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Wyvern's Tail Log, 2/9/15

Postby Xaraphyne » February 10th, 2015, 2:58 am

[[ The part of this entertaining evening in which Xara was involved... too good not to share. ]]

Logging started on 02/09/2015 at 20:52:46.
20:55:26 [Xaraphyne]: Stay, Cye.
20:55:32 [Nazgon]: Gold and pretty company Morbix. What more could a goblin ask for?
20:55:37 [Konro]: I didn't expect that.
20:55:45 You wave.
20:55:48 [Xaraphyne]: Hey Lilly!
20:55:58 Darethy nods at you.
20:56:15 You smile at Darethy.
20:56:18 [Xaraphyne]: Hey there!
20:56:23 Lilliana was about to say something to Konro, then bursts out into the biggest smile yet of the night when Xaraphyne walks in. "Xaraphyne!" She runs over to her and envelopes the other troll in a hug.
20:56:28 Konro grunts in disappointment.
20:56:29 You hug Lilliana.
20:56:48 [Konro]: Don't you have any Tauren friends? That are female?
20:56:51 Xaraphyne and Lilliana share a double-take-inducing resemblance.
20:57:01 [Xaraphyne]: Huh? You tryin' ta matchmake, Lilly?
20:57:27 Darethy takes note "No, someone else was earlier.....if you call it matchmaking."
20:57:48 Lilliana turns her gaze onto Konro and grins. "There are a few Grim taurens." She says this very serious like.
20:57:49 You grin wickedly.
20:57:59 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah, sure! Like Awatu!
20:58:23 Konro smiles.
20:58:33 [Xaraphyne]: And... Ruuki!
20:58:44 [Lilliana]: He's a boy tauren, Xaraphyne. *she elbows Xaraphyne in the ribs, hard when she says 'like Awatu'*
20:58:45 [Xaraphyne]: And...
20:59:00 [Xaraphyne]: Oh.
20:59:40 Konro swishes his drink
20:59:52 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, ya gonna introduce me ta these two or what, Lilly?
21:00:34 Lilliana blinks. "Oh! Yes....so....Xaraphyne...this is Konro and....wait, you met this guy" She's pointing to Darethy. "Didn't you?"
21:00:42 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah, I guess I did.
21:00:47 Xaraphyne plainly doesn't remember.
21:00:54 [Konro]: I think I saw you yesterday.
21:00:55 Darethy simply nods.
21:01:03 Xaraphyne grins.
21:01:11 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, how 'bout a drink?
21:01:11 Lilliana nudges Xaraphyne and whispers, not so discreetly....."That's Darethy."
21:01:18 You flirt with Gravy.
21:01:22 [Konro]: When me and the Zombie tried to burn down the tavern.
21:01:42 [Lilliana]: Oh, I'm sorry...that's 'The Zombie', not just Darethy.
21:01:53 Darethy chuckles.
21:01:56 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah, now I remember, you two bickerin' like an old couple.
21:02:10 Lilliana gasps at you.
21:02:12 Lilliana cackles maniacally at you.
21:02:43 Konro 's nostrils flare.
21:02:54 [Darethy]: "Yeah, i'v been in enough relationships to know that's true. Habits hard to break, I guess."
21:03:26 Xaraphyne doesn't appear to realize the comment may have been provocative. She grins and raises her drink.
21:03:33 Lilliana chokes on a laugh,t hen walks over to the bar and pushes an untouched drink down it towards Konro.
21:03:53 Konro snatches the drink
21:04:02 [Konro]: You're force feeding me.
21:04:18 [Xaraphyne]: Enough of those and maybe he will be interested in Awatu after all!
21:04:42 [Lilliana]: You can't force the willing.... *she pauses after that, looks at Xaraphyne, seems to consider if she's going to scold or not....and just laughs*
21:04:49 [Xaraphyne]: Oh hey, I know a female tauren who's single.
21:04:57 [Xaraphyne]: Noko! Right, Lilly?
21:05:01 Konro ears prick up.
21:05:21 Lilliana nods her head slowly. "I haven't seen her in ages....and ages. Where she been?"
21:05:53 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, hiding in her cave in Mulgore, doing her shamany things.
21:06:06 Konro frowns.
21:06:26 [Xaraphyne]: Not into the elemental types, eh?
21:06:36 [Konro]: Shamans don't really agree with my lifestyle. ...hic!
21:07:02 [Darethy]: "Really? the most violent person I EVER met was a Shaman."
21:07:09 Xaraphyne orders another drink, having polished off the first. Gravy grins, unmistakeably smitten with the trolless, and passes her another. She winks at the bartender and turns back to the group.
21:07:15 Lilliana looks back at Konro and grins.
21:07:19 [Xaraphyne]: Oh right, yer Garroshy lifestyle, right?
21:07:43 [Xaraphyne]: Actually, Noko probably wouldn't mind. She used ta be in the Grim, she's, you know... Practical.
21:07:53 Konro gulps down Frog Brew.
21:07:56 Lilliana agrees with Darethy, as shamans can get downright nasty...depending on their own views.
21:08:12 Lilliana glances back to Xaraphyne at the....'practical' part.
21:08:12 [Darethy]: "Alkaid, she was a Pandarian too."
21:08:21 You greet Reroma warmly.
21:08:24 [Xaraphyne]: Heya girly! ...hic!
21:08:34 [Darethy]: "Lovely lady, was kicked out of her society because she was a Sha magnet."
21:08:50 Reroma blinks, surprised she was noticed. She nods in response. "Hello."
21:08:58 [Xaraphyne]: I like yer whelp!
21:08:59 Darethy nods at Reroma.
21:09:01 You point at Mavo.
21:09:09 Lilliana eyes the Sanctuary member, but that's all she does...until she grins at Reroma.
21:09:23 [Reroma]: Whelp...? Oh, Mavo.
21:09:33 [Xaraphyne]: He's cute? Or ish it a she?
21:09:37 Xaraphyne squints at the whelp.
21:10:00 Reroma beckons the little whelp over, patting its head before letting it wander off on its own. "A he. I foudn hsi egg during the Cataclysm."
21:10:13 Darethy nods.
21:10:16 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah?
21:10:19 You look at Mavo.
21:10:52 Reroma II Mavo lets out a high-pitched roar before wandering to a nearby table, where he found a juicy steak to gnaw on.
21:11:00 [Xaraphyne]: D'aaaaw.
21:11:20 [Reroma]: Yup. Out in the Wetlands. The mother must've thought he was a dud.
21:11:20 [Xaraphyne]: What's yer name, girly?
21:11:33 [Reroma]: Just call me Roma.
21:11:40 Konro leans over the bar and steals a bottle from the shelf.
21:11:49 [Xaraphyne]: Well, nice ta meet ya! I'm Xaraphyne Nawe, Captain of the Skyseeker.
21:11:53 Lilliana stares at Reroma.
21:12:02 [Konro]: I'm Konro.
21:12:04 Reroma eyes Lilliana up and down.
21:12:09 [Reroma]: ... Hello to you, too.l
21:12:18 [Konro]: Yeah yeah.
21:12:21 Xaraphyne does bear a very, very strong resemblance to the other trolless.
21:12:35 Darethy notices some of the blood from the Alliance is still on his hand, taking a washcloth he tries to rub it off as discreetly...if forcefully...as possible.
21:12:45 You blink at Drakjul.
21:12:46 Reroma backs away to let the orc pass.
21:12:47 [Xaraphyne]: Hi!
21:12:54 [Drakjul]: Hello, troll.
21:12:55 [Xaraphyne]: Sorry, am I in the way?
21:13:01 [Drakjul]: Huh? no.
21:13:06 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, better not get between thish guy and his drink!
21:13:12 Drakjul chuckles at you.
21:13:23 [Drakjul]: No, i'm not /that/ mean
21:13:25 Lilliana grins evilly at Reroma, then looks to the orc that joined the bar group.
21:13:27 [Reroma]: I've honestly have more spats against tauren than orcs, funny enough.
21:13:28 [Konro]: ((Away from the keyboard))
21:13:45 Reroma raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Lilliana.
21:13:46 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah, tauren can be fighty all right.
21:13:49 You look at Lilliana.
21:13:52 [Reroma]: Really, what are you doing staring at me, troll?
21:14:11 Xaraphyne leans back against the bar on her elbows.
21:14:20 Lilliana resumes her stare at Reroma, and grins. "What people usually do when they stare." She answers.
21:14:31 [Reroma]: ... Stare some more?
21:14:41 Lilliana grins wickedly at Reroma.
21:14:43 [Xaraphyne]: She's probably tryin' ta pick yer brain.
21:14:57 Lilliana cuts a look at Xaraphyne that totally means 'shuddup'.
21:14:57 [Reroma]: Or what's left of it...
21:15:01 Xaraphyne raises her tankard.
21:15:10 Drakjul chuckles at Konro.
21:15:19 You wink slyly at Lilliana.
21:15:46 Xaraphyne bats at the glowing sphere that keeps rotating around the orc next to her.
21:16:07 [Xaraphyne]: It tingles!
21:16:11 Drakjul notices it
21:16:13 Drakjul chuckles at you.
21:16:16 Konro finishes gulping down ale and turns to the conversation.
21:16:18 [Drakjul]: It's lightning, troll
21:16:18 Reroma II Mavo's snout was covered in blood, finding the steak to be rare.
21:16:33 [Xaraphyne]: What'sh yer name, orc?
21:16:33 Darethy chuckles.
21:16:35 Lilliana obviously seems to be considering if she's going to harass Reroma or not. She's still staring.
21:16:39 [Drakjul]: Drakjul, yours?
21:16:42 [Konro]: Who shaid shomething about fighting tauren?
21:16:42 Lilliana then backs off, and smiles at Reroma.
21:16:47 Lilliana points at Reroma.
21:16:48 [Xaraphyne]: Xaraphyne Nawe, Captain of the Skyseeker!
21:16:49 Reroma waves at Konro.
21:16:55 Konro smiles at Reroma.
21:16:56 Lilliana points at Reroma for Konro. "She did."
21:16:58 [Reroma]: I did. It was about... three years ago, though.
21:17:01 Drakjul nods
21:17:09 [Drakjul]: Pleasure to meet you.
21:17:09 [Reroma]: He tried to violate me.
21:17:13 [Konro]: That'sh better than my record. ...hic!
21:17:13 Xaraphyne smiles at Drakjul, then looks at Reroma.
21:17:26 [Konro]: I fought Tauren a year ago.
21:17:48 [Reroma]: Oh really? Just a drunken brawl?
21:17:49 [Xaraphyne]: Sheesh, I fight a tauren every day. Not under threat of bein' violated, though.
21:17:55 Lilliana looks at Konro, and although the crime that Reroma said she fought the tauren over is quite serious, she asks of Konro "He try to violate you too?"
21:17:55 Morbbix whistles at you.
21:18:09 Konro crosses his arms.
21:18:12 You look at Morbbix.
21:18:14 [Xaraphyne]: Heya! ...hic!
21:18:15 [Konro]: Ordersh are orders.
21:18:18 [Morbbix]: Hey, Gravy...somethin' hard and cheap.
21:18:24 [Morbbix]: ...like me.
21:18:25 Morbbix laughs at Gravy.
21:18:27 [Xaraphyne]: Hah, I like how ya think, goblin!
21:18:30 You laugh at Morbbix.
21:18:33 Morbbix smirks slyly at you.
21:18:41 Konro glares at the Goblin
21:18:58 [Morbbix]: Oh, do ya?
21:19:08 You grin wickedly at Morbbix.
21:19:10 Reroma shrugs. "Like I said, long time ago."
21:19:21 [Xaraphyne]: I grew up around goblins. Ya remind me of my childhood!
21:19:28 [Reroma]: My fiance at the time... he killed him.
21:19:36 [Morbbix]: You wanna call me daddy?
21:19:37 Xaraphyne turns around to lean on her elbows on the bartop.
21:19:40 [Konro]: Why would a tauren want shomething like you....Oh?
21:19:40 [Reroma]: The blasted bull kept targeting me for weeks...
21:19:42 Drakjul chuckles at you.
21:19:43 Morbbix chuckles at you.
21:19:55 Reroma shrugs. "I don't really know."
21:19:56 [Xaraphyne]: Yup... just like when I was growin' up all right!
21:19:58 You laugh at Morbbix.
21:20:08 [Morbbix]: You wanna make me grow up?
21:20:09 Drakjul has a morbid realization
21:20:10 [Konro]: Your fiance shtill around?
21:20:11 Lilliana narrows her eyes a bit at Konro when he asks that....but then again...he is asking that of a Sanctuary member....
21:20:14 Morbbix cackles maniacally at you.
21:20:29 [Reroma]: ...
21:20:32 Darethy facepalms.
21:20:38 Lilliana turns to look at Xara and that sleezy little goblin, Morbbix. She steps forward to say something, then steps back. No, she'll be quiet.
21:20:47 [Reroma]: Yes, but I don't like to talk about him... least, not in detail.
21:20:48 [Xaraphyne]: I don't think yer ever gonna get any taller, goblin!
21:20:51 Konro realises something.
21:20:55 Drakjul laughs at Morbbix.
21:21:03 [Morbbix]: Hey...
21:21:04 [Konro]: I'm sho sorry.
21:21:14 [Konro]: Please forgive me.
21:21:16 [Morbbix]: I'm a grower not a show-er.
21:21:20 Morbbix smirks slyly at you.
21:21:28 Morbbix chuckles at you.
21:21:33 Reroma nods. "It's fine. You don't know the situation..."
21:21:35 [Drakjul]: Oh you grow all right... like your ego.
21:21:37 [Xaraphyne]: That's good, 'cause pretty sure I've been shown better.
21:21:38 You wink slyly at Morbbix.
21:21:48 Lilliana smirks slyly at Drakjul.
21:21:54 Reroma smiles under the mask, though it wasn't as if the tauren would see it.
21:21:54 [Konro]: If you want me to leave I will.
21:22:07 Reroma blinks. "Why would I want you to leave?"
21:22:08 [Darethy]: "That is....bar none...some of the worst pick up lines i'v ever heard, I -clearly- remember when I was a teenager trying to pick up girls in Southshore."
21:22:19 [Xaraphyne]: Ya never went ta Undermine, then.
21:22:20 [Morbbix]: You haven't tried the merchandise though.
21:22:21 [Darethy]: and I*))
21:22:26 Morbbix winks slyly at you.
21:22:30 Konro shrugs. "Bad memories."
21:22:42 Xaraphyne looks back at the goblin, her golden eyes sparkling. "Yeah, I don't shop at secondhand stores."
21:22:54 Lilliana folds her arms. "No one ever tries to pick me up." She pauses. "Asking for deals so don't count." She whines and mumbles to herself.
21:23:06 [Reroma]: Bad memories, yes... But I'm trying to make the most of the situation.
21:23:09 [Morbbix]: How about third hand...cuz that's what you'll need.
21:23:11 Morbbix laughs at you.
21:23:15 Xaraphyne thinks if Lilly dressed like Xara did, she'd probably get hit on a lot more. Also, less death stares.
21:23:18 Konro nods at Reroma.
21:23:45 Lilliana brushes at her robes, almost like she picked up on Xaraphyne's thought.
21:23:48 [Konro]: I'll uh, leave you to your drink.
21:23:51 Xaraphyne blinks at the goblin and laughs. "Also a world enlarger!"
21:23:59 [Reroma]: Heh, I'll try to enjoy it. Thank you.
21:24:08 [Morbbix]: If that's what it takes.
21:24:09 You look at Konro.
21:24:10 Morbbix nods at you.
21:24:14 Konro flicks the Goblin.
21:24:18 [Naheàl]: They come back?
21:24:25 [Naheàl]: Or is the fun done for the day?
21:24:27 A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.
21:24:34 [Drakjul]: Eh... none on me either
21:24:39 Lilliana eyes Naheàl "They haven't yet." She is standing there, arms folded, and seems to be sulking.
21:24:46 Reroma eyes Naheàl up and down.
21:24:51 Naheàl looks at Reroma.
21:24:52 [Reroma]: Oh, hello again.
21:24:52 [Morbbix]: Hey...
21:25:00 [Naheàl]: Hey there.
21:25:06 Morbbix stares Konro down.
21:25:07 Xaraphyne leans toward Darethy while Lilly is sulking and whispers something to him.
21:25:07 [Naheàl]: Reroma, right?
21:25:12 Reroma II Amaroq wanders around the tavern on his own.
21:25:14 Konro stares back.
21:25:15 Reroma nods at Naheàl.
21:25:24 [Reroma]: And you'd be Naheal?
21:25:27 [Konro]: You're almost ash tall ash me.
21:25:28 [Morbbix]: You gotta problem, ribeye?
21:25:28 [Naheàl]: Aye.
21:25:49 Drakjul feels his bulging coinpurse, and shrugs
21:25:51 Xaraphyne looks back at Konro and the goblin, watching to see what happens.
21:25:51 Reroma 's wolf takes a few sniffs of the other blood elf.
21:25:55 [Drakjul]: Two drinks.
21:26:05 You smile at Naheàl.
21:26:08 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, Naheal!
21:26:12 Naheàl smiles at you.
21:26:15 [Naheàl]: Hey, Xara!
21:26:25 Naheàl glares angrily at Gravy.
21:26:27 [Reroma]: How have things been on Draenor? I haven't been able to visit the planet yet; afraid I'll be torn to pieces right now.
21:26:29 [Konro]: Problem? No, I just think you're in my way.
21:26:43 [Morbbix]: Well in here that's not hard to do, lardass.
21:26:44 Lilliana gaze follows Xara's....to Konro and Morbbix as well. This time she doesn't step in to offer drinks. Probably because she's being sulky.
21:26:45 Morbbix laughs at Konro.
21:26:53 Naheàl is very upset that this bartender doesn't sell booze either.
21:26:59 Drakjul glances around
21:27:09 [Drakjul]: Noone else drinks this hard stuff?
21:27:15 Konro smiles at the little guy.
21:27:16 [Drakjul]: Huh...
21:27:17 [Xaraphyne]: What!
21:27:19 Reroma goes upstairs to try her drink, once she realizes she'll actually have to pull her mask down for it.
21:27:26 [Xaraphyne]: I can drink ya under the table, orc.
21:27:30 Drakjul chuckles
21:27:34 [Naheàl]: She can, too. ...hic!
21:27:36 Darethy glances over to Lilliana, stepping beside her near the table "Getting crowded over there, how have you been?"
21:27:41 You grin wickedly at Drakjul.
21:27:44 [Konro]: You can move now.
21:27:46 [Drakjul]: Calm yourself, I am looking for someone with similar alcohol taste, not superior skills
21:27:50 [Naheàl]: She'll drink you under the table... while under the table.
21:27:54 Lilliana sits back against the table that has the big slab of meat cooking in the middle of it.
21:27:56 [Xaraphyne]: Oh. Well, where the fun in that?
21:28:01 Drakjul chuckles
21:28:02 [Drakjul]: Aw fine
21:28:06 You giggle at Drakjul.
21:28:07 [Drakjul]: Frog venom?
21:28:14 [Xaraphyne]: Let's do it!
21:28:20 [Xaraphyne]: Gravy, pour us two.
21:28:31 [Morbbix]: I'm only mooo-vin' cuz you smell of cow patties.
21:28:36 Drakjul glances at her
21:28:37 Morbbix laughs at Konro.
21:28:37 [Drakjul]: Each
21:28:41 You laugh at Drakjul.
21:28:42 Reroma takes a long drink of her wine, letting out a huff of annoyance realizing that, as she was now undead, she could not get tipsy. She quickly pulls the mask back up before anyone could notice.
21:28:47 Konro grunts.
21:28:52 Naheàl leans back against the bar and glances around the room.
21:29:01 Drakjul glances at her
21:29:03 Lilliana looks at Darethy and grins, her sulk instantly disappating. "It is crowded. Now all will be great as long as we don't burn the place down."
21:29:10 You raise a drink to Drakjul. Cheers!
21:29:15 Drakjul drinks the first one
21:29:21 [Xaraphyne]: Phew! Nasty!
21:29:21 Drakjul finishes the second one
21:29:25 [Drakjul]: ... Two
21:29:26 [Konro]: That only happened once Troll.
21:29:29 Xaraphyne hastily finishes the second one as well.
21:29:35 Lilliana giggles at Konro.
21:29:40 [Naheàl]: And that's when you *know* everyone was having a good time.
21:29:48 [Drakjul]: More...
21:29:51 Lilliana cackles maniacally at Naheàl.
21:29:59 [Xaraphyne]: Whoa, Drak. Here.
21:29:59 Darethy nods at Lilliana "Yeah, you seem like really all you want is for people to get along, I can respect that. Truthfully, it's all I really want myself, but i'v just gotten so tired."
21:30:00 Drakjul puts down a medium sized sack of gold on the table, worth ten each
21:30:04 Naheàl grins wickedly at Lilliana.
21:30:07 [Drakjul]: You challenged me...
21:30:14 [Xaraphyne]: I'll give ya a challenge!
21:30:14 [Drakjul]: Are we not going all out?
21:30:20 Xaraphyne takes out a flask and hands it to him.
21:30:21 [Reroma]: Please... Risking burning the place was a regular occurrence back a few years ago.
21:30:27 [Xaraphyne]: I'm uppin' the ante!
21:30:33 [Drakjul]: Fine then. ...hic!
21:30:35 Naheàl agrees with Reroma.
21:30:37 [Drakjul]: Same time.
21:30:43 [Xaraphyne]: Ready? ...hic!
21:30:44 [Xaraphyne]: Go.
21:30:45 Drakjul raises his to his mouth
21:30:48 Lilliana tilts her head at Darethy......thinking that so curious...as she had been egging Darethy and Konro on the other night. "Oh yes, we all need to be friends." She winks.
21:30:49 [Naheàl]: Pretty sure a few other Cross members had a hand in that.
21:30:52 [Drakjul]: WOO!
21:30:53 Drakjul cheers at Konro!
21:30:55 You laugh at Drakjul.
21:31:02 [Drakjul]: That'sh great stuff! ...hic!
21:31:07 [Xaraphyne]: Ain't it?!
21:31:13 [Drakjul]: Any more?
21:31:20 Xaraphyne grins and hands him the last flask.
21:31:33 [Drakjul]: Hey wait, now you don't...
21:31:37 [Xaraphyne]: Take it!
21:31:39 [Naheàl]: Wouldn't be surprised if I heard that Dio had a hand in burning this place down once or twice. Or Xen for that matter.
21:31:39 [Xaraphyne]: I insist. ...hic!
21:31:42 Drakjul smiles
21:31:43 [Reroma]: I remember the Dragonhawk Brigade was pretty chaotic. One game of truth or dare apparently turned... inappropriate shortly after I left for the night.
21:31:44 [Drakjul]: Allright ...hic!
21:31:48 You cheer at Drakjul.
21:31:51 Drakjul laughs at Konro.
21:31:53 [Reroma]: I myself have sustained a few injuries from fights here.
21:31:55 [Drakjul]: That ish great
21:31:57 Naheàl laughs at Reroma.
21:31:58 [Xaraphyne]: Now it'sh gettin' toasty in here!
21:32:01 Drakjul grins
21:32:04 [Xaraphyne]: NAHEAL!
21:32:09 Naheàl looks at you.
21:32:12 Darethy leans on the table "Yeah, believe it or not, a long time ago I even tried to be friends with the Alliance. It....didn't pan out as well as I hoped, I suppose once you're Forsaken, it sticks with you forever."
21:32:15 [Naheàl]: What'd I do?
21:32:18 Xaraphyne shoves a drink in his hand.
21:32:24 [Xaraphyne]: Fell behind!
21:32:26 Reroma raises her eyebrow inquisitively at you.
21:32:26 [Naheàl]: Dwarven?
21:32:34 [Xaraphyne]: They know how ta ferment!
21:32:36 [Naheàl]: Seriously? Why do you drink that piss!
21:32:40 You cackle maniacally at Naheàl.
21:32:41 [Drakjul]: Ah shut up, elf
21:32:43 [Xaraphyne]: Ya got better?
21:32:48 [Naheàl]: Not on me.
21:32:51 [Drakjul]: Don't knock it 'til you try it ...hic!
21:32:53 [Xaraphyne]: Well then!
21:32:57 [Lilliana]: Ew, no, alliance need to die. Slow, horrible deaths. *she stares at Darethy* You were crazy!
21:32:58 [Naheàl]: Fine! ...hic!
21:33:02 [Drakjul]: Ever try that black iron shtuff?
21:33:04 Drakjul chuckles once
21:33:05 [Xaraphyne]: 'Sides, I heard you and dwarves were gettin' along lately!
21:33:08 You wink slyly at Naheàl.
21:33:14 Drakjul makes an "Oooooh" face
21:33:22 Naheàl sighs at you.
21:33:24 [Xaraphyne]: Which black iron stuff now? ...hic!
21:33:24 [Reroma]: Perhaps we could keep -some- dwarves alive to make you some decent mead...
21:33:27 [Naheàl]: It wash just that one..
21:33:29 Darethy chuckles "Yeah, Night Elven trickery I guess."
21:33:38 [Drakjul]: The dark iron shlammer? shulfuron maybe iunno.
21:33:41 Konro looks over at the elf next to him
21:33:43 [Xaraphyne]: oooh yes!
21:33:43 [Naheàl]: And *you* got me way too drunk for me to figure out what was going on!
21:33:45 Lilliana shoots a look to Naheal and Reroma, it's partially friendly, partially very not friendly. She quickly turns to grin at Darethy. "When the hell was that? That you did that"
21:33:46 [Drakjul]: The- the fire shtuff
21:33:50 You giggle at Naheàl.
21:33:53 [Reroma]: Sulfuron. That stuff had a kick.
21:33:53 [Drakjul]: Woah woah wait
21:33:56 Drakjul points at Naheàl.
21:33:57 [Drakjul]: You ...hic!
21:34:00 [Drakjul]: hooked up with a dwarf!? ...hic!
21:34:01 [Xaraphyne]: Ya didn't complain the next morning!
21:34:05 You raise a drink to Naheàl. Cheers!
21:34:06 Naheàl points at you.
21:34:08 [Naheàl]: Blame her!
21:34:08 Drakjul roars in laughter
21:34:17 Reroma raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Drakjul.
21:34:24 Lilliana looks at Xaraphyne as she tells some crazy story.
21:34:26 [Drakjul]: That elf shlept with a dwarf!
21:34:29 [Xaraphyne]: Shpeaking of which... Konro needsh some hookin' up. Know any female tauren, Naheal?
21:34:29 [Reroma]: Who's talking about hooking up with -dwarves?-
21:34:36 Drakjul points at Naheàl.
21:34:38 [Konro]: Shanctuary.
21:34:44 Reroma looks at Drakjul and covers her face with her palm.
21:34:47 Reroma raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Konro.
21:34:49 [Reroma]: Hm?
21:34:53 [Naheàl]: A few. One who ain't in too good of shape, ,though...
21:34:55 [Konro]: Sho.
21:35:01 [Drakjul]: Eh I could use a woman...
21:35:05 [Reroma]: So...?
21:35:13 [Konro]: I didn't mean.
21:35:18 [Xaraphyne]: Well, get in line, Drak, my matchmaking service can only help one poor soul at na time! ...hic!
21:35:22 [Darethy]: "During the Pandaria campaign, I guess the war had just weared on me so badly. I had been killing, and killing, and killing so much I lost count. For some insane reason I fought a Night Elf in the Dread Wastes...don't know why I picked her out, and when-
21:35:29 [Naheàl]: Whether you like it or not!
21:35:30 [Konro]: They're friendly people. ...hic!
21:35:31 Drakjul looks at her as if having a realization
21:35:32 Drakjul chuckles at you.
21:35:32 Naheàl laughs at you.
21:35:46 Drakjul seems to be a friendly drunk
21:35:46 [Konro]: Not the Dwarves. ...hic!
21:35:54 [Darethy]: we were done fighting I decided to take her home and tend to her wounds. For awhile we we were good friends, but it collapsed quickly."
21:36:01 [Konro]: I think i'm just makin thish worse.
21:36:08 [Drakjul]: Actually... i've once been friendsh with a dwarf
21:36:09 [Reroma]: I'm just confused.
21:36:10 Xaraphyne leans back on the bar again on her elbow, grinning like a loon.
21:36:15 Lilliana narrows her eyes at Darethy. "What the hell were you thinking?"
21:36:18 [Drakjul]: His name wash Berobis...?
21:36:18 Konro gulps down Firewater.
21:36:21 [Drakjul]: I unno
21:36:33 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, dwarves are people too. Most of the time.
21:36:34 [Naheàl]: So wash I. Man named Sowell. Well, he wash more my boss than anything. ...hic!
21:36:35 [Reroma]: Back when I was in the Alliance I found myself more with humans than dwarves. Too rowdy for me.
21:36:36 Reroma shrugs. Who knows?
21:36:40 Konro points at Liliana
21:36:45 [Drakjul]: That's what I love about 'um ...hic!
21:36:49 [Drakjul]: Shame they're in the alliance
21:36:50 [Naheàl]: Cartel crap. You know how it is.
21:36:53 [Konro]: Ask her.
21:36:54 You look at Konro.
21:37:03 Darethy shrugs "I couldn't tell you to be honest, after her Gilnean mate tried to kill me, we crossed swords in Undercity."
21:37:03 You look at Lilliana.
21:37:04 [Drakjul]: They have some good booze
21:37:11 Lilliana looks at Konro after being pointed at. "Huh?"
21:37:18 [Reroma]: Even compared to Pandaren?
21:37:22 [Drakjul]: Yes.
21:37:31 [Drakjul]: Great shtuff
21:37:36 Wage is hungry!
21:37:41 [Drakjul]: But that's my opinion
21:37:58 [Drakjul]: It's like shaying... which is better, some good pork, or some good venison
21:38:01 [Reroma]: I'm not exactly an expert on that stuff, so I'll take your word for it.
21:38:02 Reroma shrugs. Who knows?
21:38:02 [Drakjul]: Two different flavours
21:38:13 Xaraphyne sips her drink, having gone quiet to listen to the conversation, though there's no telling when she's going to inject herself back into it forcefully.
21:38:14 A tendril of drool runs down Wage's lip.
21:38:15 [Reroma]: Venison, personally.
21:38:15 [Drakjul]: It's a matter of preference, dwarves are definately the harder of the two
21:38:29 Konro leans against the bar.
21:38:33 [Drakjul]: Don't think I don't notice,Xara
21:38:38 Drakjul chuckles at you.
21:38:38 [Xaraphyne]: Hmmmm? ...hic!
21:38:43 [Xaraphyne]: Notice what?
21:38:46 You look at Drakjul.
21:38:47 [Drakjul]: Any stories with dwarves with you?
21:39:01 [Xaraphyne]: Hah... I don't shleep with anything that ain't at least boob-height!
21:39:11 [Drakjul]: I didn't mean like that
21:39:17 [Xaraphyne]: Oh.
21:39:23 Naheàl laughs at you.
21:39:27 Drakjul seems light-hearted and he looks as if he had way too much
21:39:34 You giggle at Drakjul.
21:39:35 Reroma sarcastically claps at Xara.
21:39:36 [Naheàl]: You've got standards, huh? No goblinsh or gnomesh for ya?
21:39:42 Lilliana turns to say something to Darethy, since it doesn't seem that anyone is going to ask her something...as Konro pointed.... then laughs at Xara's statement.
21:39:47 [Drakjul]: I think I would kill a goblin or a gnome
21:39:49 [Xaraphyne]: Nah. That guy earlier though, he was a hoot!
21:39:57 [Naheàl]: Who? ...hic!
21:40:04 Drakjul gets lost in thought
21:40:06 [Xaraphyne]: The goblin who was hittin' on me. ...hic!
21:40:11 [Naheàl]: Ha!
21:40:12 [Drakjul]: Oh him?
21:40:14 Drakjul laughs at you.
21:40:18 [Drakjul]: It wash painfully obvious
21:40:31 [Xaraphyne]: What was?
21:40:40 [Drakjul]: He wanted to one-night you ...hic!
21:40:44 Xaraphyne crosses her legs, leaning back on the bar.
21:40:47 [Reroma]: I remember someone like that once! A goblin who tied and kidnapped a woman... just to ask how to get on the good side of a woman!
21:40:52 [Darethy]: "I once met this goblin lady who was -obsessed- with me, and...being a corpse...I found it plainly baffling."
21:40:57 Drakjul laughs at you.
21:41:03 [Drakjul]: Wait
21:41:09 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, most guys like that, they can't actually get down ta business if shomeone takes 'em up on their offer. ...hic!
21:41:15 Reroma finds herself coughing from speaking too loudly, her vocal chords shot due to the way she died.
21:41:23 Drakjul laughs.
21:41:36 [Naheàl]: You find shome people with.... interesting tastes. Shpend a few daysh in Silvermoon, you'll shee shome tastesh you didn't know existed. ...hic!
21:41:43 [Drakjul]: Wait what?
21:41:48 Xaraphyne looks at Naheal with amusement.
21:41:48 [Drakjul]: Oh please
21:41:53 Naheàl smirks slyly at Drakjul.
21:41:56 [Drakjul]: I've met weirder women than you
21:41:59 [Reroma]: Being -from- there, I completely know what you mean...
21:42:07 [Xaraphyne]: Weirder women than Naheal?
21:42:11 [Xaraphyne]: That'd be a pretty weird woman.
21:42:12 Drakjul roars in laughter
21:42:18 [Reroma]: Depends what he's into.
21:42:20 Drakjul laughs at Naheàl.
21:42:22 Naheàl laughs.
21:42:43 [Naheàl]: Well, let'sh just shay that I've had a *lot* of time to think.
21:42:51 [Xaraphyne]: About what?
21:43:10 [Reroma]: What he's into...
21:43:11 Naheàl raises his drink to his lips. "I'll leave that to your imagination, Xara."
21:43:20 Xaraphyne snorts at Naheal.
21:43:28 [Reroma]: Sounds like your imagination is as active as mine was.
21:43:35 Reroma lets out a raspy chuckle.
21:43:55 Darethy sits on the table with Lilliana "So you've never thought about talking with the Alliance? even a little."
21:44:01 [Drakjul]: Yeah I've definitely met weirder women
21:44:07 [Drakjul]: Like thish one time-
21:44:12 You look at Drakjul.
21:44:12 Drakjul pauses, expecting to be cut off
21:44:17 [Reroma]: Talking with the Alliance? My husband was human!
21:44:19 Reroma lets out a hacking cough.
21:44:21 [Naheàl]: Well?
21:44:23 Xaraphyne is clearly interested in what Drak has to say.
21:44:25 [Lilliana]: ((afk quick))
21:44:32 Konro falls down on his read next to Lilliana.
21:44:33 Naheàl smirks slyly at Drakjul.
21:44:34 Darethy chuckles.
21:44:35 [Drakjul]: Good... Like thish one time I wash with this troll
21:44:49 [Drakjul]: And she enjoyed being dangled by her toes, not feet, toes
21:44:54 [Drakjul]: Off of really high ledges
21:44:57 [Reroma]: ...
21:45:00 [Xaraphyne]: Whoa.
21:45:00 [Drakjul]: With her hair tied to her heals.
21:45:04 [Drakjul]: heels
21:45:05 [Reroma]: How would you...?
21:45:15 [Drakjul]: No idea
21:45:22 [Darethy]: "That sounds incredibly specific."
21:45:22 [Drakjul]: She liked the peril I guess? Iunno.
21:45:27 Drakjul shrugs
21:45:37 [Xaraphyne]: Different folks, ya know!
21:45:37 [Drakjul]: It's not that specific...
21:45:43 [Reroma]: I can think of a few practical methods of getting a thrill...
21:45:45 Naheàl agrees with you.
21:45:51 You shrug at Naheàl. Who knows?
21:46:12 [Naheàl]: Hey, I ain't gonna judge. Would you?
21:46:26 [Xaraphyne]: Nah!
21:46:30 [Darethy]: "I can judge absolutely no one, so I won't even try."
21:46:31 Naheàl laughs at you.
21:46:36 Drakjul chuckles
21:46:41 [Drakjul]: No judgement here
21:46:42 You smile at Darethy.
21:46:49 [Reroma]: I'm not judging, I just can't help but find it strange.
21:46:51 [Xaraphyne]: This ish a no-judgment zone! Unless yer weird. ...hic!
[[ Credit here: I stole that line from Saphiara-mun. ]]
21:46:52 Drakjul raises his arm, thumbing towards himself
21:47:05 Drakjul drinks some more
21:47:07 You raise a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!
21:47:14 [Naheàl]: So I should be judging the shhit outta her, yeah?
21:47:14 Darethy chuckles and nods.
21:47:18 Naheàl smirks slyly at you.
21:47:19 [Reroma]: Wish I could get drunk...
21:47:22 Drakjul laughs.
21:47:26 [Xaraphyne]: I dunno, what do yer oaths say?
21:47:29 You laugh at Naheàl.
21:47:35 [Drakjul]: Elvesh don't have oaths, shilly
21:47:43 [Drakjul]: They have "promises"
21:47:47 [Naheàl]: I'm a weird elf.
21:47:50 Konro laughs.
21:47:50 [Xaraphyne]: 'Promises'? ...hic!
21:47:53 [Drakjul]: or shome other tauren-crap ...hic!
21:48:01 [Reroma]: I guarantee you, I'm an even weirder elf.
21:48:12 [Konro]: Tauren have mates orc.
21:48:13 [Drakjul]: If I were an elf, I'd be weirder than both of you combined
21:48:16 [Drakjul]: If we're-
21:48:17 [Drakjul]: Huh?
21:48:20 [Drakjul]: I'm talking about elves
21:48:23 [Darethy]: "It used to be I couldn't get drunk either, but as I got more in touch with my, demonic side I suppose, i'v found my body has a more life like functionality to it."
21:48:36 You raise a drink to Darethy. Cheers!
21:48:37 Naheàl looks at Darethy.
21:48:47 Drakjul drinks, looking at her
21:48:50 [Reroma]: That might just be the benefits of magic. For the most part, the undead can't get drunk.
21:48:51 [Darethy]: "I'v studied it for at least a year now, it's not yielded much in the way of figuring how it works."
21:48:53 Reroma shrugs at Darethy. Who knows?
21:48:58 [Drakjul]: More venom.
21:48:59 [Naheàl]: When I'm lessh relaxed, I could chat with ya a bit about that..
21:49:02 You grin wickedly at Drakjul.
21:49:05 You nod at Gravy.
21:49:08 Darethy nods, taking a shot himself.
21:49:14 [Xaraphyne]: Me too! Well, not venom. Shomethin' tasty!
21:49:26 Xaraphyne winks at Gravy as he reaches under the bar and gets her a special drink.
21:49:58 [Xaraphyne]: Mmm. Cider!
21:50:06 [Drakjul]: Give me some.
21:50:10 You laugh at Drakjul.
21:50:14 [Xaraphyne]: What're ya gonna give me?
21:50:18 [Reroma]: I hear the Dwarves also has a special dog that carries ale around in case of emergencies.
21:50:23 Drakjul thinks for a moment
21:50:27 [Drakjul]: Iunno, what do you wnat?
21:50:33 Xaraphyne hears Reroma and thinks she needs to train Cye to do that.
21:50:37 [Xaraphyne]: Whatcha got?
21:50:39 You grin wickedly at Drakjul.
21:50:41 [Drakjul]: Pretty good at alchemy
21:50:41 [Naheàl]: Ha! The dog must be runnin' on empty constantly, then! ...hic!
21:50:44 Lilliana glances back at Konro, then belated answers Darethy.....her tone is a mischievous one. "Course I have."
21:50:57 [Drakjul]: I could turn you into a man for five minutes
21:51:01 [Xaraphyne]: Uh...
21:51:03 [Reroma]: Or get refilled a -lot.-
21:51:05 [Naheàl]: *I* could do that.
21:51:05 [Xaraphyne]: No thanks.
21:51:11 Drakjul laughs at Gravy.
21:51:11 [Xaraphyne]: I'm good.
21:51:13 [Naheàl]: It'sh not hard.
21:51:14 [Drakjul]: You probably need it, elf
21:51:18 [Reroma]: ...
21:51:22 [Reroma]: What?
21:51:30 [Naheàl]: Shome women love other women. It'sh not weird.
21:51:32 Naheàl shrugs at Drakjul. Who knows?
21:51:32 Drakjul notices the bar has silenced
21:51:49 [Xaraphyne]: Mm... cider.
21:51:50 Drakjul curses in orcish slang
21:51:56 [Reroma]: No, not really. I knew a couple of women who were raising a child together.
21:52:10 [Reroma]: Even stranger, it was an elf and a troll, with a troll baby.
21:52:24 [Konro]: That's just...Unnatural. ...hic!
21:52:25 [Xaraphyne]: One of my old cabin girlsh liked girls. It'sh not weird!
21:52:25 [Drakjul]: Weirdest couple i've sheen was...
21:52:26 Drakjul thinks
21:52:54 Drakjul shrugs
21:52:56 [Drakjul]: Nothing.
21:53:08 [Xaraphyne]: Probably fer the best. ...hic!
21:53:11 Lilliana looks at Drakjul.
21:53:15 [Konro]: But if you love someone I guessh it doesn't matter.
21:53:16 Xaraphyne hands him the rest of the bottle.
21:53:21 Drakjul nods
21:53:25 [Drakjul]: Oh right
21:53:31 [Drakjul]: Forgot
21:53:38 [Reroma]: I remember I once had a goblin friend who we joked about liking a tauren, but I think it stayed as just that. Jokes.
21:53:40 [Naheàl]: Shome folksh just don't want to be alone all the damn time.
21:53:48 [Drakjul]: You could have shome of this... it's alcohol that helpsh you keep it down
21:53:49 You look at Naheàl.
21:54:04 Reroma agrees with Naheàl.
21:54:04 Drakjul holds his drink up as cheers
21:54:20 Naheàl looks down at his drink.
21:54:22 Drakjul swishes it around in his mouth
21:54:27 [Xaraphyne]: Heya, I heard the leader of Sanctuary needsh ta get laid. Ish that true?
21:54:28 [Reroma]: Loneliness can hurt after a while. Sometimes, though, it feels needed...'
21:54:33 Konro laughs.
21:54:36 Lilliana giggles at you.
21:54:37 Naheàl laughs at you.
21:54:39 [Lilliana]: Xara!
21:54:42 [Konro]: Please tell me it is.
21:54:42 Reroma chuckles at you.
21:54:45 [Xaraphyne]: Soundsh like a yes? ...hic!
21:54:45 [Naheàl]: Not for lack of trying!
21:54:47 You laugh.
21:54:53 [Xaraphyne]: What? She that ugly?
21:54:57 [Reroma]: Only met the woman once, I wouldn't know.
21:54:58 [Naheàl]: Stubborn.
21:55:09 Lilliana covers her face with her palm.
21:55:11 [Reroma]: She's like any Sin'dorei; Far from ugly.
21:55:24 [Konro]: I barely even know Sanctuary but sho far it sheemsh like she would need it.
21:55:31 Drakjul nods, looking down in contemplation, he seems to silent up
21:55:34 [Xaraphyne]: Well, Naheal, why haven't ya charmed her pantsh off yet?
21:55:45 [Konro]: With people like Kex'ti running around.
21:55:46 [Naheàl]: CO. You know how it is.
21:55:57 [Reroma]: CO?
21:55:59 Xaraphyne just looks at Naheal.... slowly raising an eyebrow.
21:56:10 [Naheàl]: Commanding Officer? Right. Like you would care.
21:56:12 Naheàl smirks slyly at you.
21:56:17 You giggle at Naheàl.
21:56:22 [Lilliana]: Ew!
21:56:28 Konro laughs.
21:56:36 Naheàl lets out a hacking cough.
21:56:38 [Reroma]: Maybe you should lay off the drinks...
21:56:38 Xaraphyne looks down at the puddle on the floor.
21:56:47 [Naheàl]: Maybe you're right.
21:56:57 [Lilliana]: Ugh, elf.... freaking hell.... *she looks like she wants to hide, and grimaces at what just happened*
21:57:11 [Xaraphyne]: Shorry, I'm all outta coffee. Gave it all ta Lilly last time I brewed some.
21:57:20 [Naheàl]: I got the wrong kind.
21:57:36 Darethy raises his hand to say something...then decides to just not.
21:57:48 [Naheàl]: Anyway. It ain't happenin' from me, Xara.
21:57:56 Xaraphyne glances at Lilly, seeing if she's paying attention... then suddenly whips a snowball out of nowhere at the other trolless. Then steps behind Drak, promptly.
21:58:05 [Konro]: Hey Orc.
21:58:11 Drakjul is still drunk
21:58:12 [Drakjul]: Mm?
21:58:19 Naheàl looks to Lilly, then points to Reroma.
21:58:20 Lilliana doesn't even think, but doesn't aim quite right, and hits Drakjul in the face while trying to hit Xara back with a snowball.
21:58:26 [Konro]: If you can turn the leader of Sanctuary into a Tauren i'll give it a shhot.
21:58:28 You cackle maniacally at Lilliana.
21:58:34 Naheàl laughs at Konro.
21:58:39 Reroma 's wolf wanders back over to her, nuzzling his Mistress's hand. She obliges, petting his snout.
21:58:40 Drakjul inhales and exhales, concentrating
21:58:52 [Lilliana]: Oh, whoops. Sorry orc guy. *to Drakjul*
21:58:55 Drakjul moves his hands to his face, rather than wiping it off, molds it into a snowball again
21:58:56 Reroma raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Naheàl.
21:59:03 [Reroma]: What did I do?
21:59:08 Lilliana runs and hides behind Konro.
21:59:11 Drakjul makes it float, and pelts her with it a bit more hard than intended with his shamanism
21:59:16 [Naheàl]: Nothin'. Shortin' itself out.
21:59:22 Drakjul makes it go over the tauren
21:59:28 [Drakjul]: ((SHAMAN))
21:59:28 [Lilliana]: Gah! *falls on her butt*
21:59:31 You cackle maniacally at Lilliana.
21:59:41 Konro laughs.
21:59:47 [Konro]: Good one.
21:59:52 [Drakjul]: And the potion can work on you, yeah
21:59:56 [Reroma]: A snowball fight in the middle of Orgrimmar. And they say miracles aren't real...
21:59:59 [Lilliana]: Lot of help you were, Konro! *scowls and brushes off snow*
22:00:01 Reroma lets out a hearty chuckle.
22:00:02 You smile at Reroma.
22:00:03 Naheàl leans against the bar.
22:00:17 [Konro]: Not my fault he can move shnow around.
22:00:43 You giggle at Lilliana.
22:00:46 Lilliana struggles up to her feet...and you know what she does? Makes a snowball appear and whips it at Konro! Super close range!
22:00:54 You gasp at Lilliana.
22:01:05 [Reroma]: Wait, isn't a point blank shot not allowed?
22:01:08 Konro repeatedly get's smacked with snowballs.
22:01:09 [Lilliana]: ((err, I froze, sorry if that was like 10))
22:01:10 Drakjul concentrates, and makes an elemental barrier using the snow she threw at Konro
22:01:28 [Xaraphyne]: I love startin' stuff.
22:01:32 Drakjul drops it on her head
22:01:35 Naheàl smirks slyly at you.
22:01:40 You smile at Naheàl.
22:01:48 Drakjul kneels down.
22:01:50 Konro glares angrily at Lilliana
22:01:53 Drakjul thanks the elements silently
22:02:09 [Konro]: You think that wash funny?
22:02:11 [Drakjul]: The amount of patience that tauren has is immense
22:02:17 [Xaraphyne]: I dunno about that.
22:02:30 [Konro]: Go ahead. Make me laugh.
22:02:31 [Drakjul]: I would've pelted her with an onslaught by now
22:02:31 [Reroma]: Well, as much as I'd love to stay, I think I'm going to... well, get going.
22:02:39 Drakjul chuckles
22:02:39 Naheàl looks at you.
22:02:40 You wave at Reroma.
22:02:41 [Reroma]: I think this is the most I've been entertained in a while!
22:02:41 Lilliana grins ridiculously at Konro.
22:02:42 [Naheàl]: Remember Ran? ...hic!
22:02:44 [Xaraphyne]: Take care, girly!
22:02:50 [Reroma]: You as well, Xara.
22:02:51 [Naheàl]: How many of those you think he'd take before pelting her back?
22:02:56 You look at Naheàl.
22:02:56 Konro grabs Lilliana by the shoulders
22:03:04 [Drakjul]: He's a tauren, he'd probably knock her back
22:03:06 [Xaraphyne]: He'd probably shee it coming and pelt her first!
22:03:11 Naheàl laughs at you.
22:03:21 You look at Konro.
22:03:27 [Xaraphyne]: Uh oh.
22:03:30 Naheàl casts his eyes downward.
22:03:36 [Konro]: Never. Again.
22:03:44 [Konro]: Okay?
22:03:45 Lilliana sticks her tongue out at Konro. She doesn't get intimidated very easily. "I have more snowballs, you know."
22:04:05 Konro lets go of the troll.
22:04:18 Lilliana nods her head in agreement with Konro, but once he lets her go......
22:04:24 You gasp.
22:04:24 [Konro]: Argh!
22:04:36 Lilliana cackles maniacally at the situation.
22:04:36 You look at Lilliana.
22:04:44 [Konro]: How the hell did you find shnow!? ...hic!
22:04:53 [Drakjul]: Xara, quit guarding her
22:04:54 Darethy chuckles.
22:04:59 [Xaraphyne]: I was standin' here first!
22:05:00 [Naheàl]: Xara? Guard?
22:05:01 Drakjul looks as if he is intently concentrating
22:05:03 [Naheàl]: You met her?
22:05:03 [Konro]: Wait.
22:05:10 Lilliana totally hides behind xaraphyne now.
22:05:11 You look at Konro.
22:05:14 [Konro]: Which one ish Lilliana?
22:05:18 Drakjul unleashes a torrent of snowballs at Lilli
22:05:19 Naheàl points at Lilliana.
22:05:24 [Xaraphyne]: Uh...
22:05:32 Konro laughs.
22:05:40 You blink at Konro.
22:05:42 [Drakjul]: ((Think Frost SHock))
22:05:51 [Xaraphyne]: Can't ANYONE hold their booze here?!
22:05:55 [Drakjul]: I can ...hic!
22:05:58 Lilliana certainly benefited from being behind Xaraphyne.....that poor other troll is covered in puke!
22:06:03 [Xaraphyne]: Apparently only me and you, orc!
22:06:04 [Konro]: I've been drinking all night.
22:06:04 [Naheàl]: You *know* I don't drink much!
22:06:13 Lilliana wipes some snow off from Drakjul, then lets him have it.
22:06:28 Lilliana laughs at Drakjul.
22:06:31 [Konro]: You are Lilliana right?
22:06:32 Drakjul catches on about two snowballs in, and starts catching them
22:06:37 Xaraphyne takes Lilly's sleeve and cleans her armor with it.
22:06:40 [Drakjul]: Hahahahahaha...
22:06:44 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at you.
22:06:49 [Xaraphyne]: There.
22:06:51 Lilliana pulls her sleeve back.
22:06:52 Drakjul has two hands of snow
22:06:57 Drakjul makes the snow levitate
22:07:03 Drakjul rotates it vertically
22:07:07 Darethy stays waaaaaaaaaaay out of that whole mess happening at the front of the bar.
22:07:15 Drakjul thrusts his right hand forward, thrusting it at her quickly
22:07:21 [Lilliana]: Gah! Naheal!!!!! *someone is gonna help her...right?*
22:07:29 You look at Lilliana.
22:07:31 [Naheàl]: ((NOPE))
22:07:32 Xaraphyne drinks.
22:07:33 Konro laughs.
22:07:35 [Drakjul]: ((you just tried a shnowball fight with a shaman XD))
22:07:50 Lilliana gets smushed under the snow.
22:07:52 [Konro]: Wait. ...hic!
22:07:57 Drakjul molds her supply of snowballs into a big snowball
22:07:58 [Xaraphyne]: Huh?
22:07:59 [Konro]: You're not her. ...hic!
22:08:05 [Xaraphyne]: Nope! I'm me!
22:08:11 [Konro]: ... ...hic!
22:08:17 Drakjul lets out a hearty chuckle.
22:08:20 [Konro]: I am sho shorry.
22:08:24 [Xaraphyne]: For what?
22:08:24 Drakjul laughs in a friendly manor
22:08:35 [Konro]: I thought you were her. ...hic!
22:08:44 [Drakjul]: Heh... here's my favourite part
22:08:45 [Xaraphyne]: Thinking I was Lilly ish that big an insult, huh?
22:08:48 Drakjul liquifies the snow
22:08:51 [Konro]: That'sh why I aimed for you...
22:09:15 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, well, trust me, burly... ya hang out in enough bars, ya get used ta that happenin'!
22:09:17 You laugh at Konro.
22:09:18 Naheàl takes a drink of [Sweet Nectar].
22:09:21 Konro wipes vomit off of Xara's armor.
22:09:22 Lilliana comes out drenched.....she glares at Drakjul and gets back up to her feet.
22:09:35 Drakjul smiles, and evaporates the water
22:09:35 Xaraphyne 's armor is rather close-cut and revealing, so that should be an interesting thing to try.
22:10:06 [Xaraphyne]: Whoa now, only one tauren warrior gets ta do that, and ya ain't him.
22:10:14 [Drakjul]: Hold up
22:10:31 [Konro]: What did I do?
22:10:37 You laugh at Konro.
22:10:40 [Naheàl]: Ah, ya got a mate, now eh?
22:10:42 Naheàl looks at you.
22:10:47 [Drakjul]: Shhe'sh taken
22:10:48 [Xaraphyne]: How far away do ya live, tauren? Yer pretty drunk!
22:10:56 Drakjul looks severely disappointed
22:11:02 Drakjul is way too drunk to hide it
22:11:04 Xaraphyne glances at Drak, then Naheal, and smiles. "Yeah."
22:11:07 [Konro]: Pssh, I don't really live anywhere.
22:11:13 [Naheàl]: Good on ya.
22:11:20 Darethy glances over at Lilliana.
22:11:21 Xaraphyne looks back at Konro. "Where ya plannin' on sleepin' then, big guy?"
22:11:43 Konro shrugs. "I'll probably sleep at the Barracks.
22:11:44 Lilliana is in the back, wringing out her robe.
22:12:10 [Xaraphyne]: All right, we better make sure ya get there safe!
22:12:22 [Drakjul]: You need help?
22:12:31 Lilliana looks at Drakjul.
22:12:32 [Konro]: I"ll be fine. I'm a big guy.
22:12:38 You smile at Konro.
22:12:38 Drakjul removes the water from her robe
22:12:39 [Naheàl]: ((Flame shock! It'll dry you off!))
22:12:44 [Xaraphyne]: That's what I just called ya!
22:12:55 [Drakjul]: ((or i could reverse healing shtream totem))
22:13:00 [Konro]: Uh huh. ...hic!
22:13:01 [Lilliana]: With......................... ? *she starts to ask Drakjul, then laughs when he goes all shaman on her* Neat!
22:13:12 Lilliana twirls around, refreshed....and dry.
22:13:15 [Xaraphyne]: What clan are ya from, Konro?
22:13:40 [Konro]: Boulderfury.
22:13:53 [Drakjul]: Sho, lilli, drink any?
22:14:09 [Konro]: There'sh only two left, me and my shister.
22:14:11 [Xaraphyne]: Huh, can't say I've heard of that one, but I only lived in Mulgore about a year and a half.
22:14:16 [Xaraphyne]: Oh\... that'd be why, then.
22:14:22 You gently pat Konro.
22:14:30 [Konro]: The rest either packed up or died.
22:14:31 Naheàl looks at Konro.
22:14:44 [Drakjul]: Eh?
22:14:47 [Drakjul]: Konro ...hic!
22:14:49 [Drakjul]: Shhe'sh hitting on you.
22:14:52 You look at Drakjul.
22:14:53 Lilliana sits back on the table, and grins at Drakjul. "Sometimes."
22:14:55 [Naheàl]: Talk to the Oaksongs if ya meet 'em. They may help ya out.
22:14:57 [Xaraphyne]: Who is? Lilly?
22:14:58 [Konro]: Which one? ...hic!
22:15:02 Drakjul points over yonder.
22:15:08 You look at Naheàl.
22:15:10 Drakjul nods
22:15:12 [Xaraphyne]: Naheal's not into guys!
22:15:15 [Konro]: Nahhhhh. ...hic!
22:15:16 [Naheàl]: Nope
22:15:17 [Xaraphyne]: Also, he's a guy.
22:15:21 [Drakjul]: WHAT!?
22:15:22 [Drakjul]: HE IS!?
22:15:23 [Drakjul]: OH
22:15:26 Lilliana looks at Drakjul and covers her face with her palm.
22:15:29 Naheàl laughs.
22:15:31 Drakjul giggles
22:15:36 [Drakjul]: Ah i'm just joking
22:15:41 [Konro]: Wait.
22:15:44 [Lilliana]: That poor orc. *she giggles quietly*
22:15:48 [Konro]: No. ...hic!
22:15:50 Naheàl looks at Konro.
22:15:51 [Konro]: Nevermind. ...hic!
22:15:56 You look at Konro.
22:16:01 [Konro]: Bad idea.
22:16:15 [Xaraphyne]: Guess yer not too drunk th.... or maybe ya are.
22:16:15 [Lilliana]: Ew, gawd, Konro!
22:16:18 Drakjul offers her a drink
22:16:19 Konro falls to his knees
22:16:21 Konro kneels down.
22:16:33 Xaraphyne gets out a flask of water and offers it to the tauren.
22:16:38 [Konro]: I need to get out of thish armor.
22:16:44 [Xaraphyne]: Drink this.
22:16:53 Konro takes the water and gulps it down.
22:17:14 [Konro]: I'll just be a shecond. ...hic!
22:17:14 [Xaraphyne]: There're bunks upstairs here, Konro, can ya make it up there?
22:17:23 Xaraphyne watches him walk out.
22:17:24 Drakjul chuckles
22:17:26 Darethy finally gets up off the table and heads over to the bar, now that it's all been sorted out.
22:17:29 Lilliana looks at Konro.
22:17:37 [Drakjul]: Better watch him, missh amorous
22:17:41 [Konro]: Okay.
22:17:49 Lilliana then accepts a drink from the rather drunk like shaman orc. She tilts her head.
22:17:50 [Drakjul]: I wa-
22:17:51 [Konro]: You can do this.
22:17:52 Drakjul shrugs
22:18:19 Konro starts to carefully throw his armor over the ledge.
22:18:25 Xaraphyne sits up on the table next to Lilly. The cooking fire is nice and warm on her... legs.
22:18:44 Xaraphyne blinks as a piece of armor hits the floor nearby.
22:19:05 [Drakjul]: Wow... that captivated her
22:19:14 [Drakjul]: Shhe's engrossed in him
22:19:30 Naheàl doesn't even question it, just takes another swig of his drink.
22:20:00 Konro drops his axes over the edge.
22:20:04 [Xaraphyne]: Look out, Naheal.
22:20:15 [Drakjul]: Psh... I look better than that ...hic!
22:20:18 Naheàl takes a step to the side as the axes hit beside him.
22:20:26 Darethy gets out for safety sake.
22:20:40 Lilliana smirks slyly at Darethy.
22:20:43 Xaraphyne listens for a thud of a tauren falling over.
22:20:43 [Konro]: Are you shure these are beds? ...hic!
22:20:55 [Konro]: They look like tables!
22:20:55 [Naheàl]: I've slept in them, myself.
22:20:58 [Xaraphyne]: The floor's pretty comfy too if they're too small!
22:20:59 Lilliana looks at Konro.
22:21:14 [Lilliana]: Oh dear. *she shakes her head, and takes another drink*
22:21:14 [Naheàl]: Just find yourself some fur and call it good.
22:21:19 [Konro]: Okay, which way ish the bed?
22:21:32 [Xaraphyne]: Oh sheesh. Darethy, go help him!
22:21:47 Naheàl mutters "Oh for fuck's sake" under his breath.
22:21:48 Lilliana turns and laughs briefly at Darethy. "Yeah, you go help him."
22:21:52 [Konro]: That way?
22:22:00 [Konro]: Or that way?
22:22:03 Darethy seems to adjust his view for a moment "....Eh i'v seen hotter, 6 out of 10....huh? oh he needs help?"
22:22:06 [Xaraphyne]: Yer friend's gonna come help you Konro!
22:22:13 [Konro]: Okay!
22:22:17 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah, help put him ta bed, would you?
22:22:18 Lilliana starts cracking up.
22:22:29 [Xaraphyne]: I already got groped once, I'm not goin' up there with all his clothes off.
22:22:31 [Lilliana]: Go on, Darethy......!
22:22:36 Drakjul chuckles at you.
22:22:41 [Drakjul]: Thought you were into him
22:22:58 [Naheàl]: It's hard to tell with her sometimes.
22:23:04 [Konro]: Maybe if I just lay down...
22:23:15 Xaraphyne turns her sparkling golden eyes on Drakjul. "The only one I'm into is Lieutenant-General Fhenrir Phoenix, renowned warrior of the Horde, sweetie."
22:23:26 [Naheàl]: Usually, if she has a knife or her hand in your chest, then she's into you.
22:23:30 [Darethy]: "Tame my inner demons, confront of horrors of the Old Night, slay a thousand and one men on the battlefield, help put a Tauren to sleep, sure why not?"
22:23:34 Naheàl smirks slyly at Drakjul.
22:23:41 Lilliana cackles maniacally at Darethy.
22:23:49 Darethy isn't even phased when he's pulled up, he just heads over to Konro.
22:24:07 You wink slyly at Lilliana.
22:24:09 [Darethy]: "What do you need help with now?"
22:24:21 [Xaraphyne]: The bed, Darethy, put him ta bed!
22:24:24 [Drakjul]: Care for more, Lilli?
22:24:36 Konro sniffs the potion. "Smells like beer. Does this smell like beer to you?" *He hands the bottle to Darethy.
22:24:45 [Drakjul]: Uh oh
22:24:53 Lilliana smiles ever so politely at Drakjul. "Sure, what's your favorite kind here?"
22:24:56 [Lilliana]: Uh....oh?
22:25:01 [Naheàl]: Oh dear.
22:25:09 [Konro]: Ah it'sh probably fine.
22:25:10 Drakjul looks up at the pair
22:25:15 Drakjul cracks a childish grin
22:25:18 You gasp at Konro.
22:25:20 A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.
22:25:20 [Konro]: ...
22:25:25 Drakjul obviously contains laughter
22:25:33 [Konro]: I don't think that wash beer.


22:25:48 [Darethy]: "Hm.....I might downgrade it to a 5 out of 10 now, in all honesty."
22:25:53 [Naheàl]: It's better when people don't know what they drink.
22:25:58 Naheàl smirks slyly at you.
22:26:05 Xaraphyne shakes her head slowly.
22:26:09 Drakjul laughs at Konro.
22:26:20 Drakjul chuckles, containing his laughter
22:26:21 [Konro]: I feel...Different. ...hic!
22:26:23 [Drakjul]: Ironwine.
22:26:23 [Naheàl]: Any alchemist will know it by scent alone, right Lilly?
22:26:26 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lilliana.
22:26:36 [Xaraphyne]: Lilly ain't an alchemist.
22:26:36 [Drakjul]: Oh, you're an alchemist?
22:26:38 [Lilliana]: Oh gawd, thank goodness he's very drunk right now..... *even Lilly knows now that could be DANGEROUS*
22:26:39 [Drakjul]: Oh
22:26:51 [Naheàl]: I am, actually.
22:26:52 [Konro]: I look different to you?
22:26:53 [Darethy]: "Yeah, you drank a transmorphic elixir, and swapped genders."
22:26:56 Lilliana shakes her head. "I'm not an alchemist...but I certainly know what that potion smells like."
22:27:00 [Naheàl]: Mostly rocket fuel, fires and the like.
22:27:05 Konro laughs at Darethy.
22:27:06 [Darethy]: "...I probably should of said something a bit quicker."
22:27:13 [Konro]: Nahhhh. ...hic!
22:27:18 [Konro]: That's crazy.
22:27:19 [Naheàl]: Put together this sticky substance that catches fire when you expose it to air.
22:27:23 You agree with Konro.
22:27:35 [Darethy]: "...."
22:27:41 [Darethy]: "...Yeah, you're fine."
22:27:55 [Konro]: Thought sho.
22:28:13 [Naheàl]: Stick it in a flask you don't want anymore, toss it at a dwarf and boom! Sudden massive explosion followed by the worst scent you'll ever smell.
22:28:16 [Konro]: So where'sh the bed?
22:28:36 Lilliana watches Konro and Darethy, as this is something she's gotta see.
22:28:41 Darethy taps the hammock "These things."
22:28:54 [Konro]: That is not a bed.
22:28:57 Drakjul hands her a large mug.
22:29:10 [Darethy]: "It's the best they got."
22:29:15 Lilliana thanks Drakjul when he hands her the mug. She looks down at it, sniffs it just to check, then drinks.
22:29:16 Xaraphyne looks at Lilly. "Eh? You drinkin'?"
22:29:30 [Konro]: You know what? I'll shleep on the bar.
22:29:38 [Darethy]: "...Sure."
22:29:47 [Lilliana]: I drink sometimes. *what she doesn't say is that she holds her breath when she does drink*
22:30:05 Xaraphyne grins at Lilly. "Under duress?"
22:30:10 Konro falls asleep. Zzzzzzz.
22:30:25 [Darethy]: "Well this night ended pretty much the way I figured it would."
22:30:37 [Drakjul]: Going away already?
22:30:39 [Xaraphyne]: Thanks fer tryin', Darethy.
22:30:48 Lilliana grins at Drakjul and Xaraphyne, then laughs at Darethy. "No, I bet you thought this tavern wouldn't be standing."
22:31:10 Konro drunkenly snores loudly.
22:31:19 Lilliana looks over at Konro and giggles pleasantly.
22:31:33 Darethy chuckles, perhaps at Konro, perhaps at something else.
22:32:19 You smile at Lilliana.
22:32:28 [Darethy]: "I suppose I could stay for awhile more, i'v gotten nothing to do as of late."
22:33:00 [Xaraphyne]: I hate ta be the first ta call it quits... well, that didn't just pass out... but I should be goin'.
22:33:10 Konro sleepily mumbles about something between snores.
22:33:11 Darethy nods at you.
22:33:24 [Naheàl]: Alright, Xara.
22:33:28 Naheàl looks at you.
22:33:34 [Naheàl]: You take care of yourself, alright?
22:33:37 You smile at Naheàl.
22:33:41 Lilliana looks to Xaraphyne and whines. "Oh, come onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn"
22:33:42 [Xaraphyne]: Myself and everybody else.
22:33:47 You laugh at Lilliana.
22:33:55 [Naheàl]: Please. The later's my job, remember?
22:34:10 Xaraphyne looks at Naheal, appears to consider, then says brightly, "Nope!"
22:34:18 Naheàl laughs at you.
22:34:44 [Xaraphyne]: Night everyone! Seeya around!~
22:34:54 [Naheàl]: Night!
22:35:05 [Darethy]: "Night!"
22:35:19 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at you.
22:35:30 Drakjul glances at Lili
22:35:39 [Xaraphyne]: Good girl, Cye.

18:41:20 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I don't know how to play the game, just rp.


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