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Coldstar Cantina Log, 2/8/15

by Julilee » February 9th, 2015, 1:31 am

[[ Missing most of the beginning... but here's the rest! ]]

19:20:54 Bayonnii grins wickedly at Naheàl.
19:20:56 [Julilee]: Well... maybe this is not the place to be right now.
19:21:10 [Jinsai]: Why not, Commander?
19:21:12 [Malhavik]: Good evening Lasher!
19:21:13 [Jinsai]: You afraid?
19:21:14 [Khorvis]: There are elves with a deathwish in your cantina, Bayonnii.
19:21:15 [Bayonnii]: So, yeah. Frog Venom work?
19:21:17 Lupinum hacks out a blessing... and some horrid rotting thing.
19:21:28 [Bayonnii]: Eh. Nothin' I ain't used to.
19:21:29 [Julilee]: I dislike unnecessary fights.
19:21:29 [Dragovar]: Mmm, Blech, it'll have to do.
19:21:32 [Kraadash]: Yeah, why not? I don't see anything wrong here
19:21:42 Julilee sips her drink.
19:21:45 [Ariavan]: Wait..fights...I thought this was a social gathering...
19:21:46 Dragovar thanks Bayonnii.
19:22:00 [Bayonnii]: Did I miss anyone?
19:22:02 [Dragovar]: Who shaysh fightin' aint social.
19:22:04 Lilliana looks at Julilee after glancing at Kraadash/Grumak, then sticks her hands in her pockets and growls, deeply, way back in her throat.
19:22:09 [Daxxum]: Hey, look! It's those alliance-loving pansies.
19:22:09 Naheàl lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:22:23 Bayonnii looks at Daxxum.
19:22:25 [Naheàl]: ((Fucking sticky grenades XD))
19:22:25 [Khorvis]: The word for that is "traitors", Elder Daxxum.
19:22:38 [Bayonnii]: ...
19:22:39 [Lupinum]: Traitors has a nice ring.
19:22:43 [Naheàl]: Excuse me?
19:22:47 [Daxxum]: Traitors, pansies, it's all the same in goblin.
19:22:52 [Naheàl]: I don't believe I heard you, coward.
19:22:55 [Jinsai]: Don't hate until -you- have been with a Draenei lady.
19:22:56 Lilliana brushes off her shadows.
19:22:56 Fhenrir covers his face with his palm.
19:23:00 [Julilee]: He's no coward, Naheal.
19:23:03 Kraadash sighs at Daxxum.
19:23:04 [Jinsai]: Best assh on any world I've been to.
19:23:08 [Julilee]: He attacked fellow Horde without hesitation.
19:23:08 Bayonnii looks around and realizes the bar has suddenly turned into a 1960's musical.
19:23:17 Khorvis focuses his mechanical aperture upon the elf named Naheal.
19:23:23 [Batakru]: This won't end well...
19:23:27 [Dragovar]: Oi. If you're gonna start fightin' take it elsewhere.
19:23:35 Bayonnii agrees with Batakru.
19:23:41 Lilliana looks at Khorvis.
19:23:42 [Bayonnii]: Drunk guy is right!
19:23:42 Fhenrir says quietly to Lilliana. "So, everyone here is just looking for a brawl?"
19:23:44 [Kraadash]: This is petty
19:23:45 [Daxxum]: Look at this one, all dressed up. Going to a ball, little guy?
19:23:55 Naheàl meets Khorvis' eyes.
19:23:57 [Ariavan]: I wont lie right now...Im pretty certain fighting is anti-social...
19:24:00 [Ariavan]: Just saying...
19:24:10 [Bayonnii]: Ey!
19:24:10 Jinsai yawns sleepily.
19:24:13 Lilliana 's eyes remain on Khorvis....but she speaks quietly back to Fhenrir. "No, just a brawl....exactly."
19:24:16 Julilee stares at Khorvis, inspecting his changed visage.
19:24:19 Ruuki isn't joining her companions in the smack talk, but her nose is crinkled as if the stench of something foul is in the area.
19:24:38 [Khorvis]: Your words reek like scummy barnacles on the bottom of an Elven Destroyer, Sanctuary pawn. Why do you not hitch a ride upon the underbelly of a dwarf and leave this fine tavern?
19:24:41 [Bayonnii]: This here is my bar, an' you gotta sit your butts down if ya don't wanna get-
19:24:57 [Bayonnii]: Damn, that's an eloquent orc...
19:24:57 [Julilee]: Naheal. The third oath.
19:25:10 Lupinum has no buns on which to sit, and has a high bloodlust after their victory.
19:25:12 Lilliana cackles, despite the tension....over Khorvis's insult.
19:25:27 [Daxxum]: Underbelly of a dwarf, hah!
19:25:32 [Bayonnii]: Ey. Ya here for the bar?
19:25:34 Fhenrir looks at Bayonnii.
19:25:37 [Fhenrir]: Yep.
19:25:43 [Bayonnii]: Or to be a beeyo-
19:25:56 [Bayonnii]: Oh. Good. What'll it be?
19:26:05 Jinsai looks at you.
19:26:05 [Fhenrir]: Something strong. Been a long week.
19:26:07 [Ariavan]: I dont think this guy has ever actually been able to smell the barnacle on a sunken ship...logically speaking that..makes no sense...
19:26:10 Bayonnii nods at Fhenrir.
19:26:30 [Lupinum]: Syreena, I'm beginning to see why you hate Elves.
19:26:37 Naheàl doesn't flinch or back down. Instead, cracks a smile. "Good match. How about we have a few drinks, orc?"
19:26:38 Syreena winks slyly at Lupinum.
19:26:41 Julilee looks around when Syreena's name is said.
19:26:45 [Jinsai]: Commander, I got a few questionsh about the Oathsh I need to ask you.
19:26:53 [Khorvis]: Aye. Why do we not have that drink?
19:26:58 Bayonnii waves at Darethy.
19:27:00 Fhenrir thanks Bayonnii.
19:27:00 Lilliana stands on her toes to look over Batakru at Naheal and Khorvis. "Elf....." She says in exasperation to Naheal.
19:27:07 Khorvis tips his tankard over the head of Naheal, grinning savagely.
19:27:09 [Bayonnii]: Ey!
19:27:12 Darethy nods at Bayonnii "Busy night?"
19:27:12 [Julilee]: Sure, Jinsai.
19:27:18 Bayonnii nods at Darethy.
19:27:22 Julilee goes over to the table furthest from the Grim.
19:27:23 [Batakru]: Now that's just a waste of good brew...
19:27:30 [Bayonnii]: Just wussed out of breaking an actual fight!
19:27:32 Lilliana gawks and her jaw drops.
19:27:37 [Jinsai]: I'll ask later. Just have a few concerns, ish all.
19:27:37 [Ariavan]: You are...a jerk...
19:27:45 Daxxum smiles at Naheàl.
19:27:45 You nod at Jinsai.
19:27:58 Darethy looks between the two groups, then leans down slightly.
19:28:13 [Bayonnii]: Apparently, they do that.
19:28:25 Naheàl takes a few deep breaths, regaining composure.
19:28:30 Syreena stares at the back of Naheal's head. "You gonna get out of Khorvis's face, or are you waiting for me to stab you in the back?"
19:28:31 Darethy nods at Bayonnii.
19:28:49 [Naheàl]: You stab me in the back, you confirm the cowardice of the orc in front of me.
19:29:09 [Lupinum]: Then turn around, sure it doesn't matter which end the blade goes in.
19:29:20 [Khorvis]: Your words are the wind. We Grim have no time for those who hide behind the peace-ward-treaty of the Warchief.
19:29:25 [Khorvis]: Back to battle, Grim.
19:29:30 Lilliana hides her face in her hands. It's hard to tell if she's laughing or crying.
19:29:30 Khorvis turns his back on Naheal.
19:29:32 Fhenrir pokes Lilliana. Hey!
19:29:32 Lupinum clenches his iron jaw, glaring.
19:29:33 Daxxum nods at Khorvis.
19:29:35 Darethy looks at them as though rather bored.
19:29:35 [Dragovar]: Bayonnii, I wasn't aware your establishment offered Dramas. Thish play could use shome work.
19:29:51 [Bayonnii]: Well, ya know what they say.
19:29:55 [Fhenrir]: Guess things escalated again while I wasn't looking? ...hic!
19:30:03 [Jinsai]: Bayonnii, I'd like to buy that Forsaken over there a drink for that one.
19:30:03 [Darethy]: "......Don't we have enough problems fighting the Alliance rather then fighting each other?"
19:30:07 Jinsai salutes Dragovar with respect.
19:30:08 Darethy nods at Bayonnii.
19:30:10 Dragovar chuckles at Darethy.
19:30:11 [Ariavan]: The lot of you...need to learn what social means...
19:30:12 Lilliana hails Darethy.
19:30:12 [Julilee]: There's no escalation. Unless the Grim start murdering civilians like the bartender.
19:30:16 [Dragovar]: Apparently not.
19:30:21 [Batakru]: Peace-ward treaty?
19:30:21 Julilee mutters, a little too loud.
19:30:21 [Lilliana]: You like fighting *she points at Darethy* I saw it.
19:30:37 Bayonnii looks at Darethy.
19:30:38 Lilliana glares angrily at you.
19:30:45 [Ariavan]: Who are those assholes...er...people anyways.
19:30:49 [Julilee]: The Grim.
19:30:51 Naheàl glares angrily at Lilliana.
19:30:59 Lupinum bares his teeth and snarls at Ariavan.
19:31:00 Jinsai eyes Ariavan.
19:31:05 Lilliana makes nasty faces at Naheàl.
19:31:19 [Bayonnii]: I'mma chill with you. You're cool. The rest of ya can go blow a kodo.
19:31:19 [Jinsai]: They don't like the way Sanctuary shields cowardsh behind an Oath, is all. They also like killing. It'sh their thing.
19:31:22 Julilee idles reminisces about the time she let Lilly stew in her dungeon.
19:31:23 Darethy shrugs at Lilliana "I did say after, I didn't want to kill the man. But if someone starts ranting about the Iron Horde and how they are so great in my face, i'm not going to take it sitting down."
19:31:32 Malhavik lets out a hearty chuckle.
19:31:36 Bayonnii looks at Fhenrir.
19:31:37 [Fhenrir]: Keep em comin.
19:31:40 Fhenrir smirks slyly at Bayonnii.
19:31:42 [Bayonnii]: What's this f- Oh.
19:31:56 Lilliana seems to pick up on Julilee's thought, then disappears.
19:32:20 Bayonnii looks at Darethy.
19:32:23 You nod at Darethy.
19:32:28 [Julilee]: Darethy.
19:32:32 Bayonnii looks at Jinsai.
19:32:35 Malhavik nods at Syreena.
19:32:37 [Ariavan]: What a bunch of...villains...
19:32:40 [Batakru]: ...This bar is a lot angrier than I remember
19:32:42 [Bayonnii]: Hey, quiet guy.
19:32:43 Syreena nods at Malhavik.
19:32:47 [Darethy]: "Commander Julilee, I didn't expect to see you at the bar...or them for that matter."
19:32:53 [Bayonnii]: Also, the sky turned red.
19:33:00 [Jinsai]: That happens sometimes.
19:33:00 [Julilee]: I wasn't expecting them either. I'd heard this was a nice establishment.
19:33:13 [Darethy]: "It is."
19:33:27 [Malhavik]: Do you come here often Lady Syreena?
19:33:31 [Bayonnii]: Ya think ya could do somethin' 'bout that? All the drama makes the beer go flat.
19:33:37 [Naheàl]: I can get a more peaceful drink in Booty Bay. Street fights and all.
19:33:47 Syreena shrugs. "Sometimes."
19:33:48 [Jinsai]: That whole...thing wash a little unnecessary.
19:33:51 Jinsai apologizes to Bayonnii. Sorry!
19:34:06 [Julilee]: Just... remember the third oath. We don't need to pick fights.
19:34:08 Julilee cracks a smile.
19:34:10 [Bayonnii]: A little?
19:34:12 [Julilee]: Only end them.
19:34:14 Naheàl looks at you.
19:34:20 [Malhavik]: I was hoping to find a recruit for our venture into the arena.
19:34:20 [Darethy]: "Puts me in an odd position, sitting somewhere between your two ideological extremes."
19:34:36 [Malhavik]: Slim pickings it seems.
19:34:38 [Jinsai]: I have no idea why they keep going at it.
19:34:39 Fhenrir looks at Malhavik.
19:34:44 Bayonnii overhears Darrethy. "I'll say!"
19:34:48 [Dragovar]: Stubborness.
19:34:50 [Ariavan]: Im not going to lie Miss Julilee...I was not expecting this kind of...civil war...
19:34:58 [Jinsai]: And I'm shamed by my own compatriots...
19:35:09 [Bayonnii]: Looks to me like yous' guys is just as bad.
19:35:09 [Julilee]: I should think there's nothing extreme about not standing for innocent children and other noncombatants being killed.
19:35:16 [Syreena]: I'm sure you'll find someone.
19:35:31 [Bayonnii]: But I dunno.
19:35:32 [Jinsai]: Two sides of the same coin.
19:35:40 [Darethy]: "The idea isn't extreme, the result that ends in innocent children and noncombatants being killed is."
19:35:53 [Julilee]: That would be the Grim'sh ideal, then.
19:35:59 Naheàl raises a drink in the air before chugging it down. Cheers!
19:36:14 [Batakru]: Oh come on~
19:36:16 [Fhenrir]: Ugh...
19:36:18 [Naheàl]: They're not wrong in their ideals. It's just short-sighted.
19:36:19 Syreena blinks at Fhenrir.
19:36:25 [Dragovar]: Slow down beef.
19:36:28 [Fhenrir]: I, uh...
19:36:33 [Fhenrir]: Never had that happen before. ...hic!
19:36:36 Batakru shakes himself off
19:36:42 Darethy shakes his head "Sometimes you can save lives by taking them, sometimes you save everyone by taking none. My point is simply, you need to know when to hold, and know when to fold."
19:36:44 [Bayonnii]: I'll get the mop.
19:36:52 Julilee goes silent as the Grim reappear, raising her drink.
19:36:53 Lupinum tosses his holy books against the nearby wall.
19:36:56 [Darethy]: "In small doses, elements of either your parties has merit."
19:37:00 Lilliana trips over her own feet blinking back in from that battle, and topples over in frustration.
19:37:10 [Naheàl]: Can't be attacked by the Alliance if there's no Alliance in the first place. It's not wrong. Just wasteful.
19:37:11 [Malhavik]: How are you faring Daxxum?
19:37:18 Bayonnii passes the mop to the tauren.
19:37:19 Lilliana gets up to her feet, indignantly.
19:37:23 Syreena tilts her head sideways to peer under a table at Lilly.
19:37:27 [Lupinum]: Killing the Alliance gets rid of them pretty well.
19:37:32 Lupinum grins wickedly.
19:37:36 Lilliana blinks away again to go kill things.
19:37:41 Fhenrir is flustered beyond taking action beyond taking the mop and swishing it around idly.
19:37:43 [Naheàl]: So does delegitimizing them.
19:38:05 [Batakru]: Tauren, here.... I got it
19:38:10 [Julilee]: Contrary to mistaken belief, Sanctuary is not pacifistic, Darethy.
19:38:27 [Fhenrir]: Thanks...
19:38:28 Fhenrir nods at Batakru.
19:38:30 Batakru nods.
19:38:42 [Darethy]: "I didn't say you were pacifistic, I think you're reactionary."
19:38:47 You look at Darethy.
19:38:50 [Darethy]: "Key difference."
19:38:57 [Naheàl]: A legitimate criticism, Commander.
19:39:00 [Ariavan]: I never really understood the whole ordeal...never really cared myself...you can come across a great deal of knowledge from your "enemies" if you just ask...
19:39:01 Syreena chews on a piece of [Silvermoon Steak] as she listens to the conversation with amusement.
19:39:03 Ariavan shrugs. Who knows?
19:39:17 You wave at Bayonnii.
19:39:20 [Batakru]: If this is gonna get political i'm gonna need a heavier drink...
19:39:21 [Julilee]: Excuse me, waitress?
19:39:34 [Bayonnii]: Yup?
19:39:42 [Julilee]: Could I have another, please?
19:39:45 Bayonnii looks at you.
19:39:49 [Bayonnii]: Sure.
19:40:04 [Bayonnii]: I forget. What'd ya have?
19:40:16 [Julilee]: Anything bitter is fine by me.
19:40:26 Syreena glances curiously at Fhenrir.
19:40:28 [Bayonnii]: Ah,
19:40:42 You thank Bayonnii.
19:40:50 Fhenrir seems to be drifting between zoned out contemplation and suppressing his sudden bout of nausea.
19:41:10 [Bayonnii]: There ya go.
19:41:22 Jinsai lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:41:32 [Julilee]: One problem down...
19:41:49 Naheàl turns his [Autographed Hearthstone Card] card over, revealing a [Common Hearthstone Card]!
19:41:59 Ariavan shifts around awkwardly. "So...what do we do now?"
19:42:02 Syreena suddenly looks confused, and turns to Malhavik. "How does me stabbing someone in the back prove that someone else is a coward?"
19:42:20 [Julilee]: We should celebrate. Jinsai ish back
19:42:23 [Batakru]: Cause it makes it look like the other guy needed help.
19:42:23 Darethy puts his hands in his pockets "Some Alliance are reactionary too, and that's where Sanctuary shines as a diplomatic option...but not all Alliance are reactionary, some are like the Grim, and ironically the Grim are the ones best suited to fighting the Grim
19:42:33 Malhavik lets out a hearty chuckle.
19:42:39 Naheàl nods at Darethy.
19:42:39 You look at Darethy.
19:42:42 [Darethy]: In that context the Grim actually saves lives, that's all i'm saying."
19:42:45 Syreena nods at Batakru.
19:42:57 [Julilee]: Bu murdering the murderers before they murder.
19:43:00 [Julilee]: By*
19:43:04 [Batakru]: Pride ish an odd thing... Doesn't make sense sometimes.
19:43:10 [Darethy]: "Precisely."
19:43:11 Syreena shrugs at Batakru. Who knows?
19:43:12 [Naheàl]: Aldor Vindicators are very much the same.
19:43:16 Naheàl looks at you.
19:43:25 [Syreena]: I'm a rogue. I don't worry about inconveniences like pride and honor.
19:43:44 Julilee looks like she chooses not to engage in debate, though she absolutely has things to say. She raises her drink again. She is drinking rather fast for someone of her slight stature.
19:44:12 [Batakru]: Sometimesh that'sh just what we need
19:44:14 Batakru nods at Syreena.
19:44:16 Lupinum has a huge hug for Lilliana.
19:44:21 Darethy glances over at Bayonnii before stepping over.
19:44:23 [Wrakes-EmeraldDream]: Let's not bother the party.
19:44:32 Lilliana laughs at Lupinum. "Thanks."
19:44:50 Syreena cheers at Lilliana!
19:45:56 [Ariavan]: Maybe Im just not cut out for the social life...
19:45:59 Ariavan laughs.
19:46:09 [Julilee]: I never was.
19:46:36 [Batakru]: Hey. Bar lady. Do you have any of that Darkmoon Faire brew?
19:46:38 Khorvis carouses around the bar, drunkenly celebrating the Grim's victory in the goblin Arena.
19:46:39 [Ariavan]: My books never start fights or destroy other realms...
19:46:53 Khorvis slaps Fhenrir on the back.
19:46:55 [Naheàl]: You're reading the wrong books, then.
19:46:56 Lupinum heartily cheers and swallows his drink.
19:46:57 [Julilee]: That'sh a good thing, Ariavan.
19:46:58 Naheàl smirks slyly at Ariavan.
19:46:58 [Malhavik]: A bully evening I take it?
19:47:01 Fhenrir lets out a hacking cough.
19:47:06 [Khorvis]: Haha! You should have seen it, warrior!
19:47:06 [Bayonnii]: Naw. I got Slammers, though.
19:47:12 [Lilliana]: Lupinum, slow down on that shit!
19:47:14 [Batakru]: That'll work
19:47:15 [Khorvis]: Priestess Lilliana was the last one standing!
19:47:18 Lupinum shoos Lilliana away. Be gone pest!
19:47:26 [Lupinum]: Only don't leave, that wash amazing ...hic!
19:47:28 [Fhenrir]: Oh yeah?
19:47:29 [Ariavan]: Well...maybe they do...but have you ever seen two scholars fight...
19:47:36 [Ariavan]: Its hilarious.
19:47:39 [Khorvis]: Haha! Tell him, tell him, Bloodshine.
19:47:39 [Naheàl]: Yes. They're called mages.
19:47:42 Khorvis points at Lilliana.
19:47:45 Darethy seems to be scanning the crowd, calculating something only he can see.
19:47:46 [Naheàl]: Or warlocks.
19:48:00 Fhenrir looks at Lilliana.
19:48:00 [Batakru]: Good stuff.
19:48:03 Lilliana looks over to Khorvis and Fhenrir, and tilts her head. "I killed the hunter." She says while putting her hands deep into her pockets.
19:48:14 Fhenrir chuckles at Lilliana.
19:48:17 [Khorvis]: It was down to her and some goat-sucking hunter scum, probably a wash-out from Sanctuary.
19:48:19 [Lupinum]: Killed the hunter! Fel'sh Balls!
19:48:25 Syreena grins wickedly at Khorvis.
19:48:29 [Khorvis]: Gutted him like a Winter's Veil goose!
19:48:29 Fhenrir looks at Khorvis.
19:48:32 Lupinum cackles maniacally at Khorvis.
19:48:33 Kraadash sitting in quiet contemplation, only occasionally glances up from his tankard, listens to the crowd around him.
19:48:34 Julilee ignores the insults, drinking.
19:48:43 [Bayonnii]: I'mma close up at the top of the hour. You all good with that?
19:48:45 [Fhenrir]: You need to focus on the Alliance.
19:48:54 [Syreena]: Can I get a refill first?
19:48:57 Fhenrir looks over at the rest of the Grim.
19:48:58 [Julilee]: Thank you, waitress. I'm shorry,... I didn't catch your name?
19:49:12 [Fhenrir]: The lot of you do. Killing the Horde isn't your business.
19:49:13 [Bayonnii]: I'm Bayonnii!
19:49:19 Ariavan eyes Naheàl up and down.
19:49:23 You nod at Bayonnii.
19:49:32 Syreena peers at Fhenrir searchingly.
19:49:34 Lilliana does look rather proud of herself, and has an expression of one that wants to preen, but....well....she looks around and that kind of fades. Her eyes narrow uncomfortably.
19:49:34 [Julilee]: Thank you, Bayonnii, for hosting. I'm sorry if there was any stress.
19:49:36 [Syreena]: It is when they attack us.
19:49:41 [Khorvis]: Do not doubt the campaign that our Wordbearer wages. We have scalps aplenty, brother Fhenrir. You know our mettle.
19:49:44 Lilliana agrees with Syreena.
19:49:49 Khorvis nods at Fhenrir.
19:50:05 [Ariavan]: You know...you and I come from different worlds...same planet...just different worlds...
19:50:14 Fhenrir stares Syreena down.
19:50:24 Khorvis raises his tankard to Fhenrir, staring him directly in the eye.
19:50:30 [Dragovar]: Place isn't on fire yet? Color me surprised.
19:50:34 Dragovar cackles maniacally at the situation.
19:50:36 Lupinum claps the troll on the back.
19:50:47 You blink at Fhenrir.
19:50:49 Syreena peers at Fhenrir searchingly.
19:50:52 [Batakru]: HA... Good keg
19:50:55 [Fhenrir]: What attacks are you talking about?
19:50:58 [Jinsai]: Thanks.
19:51:01 Lilliana chuckles weakly at Dragovar, then watches Lupinum and Jinsai.
19:51:09 You look at Syreena.
19:51:12 [Syreena]: One of them attacked one of us. Nearly killed her.
19:51:26 Khorvis lowers his tankard, feeling snubbed but still in good spirits.
19:51:31 Lupinum pokes Lilly with a shadowy claw.
19:51:33 [Batakru]: That...
19:51:35 [Fhenrir]: One attacked one. Do you attribute everything to big, sweeping groups?
19:51:36 [Khorvis]: A refill, bartendress.
19:51:39 [Batakru]: Ish a damn good looking shword.
19:51:42 Khorvis pokes Bayonnii. Hey!
19:51:47 [Julilee]: Saphiara is sought after by us to be brought to justice. And we disavowed her actions... unlike your commander's yours, Syreena.
19:51:57 Ariavan whispers to himself. "So much for coming out to enjoy myself...damn Grime or whatever..."
19:52:00 [Syreena]: And then they attacked us so they could defend Aerie Peak....dwarves!
19:52:13 [Syreena]: So yes, I consider them all traitors.
19:52:17 Julilee just rolls her eyes at Syreena's lies and drinks.
19:52:19 [Daxxum]: ...scum.
19:52:20 Lilliana looks rather distracted.....listening to the others, but she pokes Lupinum back, HARD.
19:52:21 [Lupinum]: Grime coversh those that are rotting in the dirt, Elf.
19:52:29 Fhenrir glances over at the Sanctuary table for a moment, then looks back.
19:52:30 Darethy glances at Julilee ".....Wildhammers?"
19:52:40 Lupinum has very, very keen ears.
19:52:42 Jinsai sighs at Khorvis.
19:52:48 [Julilee]: Not their warriors. Their wives, children, and elderly.
19:52:49 Lilliana eyes Fhenrir up and down.
19:52:58 [Batakru]: Sho. You sheem to be shtaying away from the argument.
19:53:22 Ariavan looks at the others. "Was he talking to me..isn't that what they call themselves...the Grime?"
19:53:23 [Khorvis]: What will this get me, Bayonnii? I thirst!
19:53:30 [Darethy]: "....I see, I can understand that at least. I have little love for Wildhammers, they firebombed Taujaro."
19:53:31 [Bayonnii]: Hmm...
19:53:36 You nod at Darethy.
19:53:49 [Fhenrir]: Listen. You're talking one attack, and then an engagement on the field. The second one's a problem, but we have proper channels for that.
19:53:50 Khorvis drinks whatever is handed to him
19:53:57 [Naheàl]: The Wildhammers happen to be one of the groups on my shitlist right now.
19:53:59 [Jinsai]: Because the argument ish stupid. ...hic!
19:54:11 [Julilee]: I told you not to provoke them, Naheal. ...hic!
19:54:13 Dragovar nods at Jinsai.
19:54:15 Bayonnii cheers at Jinsai!
19:54:18 Batakru nods at Jinsai.
19:54:19 [Fhenrir]: You 'consider' them traitors? Don't make yourselves traitors by killing Horde and ignoring the REAL problem.
19:54:23 [Batakru]: Bigger fish to fry
19:54:31 Lilliana looks curiously at Fhenrir while he speaks to Syreena. Her eyes get big as he continues.
19:54:35 [Malhavik]: Our channel runs straight. Those impeding our path are removed.
19:54:37 [Jinsai]: A lot bigger.
19:54:42 [Batakru]: Tank shized...
19:54:45 Darethy seems to be struggling keeping up with both conversations.
19:54:47 Lupinum rubs his temples and nods at the Warlock.
19:54:48 Lilliana nods her head slowly over what Malhavik just said.
19:54:52 [Batakru]: And not made of meat.... But made of metal
19:55:01 [Jinsai]: Iron, even.
19:55:02 [Naheàl]: You think they would've been any nicer if I hadn't? Honestly? We've been at war for too long for pleasant conversation between our groups like that.
19:55:04 [Daxxum]: Good fightin' out there, big guy!
19:55:12 [Batakru]: ...That's a stupid expression. Tanks are nothing like fish
19:55:17 Daxxum pats Khorvis on his side. He can't reach his shoulder.
19:55:23 [Naheàl]: Especially after they were put on edge from before.
19:55:24 Syreena tilts her head, regarding Fhenrir patiently. "You know us, Fhen. Either stomp on me or stop lecturing me."
19:55:24 [Julilee]: You'll never know now, will you.
19:55:37 Khorvis grunts tiredly at Daxxum and nods. "And you, little Elder. Your spirits sing strong again."
19:55:51 [Daxxum]: Yeah! They do a good job!
19:55:52 [Ariavan]: They seemed like jerks before I ever had the chance to know the Grime to begin with...
19:56:01 [Fhenrir]: You know me, too. I won't crush someone in the Horde.
19:56:05 Lupinum pats the Goblin on his back.
19:56:18 [Lupinum]: Shtarting to like you, little guy. ...hic!
19:56:21 Lilliana makes a rude gesture at Ariavan.
19:56:29 [Daxxum]: Ahh, that's just the booze talkin'!
19:56:33 Syreena nods, then grins, "So I hope. So you going to lecture me to death then?"
19:56:39 Ariavan shrugs at Lilliana. Who knows?
19:56:49 [Ariavan]: What? Isn't that what you call yourselves?
19:56:57 Lilliana offers Fhenrir a brief smile, but then stalks over to Ariavan.
19:57:03 Darethy sighs "I wish your organizations were working -together- rather then working apart, you both have valid points for your organizations existence and a specialization you excel at dealing at when coming to the Alliance."
19:57:06 Khorvis growls through his feedbag, "Then stop threatening my comrades, 'brother' Fhenrir. You begin to make yourself into one of brother Malhavik's roadblocks."
19:57:07 Lupinum waves a hand dismissively.
19:57:07 [Batakru]: Bayonnii can I get another slammer? One for my new friend here too
19:57:09 Julilee doesn't encourage Ariavan, but she doesn't stop him either.
19:57:13 Ariavan eyes Lilliana up and down.
19:57:24 [Bayonnii]: Sure. Anyone else, before I close?
19:57:25 Lilliana sits down with the rude elf, Ariavan, and gets in his face...but it's not really that intimidating, it looks silly really, considering she's sitting too.
19:57:32 [Naheàl]: It's inevitable for there to be conflicts like this in the Horde.
19:57:39 Jinsai thanks Bayonnii.
19:57:42 [Ariavan]: Yes?
19:57:42 [Lupinum]: One for me, Miss.
19:57:43 [Naheàl]: How we handle them is what matters.
19:57:48 You look at Lilliana.
19:57:55 [Julilee]: Hello, Lilliana. How have you been?
19:57:57 Fhenrir glances behind him at Khorvis, but ignores him and looks back to Syreena. "I've said my piece. Ignore my 'lectures' at the risk of making yourselves into the traitors you're claiming to despise."
19:58:06 [Batakru]: Thank you ...hic!
19:58:10 Khorvis bares his teeth and snarls at Fhenrir.
19:58:14 Lilliana gets way too close to Ariavan......then....she sticks out her tongue, and blows him a raspberry.
19:58:20 Lupinum thanks Bayonnii.
19:58:23 Naheàl laughs at Lilliana.
19:58:31 [Julilee]: Ash mature as ever, I shee.
19:58:33 [Ariavan]: Why? How rude...
19:58:35 [Lilliana]: I've been great, Julilee. *she sounds completely careless in her response*
19:58:42 [Lupinum]: Someone buggin you, Lills?
19:58:56 [Naheàl]: You. I like you. What's your name?
19:58:56 [Jinsai]: I'm gonna be off. I did shome thinking in my time alone...
19:58:58 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lilliana.
19:58:59 Syreena remains silent a moment, giving Fhenrir's words more weight than any from Sanctuary or anyone else outside The Grim, then nods to Fhenrir. "I understand some might see us as such."
19:59:01 [Jinsai]: I got no concern for thish shtupid quarrel.
19:59:01 You look at Jinsai.
19:59:07 [Ariavan]: Actually...Lills came over and is trying to bug me...
19:59:13 [Julilee]: I'll speak to you later, Jinsai.
19:59:14 [Bayonnii]: All right, I've been listenin' to this junk all night. I'm headin' out, so you all can go take this somewhere else.
19:59:35 [Bayonnii]: Night, all. Peace out.
19:59:35 Lupinum resists the urge to start pulling hairs from the Elf's head.
19:59:37 Khorvis watches Syreena carefully, then acknowledges her wisdom and returns to the camaraderie.
19:59:40 Syreena waves goodbye to Bayonnii. Farewell!
19:59:40 [Fhenrir]: My approach has always been, and will continue to be, simple. Don't kill fellow members of the Horde.
19:59:41 Lilliana smiles brightly at Ariavan, and raises a calming hand to Lupinum. "Trying to bug you, or have I succeeded and won this battle?"
19:59:52 [Batakru]: ...And i'm too drunk to keep any of thish crap shtraight...
20:00:00 Syreena points towards Sanctuary. "They started it!"
20:00:04 Batakru slams his shin into the table on his way out
20:00:08 [Bayonnii]: Hope ya come next week.
20:00:15 Fhenrir lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:00:16 Darethy glances at Julie "Well seems like shops closing, if Sanctuary ever needs a drink, you're always free to drop by."
20:00:19 [Ariavan]: What battle...I came for a drink...of tea...a peaceful drink....at a respectable establishment!
20:00:36 [Julilee]: Thank you, Darethy. I wouldn't mind conversing more on these topics later... without an audience.
20:00:38 [Ariavan]: You madame...and uh...
20:00:42 [Bayonnii]: Damn fools.
20:00:43 Ariavan eyes Lupinum up and down.
20:00:46 [Fhenrir]: If you ignore the actual Horde military in your response, you only look just as guilty.
20:00:50 Dragovar chuckles at Bayonnii.
20:00:52 [Lupinum]: If you shay dead guy. ...hic!
20:00:59 [Ariavan]: Kind of uncomfortable now...
20:01:00 [Lupinum]: You'll be eating your ears.
20:01:14 Ariavan lets out an awkward laugh.
20:01:17 [Fhenrir]: There haven't been -any- deaths reported on either side, inflicted by Horde on Horde.
20:01:18 Julilee taps Lupinum's shoulder.
20:01:21 Darethy nods at you.
20:01:28 Lupinum looks up at Julilee behind him and smiles brightly.
20:01:29 [Naheàl]: My offer of a drink is still open. My conflicts are with your orc friend over there, not either of you.
20:01:35 [Syreena]: I don't think there've been any death's. Yet.
20:01:43 [Julilee]: Would you like to visit our garrison?
20:01:50 Lupinum smiles wider.
20:01:50 [Julilee]: We've got plenty of room in the stockade since you left.
20:01:56 Lilliana cackles maniacally at you.
20:01:59 [Lupinum]: If you've updated the cells, shure. Some throw pillows would be nice.
20:02:04 [Lilliana]: Shuddup, Julilee......!
20:02:08 Malhavik laughs at Lilliana.
20:02:08 [Fhenrir]: Then I've got nothing else to say.
20:02:10 A sly smirk spreads across Fhenrir's face.
20:02:16 [Julilee]: Sure. I'll throw in some pillows for you.
20:02:23 Khorvis sneers menacingly with Syreena. The soul-mist of his implant briefly takes on a likeness of Julilee Liene.
20:02:31 [Ariavan]: So...how did I end up between the Grime?
20:02:35 Lupinum grins.
20:02:44 [Naheàl]: It's Grim, Ariavan.
20:02:47 [Ariavan]: OH
20:02:48 [Lupinum]: When I'm too drunk to find my own place, I'll stumble on in.
20:02:50 [Ariavan]: Grim...
20:02:50 [Syreena]: If or when there are deaths, I'm sure you'll hear about it.
20:02:58 [Ariavan]: I see why they took offense...
20:03:03 Darethy snorts "Sometimes Horde goes that far. I remember coming to blows with an Elf when I lived in Tarren Mill....Drinn I think it was? she got a kick out of hunting down weaklings, and I whirled on her and chopped off her arm."
20:03:10 Fhenrir nods at Syreena.
20:03:14 [Malhavik]: Not if you're careful.
20:03:19 [Darethy]: "So I can't say i'v never participated in Horde on Horde violence."
20:03:19 Lilliana gets close to Ariavan again. "He so knows it's 'Grim'" And she thinks about blowing him another raspberry, but this time thinks better of it, and backs off after a moment.
20:03:20 You look at Dragovar.
20:03:22 [Malhavik]: I jest!
20:03:25 Malhavik winks slyly at Syreena.
20:03:34 Syreena glances at Khorvis and scowls at his creepiness.
20:03:37 Syreena stares Malhavik down.
20:03:38 [Naheàl]: He's more of a shut-in than I am. I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't.
20:03:46 [Syreena]: Hush, Mal!
20:03:59 Lupinum loses interest and leaves Lilly to her bugging.
20:04:02 Fhenrir looks at Khorvis.
20:04:08 Lilliana just heard what Darethy and gasps.
20:04:08 [Fhenrir]: Hey, big guy.
20:04:22 [Ariavan]: Im stuck in a make shift magical laboratory with little news of the outside world...
20:04:24 [Khorvis]: You know my name, Lieutenant General.
20:04:27 Lupinum then looks between the two hulking warriors.
20:04:29 [Ariavan]: Im serious!
20:04:38 [Fhenrir]: There's three topics you don't bring up in a bar, or else it spoils somebody's drink: Gods, Politics, and the Weather.
20:04:52 Darethy glances at Lilliana "Was heat of the moment."
20:05:02 Fhenrir grins wickedly at Khorvis.
20:05:12 [Ariavan]: Everyone is so shoot first ask questions later that they forgot to correct me until now..
20:05:23 Julilee drinks silently.
20:05:23 Lilliana nods her head very slowly at Darethy, seeming to accept that and leave it at that.
20:05:30 [Ariavan]: Kind of tells you something about the situation doesn't it!
20:05:42 [Naheàl]: I haven't shot Grim in a few years, actually. Even then, I think I was using a blade and we were sparring or some such.
20:05:45 [Naheàl]: It's been a while.
20:05:48 [Lilliana]: I haven't shot anyone.
20:06:05 Lilliana looks so very hurt.
20:06:08 [Ariavan]: It was a metaphor...goodness....
20:06:08 Syreena frowns, wondering why the topic of weather is so bad.
20:06:21 [Khorvis]: There are three drinks you imbibe in a bar with relish, brother. The blood of our enemies, the good of our Horde, and the coming peace.
20:06:26 Lupinum frowns at his empty mug and heads inside.
20:06:31 [Khorvis]: Will you drink with me?
20:06:40 Fhenrir ponders that.
20:07:02 [Fhenrir]: I don't drink blood.
20:07:12 Lilliana gets up and totally pushes Fhenrir to make him go get a drink with Khorvis.
20:07:22 Lupinum raises a mug.
20:07:28 Khorvis shoves a mug into Fhenrir's hand.
20:07:41 [Khorvis]: Give it a bloody rest and drink.
20:07:51 Fhenrir can't help laughing.
20:08:00 Syreena grins wickedly.
20:08:15 Lupinum grins, his yellow eyes shifting through lesser hues.
20:08:40 Lupinum pokes Lilliana. Hey!
20:08:53 [Ariavan]: Haven't had this much excitement and alcohol since I was a cabin boy for Miss Xara...
20:08:57 Lilliana stumbles back when Lupinum just bounces into her face. "What the.....!"
20:09:00 You look at Ariavan.
20:09:04 Lupinum cackles maniacally at Lilliana.
20:09:05 [Julilee]: Well, it's not every day.
20:09:07 [Lilliana]: How are you doing that? I cant' do that!
20:09:11 [Naheàl]: So *you* were her cabin boy!
20:09:20 Khorvis prods his eldritch implant and scowls. "This night air so near the sea is bringing some foul rust. I will return to the Halls."
20:09:27 Khorvis nods at Syreena.
20:09:28 [Darethy]: "Do I even want to know?"
20:09:35 Syreena salutes Khorvis with respect.
20:09:36 [Naheàl]: How the hell did you end up being a shut in as *Xara's* cabin boy?
20:09:36 [Khorvis]: Miss Syreena.
20:09:39 [Lupinum]: Because I'm shpecial, Lilly.
20:09:40 Khorvis salutes Fhenrir with respect.
20:09:48 Fhenrir nods at Khorvis.
20:09:50 Malhavik agrees with Lupinum.
20:09:51 [Ariavan]: I blew a hole in her ship once...
20:09:54 Lupinum waves goodbye to Khorvis. Farewell!
20:10:00 [Lupinum]: Slay Well, Lasher!
20:10:00 Julilee listens in bemusement.
20:10:02 [Lilliana]: That's for sure *she flicks Lupinum with a finger*
20:10:06 [Ariavan]: Goblin engineering at its finest!
20:10:14 Lupinum pokes Lilliana. Hey!
20:10:17 [Naheàl]: *Always* reinforce the lab.
20:10:18 Syreena mutters, "Creepy Khorvis"
20:10:23 Syreena blinks at Fhenrir.
20:10:25 Lilliana agrees with Syreena.
20:10:27 Fhenrir chuckles at Syreena.
20:10:33 Syreena snickers at Fhenrir.
20:10:34 [Fhenrir]: Hey!
20:10:37 Syreena cackles maniacally at Fhenrir.
20:10:38 Lilliana is even kind of creeped out over Khorvis's......changes.
20:10:40 [Ariavan]: Yeah...learned that after I repaired the hole...
20:11:11 Lilliana backs away.
20:11:17 Malhavik claps excitedly.
20:11:25 Darethy chuckles "I like to think of myself as quite the accomplished goblin engineer, I work a small shop inside my outpost, that and alchemy so I can be as stereotypically undead as they come."
20:11:30 Lilliana leaves her back to the Sanctuary folk.
20:11:42 Lupinum cheers at Bloodmaul Gladiator!
20:11:51 Julilee doesn't make faces at Lilliana's back. unlike what the trolless does to others.
20:11:53 Naheàl looks at Fhenrir.
20:11:58 Lupinum holds a thumbs up.
20:12:01 Malhavik claps excitedly for Bloodmaul Gladiator.
20:12:05 You nod at Darethy.
20:12:09 You blink at Jinsai.
20:12:30 [Ariavan]: I dont think she ever forgave me for the giant hole in her ship...haven't much talked with her or anyone from my past in some time...
20:12:42 [Naheàl]: Her ship is her baby.
20:12:46 Naheàl looks at Ariavan.
20:12:46 Lupinum looks down as his hearthstone hums... and is covered in snow.
20:12:47 [Ariavan]: Not after I started working for the order...
20:12:56 You look at Jinsai.
20:12:57 You sigh at Jinsai.
20:12:59 Jinsai is not cute.
20:13:10 [Naheàl]: Don't hurt it if you value your life. Or hands. Or... other bits.
20:13:19 Lilliana glances at Lupinum, "put that damned thing away!"
20:13:31 Lupinum resists the urge to poke Syreena.
20:13:50 Jinsai returns to the sky. His people need him.
20:14:14 Lilliana turns to look at Julilee....and just like she knew what Julilee was thinking when Lilly had her back to her....she makes faces at Julilee...although it's to her face...but still. So rude.
20:14:23 [Ariavan]: She also made me fist fight one of her cabin girls once...I punched her in the face...it hurt a lot...
20:14:29 Ariavan lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:14:43 [Naheàl]: Yep... That's the Xara we know and love.
20:14:50 Lupinum whispers out of the corner of his mouth 'Nice sign."
20:14:53 Julilee ignores Lilly, addressing Ariavan. "Did you know Civarra, then? I believe she said she was on the same crew."
20:14:57 Syreena winks slyly at Lupinum.
20:15:15 Lilliana obviously kind of looks like Xaraphyne. A lot.
20:15:25 [Ariavan]: I believe we met once or twice...I never truly fit in with the cr--
20:15:38 Ariavan feels the mask on his face. "WHAT THE HELL!!""
20:15:43 Lupinum loudly cackles.
20:15:51 Naheàl looks at Lilliana.
20:15:58 Naheàl peers at Lilliana searchingly.
20:16:08 Lilliana glances at the sign to her left...the one that clearly says something about....enemies......
20:16:25 Lupinum whispers again "threw the mask like a frizbee.."
20:16:36 Darethy kneels down to the sign "Heh, clever."
20:16:53 Syreena grins wickedly at Lupinum.
20:17:04 [Naheàl]: Miss... Lilly, right? Are you acquainted with Xaraphyne Nawe?
20:17:05 Lupinum sighs at Syreena.
20:17:08 Ariavan turns to look at the trolless. "If you dont m--holy hell...You...wait...Xara...no...what!"
20:17:28 Syreena blinks at Lupinum.
20:17:30 [Syreena]: What?
20:17:40 [Lupinum]: Nothing... ...hic!
20:17:47 Lupinum can barely talk over the hysterical crying.
20:17:51 Ariavan points at Lilliana.
20:18:12 [Ariavan]: Did they spike that tea...or am I seeing things...
20:18:26 Lupinum nudges the Shadowblade and winks.
20:18:28 [Lupinum]: Watch this.
20:18:29 [Naheàl]: The resemblance is there, but she's not Xara.
20:18:43 Syreena has already spent much time trying to figure out how to "spike" the drinks here.
20:18:48 Syreena blinks at Lupinum.
20:18:56 Ariavan pets Lupinum.
20:18:59 You look at Lilliana.
20:19:01 Lupinum holds a wide, drooling, Goren grin.
20:19:24 Lupinum points at Fhenrir.
20:19:30 Fhenrir points at Lupinum.
20:19:33 Lupinum gasps at Fhenrir.
20:19:40 Fhenrir bounces up and down in front of Lupinum.
20:19:58 Lupinum is excited and rolls around the group.
20:20:17 Julilee is disappointed she has no drink left.
20:20:22 Malhavik bursts into dance.
20:20:27 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lupinum.
20:20:37 [Lupinum]: So these two elves walk into a bar...
20:20:47 [Naheàl]: And the gnome walks under it. I know that joke.
20:20:55 Lupinum cackles maniacally at Naheàl.
20:21:01 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lupinum.
20:21:10 [Ariavan]: He could have said 'ouch'.
20:21:10 Lupinum snaps his Goren jaw shut, spraying drool.
20:21:13 [Lupinum]: FUNNY ELF!!
20:21:19 [Ariavan]: You never know...
20:21:26 [Naheàl]: So. Magic, mechanical or alchemical?
20:21:32 Naheàl eyes Lupinum up and down.
20:21:39 [Lupinum]: This?
20:21:42 [Naheàl]: Yeah
20:21:45 [Naheàl]: Looks like fun
20:22:03 [Lupinum]: Magical. Killed a big thing in the old... new...? Draenor and it's hide made this.
20:22:19 [Naheàl]: Nice. I'll have to find myself one.
20:22:25 Lupinum nods at Naheàl.
20:22:32 Ariavan eyes Lupinum up and down.
20:22:33 Syreena eyes Lupinum up and down.
20:22:44 Lilliana looks at Naheal and Ariavan, and then nods her head to answer their question a bit belatedly. "I know Xaraphyne. I'm related to her."
20:22:46 Lupinum pulls the horrid, gore filled mask off his face.
20:22:49 Naheàl looks at Lilliana.
20:22:53 [Lilliana]: I didn't spike your damned tea, either. *sounds angry*
20:22:58 Ariavan puts on his goggles and continues his examination. "I could replicate that..."
20:23:01 [Naheàl]: You should've.
20:23:06 [Naheàl]: Would've made him more fun.
20:23:20 [Lupinum]: What the Fel is this.
20:23:26 [Lupinum]: A carnival?
20:23:28 Lilliana looks Ariavan over at Naheal's comment. "I think you're right, he so needs it."
20:23:29 Syreena mutters, "What is it with Sanctuary elves and their tea?"
20:23:37 [Malhavik]: I guess so!
20:23:43 [Ariavan]: No...thank you!
20:23:45 Lupinum glances past the wooden thing towards Syreena.
20:23:47 Darethy shrugs at Syreena. Who knows?
20:23:55 [Darethy]: "I like my tea, now and again."
20:23:59 [Naheàl]: Yeah, you're Xara's family, alright.
20:24:08 Syreena eyes Darethy up and down.
20:24:23 [Naheàl]: It's good to shee that it ain't just her.
20:24:39 [Julilee]: Everything I've heard about this Xaraphyne was positive, though.
20:24:44 Lilliana sticks her hands into her pockets. "I guess we have our similarities......"
20:24:55 Lupinum feels the buzzing against his leg again and places his hearthstone against Lilly's head.
20:25:01 [Malhavik]: So thats what that does. How neat.
20:25:18 [Lilliana]: Gah, Lupinum!
20:25:26 [Lupinum]: What. I'm over here now.
20:25:31 Lupinum grins innocently.
20:25:37 [Naheàl]: Can't say I can say much about Lilly's personality beside the fact that she likes to screw with people. Which isn't a negative trait.
20:25:40 [Syreena]: What did you do to her, Lumpy?
20:25:55 Ariavan eyes Lilliana up and down.
20:26:05 Lilliana gasps at Naheàl.
20:26:09 [Ariavan]: It is way to eerie...you look to much like her...
20:26:15 [Lilliana]: I so don't 'screw' with people. *she looks like she takes offense*
20:26:16 [Naheàl]: What?
20:26:21 Lupinum opens his mouth to speak, then shuts it, holding a dead-pan look for Syreena.
20:26:32 Syreena grins wickedly at Lupinum.
20:26:34 [Syreena]: Lumpy.
20:26:39 Lupinum scowls.
20:26:42 [Naheàl]: You're a trickster that likes to poke fun at people. Not saying there's anything wrong with that.
20:26:56 Naheàl points to Julilee. "She still won't drink any of the potions I make for her."
20:27:09 Julilee fiddles with her empty mug.
20:27:15 Lilliana looks at you.
20:27:29 [Lupinum]: Drink!
20:27:36 [Naheàl]: Here. I got a little left. Enough for two.
20:27:36 Lilliana then grins at Julilee. "Julilee....am I a 'trickster'?" She cackles, there is an evil tone behind that cackles as well.
20:27:38 Julilee looks at Lupinum with an "are you serious?" look when he tries to hand her a drink.
20:27:49 Lilliana turns a glance at Lupinum and grins.
20:27:52 Naheàl takes a drink from his flask.
20:27:52 Lupinum shrugs and walks away.
20:27:52 Syreena cackles maniacally at Lupinum.
20:28:15 [Syreena]: Nice try. The thought crossed my mind too, but I figured that would be way too easy.
20:28:17 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lilliana.
20:28:18 Ariavan looks at Naheal and sighs. "On purpose this time?"
20:28:25 [Naheàl]: A demonstration.
20:28:30 Naheàl smirks slyly at Ariavan.
20:28:31 Lupinum has a sly grin on his drunk face.
20:28:35 [Malhavik]: Lupinum...
20:28:36 [Ariavan]: I wonder...may I borrow another...
20:28:43 [Malhavik]: I think you're on fire.
20:28:56 [Lupinum]: I am fairly hot.
20:28:56 Lilliana looks back to Julilee, expectant.
20:29:05 [Julilee]: What?
20:29:07 Ariavan removes his goggles.
20:29:14 [Naheàl]: Thinking I may give the last drink to Lilly. If she's interested, of course.
20:29:18 Lupinum grins.
20:29:27 Naheàl holds out his - her? - flask to Lilliana.
20:29:56 Syreena peers at Lilliana searchingly.
20:30:02 [Malhavik]: I was hoping to recruit a Death Knight to our team tonight.
20:30:19 [Ariavan]: Knowing her..she has millions of them...
20:30:25 [Ariavan]: And I just met her!
20:30:26 [Malhavik]: A total failure I'm afraid.
20:30:26 Lilliana takes the flask that Naheal offers her. She uncorks the top and sniffs it. Then she grins broadly at the other elf.
20:30:35 Naheàl grins wickedly at Lilliana.
20:30:46 Syreena frowns with disappointment at Lilliana.
20:31:04 Lilliana drinks it down in one gulp, then hollers for a certain undead, "Hey, Lupinum!!!!"
20:31:11 Naheàl laughs at Lilliana.
20:31:21 Lilliana slinks towards Lupinum.
20:31:56 Syreena shakes her head slowly.
20:32:06 [Naheàl]: Looked like it would be funny. I couldn't have *planned* a better reaction.
20:32:19 Naheàl grins wickedly at Lilliana.
20:32:29 Lilliana rubs her bald head, and seems to be looking like she's trying to smooth back hair that's....not really there.
20:33:47 Lilliana glares angrily at Lupinum.
20:33:51 Lupinum screams with laughter
20:33:53 [Lilliana]: Don't mess my spells!
20:33:54 [Malhavik]: What a noisy little contraption.
20:34:06 Naheàl agrees with Malhavik.
20:34:11 [Naheàl]: For such a small thing, too.
20:34:22 [Lilliana]: Don't make me....*threatens*
20:34:24 Julilee appears to be falling asleep slightly.
20:34:29 [Wrakes-EmeraldDream]: So I missed the party huh?
20:34:37 Lupinum cowers in fear at the sight of Lilliana.
20:34:38 Lilliana chuckles at Wrakes-EmeraldDream.
20:34:40 Naheàl lightly nudges Julilee
20:34:48 Julilee blinks, opening her eyes fully. "Hmm?"
20:34:54 [Naheàl]: You're fading.
20:34:59 Darethy walks up to Julilee "...You should probably sleep."
20:35:00 [Julilee]: Oh.
20:35:15 Julilee looks down at her empty mug, considering how much she's had to drink.
20:35:25 [Naheàl]: Let's get back to the Garrison. Before some healer sends out *another* search party.
20:35:34 [Julilee]: I'm fine.
20:35:38 [Ariavan]: Miss Julilee...could we talk in private...in the Sanctuary Garrison...once you have finished enjoying your social gathering...
20:35:40 Lilliana changes back into her more.....less horrifying self. Although she seems so very disappointed that the spell is over.
20:35:47 [Julilee]: Of course, Ariavan
20:35:49 [Ariavan]: I've had my fun...what with fights and the like...
20:35:56 You look at Darethy.
20:35:59 [Naheàl]: There were no fist fights!
20:36:08 [Julilee]: I'll reach out to you soon, if you don't mind. I'd like to speak more.
20:36:09 [Naheàl]: This isn't even a proper bar.
20:36:11 [Lilliana]: Hey, I'm not fighting.
20:36:15 [Lilliana]: I'm a model citizen.
20:36:20 Darethy nods at you.
20:36:32 Naheàl looks at Lupinum.
20:36:40 [Naheàl]: If I didn't see you transform right in front of me.
20:36:44 Naheàl smirks slyly at Lupinum.
20:36:51 [Lupinum]: It's the horns, I know. ...hic!
20:36:56 Lilliana eyes the troll with red hair, Ziraj.
20:37:01 [Naheàl]: Tattoos, actually.
20:37:03 [Ariavan]: Words were exchanged and they were rather hostile...thats a fight if I ever saw one...
20:37:21 Ziraj eyes the troll with raid hair, Lilliana.
20:37:31 [Ziraj]: Need somethin'?
20:38:00 Lupinum nods at Naheàl.
20:38:08 Lilliana turns to Ziraj, then asks, "Doesn't that ever poke you?" She points to the weapon at his side.
20:38:14 [Naheàl]: You lot ain't bad. Can't agree with your strat, but you ain't bad folks.
20:38:24 Julilee shakes her head.
20:38:30 [Lupinum]: I still think you people are insane.
20:38:35 [Lupinum]: Likeable, somewhat. But insane.
20:38:36 Ziraj shakes his head. "Not usually. Have to do something stupid like sit down on it."
20:38:54 Lupinum nudges the elves with his elbows.
20:39:03 Lilliana looks back at Naheàl, briefly. Then grins at Ziraj. "Not usually....that means you like....have."
20:39:06 [Naheàl]: I'd prefer to just have the Alliance lose it's purpose and join the Horde. Sanctuary's the better route for the most part.
20:39:23 [Naheàl]: Can't conquer a city if you raze it to the ground.
20:39:25 Lupinum rubs his temple, holding his tongue.
20:39:42 Ziraj smirks, "Sometimes you get drunk, forget to disarm."
20:39:48 [Lupinum]: Under threat of your Commandersh glare, I'll shay nothing.
20:40:00 Dragovar nods at Ziraj.
20:40:07 Ziraj nods at Dragovar.
20:40:15 [Naheàl]: I'd be happy to debate the strategies. I'd rather know where you're coming from.
20:40:21 Lilliana giggles at Ziraj.
20:40:31 [Julilee]: Don't meet them anywhere alone, Naheal.
20:40:57 Lupinum quickly bares his teeth and Julilee, less a smile, more of a threat, but a light one.
20:41:10 Julilee looks at Lupinum, flatly unimpressed.
20:41:10 Lilliana turns an angry look onto Julilee just as Lupinum does. She's obviously not pleased.
20:41:31 [Naheàl]: If we're in Shattrath, there's no real danger. A'dal makes damn sure we don't kill each other.
20:41:45 Lupinum snickers at you.
20:42:15 [Naheàl]: ((Woo! Pacification field!))
20:42:38 Lilliana glares angrily at you.
20:42:47 Julilee acts like nothing just happened.
20:42:49 Lupinum spits on the ground.
20:42:59 Naheàl lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:43:06 Lilliana hits Julilee...with a snowball...close range.
20:43:15 [Naheàl]: Was actually having a pleasant conversatin, too.
20:43:16 Julilee blocks it with an arm and eyes Lilliana.
20:43:26 [Ariavan]: I can feel the blows with all those angry looks you are giving each other...so much fighting!
20:43:46 [Lilliana]: Bite my ass, I can't fighting with no horde.
20:43:53 [Lilliana]: Just....bugging them. *at that she grins*
20:44:05 Lupinum has an angry look for Arivaiiavannaan.
20:44:09 Lilliana coughs 'ain't' ((not can't))
20:44:20 [Naheàl]: Y'know, if I were to see two people bickering like the Grim and Sanctuary do, I'd yell at them to fuck and get it out of their systems.
20:44:27 A sly smirk spreads across Naheàl's face.
20:44:28 [Ariavan]: Bite...your ass.....thats....unsanitary.
20:44:29 Ziraj lies down.
20:44:45 Naheàl turns his [Autographed Hearthstone Card] card over, revealing a [Rare Hearthstone Card]!
20:44:51 Lilliana grins crazily at Ariavan. "Better than biting an orc's ass."
20:44:52 Julilee looks at Naheal, her expression far from amused.
20:45:05 [Julilee]: Treat this as a joking matter to their faces if you like, but never to mine, Naheal.
20:45:05 Naheàl looks at you.
20:45:07 Ariavan turns his [Autographed Hearthstone Card] card over, revealing an [Epic Hearthstone Card]!
20:45:15 Lupinum waves away his illusion, grinning.
20:45:28 [Naheàl]: So you'd prefer to not know my opinion on the matter. Noted.
20:45:28 [Lupinum]: She's as eager for a fight as we are.
20:45:49 [Julilee]: If that's what you think I think, you can take rank with Grimal.
20:45:54 Lilliana leans back on her heels, this strange look crossing her childish features.
20:46:05 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.
20:46:29 [Ariavan]: I dont bite rear ends...orc or anyone elses...

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Re: Coldstar Cantina Log, 2/8/15

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[[ Note, the Wildhammer incident is fully told here. ]]


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