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Eclipse: Investigation Log.

by darethy » February 22nd, 2015, 11:50 pm

15:07:31 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Yes, this is my humble abode.
15:07:46 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: What brings you?
15:08:29 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "It's good to see you again, brother. Down below it seems like some...creature...has escaped into our world, has there been anything wrong up here?"
15:09:47 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Well... about that.
15:10:15 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: It's complicated, care to come inside and have a sit?
15:10:50 Darethy-Ravenholdt dismounts and nods, letting him lead the way "Sure."
15:12:22 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: This is where she excaped from.
15:12:56 Darethy-Ravenholdt looks around, seemingly unbothered by the stench of death and disease at this point "Yes, I can feel the residue....what happened?"
15:13:24 Malhavik-TwistingNether sits down and removes his mask and hood.
15:14:11 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I was researching a means to creat a living well of fel energy.
15:14:33 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: to combat the alliance of course!
15:14:57 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I had acquired the services of a quel'dorei by the name of Vionora.
15:15:43 Malhavik-TwistingNether yawns sleepily.
15:15:44 Darethy-Ravenholdt nods "I see, and you would use her as the well of course....kind of like how the Sunwell had taken elven form for a time."
15:16:06 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Precisely.
15:16:31 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Ugh, forgive me
15:17:08 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I think somethiing may have gone wrong with my ritual
15:17:43 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Ever since the damned elf vanished I have been drained of energy...
15:18:04 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Oh, but let me get to that
15:18:30 Darethy-Ravenholdt scans the room, soaking everything in. His sword seemed to pulse with a life of it's own "....More then wrong my brother, I won't mince worlds: The veil has weakened enough for an Old One to materalize...in one capacity or another."
15:19:06 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Come again?
15:19:47 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Inadvertantly, you let an Old God into our world."
15:19:52 Malhavik-TwistingNether peers at Darethy hungrily.
15:20:07 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: So it was no illusion...
15:20:21 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "...It was not...."
15:20:38 Darethy-Ravenholdt frowned slightly, noticing the look and unsure if he should get some distance.
15:21:02 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Well, then I can tell you what I saw.
15:21:25 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "If you would, that would help things greatly."
15:21:33 Malhavik-TwistingNether leans slightly closer to Darethy.
15:21:44 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: It was a wolf.
15:21:58 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "....I HATE wolves."
15:21:59 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: A giant multiheaded wolf of nightmare.
15:22:10 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Truly a magnificent beast.
15:22:38 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: It told me it was going to hunt me last for setting it free.
15:22:38 Darethy-Ravenholdt looks around a moment "It explains the howling at least."
15:22:50 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Lucky you."
15:23:03 Malhavik-TwistingNether chuckles faintly.
15:23:15 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Darethy...
15:23:24 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I hate to ask this of you but uh...
15:23:54 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "But....you need some energy, right? I can sense it, your mana....ebbs."
15:24:05 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Yes exactly!
15:24:18 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Your magic is intoxicating!
15:25:12 Malhavik-TwistingNether reaches out abrubtly grasping Darethy by the shoulder.
15:25:37 [Vionora-Ravenholdt]: <As Malhavik's energy drained lower and lower, a mark began glowing on his hand... Now it glows brightly, when he touches darrethy.>
15:26:01 Darethy-Ravenholdt sighs, not even moderately surprised, frowning as the mark appeared.
15:26:26 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Just a little bit I assure you!
15:26:37 [Vionora-Ravenholdt]: <Darrethy feels a strange dizzying sensation for a moment, then nothing. But Malhavik begins to feel a little bit of energy coming his way. A bare trickle. Not enough.>
15:27:09 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Hmm... This is not enough.
15:27:17 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I need more.
15:27:29 Darethy-Ravenholdt shudders "I don't have much choice in the matter, but...." he takes Malhaviks hand, more magical energy surging in.
15:28:23 Malhavik-TwistingNether drinks in the magic like a hungry child.
15:28:23 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "Whatever is....ailing....you, it needs to feed, and I am loathe to watch one of my brothers suffer."
15:28:44 Malhavik-TwistingNether kneels down.
15:30:49 Darethy-Ravenholdt shudders as he feels his life energy drain from him, his shoulders growing heavy and his sight losing focus.
15:30:57 [Vionora-Ravenholdt]: <The emptiness in Malhavik starts to be assuaged.>
15:31:11 Darethy-Ravenholdt raises a hand at slightly over half "......That is enough."
15:31:43 Darethy-Ravenholdt shudders as he feels his life energy drain from him, his shoulders growing heavy and his sight losing focus.
15:31:48 Darethy-Ravenholdt raises a hand at slightly over half "......That is enough."
15:32:18 Malhavik-TwistingNether stands and stretches.
15:32:25 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Ah, much better!
15:32:39 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I still hunger, but this should suffice for now.
15:32:53 Malhavik-TwistingNether bows before Darethy.
15:33:12 Darethy-Ravenholdt sets his sword into the stone, pausing as he regathered his energy "....Hopefully, that will last you until you can reverse whats happening." Darrethy tapped his mask "On your forehead, is some sort of mark."
15:33:32 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "That...is probably whats causing the problem."
15:33:39 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Normally, I would drain one of my demons but they are all recovering from the ritual.
15:33:48 Darethy-Ravenholdt nods.
15:33:58 Malhavik-TwistingNether touches a hand to his forehead.
15:34:27 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Hmm... Yes the elf woman touched me ther before she vanished.
15:34:28 Darethy-Ravenholdt frown deepens "Whatever it was...I have little doubt it transfered to me as well."
15:35:12 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I take you don't know of the old gods?
15:35:36 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Because I most deffinitely do not.
15:36:12 Darethy-Ravenholdt chuckles "I know enough to say that this....thing...is enormously dangerous. You should warn the Grim when you can."
15:36:54 Malhavik-TwistingNether begins pacing the chamber in contemplation.
15:37:15 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "I will tell the others to be careful as well. If everyone in the Horde becomes mana starved addicts, it'll be rather difficult to fight the Alliance."
15:37:37 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I was thinking we could use it against them actually.
15:38:06 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Infect as many of them as possible!
15:38:07 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: "...Possibly, if simply draining their energy transfers the curse."
15:38:28 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: I don't have the time though. I MUST find that elf.
15:38:48 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: She is of utmost importance to me
15:38:52 Darethy-Ravenholdt nods "Be careful, i'll keep in touch. If I find anything, i'll let you know."
15:39:56 Malhavik-TwistingNether pulls up his hood and replaces his mask. "Likewise good sir"
15:40:20 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Oh, one more thing.
15:40:36 Darethy-Ravenholdt turns to leave, a little slower then when he came in. Briefly he glanced over his shoulder "Yes?"
15:41:03 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Try to keep my name out of this would you? Wouldn't want people jumping to conclusions now.
15:41:40 [Darethy-Ravenholdt]: ".....Telling people who you are would solve nothing I think, just...be more careful in the future?"
15:41:58 [Malhavik-TwistingNether]: Of course, of course. My thanks Darethy.
15:42:17 Darethy nods at Malhavik-TwistingNether.


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