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PostPosted: February 8th, 2015, 10:48 pm
by Ninorra

The was a title that Callus had never utilized around her. Things were beginning to piece together. If he was the Prince, then, she wondered, who was the Queen? They were questions she desperately wanted, but something massive presently stood in the way.

The new creature was terrifying. Not even in her worst nightmares had she seen something like this, with many limbs and many eyes, and a voice that pierced her own mind. Still, she'd come prepared to do battle if necessary. Staff in hand, Ninorra pointed her weapon toward the assailant, a red glow of hellfire surrounding the tip. It grew brighter as she spoke, her voice resonating with a musical lilt.

"I am no one's morsel, I'm afraid," she said calmly, though her heart raced. "I have come to speak to this 'Queen' of yours, and the Prince was my guide. Now, if you would be so kind as to release him?" She asked politely, her other hand gathering shadows, ready to corrupt whatever creature they touched. "I would rather things not become violent."

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PostPosted: February 8th, 2015, 11:19 pm
by Vicailde
The massive husk rotated slightly in quizzical manner. It's eyes blinked like a wave starting at the center and each following suite outwards.

"Funny morsel... Meat does not make demands... Meat does not speak of the Queen.. We have not seen.. the word escapes us... Resistance... yes.. that sounds right... in a long time..."

The spikes on it's carapace expanded outwards and retracted, the sound of locust huffed jerkingly, as it drifted to the side to inspect her. The sound almost mirroring that of a sniff. It's husk retracted to it's original position, yet the tentacles slithered along the walls on either side of Ninorra cautiously.

"We have claimed the Prince... We have search for a long time... The Queen will reward us... Perhaps we should bring you, too... Perhaps the Queen will let us have you... We miss Resistance... Then again... We could have you now... and the Queen would not have to know..."

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PostPosted: February 9th, 2015, 12:21 am
by Ninorra
"Oh your Queen would want to know," she said forcefully, slamming the butt of her staff into the ground to command it's attention. "She wants my husband. She wants what I want. She needs him for this place to exist, so either you show me and the Prince to her, unharmed, or you might be in a world of hurt."

Ninorra was gambling. If this Queen was who Callus and the creature made her out to be, she was someone of immense power. The warlock prayed it was enough power to make this creature obey. Standing up straight, she attempted the bravest face of her life.

"Well? What do you say?"

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PostPosted: February 9th, 2015, 1:39 am
by Vicailde
Callus took a gasping breath. He was drifting in choking darkness. The tentacles wrapped tightly around his neck had forced him unconscious. He could feel his body transforming, reverting to his true form. Two large horns sprouting from his forehead as a bulls. The bones on his fingers grew outwards into sharp points stretching his skin. His lips parted and his voiced croaked, barely a whisper.

“Trapped in this world of illusions, knowing I cannot break free
With every drop of my own blood, I can see
Can't find an easy solution, all of this blindness surrounds
Filling my mind with pollution, all I've found”

His dim crimson eyes closed and he took a slow breath. He was a fool. All this time tracking down the right time. The right place. Eons spent research, learning, searching. Ages spent wandering the caverns of time of various worlds. He had not thought of how his actions would affect the past. He had not thought of how his actions could affect his present.


The creature’s quills shook as it considered her proposal. The tentacles interlocked over the door behind Ninorra and covering the ceiling above. A sickly slime dripped onto the bare floor by her feet. The firelight slowly fading to near darkness.

“The Queen… needs nothing… she is all powerful… you are using your Resistance to trick us…No… we will take just the prince...”

The creatures swayed in front of Ninorra, it’s spikes shivering slightly. There was a sickening crack and it’s carapace split, a putrid gas spilled out the jagged opening. It drifted onto the floor blanketing it at ankle height. The carapace opened revealing rows upon rows of sharp jagged teeth. The buzzing of the locust grew unbearable now and the odor of the gas was choking.

“but… first we will have a taste.. maybe a leg..”


Callus’s eyes opened slowly, his eyes a brilliant red illuminating the tentacles that bound him. His demonic form cramped in the elfish armor, although obviously designed to expand in such a way. The creature had no control over whom it’s voice reached and he had heard everything. His hand shook as his arm struggled against the grip.

“Still I'm alive
The warrior's cry
Broken but true
Slowly, we rise”

His face grew red as he pulled. His eyes sparked and the energy exploded into a blinding white. He cried out as a sharp pain he had never felt before stabbed out from his back. His armor bent and held as best it could before yielding to his form, bursting outwards. Blood shot from the two twisted holes in the back of his armor, coating the tentacles beneath him. The lifeblood slowly seeping through the tentacles.

“With my hand, I call to you
The smoke will rise from burning through
Now I'm alive, we must decide...
Whether to stand or hide from the light…”

(( "Warrior's Cry" by Masterplan ))

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PostPosted: February 9th, 2015, 2:11 am
by Ninorra
Ninorra watched as Callus' form changed. She was prepared to fight, but not prepared for what was happening to him. He did not appear to be a warlock, but his body was transforming into a demon, much like the way hers did when she utilized too much of her power. She would grow horns, and claws, and her body would distort. It was a horrific pained experience, one that she recognized immediately.. Except he looked much, much worse.

What is he... She thought to herself, immediately taking the moment to attack the creature with a corruption of shadow. It clearly wasn't going to listen to her, and this might have been the only chance available. With a gentle hum in her voice, she used her staff to hurl hellfire toward the tentacles closest to Callus. They burned hot enough to spread.

"Alright, Callus," she said at him, almost panicked. "If you weren't going to tell me everything before, you had better do it now!"

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PostPosted: February 9th, 2015, 9:31 pm
by Vicailde
The darkness was replaced by blinding light as the tentacles wrapped around Callus immediately released him. He felt wind against his back, it whistled madly in his ears. He tumbled awkwardly, grasping at nothing as he fell down the side of the tall tower. The ground rushing rapidly to meet him below.

There was a head piercing screech from within her mind as the monstrosity reeled at her attack. It’s tentacles flailing in an attempt to extinguish the flames. It’s eyes glared at Ninorra, quills shaking madly. It froze and turned quickly to it’s wounded tentacles. “Prince!” It’s hoarse voice bellowed in Ninorra’s mind and it’s large form darted out the window at an unexpected speed.

The tentacles around Ninorra whipped about wildly as they shot out towards the window, two slapped the back of her grounded ankle. They wrapped painfully tight around her skin before tugging forward knocking the warlock onto her back and dragging her rapidly towards the burning light.

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PostPosted: February 10th, 2015, 12:36 pm
by Ninorra

The creature's voice was like a siren between her ears. Ninorra flinched at the sound, and seeing Callus' body plummet from the window, made to rush toward his descent.

"Callus!!" She called, just before the tentacles caught hold of her ankle, so hard that she could feel the bones cracking under their pressure.

It dragged her toward the light and screams, where she'd seen thousands of creatures either tortured or torturing. The noise of their plight grew as she was drawn into their world, under a burning sky. Soon, she reasoned, she might be a meal for whatever creature this was. Staff still in hand, however, she remembered her purpose as the wind whistled through her hair.

The devil's Power Is The Greatest One
When His' And Hers' Holiest Shuns The Sun

Her voice was quiet as she sang, drowned by the wind as she was pulled down. Ninorra kept her eyes closed, focused on the words and the power gathering. She would have to act as soon as she hit the ground or Callus might be dead. Or worse.

A Temptress Smitten By The Blackest Force
A Vicar Bitten Blind In Intercourse

The descent felt like forever, but in truth only lasted a few seconds. Opening her eyes, she saw that the creature had pulled her to the ground and was steadily drawing her toward it. The light was too bright for her to see clearly, but she could not see Callus immediately and that frightened her. Breathing raggedly, she thought on the boy, his transformation, and all he had done. He was clearly no boy.

The Witch Hammer
Struck Her Down
Through Our Sabbath
She Is Unbound

Fire raged in her hands and her staff. Nothing was going to harm her guide, even if he had kept the truth from her. He was her responsibility now, and if he was some "prince", he could lead her to the queen.

It Is The Night Of The Witch
It Is The Night Of The Witch Tonight
And The Vengeance Is Hers For As Long As She Stands By Him

Flames traveled down the tentacles toward the creature's body, and the more flame she conjured, the more it built. Quicker and quicker, they burst from her hands, incinerating everything in it's path as she sang. The creature would not only die; it would suffer.

It Is The Night Of The Witch
It Is The Night Of The Witch Tonight
And The Vengeance Is Hers For As Long As She Stands By Him

((Stand by Himby Ghost))

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PostPosted: February 11th, 2015, 10:02 pm
by Vicailde
As the fire shot up the creature’s wriggling mass the sound of locusts filled the air. Ninorra’s song only audible to herself in muffled reverberations. The scream came once more crashing into her mind like a wave, the scream grew high pitched and stuttered into thousands of voices screaming at once. It’s gaping jaw snapped wildly as it attempted to shake the flames from it’s body. As it thrashed she caught a glimpse of shimmering metal of an ebon boot laying in pool of crimson beneath the mass of lashing tentacles.

“Su’ra’kai!..Prince!.. Queen!.. Help us!..” The high pitched voices screamed in unison inside of Ninorra’s mind. It’s jaws snapped wildly as it began to thrash towards her, uncovering Callus’s prone form. It’s eyes locked onto the elf and it’s movements froze. The brown gas leaking from it’s maw crackled and popped as sparks fell through. “No... We did not see... Forgive us!..”

The gas ignited, flames flared up chasing the vapor into the monstrosities jaws. A sharp whistle of air being sucked in cut threw the deafening sound of locust. There was a bright flash and the noise was cut sharply as the creature exploded. The air was filled with flaming tentacles, now separated each had a singular eye and the cries in Ninorra’s mind drifted to nothing.

Callus lay still on his back, eyes closed. His demonic form had progressed since he had fallen. Two ebon horns sprouting from his temples, a foot and a half each, curled upwards. His cheekbones high and more pronounced than in his elven form. The ebon armor strained to contain his larger muscular form. His skin seemed darker more olive in tone and his hair, now a brilliant white, contrasted against his new complexion. His form lay on two large outstretched feathery wings, limp and soaked in the deep red of blood. Even with the deformities, his face bore a striking resemblance to her husband.

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PostPosted: February 11th, 2015, 10:25 pm
by Ninorra
"Callus.." Ninorra said under her breath, rushing toward the unconscious body of her guide.

Ignoring the stares of those around them, the pieces of tentacles and the random bits of bone and gore on the ground, she knelt down beside what looked like a creature from a nightmare. She had thought that he might resemble her own demon form, but this was unlike anything she had ever seen. He didn't just have the horns that typically announced a demonologist, he had wings, but they looked more like the holy wings of a paladin.

What is this..? She thought to herself, pushing the white hair from his face.

He looked like Vicailde. A knot twisted in her stomach.

"Callus," she said gently, sliding her arms beneath him, lifting an arm around her shoulder in an attempt to sit up upright. "Callus, can you hear me? Wake up, Callus. We are in danger. Callus.."

She shook him gently, but he remained unmoving. Biting down on her lips, she thought of a spell that might awaken him. She was no healer, but with enough warmth he might react, and he would need to if they were going to leave this place. In a slow quiet voice, she sang close to his ear.

Screaming out alone in the night
Just a time and place
But it`s real all right

Color rose in her cheeks as she looked at his face. He wasn't Vicailde, but she knew there was a connection. In her heart, she wondered just how close the connection was.

We are diamonds that shine without fire
We`re climbing the stairs
Going down and never higher

Gently, Ninorra ran her fingers through Callus' hair. Her hands were just warm enough to send tiny shocks into his skin, and in her attempt to rouse him she found herself simply staring. He was deformed, some kind of monster, but there was something about him that told her what she needed to know about who he was, and the idea terrified her.

We're fallen angels..

((Fallen Angels by Dio))

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PostPosted: February 11th, 2015, 11:05 pm
by Vicailde
Callus inhaled sharply and his eyes fluttered open. The crimson eyes replaced with a pure white. His dazed gaze looked at her then the flaming mess nearby. One of the tentacles squirmed, still ablaze. It chirped a quiet insectoid trill before shuddering and it’s single eye falling still. Callus raised a hand to his face, smearing blood onto his cheek. He opened his hand and stared at it curiously. The bloody wings gave a small shiver and his eyes moved to them and confusion washed over his face.

The denizens that surrounded them stared in silence. They all looked severely malnourished and several were missing limbs. One gnome stood near the front of the crowd. Four metal pins were piercing his torso, the healed flesh attempting to fuse with the metal alluded they had been there for a long time. The pins were connected to a large chain linked to a bloated and rotting orc corpse pierced in the same matter. Slowly a whisper began to spread through the crowd.

The noise seemed to have broken Callus from his daze. He attempted to stand, the wings fluttered weakly and he stumbled leaning on Ninorra for a moment. He opened his lips but no sound came, he cleared his throat before speaking hoarsely.

“We must go…you probably scared the lesser demons off but... they will have gone to inform their masters.” He struggled to his feet, his armor clanked loudly. His wings hung heavy over his shoulders, small twitches causing the stained feathers to shiver awkwardly. He began limping towards a nearby alleyway, the crowd parted with dumbfound looks. One young human woman lifted a hand as he passed as if she wanted to touch his wings. She withdrew her hand suddenly and grasped it like a scorned child.