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PostPosted: February 13th, 2015, 12:09 am
by Ninorra
"Damian, I will change this future," she said hurriedly, her thoughts with the young boy safe back home. He suffered even know, and she finally realized what a fool she'd been to think he would feel otherwise. As the sound of the shuffling grew closer, she looked around them, finally recognizing the threat and clutched her staff closely. "If what you say is true, then I.. then the 'Queen' doesn't know where Vicailde is, does she?"

There was a sudden hopelessness in her voice, as she suddenly understood what was happening. She didn't come here to save Vicailde, she came here to save Damian.

"Nobody knows where he is. Is that it? Is that the truth?"

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PostPosted: February 13th, 2015, 2:40 pm
by Vicailde
“She might… it has been some time since I’ve seen her.. and it is a better lead than any other we have… Unless you would like to leave this place?”

Damian stared ahead, distracted. He took a small step forward and the denizens closest to them shrank back, the endless crowd beyond the alley pressing slowly ever forward. A dark skinned elf cried out and the sound of bones snapping echoed through the alleyway as she sank out of sight into the mass of bodies.

Damian’s eyes squinted and his ear twitched as he seemed to concentrate. The sobbing from the alley had grown in volume but it was also accompanied by a nigh silent sound, a hushed whisper.

The human woman who had reached for Damian before had worked her way to the front of the crowd behind them. Behind her souless eyes glint a spark of understanding that was quickly manifesting into terror. Her mouth moved dryly and a hoarse noise escaped her throat. “”

There was a stirring through the denizens as her frail voice echoed down the full length of the alleyway. Their breathing became ragged. A tall troll, pressed painfully against the wall from bald tauren whose skin was covered completely in burn tissue, opened it’s lips. “” His nails dug into the concrete of the wall, his eyes widening as if waking from a nightmare to find your bedroom ablaze.

The same call from different voices barked sporadically through both mobs. Their movement becoming jerking and desperate. The Waking Ones in the back beginning to pull and tear at the bodies in front of them. The sobbing grew louder.

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PostPosted: February 13th, 2015, 2:45 pm
by Ninorra
"If there's even a chance, we have to stay," Ninorra said, now focused on the commotion growing around them. She felt pity for these creatures, but something was drawing them closer and she could not imagine how she might be able to help them. Holding on to Damian, she ignited the tip of her staff, illuminating the faces around them.

"Stay back!" She shouted, waving her staff to push them away.

There were others, however, and they were growing closer. Ninorra clutched her son tight and pointed at them.

"What is that? What is going on? Should we fight?"

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PostPosted: February 13th, 2015, 11:50 pm
by Vicailde
Damian’s brow furrowed. This behavior was unusual. The souls that inhabited this world had resigned themselves to their fate. He doubted any knew a life other than this one, beneath the heel of their demonic overlords. His eyes drifted to the runes on his sword, their vibrant light where darkness should be. These wings, unknown to him, yet familiar like a distant dream. He turned to the memory of a mother he had all forgotten. For so long he had blamed her for his demonic nature but it was becoming clear to him that these wings, his sword, his eyes. They were her doing. Her influence. A simple idea. Hope.

His gaze moved back to the crowd becoming more restless with each passing moment. His vibrant eyes closed and he took a slow breath. His lips parted and he began to sing softly, slow building.

“A cold place fading into darkness
Descending into madness
What will be left when I am gone
A time when hope once there
Has gone, never to return
People cry out for a saviour
They are still to learn”

The scrambling crowd’s cries dimmed to silence. Damian opened his eyes and they shone brilliantly. He slowly lifted his sword towards the sky. The runes on his sword filling the alleyway with a comforting light.

“That when the world descends into darkness
I'll bring the light”

The ground trembled. The crowd stood entranced, all eyes on his sword. Dust and ash rained down from the crumbling buildings. A vicious tearing sound cut through the air. The eternal flames in the sky sputtered sending hellfire crashing down onto the surrounding buildings. The flames slowly began to part and a brilliant light flooded down onto the crowd before dimming to a comfortable level. Smoke cleared the tear leaving a patch of beautiful blue sky peering from behind it’s flaming cage.

“This path is one I must walk alone
I have promised myself I'd break free of your hold
And of the chains that keep me here
I'm not a prisoner of this world
I've become what I have to be
The dark is bringing back the light in me
Bringer of light”

The crowd raised their hands towards the light. Several mouths agape. Damian took a step forward and the crowd slowly backed away from the Mother and Son. Leaving a clear path to the side alley. Too many bodies prevented clearing the exit.

“I stand here reflecting on my past
High above the ground
And in my thoughts I know
My destiny is this
Tell me what do you believe in?
A saviour, Another hero
That's not what I am
I'm just a man”

Damian paused at the entrance to peer down the dark corridor. A feminine figure, shrouded in darkness. His eyes cast harsh shadows along her pale figure. Her delicate hands covered her face and she sobbed deeply. His weapon raised towards her and his song slowed to a close. His teeth bared, his voice a growl.


The crying subsided and a soft laugh rose from the woman. It curled into a shriek of laughter. The woman’s tender hands slipped from her face. Her features were smoothed to the point of artificial and her mouth split all the way to her ears in a menacing cheshire smile. Her eyes a pure white. A forked tongue slipped from her lips as she laughed. Her porcelain figure moved haltingly, like a puppet on strings. The human woman at the lead of the crowd behind them smiled slowly and an awkward chuckled fell from her lips. Small chuckles began to drift through the crowd.

“Prince… it’s been ages. You’ve had me worried.” She ran her fingers down her naked form seductively. “..You’ve had everyone worried, especially your mother. Wont you come home with me?”

((Bringer of Light by Damnation Angels))

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PostPosted: February 15th, 2015, 4:18 pm
by Ninorra
Ninorra couldn't understand the trouble that Damian must have landed himself in to draw such attention to himself. The light, the song and the sword; she must have done something terrible to create such a warrior out of what she knew as such a sweet and peaceful boy. However, there must have also have been something else to influence him, with his wings and his clear favor for from the Light.


He said, toward the strange figure walking toward them. The woman made unnatural movements, and her voice was unfamiliar.

"...Wont you come home with me?”

Ninorra moved in front of Damian, standing between him and the creature, her staff ablaze.

"He's not going anywhere with you unless I go with him. Who are you?"

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PostPosted: February 24th, 2015, 11:42 am
by Vicailde
Somil's wide blank eyes stared through Ninorra and an unsettling feeling washed over her. The pale feminine creature's head tilted in a curious halting fashion. She cackled once again, an eerie hollow chuckle washing over the crowd like an echo. Somil wiped a faux tear from her blank eyes and held a hand out towards Ninorra.

"Well aren't you exquisite. No wonder the Prince has been missing. I am surprised to see someone left untainted..." Her hands moved to cover her face. Her fingers rigid and unbending as she giggled wickedly. One unblinking blank eye peering from behind her fingers. "I am Somil. I am the Voice of the Queen."

Somil's head tilted back and her empty eyes gazed at the tear in the sky. Her hands slipped from her face and slowly she turned to look back at Ninorra. "Let's be civilized. There is no need for weapons. I am no fighter. Please lower your weapons. Let's all calm down." Somil beckoned them towards her. "Come. Let's talk."

Calm washed over Ninorra. Somil was no threat. In fact she was nuturing. She was kind. The staff was heavy in Ninorra's hand. She'll just lower it, just for a moment.

Ninorra was jostled as one of the denizens pushed past her. The entranced crowd filing down the cramped side alley towards Somil. Somil ignored them, a beckoning hand outstretched towards Ninorra. A firm hand slipped onto Ninorra's shoulder. The moment Damian's hand touched her the calming feeling vanished leaving a lingering uneasiness.

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PostPosted: February 24th, 2015, 10:56 pm
by Ninorra
"Come. Let's talk."

Ninorra took a step forward. The voice was kind, and she spoke of the Queen. If this Somil knew the Queen, surely she would help them. Lowering her staff, she felt a calm wash over her, as if she were speaking to a friend, and moved toward the creature.

Then the hand.

It was a familiar grip, a male hand that reminded her of Vicailde, but rather than offering steady guidance as he might, it held her at arm's length. This was her son holding on to her, as if she might fly away.

Ninorra raised her staff again.

"No," she said quickly, glancing back at Damian reassuringly. "No, I don't think I like the way you speak. The.. Queen would never use you as her voice. She has her own voice. Now..."

She slammed the end of her staff into the ground, creating a dark purple mist that enveloped her body. The fel energy that she had been saving was overflowing, and it was time to release it at last. Gritting her teeth against the pain, horns sprouted from her forehead, tearing flesh as they went, and her shoulderblades grew and contorted until wings tore their way through her back. Broken skin and blood vanished as her body healed as quickly as it transformed, and Ninorra's wings spread around herself and Damian.

"..take us to her."

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PostPosted: March 4th, 2015, 12:00 am
by Vicailde
Somil’s blank eyes widened and she reel as Ninorra transformed. Her naked wooden form rigid. Statuesque as the denizens swarmed about her, hands washing over her form as they begged for mercy. Slowly Somil’s eyes drew to slits and her form relaxed as if tension being released from strings.

“Sorcery… Trickery…” The crowd murmured and the young human woman blocked Somil from sight. Her soft eyes staring sadly into Ninorra’s. Her lips parted. “Imposter...”

An ear piercing snap of cables being pulled swiftly taut flashed down the small corridor. A torrent of blood flashed into the air. The trap sprung. Where Somil had stood now a towering figure of muscle stood, split vertically down the middle. The pattering sound of rainfall began as crimson ichor sang down the alley quickly coating Ninorra, Damian, and the creature that stood before them.

The split on the creature slowly parted and a human hand outstretched from within. Damian’s foot wavered as if to move forward. The feminine hand slumped and tumbled forwards falling to the ground, only a hand and a serrated forearm. The mosture’s form split along it’s stomach revealing endless rows of teeth that gnashed at the remains of the denizens. Beneath, Somil’s cheshire grin and blank expression.

“You will meet the Queen soon enough, imposter…” The denizens around them spoke with a haunting emptiness. The monster raised it’s human sized fists above it’s headless form. “ death.”

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PostPosted: March 4th, 2015, 11:00 am
by Ninorra
"Fanastic..." Ninorra muttered, fire erupting in her staff's head as she stepped forward. Glancing toward Damian, she instinctively spread her wings protectively, fel magic covering them both a strange purple glow. "Stay back, dear. If I can take on dragons, I can defeat this abomination."

The corruption came first. A series of boils and shadow covered Somil's flesh, before being struck by a wave of chaos. It disoriented the creature long enough for her to prepare more chaotic energy, and launch wave after wave of destruction toward her. The magic itself was chaotic, and it's effect on whatever it struck could be seen; twisting and turning of bones, flesh, and blood. With each bolt, the chaos grew stronger, contorting the creature's form until it was literally tearing itself apart.

Eventually it grew strong enough for her body to explode, showering everyone nearby in blood and bodyparts. Ninorra lowered her wings, enough to look back at Damian in disgust.

"..this is going to ruin my robes, you know."

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PostPosted: August 7th, 2019, 5:26 am
by vinosh