” Kil’reth insisted and sat up.

Chander pushed her back down. “Yer brother an’ grandmother are takin’ care of her. Gul’dann won’t be able to hurt her from so far away, alright? Now it’s late, an’ you’ve had a long day. Go to sleep an’ don’t be afraid, yer mother guards your dreams now.”

The girl smiled, reassured by his words, and allowed herself to relax. She closed her eyes and Chander stood to leave, so she opened them again, “Do you have to go?”

“I’m afraid so kiddo. I’m the Warbringer now, remember? I’ve got a lot of reports to write an’ review, before I go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning.” In a rare moment of open affection, he kissed the girl’s forehead tenderly and left the room. He strode swiftly through the village, his emotions lending credence to the name Stormheart, until he remembered what continent he was on. Taking a deep breath he called on the spirits to pull him back to Orgrimmar, and the moment his nostrils inhaled the warm dry air he gave vent to his feelings. Roaring so loud that several sleepy heads poked out of doorways curiously, he ran to the warrior’s barracks, and viciously attacked a training dummy with his bare hands.

It wasn’t until his knuckles were raw and bloody that he slumped to the ground, gasping for air. A trembling hand reached into a pouch at his side, and removed a letter. Hesitating only for a moment, he read it once more.

My son, I write with terrible news. Cha’reth has gone completely mad! When she woke up today and asked to go trapping, I thought she was finally making some good progress. Then Luuhk brought her home slung over his shoulder, kicking and screaming like a savage. He said she attacked him, and tried to run away, but of course I didn’t believe him immediately. Then she started calling out for her master, so when I tried to calm her down she grabbed my eating knife from the table, and stabbed me! Me, her own grandmother! I’ve had no choice except to tie her up, and keep her confined. Luuhk and I have to take shifts watching her, because she keeps trying to get out of her bonds and attack us. I think she actually wants to kill us, son. Do you have any ideas to help her? I don’t know what to do.

Chander growled and put his head in his hands. “Yeah ma, I got an idea. I got an idea what’s happenin’, but no clue how to stop it.”

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
Joined: April 9th, 2014, 11:47 pm
Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:41 pm

by Menthias » Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:45 pm

The final rays of sun filter through the dark canopy above as night makes its way into Felwood.Then again, its always hard to tell night from day in the gloom of this dank forest.A whisp of smoke trails slowly through the air as Menthias rides slowly down the trail.Knocking his pipe against his thigh ,the wood makes a dull ring against the mail of his armour.His thoughts wander to his new found clan and the events that have taken place in his short time with them.It was obvious at the mention of his heritage that it would take some time before the Bloodfurys trusted him , he did not blame them.The foul atrocities his former clansmen had turned loose upon his people were unforgiveble let alone forgetable.Even though he himself had never stepped foot in Shadowmoon , as always the children must answer for the sins of thier parents.Parents....... he had never known his mother, she had died when he was just a pup under his fathers arm.He was always told the Burning Blade came for her in the night without cause but, it was rare that the demon whorshipping orcs ever do anything with out cause.He brushed the thoughts from his mind the day grows late and he must make camp for the night.

Removing his saddle bags from, Teritha, he gently patted her flank as she moved off into the night.A better worg he had never found she was as faithful and strong as the earth herself.Packing his pipe his mind once again wondered to his clansmen.He was concerned with the war that was slowly brewing with the last remaining members of the Bloackrock Clan, although he knew not the reason behind it, it unnerved his fellows greatly.Only yesterday, mostly out of curoisity he had followed the clan into Goldshire, having spotted them while mining in Redridge.He had to admit he was not surprised by what he had found, the honorless killing of those weaker than themselves. He was sure he had been seen but it mattered very little to the shaman, sneaking around was the buisiness of assasinins and theives.Menthias snapped as the breeze slowly ran across his face along with the soft crunch of footsteps behind him.Calmly he arose peering into the black listening closely allowing himself to remain open,waiting. after a short time had passed he relaxed and took his place back on the ground in his make shift camp.Things were rapidly coming to a head and soon even the peace inside ones mind would not be safe. Pulling his shield close to his chest and fngering the handle of his mace he closed his eyes and waited for sleep to take him. Tomorrow would be another day.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
Joined: April 9th, 2014, 11:47 pm
Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:41 pm

by Jarington » Tue Jun 04, 2013 6:03 pm

The rippling sounds of water from the adjacent pool joined with Narata's tale as she told Hulkababy of her meeting with Gul'dunn. They had picked a quiet enough spot - well away from listening ears within the Shrine's hallowed halls. He heard of her decision to go through with the rituals of the Dark Horde, of the welcoming requirements of all new members into that group.

Hulkababy shivered. He knew what she faced, what sort of warlord Ripgut was. Or had been - he still was unsure it was really him.

"I do what is needed, Brother," she said. It was the fifth time she had said as such, as if she were trying to justify her actions. Or convince me, he thought. Perhaps she is one of them?

As a newly appointed Kor'kron, it was his duty to protect the Bloodfury. His battles in the Skyrange mountains, his 'bloodlust' as Sisanej called it, had now proven useful. He was ready and nothing the Dark Horde could put into the field would phase him.

"Then do what you must, Narata," he replied. "The ancestors will watch over you. Lok'tar O'gar!" he said, saluting the warlock. "I will not interfere in the rituals."

"Thank you, Brother," she said. "I do what is needed."

She flew away as Hulkababy and Rend watched from the lake's edge - his mind already beginning the Hunt. Cheyanni was after him, probably others. He knew the Troll Druid, had known her well in his days with the Dark Horde. He also knew he could take her and unless she had grown in power, her death was almost guaranteed.

IF he got the drop on her first. Or, he thought, smiling. If someone else got to her first. It was time to visit Booty Bay.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
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Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:42 pm

by Narata » Sat Jun 08, 2013 3:04 am

It didn't take long for the goblins to bring her a bath in the Booty Bay inn. She was actually surprised when no gold was asked for, though Ripgut did say he got a free room. She figured he must drop alot of gold in games, drinks, and drugs here. Once she was left alone she sealed the door with a magic spell and stripped before heading into the bath.

"I am doing what is needed" she reminded herself as the hot water came to her neck. She wanted to believe it, she always wanted to believe it.

The Orc wiped the blood from her face after resealing the wound on her leg, "you need to learn to defend yourself." He insisted again.

"I will be once I heal," Narata insisted.

"You won't heal if those humans keep returning and using you like this."

This, had been anything from a beating to sex depending on the guard. The Orc had taught her how to use shadow, fire and fel to curse the guards. She did heal and grew stronger in her abilities and physically. It was what she needed to do, needed to be done.

"It needs to be done," Narata looked about the orcs gathered about her. She points to the map of the human's camp "They will try the summoning here and we will come in from the north, you will take them out, and I will deal with the demon,"

"We should just kill it too," an Orc points out.

"We need it to turn on the rest of the camp." Narata replies, "it needs to be done."

Needed and yet only she lived through the attack, her men all killed by the demon she tried to control. The camp was wiped out, that need sent her into hiding for years.

"You need to go to join a clan," Vorgarag insisted, "Living like this isn't good for you. You need to go and live a life."

"I need to do this, so they accept me and tell me what I need to know."

She took a long drink of the firewater beside the tub, need to prove, to belong, to accomplish the task she was given, to belong again.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
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Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:43 pm

by Narata » Tue Jul 02, 2013 12:53 am

Narata pulled her cloak around her a little tighter as she tried to sleep by the fire in Clan Watch, she was hungry, tried, and mad. Mad that she was made to hide, like a human. Hide from something she didn't know if it was true or not. Hide away, when she should know what she was hiding from, and preparing to fight and face it head on. Not this, this was not the way she believed an orc should live. But here she was, shivering though just a few feet from the fire, hiding.

It wasn't that she didn't have any fight left, she could have found him, stood her ground and fight him over this order, it was because she knew what would happen if she did fight him on this. She had been demoted so much she was beginning to believe that a recruit was all she'd ever be, and being kicked from the clan, well that would weigh even heavier on her then how upset she was at him to make her come out here, to the middle of no where and hide.

She growled to herself. Even he wouldn't be here tonight, what ever she was hiding from, he would want to be saving her from. Did she really look like she needed saving? She was a strong, willful warlock who would not go any where without a fight. But then, this wasn't a fight she could afford to lose. No she needed to listen to her order, she needed to follow them, and for him, she needed to continue to be apart of the clan, because the clan needed her to be, even if they didn't know it.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
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Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:44 pm

by Chander » Tue Jul 02, 2013 10:31 am

Chander sat at a table inside the Ratchet inn, his quill dancing back and forth across a piece of parchment. He had to keep a record of all that was happening, before the details slipped his mind, and there was a lot to remember. His quill paused as he recalled the incident earlier that evening. “Mok’ra Bloodfury,” he’d said as he flipped his radio on.

Sometimes a chorus of greetings met him, but tonight it was silence which wasn’t uncommon. He thought nothing of it at first, but then a gut wrenching sensation overwhelmed him with the next breeze. “Your brothers’ spirits walk close between life and death, at the Gurubashi Arena.”

“By the elements an’ the power of the ancestors, preserve them until I arrive!” he exclaimed, kicking his wyvern Maulwing urgently in the ribs. His frantic journey was a blur of anxiety, but when he arrived his fears were confirmed. Lying in two separate pools of their own blood were Borauk and Kazorg. “No, no, NO!” he yelled as he ran into the pit, the power of the elements already gathering in his body.

He reached Borauk first and began calling out to his fading spirit, but suddenly he felt a sharp pain in the back of his head, and his vision grew blurred. “Rogue…” he muttered, then tried to focus again. Once more he felt the throbbing pain in his head, and his vision swam. “Dammit ya had yer fun, now lemme heal my brothers!” He tried for a third time, and stars exploded behind his eyes. With a furious roar he reached for his radio, “Bloodfury ta arms at the Gurubashi Arena, NOW!!!”

Staggering from the blows he called on the spirit of the wilds, and let the form of the wolf overtake him. His attackers caught on quickly, and tried to bring him down before he left the pit. He thought he was done for, but a shadowy movement caught his attention; the Bloodfury had responded to his call and were here! Thanks to one of his own rogues he managed to get out with only a few new cuts and bruises. Reverting to his normal form he stood on the edge of the pit, and glared at the members of the Dark Horde who began swarming the arena. “These corpses are our trophies,” one of them said.

Chander felt his rage boiling over. “These Orcs are Bloodfury, an’ they’re comin’ with me!” From where he stood he began to reach out to the spirits of his fallen comrades once more, ignoring the enraged snarls of his enemies. By the time he’d called to Kazorg’s spirit, more of the clan had answered his summons and stood prepared for battle. He looked at the Orcs, and was dismayed; they were sorely outnumbered. Still, honor had to be satisfied which meant only one thing: the two clans would have to meet in the pit regardless of the numbers.

He gathered the Bloodfury into a huddle, and whispered, “Borauk, Narata, you gimme cover while I try ta keep ya healthy. Zhorkosh if yer really here do what you do best sister. On my signal… ATTACK!!!”

“For Bloodfury!!!” the battle cry sounded, and the Orcs leaped into the pit. The battle was fierce, but short lived. Chander did his best, but his head was still swimming from earlier. It didn’t take much for him to fall, a single blow from the flat side of a Tauren’s axe, and his consciousness fled for several moments. When it returned he opened his eyes slowly, seeing his comrades wounded but alive, and that was all that mattered. Bunching his muscles he sprung to his feet, and began to jog, “Bloodfury fall back, we got what we came fer!”

As his clan left the pit one by one, the Dark Horde followed to mock them. A single Elf who wasn’t wearing their colors tried to delay Chander, putting a hand on his arm. “Can’t we all just get along?” she asked him mildly.

A knot of disgust welled up in his stomach, and he climbed onto Maulwing’s back. “Tell that ta them!” he snarled, before rising into the air.

Heaving a sigh Chander looked down at the quill, realizing that it had been dripping ink on the parchment. If only that had been the end of it, but the report he got a couple of hours later had chilled his blood. The Dark Horde had their own agenda alright, but if Ripgut thought he would fall for the same ploy twice, he was sorely underestimating Chander and the Bloodfury.

Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Sergeant Stonzgrinda
Posts: 113
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Sergeant Stonzgrinda

Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:45 pm

by Kama » Tue Jul 09, 2013 3:21 pm
Golden Mulgore. At high summer the name was certainly becoming true, as the well watered green grasses sighed in the hot winds, gave up youth, and moved on to a graceful golden age. The soft sighs of spring became louder whispers, and the gold grass moved more sharply and whispered more loudly that just a few months before. Anxious perhaps, and already whispering of winter and a long sleep in the dark.

Above the prairie the air was cooler, but almost as dry. It blew more softly though, and the breeze hardly swayed the soft chamois sides of a hut that clung to the side of a mesa. A garden lay next to the hut but it did not thrive. An orcess worked the garden, alone. She did not thrive either.

Kama shook her head at the state of the garden and pulled dried leaves off here and there, and lifted the drooping heads of some of late blooms. She brushed the petals with her thumb. They were loose but did not fall. Nothing had been lost. All it needed was nurture and patience. A pain grew in Kama's chest, and rose to tighten her throat, and make her eyes water and sting. She was patient. She was nurturing. But neither the garden nor the hut were her responsibility anymore, and she would be leaving today. Patience and nurture would have to come from someone else. The owners had been notified, and eventually strangers would move in. Kama hoped that they would know as much joy as she and her mate had known here. Such joy was a blessing. All gone, now - for Kama anyway, and her mate, who had vanished without a word. Without trace. Kama's mate had been too powerful. Too respected. Too successful. Success bred envy, and envy bred violence, and violence bred desolation. Desolation created void.

She worked the garden anyway.

Kama strewed the dead leaves along the soil that looked poorest, and worked the dry soil loose, the leaves in. Where ground had begun to set like stone she crushed the clods with her strong hands to make it softer and more accepting. It needed water too. Drops appeared, turning the dry soil dark in spots. She brushed her face against her sleeve. The garden needed moisture, yes. But it did not need salt. She brought water in leather buckets, and poured it out between the plants, unconsciously calling for a blessing of life and renewal, and did this several times over.
Then she was done. It was time to leave.

She brushed out the slight bit of dirt and leaves on her green Echo Isles sari, and uncoiled her long white braid. From the last bucket she dipped fresh water to wash her face, to make it pure and free of salt and dust. She would not let the ancestors see her face dirty. She rinsed her hands and arms as well and was refreshed and calmed. With the last of the water, she put out her small hearth fire for the last time. One thing left before she could go, although she almost felt guilty doing it.

Kama went to the center of the hut, and untied a dried bouquet of flowers that hung from the center pole. The first gift from her mate, she had never thrown it out, instead hanging it to dry. It was a talisman of joy and good fortune and life without equal. She had almost left it for whoever came to the hut next, but it was hers, given by her mate, and she would keep it as long as she lived.

It was good to be clean. To breathe deep, stand straight and be dressed in beauty, and to hold a token of love in one's hand. It was a good day.

Kama stepped out of the hut for the last time. She did not look back. The nameless gold wyvern who bore her to and fro looked at Kama with dull puzzlement, not able to understand the mood or the lightness of today's burden. Wyvern listened while Orcess crooned some soft and soothing sounds, and loosely tied a bundle of dry grass and flowers to the saddle horn. Wyvern felt the sudden weight on her back as her Orcess mounted, tugged reins, and lightly drummed her bare heels against Wyvern's ribs. Wyvern leaped and flapped slow and strong beats with her wings, and together they rose into the air. The crooning sounds continued, and soothed them both.

Kama rejoiced in the lightness of flight, circling a couple of times and feeling the wind cooling and drying her face. She drew off a distance from the hut, but not too far. Height was what she was after. The air grew cooler and thinner as the height increased, until finally Wyvern was choking and laboring to beat at the thin cold air, and Kama too gasped to breathe. They were so high she could see a curve to the land, like a great ball with a pure mist of air close around it. Cold fingers shook to unknot the thong around the bouquet, and to tie off reins to the saddle horn. "Go! And thank you! Another will tend to you now... Go back to the den, beauty. A better Orc will take you and give you a name. You deserve one. Now, GO!"

Wyvern looked back, uneasy and distressed. The mood of Orcess confused her and made her mane stand on end. The noises seemed equally made of exasperation and affection. Wyvern was confused and unhappy. Orcess had lifted one leg over the saddle horns, and sat Wyvern as if her back was a bench. In bewildered shock, Wyvern watched Orcess-Long-White-Mane steel herself and shove away from the saddle, launching herself into the cold nothing around them, clutching the bundle of grasses and not trying to flap at all, not even once. Orcess fell away, and Wyvern watched until she grew smaller and smaller, and disappeared. Wyvern flapped. Hovering. Not sure what to do. Eventually, Wyvern turned and began a long glide towards Durotar. Hungry now. Sad. Why? Why did Long-White-Mane leave?

As Kama slid from the saddle, she thrust back with both her hands and the soles of her bare feet, shoving herself out into space. She tried to point herself as though she were diving into water, but she yielded to the urge to splay her arms and legs apart, almost like an 'X' rune as she flew through the air, gliding like a kite it seemed. Kama expected to feel fear. Instead she felt free, like a soul flying home.

A vision. Many thousands of silver snowflakes in a black winter night. Each snowflake a star, and around the stars, worlds. One of the worlds was called Azeroth. It was rugged and torn, yet beautiful in its way. A shimmering iridescent skin of Air element shone around it, and beneath that skin, a ball of earth, and fire, and water. Continents. Seas. Mountains. Rivers. Peoples. Upon the elemental ball tribes hated and killed... and made love. Killing here. Making life there. Love. Two lovers. Two mates. Two different peoples. Impossible. Impossibly beautiful. All of it was terrible. All of it was glorious.

Kama could see Mulgore now, growing larger as it rushed towards her while she stood in space. Golden Mulgore, so warm and dear. Forests became trees. Ridges became boulders. It was all so clear. The chill air was driven away behind her as Mulgore drew towards her in love. She was warm again, and her long braid whipped behind her like a banner. The bouquet tugged and bent, and dry leaves and petals tore away from it, drifting behind her. More and more they tore away as Mulgore rushed towards her, faster and faster. From earth she came, and to earth she would return. Flowers. She had always loved them. Her blood would become sap and her waters nectar. Her flesh - roots and stems and leaves and petals. From her bones - seeds, and from the seeds, new life again.

She could see everything now. Fields. Flowers in the fields. Bees in the flowers. Opalescent sheen on bees' wings.

Mulgore was very close to her now. Almost as close as a lover. She missed her mate.

Peacebloom! Of all things... Peacebloom. A patch of it lay before her, coming closer now. Coming closer very quickly, their white blooms nodded greetings, their green leaves reached towards her in welcome. In a moment the peacebloom would reach out to receive her into their embrace, in just a blink.

In just a blink.

They did.

~ *
* * ~ * ~~
~ * ~*~* ~
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7pmQ4XI ... e=youtu.be
~ * ~* ~* ~
* * ~ * ~~
~ * ~ * **
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Kama tried to open her eyes and could not. At first, she thought she was blind. She was not. Her eyelids were gummed shut. She had been crying in her sleep again. Clumsily she rubbed them open, and smacked her mouth open and shut. Her breath was foul, and the stink was her own sweat, old and sour.

Kama groped to her side for water, and knocked over the bottle of narcotic wine that her clanmate had given her. To ease her sleep and make her happy, she had said. Instead it gave her headaches and roiled her stomach. It gave her sick dreams, that tantalized and tortured at the same time. With a curse - not like her at all - Kama seized the bottle and flung it at the wall where it crashed and shattered. Shakily, she picked up the water carafe and drank the flat and stale water straight from it, grateful for its modest refreshment.

Sharp banging on the door was followed by a slam as an elf maid threw the door to her room open. She scowled at the disheveled orcess and the mess of glass and sticky wine equally. "We have allowed you to stay this long because of your.... friend's reputation. Your friend is gone now. The deposit on the room is more than exhausted, and this, this... " She sneered, loathing in her voice "orc's nest... needs airing and disinfecting. Get dressed, get packed, and get out!"

The elf glared. Kama looked back at her, expressionless.

"I will pay what is owed. I will find some ravine with Quillboar, or a clutch of tents among the Kolkar, where there is more welcome and better manners. And service."

The elf's eye's narrowed in gleaming malice. "Good! Orcs and elves do not belong together. The thought is disgusting. Among other disgusting things you have brought into our house. Be gone. Before noon." She smirked. "It is after eleven now."

Kama shrugged out of sweaty blankets. She stood and stretched, bare as an egg. The elf looked at her in horror and slammed the door.

Kama gathered her thoughts along with her things. "Beloved... You said that all left you, one by one, each and every one as the years rolled by. I will not. I will be here. I am the one who stays. As long as it takes, as long as I live. I am strong enough to do this."

Dressed, staff and sword in her shaky grip, Kamagosha of the Flower Pickers - despised among orcs, an orc - despised among other races, strode out of the room and the inn, her back straight and her face high and proud. There was a garden in Mulgore that needed attention, and a vigil to be kept in a hide hut. Spring water, fruit, prayer and patience. Those were what was needed, and Kama was the Orcess to do exactly those things.

"We will meet again my mate. we will find each other, no matter how far, or how long it takes."

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Re: Red Tabards, Red Runes (closed until further notice)

by Sergeant Stonzgrinda » May 17th, 2015, 11:50 pm

by Jenasis » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:02 am

And now, the Prelude to Golden Mulgore.

Jenasis rides her forsaken horse up to the mailbox in Brill. She leans over the horses bony neck and opens the box. Upon a very thorough inspection she slams the door shut. Cursing under her breath, she forcefully tugs the skeletal horse’s reins to one side. Directing the Horse towards the Undercity. Jenasis wants answers for the lack of mail this day and she knows exactly where to get them. Her Sister, Goldsworth has sent her a weekly letter for years. The past few months they have been coming very sporadically. Which is not like her Sister.

Jenasis finds her Sister’s Royal guard dueling to pass the time in front of the Undercity.
The two Royal guards paid little attention to Jenasis as she rode up to them. They knew who she was, but had long standing orders to not make contact with her.

Jenasis sits up tall in her saddle and loudly clears her throat.

The two guards ignore the gesture and continue the sparring.
Jenasis abruptly nudges her horse to gallop between the two.
She looks back and forth between them still sitting tall in her saddle. The guards look at each other and then up at Jenasis. Both unknowing the proper protocol for this situation. It has never come up, not even in passing conversation. Jenasis has never approached one of her Sisters guards before now!

Jenasis bitterly chastises them by name.
“Phantomblade and Ironcross! Do you not recognize me!?”

The guards sheathe their swords, and simultaneously look at Jenasis with bewilderment.
Ironcross lowers her head before she addresses Jenasis.
“Mistress Jenasis, no introduction is needed. But our orders are to never approach you.”

Jenasis grins widely at the statement. “My Sister is very wise.”
She glares downwardly at Ironcross and speaks sternly.
“In any case, it is ‘I’ who have approached you Ironcross.”

Ironcross nods begrudgingly in agreement as Phantomblade now speaks for the two.
“And what is it ‘we’ may do for you Mistress Jenasis?”

Jenasis eyes narrow as if she is attempting to stare through Phantomblade.
“I wish to know where my Sister is this night! I have not heard from her in weeks!”
She reaches down and grabs Phantomblade by the ear nearly crushing it.
“Dark Lady watch over you if you lie to me!”

Seeing the pain on Phantomblade’s face Ironcross reaches out to grab Jenasis’s arm, hoping to distract Jenasis and relieve her comrades anguish. As Ironcross leans forward Jenasis sharply drives a long narrow dagger into the back of her neck. Twisting it just once before letting go of the handle. Ironcross’s eyes flicker rapidly before she falls lifeless at her friend’s feet. Jenasis smiles and releases Phantomblade’s ear, who immediately drops to her knees and pulls the dagger out from her friend’s neck. Phantomblade looks up in horror at Jenasis and yells.
“She is in Dalaran! Why would you do this?! We would of told you anything!”

“Dalaran? I wonder what business my Sister has in the ghost town.” She wonders to herself as her horse carries her towards the city. She completely dismisses the howls of Phantomblade’s misery behind her, as she rides into the courtyard of Undercity.
“This is as good of place as any I suppose.” She hops down from her horse and pulls a ‘Northrend Wormhole Generator’ from her pack and switches it on. “Im coming Sister!”

In mere moments Jenasis is in Dalaran. Upon her feet touching the pavement of Northrend’s largest city she quickly slinks into the Shadows and begins checking the buildings for her beloved Sister. One after the other, she only finds vendors remain in this desolate town.
She finally makes her way to the door of the Legerdemain where she hears her Sister’s very distinct Elvish laugh echoing throughout the lounge. In hearing her Sister’s laugh, Jenasis’ heart seems to start pounding for the first time in as many years. A sincere smile she can not prevent begins to spread across her lips. She is over taken by an emotion she had all but forgotten 'joy’. She runs towards her Sisters laugh, being careful to keep herself wrapped in the shadows to surprise her.

Jenasis stops in her tracks and nearly falls backwards over a nearby chair when she sees an Orc sharing a Glass of Dalaran wine with her Sister. “Who the Hell is that?” Jenasis slowly circles the table quietly looking into her Sister’s and the Orc’s faces. Her Sister’s face is nearly glowing.
The two smile at eachother as if she were... “IN LOVE!”

Jenasis pulls a dagger from her hip and walks behind the unsuspecting Orc. Just before shoving it deep into the back of her neck her Sister, Goldsworth professes to the Orc.
“I love you Kama.”

Jenasis nearly drops the dagger as she clutches her chest as if to keep her heart from leaping out from it. She screams within herself “NOOOOOO!”

There is nothing Jenasis hates more than an Orc. At the same time, there is nothing she loves more than her Sister. It feels as if the Dark Lady is tormenting her personally with a waking nightmare. She quickly begins to ponder scenarios.

“I come out of the shadows and stab the Orc now and beg for Goldy’s forgiveness. I quick kill her quick, no suffering! Surely she would forg....” Jenasis shakes her head. “No, I need something better.”

Jenasis paces the floor as she tries to devise a plan to end this. The angrier she becomes the faster she paces, instinctively she places her hand over her poison flasks to keep them from clicking together and giving away her position. A thought suddenly comes to her.
“Poison! A rogues best friend.”
She smiles mischievously at Kamagosha unhooking a flask of deadly poison from her belt.
“A few drops of this in her wine and-”
Jenasis looks once more into her Sisters eyes.
“-my Sister’s love drops dead in front of her. Most likely scarring her for life.”

Jenasis rubs her chin in thought and holds up the bottle of poison towards the light as she thinks.
“My Sister, she is an Elf...she has a high tolerance for poison.”
Jenasis pulls all of the different types of poison flasks from her belt and begins to frantically mix them together. Using her crippling poison as the base of the concoction. She says a silent prayer to the Dark Lady and when the two lovers are gazing into eachother’s eyes she pours several ounces of the poisonous brew into her Sister’s glass. Stirring it once with her finger before stepping away from the table.
“Drink my Sister, and sleep.” Jenasis patiently watches as her Sister finishes her glass of wine and invites Kama to share a bed with her upstairs for the night. Jenasis walks two steps behind them until they finally lay down together. Goldsworth puts her leg over Kama’s leg and passes out immediately.
“That was almost too easy. Now I just need to wait until that thing next to her falls asleep and we leave here Sister.”

As Kama appears to have fallen into a deep sleep, Jenasis carefully scoops her Sister into her arms using a shroud of concealment the two seem to vanish like ghosts from the side of the bed. Jenasis gently kisses her unconscious Sister on the forehead as she carries her down the stairs.
“I will not allow this Sister!”

She carries her motionless Sister to one of the remaining Portals in Dalaran.
“I will not permit you to awaken until that Orc is dead.” Jenasis shakes her head sorrowfully.
“Soon I hope...for your sake Sister. Dark Lady forbid she is to die of old age! You will be asleep a very very long time.”


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