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Coldstar Cantina Log, 1/4/15

by Xaraphyne » January 5th, 2015, 12:41 am

Logging started on 01/04/2015 at 17:47:45.
17:51:41 You wave at Bayonnii.
17:51:55 Bayonnii waves at you.
17:51:59 [Xaraphyne]: Hiya!
17:52:03 [Bayonnii]: How ya doin'?!
17:52:22 [Xaraphyne]: Pretty good, yerself?
17:52:23 You smile at Bayonnii.
17:52:38 Bayonnii shrugs at you. Who knows?
17:52:41 [Bayonnii]: I'm not dead.
17:52:51 [Xaraphyne]: That's somethin' ta drink to!
17:52:54 [Bayonnii]: Here, take a seat and I'll get'cha somethin!
17:52:57 You nod at Bayonnii.
17:53:18 [Bayonnii]: Any preference?
17:53:24 [Xaraphyne]: I'm a fan of rum!
17:53:25 You grin wickedly at Bayonnii.
17:53:29 Bayonnii nods at you.
17:53:36 [Bayonnii]: Then I'll grab the rum!
17:54:15 You wave at Grimal.
17:54:20 Grimal nods at you.
17:54:23 [Xaraphyne]: Hey there!
17:54:32 [Grimal]: Evening.
17:54:42 [Grimal]: Guess we're a tad early?
17:54:46 [Xaraphyne]: I remember you from last time. What was yer name again?
17:55:10 [Grimal]: It's Grimal, Xara.
17:55:17 [Xaraphyne]: Grimal! Right.
17:55:29 [Bayonnii]: Got'cha!
17:55:32 Grimal greets Bayonnii warmly.
17:55:35 You smile at Bayonnii.
17:55:40 Bayonnii waves at Grimal.
17:56:05 Xaraphyne gasps at the [Rumsey Rum Black Label]. "This beings me back!"
17:56:07 [Bayonnii]: Ooh, more! What'cha feel like drinkin'?
17:56:24 Xaraphyne sips it with pleasure.
17:56:33 Bayonnii looks at Grimal.
17:56:36 [Grimal]: Mmm... Surprise me, long as it's not from Dalaran.
17:56:38 Bayonnii waves at Darethy.
17:56:46 [Bayonnii]: Got just the thing!
17:56:52 Bayonnii fills a glass.
17:56:53 Darethy nods slightly at Bayonnii.
17:57:08 Xaraphyne looks at the new Forsaken.
17:57:10 Bayonnii looks at Darethy.
17:57:23 [Bayonnii]: Haven't seen ya around for a while! How's it goin'?
17:57:29 [Grimal]: Hmm.. Looks decent.
17:57:43 Xaraphyne looks at Grimal's glass. "What'd ya get?"
17:57:53 Darethy glances between Grimal and Xaraphyne briefly before going back to Bayonnii "Just back from an expedition to Draenor."
17:57:55 [Bayonnii]: The bottle was shiny!
17:58:04 Bayonnii nods at Darethy.
17:58:09 You chuckle at Bayonnii.
17:58:12 [Grimal]: Sunkissed Wine? Oy
17:58:14 [Bayonnii]: I'd like to go out there myself.
17:58:17 [Xaraphyne]: Fancy!
17:58:21 [Xaraphyne]: But not too fancy.
17:58:22 [Grimal]: It's not bad.
17:58:35 Bayonnii grins wickedly.
17:58:40 [Darethy]: "Well if you do, feel free to drop by my 'camp' out north."
17:58:50 Bayonnii nods at Darethy.
17:58:58 Xaraphyne acks!
17:59:02 [Xaraphyne]: What the...
17:59:08 Bayonnii looks around.
17:59:11 [Bayonnii]: Meteors?
17:59:11 [Grimal]: I know that sound.
17:59:27 [Bayonnii]: I gotta blow somethin' up?
17:59:38 Grimal growls menacingly at Lilliana.
17:59:49 You laugh at Grimal.
17:59:56 You wave at Lilliana.
17:59:59 [Xaraphyne]: Hey Lilly!
18:00:01 Grimal wipes the snow from his face and robes.
18:00:02 [Bayonnii]: Ooh, I gots firecrackers just for this situation!
18:00:06 [Lilliana]: Hi.
18:00:17 Darethy nods at the newcomer.
18:00:27 [Grimal]: Me too.
18:00:31 [Bayonnii]: Oh, wait. It's Lilli. Can't blow up Lilli!
18:00:34 You laugh.
18:00:39 [Lilliana]: Shit!
18:00:41 [Bayonnii]: Gee.
18:00:43 Awatu looks at Lilliana.
18:00:45 [Grimal]: Heh.
18:00:52 [Grimal]: Normal day for me.
18:00:55 Lilliana looks back at Awatu. "Wut?"
18:00:56 Grimal shakes the soot off.
18:01:19 Xaraphyne hooks an elbow over the back of her chair, grinning at Awatu and Lilliana.
18:01:19 [Darethy]: "I set myself on fire as a means of attack, it'd take more then that to bother me."
18:01:31 Grimal nods at Darethy.
18:01:32 [Awatu]: Stirring up trouble, again?
18:01:40 [Grimal]: When isn't she?
18:01:41 [Bayonnii]: Lucky ya didn't hit the drinks. Now that would've been somethin'.
18:01:42 [Xaraphyne]: Ain't that why ya keep her around?
18:01:43 Lilliana eyes Darethy for a moment....then turns back to Awatu. "I was doing no such thing."
18:01:50 You snicker at Lilliana.
18:01:56 Lilliana smirks slyly at you.
18:01:59 [Bayonnii]: Ya like the snow, Darr?
18:02:05 [Grimal]: I can aim fairly well.
18:02:17 [Darethy]: "Cold just like my heart, why wouldn't I?"
18:02:30 [Bayonnii]: Cold in north Draenor. I don't like it.
18:03:01 [Bayonnii]: So, what'll it be, Lil'?
18:03:07 [Grimal]: OH Xaraphyne, nearly forgot.
18:03:11 [Xaraphyne]: Eh?
18:03:13 [Lilliana]: Something cold?
18:03:17 Bayonnii nods at Lilliana.
18:03:25 [Lilliana]: Non alcoholic?
18:03:29 [Bayonnii]: So, eighty-five percent of ou-
18:03:38 [Bayonnii]: Two percent of our stock,
18:03:43 Grimal digs in his bags and then sets a hefty stack of leather on the table.
18:03:43 Lilliana chuckles at Bayonnii.
18:03:44 [Bayonnii]: Or just this one thing.
18:03:47 [Grimal]: Here.
18:03:52 Bayonnii pulls out a snow cone.
18:03:56 Xaraphyne looks at what Grimal is doing with curiosity.
18:04:02 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, thanks!
18:04:20 Bayonnii looks at Awatu.
18:04:23 Grimal nods at Lilliana.
18:04:24 [Bayonnii]: An' you, big guy?
18:04:27 [Lilliana]: Thank you......
18:04:29 Xaraphyne takes the [Raw Beast Hide]s and sticks them in her satchel.
18:04:39 [Awatu]: Cider, if you have any.
18:04:46 Bayonnii nods at Awatu.
18:04:50 Lilliana pokes you. Hey!
18:04:58 Xaraphyne looks up at Lilly. "What, girly?"
18:05:04 Grimal peers at Darethy searchingly.
18:05:09 [Lilliana]: Nuthin. *sticks her hands in her pockets*
18:05:18 Xaraphyne pokes Lilliana back.
18:05:21 [Bayonnii]: Hmm. Burnwine do?
18:05:23 Lilliana giggles at you.
18:05:26 Darethy returns the gaze in equal measure "Greetings."
18:05:29 Lilliana pokes Xaraphyne again. Hey!
18:05:30 [Awatu]: That will be fine.
18:05:31 [Xaraphyne]: How are ya, Lilly?
18:05:33 Bayonnii fills a tankard.
18:05:39 [Grimal]: Don't believe we've met. Don't recall too many forsaken being social outside Infection.
18:05:50 Awatu nods in thanks as he takes the drink.
18:05:53 [Grimal]: You weren't in the order were you?
18:05:56 Bayonnii tosses the drink at the tauren. "Got it!"
18:06:06 [Darethy]: "A long, long, long time ago I was."
18:06:10 Lilliana shrugs to Xaraphyne. "Tired, you?"
18:06:18 [Xaraphyne]: Why ya been so tired lately?
18:06:35 [Bayonnii]: Makin' friends?!
18:06:44 [Darethy]: "At least, if you're talking about the Order I think you are."
18:06:48 [Grimal]: Hmm.. How long we talking? I joined just before the Campaign against Arthas.
18:07:21 Bayonnii snorts derisively at Grimal.
18:07:27 [Darethy]: "A bit after, against Deathwing. Then I left and made the Blackguard."
18:07:38 [Bayonnii]: Anyone need more drinks?
18:07:46 [Grimal]: Ah, in my absence.
18:07:52 [Bayonnii]: I can get'cha some tea if ya like.
18:08:00 [Grimal]: And no milady, think I'm adequate for now.
18:08:07 Darethy nods.
18:08:10 Bayonnii giggles at Grimal.
18:08:11 Xaraphyne drinks her [Rumsey Rum Black Label].
18:08:13 Grimal nods at Bayonnii.
18:08:14 [Bayonnii]: Called me a lady.
18:08:32 [Bayonnii]: You're sweet.
18:08:37 You look at Lilliana.
18:08:43 Lilliana giggles at Grimal.
18:08:47 [Grimal]: Careful, might give you cavities.
18:08:51 Grimal cackles maniacally at Bayonnii.
18:08:55 Bayonnii raises her eyebrow inquisitively at Grimal.
18:08:59 [Darethy]: "If I could call Scarlet a Lady I think you certainly qualify as a Lady Bayonnii."
18:09:01 Lilliana winks at Xaraphyne. "Staying up late."
18:09:10 Xaraphyne snorts at Lilly. "Is that it?"
18:09:23 [Bayonnii]: Aww! You're the nicest bunch of whackos I've ever met.
18:09:28 [Bayonnii]: Think I'm gonna cry.
18:09:32 Lilliana giggles at Bayonnii.
18:09:38 [Grimal]: Well, glad a few Forsaken are still haunting the place.
18:09:51 Bayonnii snorts. "Haunting..."
18:10:03 Xaraphyne rolls her eyes and grins.
18:10:21 Grimal does what could only be a grin, his upper lip raising and showing his teeth.
18:10:33 You wave at Ulrezaj.
18:10:33 Bayonnii waves at Ulrezaj.
18:10:35 [Xaraphyne]: Ully!
18:10:35 [Darethy]: "Yeah, i'm still a relic of the old days. Truth be told, I spend more time fighting the Alliance then the Iron Horde."
18:10:48 Ulrezaj smiles at Darethy.
18:10:54 [Ulrezaj]: Aye, you be doing good, mate.
18:10:55 Ulrezaj gently pats Darethy.
18:11:01 Darethy nods at Ulrezaj.
18:11:16 [Grimal]: Ahh, it's an Ully. Where is the Tauren with the hole in his head?
18:11:17 You ponder Ulrezaj's actions.
18:11:31 [Ulrezaj]: Awatu, we be creating a ritual stone if ya want in on de fun.
18:11:37 [Bayonnii]: What happens when orcs run up ta' ya an' try to punch ya in the face, Darr?
18:11:51 [Bayonnii]: 'Cuz I hafta say, they like tryin' that on me.
18:11:52 Ulrezaj mutters a word of Dark Intent.
18:12:00 Darethy taps his iron jaw "They break their fist."
18:12:34 [Bayonnii]: Ah. Ooh, that's a nice one.
18:12:36 [Grimal]: Seems your aunt went to have her own fun.
18:12:39 [Bayonnii]: Where'd ya get it?
18:12:42 [Ulrezaj]: Hmm. Awatu must be too deep in stoic thought ta walk oveh.
18:13:08 [Lilliana]: There ya go
18:13:09 You laugh.
18:13:10 Awatu glares angrily at Lilliana.
18:13:12 [Xaraphyne]: Flying tauren!
18:13:17 Bayonnii cheers!
18:13:17 [Darethy]: "Dwarf Rifleman shot the lower part of my face off, I had a stockpile of engineering parts left over, so I made do."
18:13:18 Ulrezaj cackles maniacally at Lilliana.
18:13:20 Lilliana winks slyly at Awatu.
18:13:35 [Bayonnii]: An' then ya ate his face, right?!
18:13:57 [Xaraphyne]: There they go.
18:14:06 [Darethy]: "An advantage of hellfire was he was thoroughly cooked."
18:14:19 [Bayonnii]: Sorry I couldn't help ya guys, I don't like having my soul stolen.
18:14:33 [Bayonnii]: Ooh, fancy!
18:15:19 Bayonnii waves at Kexti.
18:15:22 Xaraphyne looks at the blood elf arrival.
18:15:23 [Kexti]: Hoi, friends.
18:15:25 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah, you!
18:15:29 Kexti nods at you.
18:15:29 [Xaraphyne]: What was yer name again?
18:15:30 Grimal nods at Kexti.
18:15:32 [Bayonnii]: It's you! What'll it be tonight?
18:15:33 [Darethy]: "There's that and a dozen other tales from that madhouse they call Ashran, it makes the truce seem like a bad joke."
18:15:34 [Kexti]: Kex'ti.
18:15:38 Darethy nods at Kexti.
18:15:38 [Grimal]: Feeling better?
18:15:41 [Kexti]: Much.
18:15:52 [Grimal]: You don't look like Death warmed over anymore.
18:15:53 [Kexti]: How are you faring, Grimal?
18:15:53 Bayonnii nods at Darethy.
18:15:56 [Xaraphyne]: Right, Kex'ti!
18:16:00 [Grimal]: Fair.
18:16:06 Kexti waves at Bayonnii.
18:16:20 Bayonnii grins wickedly at Kexti.
18:16:24 [Grimal]: Though we already have three Grim in the house...
18:16:25 [Kexti]: Greetings, Bayonnii. How'd that deal we work out go?
18:16:44 [Kexti]: I have no ill will against the Grim.
18:16:47 Kobold chews out an AWOL grunt.
18:16:54 [Bayonnii]: Good! One of my bosses needed them. It was nice an' exploitable!
18:16:55 You look at Kexti.
18:17:13 [Grimal]: More forgiving than I.
18:17:15 Kexti laughs at Bayonnii.
18:17:22 [Xaraphyne]: Forgiving?
18:17:36 [Kexti]: Glad to hear it.
18:17:41 [Grimal]: He had a bit of a.. run in the other day.
18:17:46 [Bayonnii]: Ooh!
18:17:47 [Xaraphyne]: Oh?
18:17:53 Xaraphyne looks at Kex'ti curiously.
18:17:54 Kexti frowns.
18:17:59 [Grimal]: I'll let him decide whether or not that is to be made public.
18:18:13 [Kexti]: Bayo, can you bring me something light and fruity?
18:18:17 Bayonnii nods at Kexti.
18:18:47 Bayonnii pulls out a bottle of [Lagrave Stout].
18:18:59 [Kexti]: My thanks, dear friend.
18:19:05 Bayonnii smiles.
18:19:16 [Bayonnii]: Just doin' my job!
18:19:24 Xaraphyne is nursing her [Rumsey Rum Black Label] quite happily.
18:19:40 [Kexti]: Xaraphyne, there was a...run in...with my good friend Syreena.
18:19:53 [Xaraphyne]: A run-in, eh?
18:19:56 [Bayonnii]: Ooh, I wanna hear the story!
18:20:06 [Xaraphyne]: Didn't she want yr ears?
18:20:16 Xaraphyne checks to see that Kex'ti still has his.
18:20:17 Grimal chuckles at you.
18:20:20 Kexti narrows his eyes and restrains from grimacing. He looks intently into his drink.
18:20:51 [Bayonnii]: Hey, Darr, didn't ya know an elf who ran around with troll ears?
18:20:57 [Bayonnii]: Or was it the other way around?
18:21:25 [Darethy]: "A Trelf, if it wasn't some fever dream...like that Goblin Demon Hunter."
18:21:45 [Bayonnii]: I remember that guy! I thought I was high. Guess I wasn't.
18:21:56 You laugh at Bayonnii.
18:22:07 [Bayonnii]: Was the part with the big musical number real?
18:22:52 [Darethy]: "I want to say no, but my brain is thinking maybe yes...it all kind of blurs together. At leasta Blackrock Orc wasn't urinating in peoples drinks that day...I think."
18:23:00 [Bayonnii]: Or the part where I told the old bartender to eat my shorts..?
18:23:11 Kexti laughs.
18:23:16 [Kexti]: Goblin shorts.
18:23:21 [Kexti]: That's short.
18:23:27 [Bayonnii]: They was really short.
18:23:37 You agree.
18:23:44 [Bayonnii]: Good for dancin'.
18:23:48 Kexti smirks slyly at Bayonnii.
18:24:08 [Kexti]: Kind of quiet tonight.
18:24:24 [Grimal]: Just wait.
18:24:32 [Bayonnii]: Need more explosions?
18:24:41 Grimal grins more than wickedly.
18:24:50 [Grimal]: Nah.
18:24:53 [Kexti]: You're the only firework I need in my life, Bayo.
18:24:55 Kexti laughs.
18:24:56 [Darethy]: "Really, that's part of the Cantina's 'Charm' half the time you can't tell if the people are real, or you're drunk, and i'm not sure I can even get drunk."
18:25:00 [Bayonnii]: Thank ya.
18:25:01 You smirk slyly at Kexti.
18:25:05 [Bayonnii]: Both of ya.
18:25:32 Bayonnii looks around.
18:25:39 [Bayonnii]: Hey, we got a boat off on the docks.
18:25:45 [Bayonnii]: Wanna see?
18:26:00 [Darethy]: "A boat off the docks?"
18:26:14 [Bayonnii]: I know, who'd'a thunk.
18:26:20 [Kexti]: So, Xara, you must have some interesting stories.
18:26:26 [Xaraphyne]: Ya could say that.
18:26:50 [Kexti]: I'll trade you a story for a story. Would you find that agreeable?
18:27:04 You greet Vilmah warmly.
18:27:10 Grimal greets Vilmah warmly.
18:27:13 [Vilmah]: Hello there everyone.
18:27:21 Xaraphyne looks back at Kex'ti and smiles.
18:27:24 [Xaraphyne]: Sure!
18:27:40 [Kexti]: Hoi, Vilmah!
18:27:48 Vilmah greets Kexti with a hearty hello!
18:28:00 [Kexti]: As they say, ladies' first.
18:28:08 You laugh at Kexti.
18:28:16 [Xaraphyne]: I'll tell ya one about Vilmah!
18:28:23 [Vilmah]: Huh?
18:28:30 [Xaraphyne]: So way back when, I was in an illustrious guild named Citadel.
18:28:44 [Xaraphyne]: They're not around anymore, but some folk still remember the name.
18:28:58 [Xaraphyne]: Anyway, we were workin' our way through Karazhan.
18:29:09 [Kexti]: In Deadwind Pass?
18:29:11 [Bayonnii]: Nice little boat.
18:29:13 Vilmah rubs her forehead.
18:29:15 [Xaraphyne]: And we felled the big demon guy at the end, prince somethin'?
18:29:19 You nod at Kexti.
18:29:23 Darethy nods at Bayonnii.
18:29:32 [Xaraphyne]: Anyway, for some reason he had this famous axe. Gorehowl or somethin'?
18:29:34 You look at Vilmah.
18:29:43 Lupinum cracks his neck, the soreness of battle in his limbs.
18:29:43 [Bayonnii]: Maybe it was some kinda' replica.
18:29:43 [Vilmah]: ..yes.. Gorehowl...
18:29:52 [Grimal]: Malchazar? I think was that Eredar's name?
18:29:52 [Xaraphyne]: And Vilmah won it!
18:29:57 You nod at Grimal.
18:30:03 [Xaraphyne]: She was so damn excited!
18:30:03 Bayonnii waves at Lupinum.
18:30:04 [Darethy]: "If you ever do make good on coming to visit, you should drop by my inn, can serve you drinks for once."
18:30:15 [Bayonnii]: I'll be sure to try, thank ya!
18:30:16 Awatu shakes his head and snorts, returning his attention to the festivities.
18:30:20 [Xaraphyne]: We went back into the tower to get this dragon we'd passed by, the shiny one with th portals.
18:30:35 Darethy waves.
18:30:38 [Xaraphyne]: And there were a couple of guards in front. Big hulking guys.
18:30:40 Lupinum opens his mouth to speak to the troll, but closes it and looks for booze.
18:30:55 [Xaraphyne]: Ya needed ta have two folk distractin' 'em, one person couldn't take both.
18:31:03 [Xaraphyne]: But Vilmah...
18:31:12 [Xaraphyne]: Sh was so pumped, she charged in all by herself!
18:31:33 [Xaraphyne]: Well, after she fell down, the guards came after the rest of us, and we scattered.
18:31:46 [Xaraphyne]: We had ta totally regroup, the entire group of us.
18:31:55 You grin wickedly at Vilmah.
18:31:56 Vilmah has several drinks, one after the other.
18:31:57 Bayonnii looks around.
18:32:04 [Xaraphyne]: All 'cause Vilmah got her axe.
18:32:14 [Bayonnii]: Oh, ya was lookin' for somethin'?
18:32:16 Bayonnii looks at Lupinum.
18:32:22 Lupinum nods at Bayonnii.
18:32:28 Lilliana greets everyone warmly.
18:32:38 Awatu looks at Syreena.
18:32:42 Ulrezaj chuckles at Lilliana.
18:32:48 [Lupinum]: Couple of those ciders, please, when you can.
18:32:51 Lilliana turns fire.
18:32:54 [Bayonnii]: Cider?
18:32:59 Lilliana also returns fire.
18:33:00 [Bayonnii]: Hang on.
18:33:01 Ulrezaj greets Syreena warmly.
18:33:06 Xaraphyne smiles at Kex'ti, then follows his gaze upward.
18:33:13 Kexti look
18:33:14 You wave at Syreena.
18:33:16 Kexti looks at Syreena.
18:33:16 [Bayonnii]: Crap.
18:33:21 Syreena waves at you.
18:33:29 Syreena smiles at Kexti.
18:33:33 Lilliana pokes you. Hey!
18:33:34 [Bayonnii]: I gots this ale...?
18:33:36 [Kexti]: Ah! Hello, friend Forsaken. Have you come to knife someone in the back again?
18:33:39 You poke Lilliana. Hey!
18:33:40 Vilmah suddenly notices Lupinum and gives him a hesitant wave.
18:33:45 Lupinum covers his empty chest cavity.
18:33:49 [Grimal]: Aaand. Here we go.
18:33:50 [Lupinum]: Aye, ale will do fine.
18:33:53 [Syreena]: I came to apologize for spilling your tea the other day.
18:34:01 [Darethy]: "Who? me? I SWORD people in the back sir!"
18:34:02 Bayonnii passes off a bottle.
18:34:12 [Bayonnii]: Ya use swords?
18:34:16 [Kexti]: Oh, did you?
18:34:23 Syreena grins wickedly at Kexti.
18:34:24 [Lilliana]: Hey, wanna see something evil?
18:34:24 Lupinum gives Vilmah a quick nod.
18:34:25 [Kexti]: How very magnanimous.
18:34:25 [Syreena]: Of course.
18:34:26 [Lilliana]: Oh crap
18:34:28 [Lilliana]: Be back
18:34:28 Xaraphyne observes Kex'ti, then Syreena.
18:34:32 [Darethy]: "That's the Lordanian weapon of choice."
18:34:52 [Bayonnii]: Ah. Thought you'd use some staff with severed heads on it or somethin'.
18:35:10 Syreena peers at Cyelaena searchingly.
18:35:21 [Kexti]: Would you like me to finish what you started?
18:35:28 You look at Kexti.
18:35:31 [Darethy]: "Pfff, do you take me for a barbarian?....I of course bleach the skulls and use them for the crosspiece."
18:35:32 [Bayonnii]: Oh, anyone else need a drink?
18:35:34 Kexti points at Syreena.
18:35:42 [Syreena]: Spilling your tea? I think it finished spilling out.
18:35:50 [Darethy]: "But I do have a staff if I need it."
18:35:54 [Bayonnii]: ...Ah. Of course. How gauche of me.
18:36:06 Kexti stands away from his staff, and holds it in a guard position.
18:36:08 Bayonnii grins. "I learned a new word."
18:36:13 Darethy chuckles.
18:36:21 [Kexti]: You spilled a bit more, friend.
18:36:29 [Kexti]: Not all of it, though.
18:36:38 [Syreena]: Did I? ....friend.
18:36:58 [Kexti]: Oh, I was referring to you, running in to the woods, bleeding essence.
18:37:07 [Kexti]: Not a fearsome sight, all told.
18:37:09 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, Kex'ti!
18:37:10 Syreena nods at Kexti.
18:37:23 [Xaraphyne]: Ya gonna tell me yer story or what?
18:37:25 [Syreena]: You did get quite violent when I accidentally knocked over your tea.
18:37:37 Kexti grimaces.
18:37:41 [Vilmah]: Is it story night?
18:37:42 Syreena smiles at Kexti.
18:37:44 [Bayonnii]: Well, I don't like it when folks knock my stuff over...
18:37:54 [Kexti]: To your peril, it would seem.
18:38:18 [Kexti]: I believe I deserve an explanation, if not your half-life.
18:38:22 Xaraphyne looks at Grimal.
18:38:40 [Xaraphyne]: What happened to a good ol' "fuck you"?
18:38:41 [Syreena]: I think the lady is waiting for a story. I believe it's your turn to tell one.
18:38:45 [Grimal]: Yes?
18:38:50 Kexti chuckles at Syreena.
18:38:52 [Grimal]: What me?
18:38:57 You point at Kexti.
18:39:02 [Vilmah]: Kexti?
18:39:04 Kexti sets his staff into the ground and hobbles back to the table.
18:39:15 [Kexti]: Yes. I do believe that was our agreement.
18:39:21 Vilmah blinks at Kexti.
18:39:26 Kexti nods at Vilmah.
18:39:28 Syreena grins to herself, toying with a cut off druid kitty tail in her lap.
18:39:36 You smile at Kexti.
18:39:37 Vilmah waves at Jinsai.
18:40:11 [Kexti]: There was a time, some years ago, where I served as a member of the Shattrath city guard.
18:40:20 You listen intently to Kexti.
18:40:21 Jinsai waves at Vilmah.
18:40:23 Kexti leans into the table, and grabs his drink again.
18:40:24 [Bayonnii]: That must'a been interesting.
18:40:25 Grimal blinks at Jinsai.
18:40:33 [Kexti]: The Skyguard, to be fair.
18:40:35 [Darethy]: "Ugh, i'm sick to death of Horde infighting. I signed up to slit Gilnean throats and hurl Kaldorei from ramparts, not bicker with Blood Elves and fight orcs over, and over, and OVER again.
18:40:39 You blink at Jinsai.
18:40:40 [Grimal]: Did you lose your hat?
18:40:47 [Kexti]: Hat?
18:40:52 Grimal points at Jinsai.
18:41:00 [Kexti]: Hoi, Jinsai.
18:41:05 Xaraphyne 's head turns to look at Jinsai as he walks around, completely forgetting that anyone else was talking.
18:41:06 [Jinsai]: This is my vacation spot. I don't wear a hat here.
18:41:11 [Xaraphyne]: Jinsai?
18:41:42 Bayonnii looks around.
18:41:42 Syreena eyes Cyelaena up and down.
18:42:05 Grimal nods at Darethy.
18:42:20 Jinsai eyes Xara, trying to put a name to the familiar face.
18:42:21 [Kexti]: The Skyguard worked primarily over Skettis, which was the last redoubt of the Outland Arakkoa. I made many friends there. But my favorite memory was...
18:42:25 [Jinsai]: I know you from somewhere?
18:42:30 Kexti appears wistful.
18:42:40 You peer at Jinsai searchingly.
18:42:40 Braxle takes a drink of [Imported E.K. Ale] oblivious to the fact that there are familiar faces around him
18:42:53 [Xaraphyne]: Ya look like someone I used ta know.
18:43:11 Grimal downs a [Sulfuron Slammer].
18:43:16 Bayonnii shrugs. Who knows?
18:43:36 Syreena looks at Cyelaena nervously.
18:43:39 [Jinsai]: Yeah, coulda sworn I've seen that face on a younger troll.
18:43:42 [Jinsai]: Where you from?
18:43:47 Xaraphyne looks at Jinsai, and starts to grin.
18:43:50 Syreena offers [Broken Bones] to the ghost wolf.
18:43:57 [Xaraphyne]: Ziraj! It IS you!
18:44:02 Kexti takes advantage of the distraction to slip away.
18:44:13 [Jinsai]: SHHH.
18:44:17 You blink at Jinsai.
18:44:29 Syreena peers at Cyelaena searchingly.
18:44:36 Bayonnii looks around.
18:44:38 Jinsai leans closer, "I prefer Jinsai, these days."
18:44:39 [Bayonnii]: Huh?
18:44:39 Kexti stands behind Syreena.
18:44:40 Vilmah looks around.
18:44:47 Grimal blinks at Jinsai.
18:44:49 [Xaraphyne]: Oh... okay!
18:45:05 Kexti whispers to the Forsaken.
18:45:11 [Xaraphyne]: Goddamn! I can't believe yer still alive!
18:45:13 [Vilmah]: Um... would anyone else like to tell a story? So we're not standing around in silence?
18:45:24 [Bayonnii]: I was starin' at people.
18:45:27 [Jinsai]: Why not? You calling me weak?
18:45:33 Jinsai laughs.
18:45:45 [Xaraphyne]: Well, I ain't seen ya in ten years, people who disappear like that don't tend ta come back!
18:45:45 Syreena tilts her head to listen, tensing for a moment then shrugs and turns to whisper back.
18:45:52 Xaraphyne laughs, then moves forward to hug him.
18:45:52 Darethy glances at Bayonnii "I should head on out actually, make sure everything's fine at home base...i'll be back though, take care."
18:46:11 Lilliana waves at Awatu.
18:46:15 [Bayonnii]: Okay! See ya in Draenor!
18:46:17 Jinsai grabs the female troll in an overly friendly embrace.
18:46:19 Braxle Peers over at Vilmah's tabard
18:46:20 Bayonnii waves goodbye to Darethy. Farewell!
18:46:22 Darethy nods at Bayonnii.
18:46:23 Xaraphyne gasps and laughs.
18:46:23 [Grimal]: Mm.... My stories don't have happy endings.
18:46:26 [Jinsai]: I didn't 'disappear.' More an escape.
18:46:31 Vilmah shrugs at Grimal. Who knows?
18:46:35 [Bayonnii]: Did that guy just..?
18:46:35 [Vilmah]: That's okay.
18:46:36 Lilliana smiles innocently at Awatu.
18:46:37 Lupinum coughs.
18:46:39 Syreena salutes Awatu with respect.
18:46:39 [Xaraphyne]: Careful! Ya hug me too tight and my partner's gonna have ta hurt ya!
18:46:42 Bayonnii looks over at the wall.
18:46:44 You grin wickedly at Jinsai.
18:46:47 Lilliana giggles at Awatu.
18:46:50 [Bayonnii]: Wha'choo all doin' there?
18:47:37 [Bayonnii]: I can't throw ya drinks?
18:47:38 Kexti rubs his stubble and closes an eye in thought.
18:47:53 Braxle Steps slightly in sight of Vilmah. and points to her tabard.
18:48:00 [Braxle]: I know that guild
18:48:02 [Jinsai]: I can hug an old friend however I like.
18:48:05 Vilmah blinks at Braxle.
18:48:10 [Grimal]: That's alright more for me.
18:48:12 [Vilmah]: Oh?
18:48:13 Jinsai grins.
18:48:13 Grimal chuckles at Bayonnii.
18:48:24 Xaraphyne grins at him. "Sure ya can. Damn! How did ya escape from the pirates?"
18:48:35 [Jinsai]: I didn't. I joined.
18:48:40 [Bayonnii]: ...
18:48:43 Syreena frowns with disappointment at Kexti.
18:48:47 Braxle Pulls out a sanctuary insignia out of his shirt
18:48:55 Kexti smirks slyly at Syreena.
18:48:56 [Xaraphyne]: Oh really!
18:49:07 [Braxle]: Funny meeting a fellow member out here
18:49:16 Vilmah smiles at Braxle.
18:49:25 [Vilmah]: Not so funny. We tend to be fairly social.
18:49:25 [Jinsai]: They liked the way I tore the faces off of a few overseers. Thought I had 'spirit.'
18:49:37 Bayonnii shrugs. Who knows?
18:49:49 Syreena smiles sweetly.
18:49:49 [Braxle]: Yea...but. Not many goblins in the guild
18:49:57 Xaraphyne twists her lips wryly. "Yeah. I guess that's a thing. I can't say I was unhappy ta see ya get free."
18:49:59 Kexti begins to turn away, and pauses.
18:50:09 [Vilmah]: True. It's a shame.
18:50:15 [Vilmah]: I find goblins to be incredibly resourceful.
18:50:22 Bayonnii grins wickedly at Vilmah.
18:50:26 Syreena turns to look below, at the goblin, upon hearing a bit of conversation.
18:50:30 Syreena eyes Braxle up and down.
18:50:30 [Jinsai]: Freedom's never a curse. How about you? How've the last ten years been?
18:50:36 Syreena smiles at Kexti.
18:50:42 [Kexti]: If you touch any of them, I will find you. You will not appreciate the outcome. Let us part ways here.
18:50:50 Syreena waves goodbye to Kexti. Farewell!
18:50:54 Syreena grins wickedly.
18:50:58 [Braxle]: Well. let's just say, if we're not an engineer. we know one
18:51:24 [Kexti]: Bayo! Next round's on me.
18:51:26 [Vilmah]: Engineering was never a strength of mine, so I appreciate the discipline it requires.
18:51:36 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, pretty good. I ran with some pirates myself, for awhile. Then I founded my own crew. Just been adventurin' around this world and all the others, ya know?
18:51:40 [Vilmah]: Especially since I depend on one.
18:51:53 [Bayonnii]: My own special brew I've been workin' on doubles as chopper fuel!
18:52:05 [Bayonnii]: What'll it be, everyone?
18:52:06 [Braxle]: My dad was an engineer in Stranglethorn.
18:52:10 [Jinsai]: Good to hear you've been well.
18:52:13 [Braxle]: Good one too.
18:52:25 [Braxle]: I never got the hang of it though
18:52:39 [Jinsai]: I never got my own crew, though. Probably for the best.
18:52:49 [Vilmah]: I can hardly manage knitting, myself. What do you do?
18:52:53 [Grimal]: Think I'll pass. Gonna give myself one more slammer and then I'll be through on drinking.
18:53:08 [Kexti]: Something strong, Bayo, if you'd be so kind.
18:53:13 Irohk chews out an AWOL grunt.
18:53:20 Xaraphyne nods, then smiles at him. "Oh yeah? Ya seem like yer capable of bossin' people around., A lot more assertive than I remember ya!"
18:53:30 You look at Bayonnii.
18:53:57 [Braxle]: Inscription. Documents, I'm also a notary
18:54:19 [Vilmah]: Definitely useful!
18:54:24 Bayonnii looks around.
18:54:34 Kexti shrugs at Bayonnii. Who knows?
18:54:42 Jinsai shrugs, "Not really a fan of leading. I'd rather find my own way."
18:54:58 [Bayonnii]: I gots a boat myself...
18:55:01 [Xaraphyne]: I know the feelin'.
18:55:03 You look at Bayonnii.
18:55:06 [Braxle]: I've made a killing printing lottery tickets lately
18:55:09 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah? What kinda boat?
18:55:15 [Vilmah]: Printing them?
18:55:15 [Kexti]: Hmm. Anyone else have interesting stories?
18:55:22 [Bayonnii]: Little motorboat. Ol' goblin whaler.
18:55:23 [Vilmah]: As in.. fake ones?
18:55:33 You smile at Bayonnii.
18:55:36 [Bayonnii]: Gonna fix 'er up.
18:55:39 [Braxle]: No. No, Commission
18:55:43 [Xaraphyne]: Mine's a fixer-upper, too!
18:55:48 Bayonnii cheers at you.
18:55:52 [Vilmah]: Oh! Oh that's good.
18:55:58 [Jinsai]: I want one of those Ironclads they got out in Draenor.
18:56:06 Kexti looks at Braxle.
18:56:06 You nod at Jinsai.
18:56:12 [Jinsai]: Big gun looks fun.
18:56:15 [Xaraphyne]: Hah!
18:56:22 [Kexti]: I don't believe we've met...Messr...?
18:56:31 [Braxle]: Dad always said. Dirty business is bad business
18:56:37 Vilmah agrees with Braxle.
18:56:41 [Bayonnii]: Eh. Easy to breach the hull. An' when ya breach the hull, everyone dies.
18:56:48 [Braxle]: Business*
18:56:57 Xaraphyne looks at Bayonnii with amusement.
18:57:06 Grimal has to chuckle hearing that from a goblin, considering the few he's known.
18:57:19 [Braxle]: It's been a few months now since I left.
18:57:24 [Bayonnii]: What? I've learned from experience!
18:57:36 You smile at Bayonnii.
18:57:50 [Vilmah]: Left?
18:58:05 [Bayonnii]: That's how I wound up in Pandaria.
18:58:07 [Braxle]: Stranglethorn. To join the glorious horde
18:58:14 [Xaraphyne]: Who ya runnin' with these days, Zi... Jinsai?
18:58:27 [Vilmah]: Well we're glad to have you!
18:58:37 [Jinsai]: ...I don't actually remember how I got to Pandaria. Woke up in a fisherman's hut.
18:58:46 You blink at Jinsai.
18:58:47 [Braxle]: Thank you. Glad to be here. having a blast
18:58:54 [Jinsai]: And lately, I been running with Sanctuary. They're good people.
18:59:01 Xaraphyne looks to see if he's drinking anything this evening.
18:59:03 Braxle Looks around fearfully
18:59:09 [Xaraphyne]: What! Sanctuary, really?
18:59:15 [Braxle]: Shouldn't say that word around here
18:59:19 Vilmah smiles toward Jinsai upon hearing his praises of Sanctuary.
18:59:27 [Vilmah]: Hmm?: What word? Blast?
18:59:59 Braxle Makes a motion to silence Vilmah
19:00:02 [Kexti]: I'm going to retire for the evening friends. Fare well!
19:00:09 [Bayonnii]: Night!
19:00:12 [Vilmah]: Oops, sorry..
19:00:14 Grimal sets a few materials on the table and tinkers for a few moments.
19:00:23 Xaraphyne looks at Jinsai with surprise, reevaluating.
19:00:24 [Jinsai]: Why not? I'm tired of of the state this world's in. They're some of the few I've found looking to save it...the right way.
19:00:46 [Xaraphyne]: Huh. Well, if that's how ya feel, that makes sense.
19:00:52 Vilmah nods toward Jinsai. "Now that's something I haven't heard in a long time."
19:00:57 Lilliana lies down.
19:01:13 Lupinum glares at the stones angrily, and quickly downs his alcohol.
19:01:19 [Braxle]: Us goblins can get a little carried away with that sort of thing
19:01:25 [Bayonnii]: Lemme know if ya need anythin'!
19:01:29 Xaraphyne looks toward Vilmah and smiles.
19:02:02 Vilmah nods at Braxle.
19:02:21 Awatu lets out a soft sigh.
19:02:22 Jinsai raises his [Triple-Distilled Brew] to Xara, "Thirsty?"
19:02:28 Bayonnii grins and puts her head down on the table.
19:02:31 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, always!
19:02:33 Lilliana grins wickedly at Awatu.
19:02:37 Awatu looks at Lilliana.
19:02:44 Lilliana looks back.
19:02:48 You thank Jinsai.
19:02:54 [Jinsai]: To old friends!
19:02:55 Xaraphyne looks past Jinsai. "Ley!"
19:02:55 Awatu simply grunts.
19:02:59 Leyujin greets you with a hearty hello!
19:02:59 You raise a drink to Jinsai. Cheers!
19:03:04 Bayonnii grins wickedly at Awatu.
19:03:06 [Leyujin]: 'eya Xara!
19:03:07 [Xaraphyne]: Phew, that'sh shtrong!
19:03:07 Bayonnii grins wickedly.
19:03:14 Lilliana winks at Awatu's grunt, then of course she catches sight of Leyu'jin.
19:03:16 [Xaraphyne]: Hey Ley, meet my old friend, Jinsai!
19:03:18 [Jinsai]: Pandaria'sh best, I've found.
19:03:22 [Xaraphyne]: Jinsai, thish ish Leyu'jin.
19:03:28 [Braxle]: How long have you been serving in the horde?
19:03:30 Leyujin bows before Jinsai.
19:03:30 Jinsai salutes Leyujin with respect.
19:03:33 Lilliana pauses during introductions.....of course she was about to do something.
19:03:37 [Xaraphyne]: Only one warrior on Azeroth better than he is.
19:03:39 You wink slyly at Leyujin.
19:03:43 Bayonnii looks at you.
19:03:51 [Leyujin]: Sounds Pandaren. Joo studied in da monastery?
19:04:00 [Vilmah]: Me? All my life.
19:04:10 [Jinsai]: You could shay that. ...hic!
19:04:13 [Vilmah]: Thrall liberated me in Hammerfall, when I was little. I was raised by our military.
19:04:15 Leyujin glances over at Xaraphyne, and snorts derisively.
19:04:21 You giggle at Leyujin.
19:04:24 Lilliana sticks herself in the conversation.
19:04:24 You smile at Lilliana.
19:04:28 [Xaraphyne]: Hey, Lilly! ...hic!
19:04:42 [Xaraphyne]: Meet Jinsai... he'sh a friend of mine from waaaaay back when! I didn't even know he wash shtill alive!
19:04:48 Braxle Looks blown away.
19:05:10 Lupinum works his mouth, like he's chewing his thoughts, before turning and walking inside.
19:05:20 [Lilliana]: Who, Jinsai? I met that guy. *eyes the other troll and grins*
19:05:20 [Braxle]: wow. so you must be godlike on the field.
19:05:25 Vilmah laughs at Braxle.
19:05:30 [Xaraphyne]: Oh yeah? Ya know him? ...hic!
19:05:41 [Jinsai]: Xaraphyne and I go waaay back. ...hic!
19:05:42 [Vilmah]: Not really. I'm alright, but I'm no hero. Just your average soldier.
19:05:43 Lilliana points at Jinsai.
19:05:55 Xaraphyne gives Jinsai an amused look, then looks back at Lilliana.
19:06:05 Leyujin raises an eyebrow at Jinsai. "Oh yah? Ah spent aboot a yeah at one o' dem ma'self."
19:06:10 Lilliana brushes her shadows away, because it's the polite thing to do. She looks at Xaraphyne. "What?"
19:06:20 [Xaraphyne]: What what?
19:06:53 Jinsai nods to Leyujin, "Lost my ability to speak to the Elements, so I had to find something else. Turns out I'm really good at punching things to death."
19:06:53 [Lilliana]: Be back.
19:06:55 [Lilliana]: And stuff.
19:06:58 You wave goodbye to Lilliana. Farewell!
19:07:03 [Braxle]: I wish I could say I was a true soldier. First day, they gave me a staff and told me to keep everyone alive. Never really crossed blades with anyone
19:07:08 [Xaraphyne]: There they go again.
19:07:30 [Xaraphyne]: Ya lost yer ability ta talk ta the elements?
19:07:49 [Jinsai]: Shomething to do with the Cataclysm, I think.
19:07:50 [Vilmah]: Be thankful if you never have to. It's a nasty business. I wish the spirits spoke to me, but, I'm a lot more useful just clubbing things.
19:07:55 [Xaraphyne]: Ahhh.
19:08:50 [Xaraphyne]: So, how long ya been with Sanctuary?
19:09:13 Bayonnii looks up at the wall.
19:09:15 [Jinsai]: Just a few weeks. Had been just wandering the world before that. Mostly fishing and drinking.
19:09:23 [Xaraphyne]: Hah!
19:09:45 [Xaraphyne]: I've been with a mercenary group fer awhile now. They're pretty capable folk.
19:10:00 [Braxle]: Maybe. But one of these days I hope to at least learn how to handle an axe.
19:10:12 [Jinsai]: Must be good money, yeah?
19:10:17 You laugh at Jinsai.
19:10:24 [Xaraphyne]: Depends on yer lifestyle! ...hic!
19:10:32 [Vilmah]: Well if you ever need help, let me know. Axes are my specialty.
19:10:51 [Jinsai]: Booze and fishing gear ish cheap. Easy to live like a king. ...hic!
19:10:58 You chuckle at Jinsai.
19:11:17 [Braxle]: Oh thank you. I might take you up on that!
19:11:17 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah, it'sh pretty cheap ta live when ya don't have weapons and armor ta keep up. I was actually retired fer awhile...
19:11:21 Xaraphyne trails off, wistful.
19:12:32 Jinsai grins, presenting his fists, "I got weapons. My whole body's a weapon, now."
19:12:42 Vilmah nods at Braxle.
19:12:55 Xaraphyne raises her eyebrows. "So yer a monk now? With all th punchin' and kickin' and stuff?"
19:13:07 Braxle feeds his firebird a treat
19:13:27 Jinsai nods, "Yep! There's more to it than just punching and kicking, though. It's almost an art."
19:13:31 [Bayonnii]: That's cool. I like punchin' stuff.
19:13:38 You grin wickedly at Bayonnii.
19:13:40 [Xaraphyne]: In the knee?
19:13:42 [Vilmah]: Well, I should be heading back to my garrison. Draenor is still a mess.
19:13:56 [Jinsai]: There'sh also a good bit of drinking.
19:13:56 [Bayonnii]: Goodnight!
19:14:05 Jinsai waves goodbye to Vilmah. Farewell!
19:14:08 [Braxle]: I understand. I hope I'll see you around
19:14:09 You wave goodbye to Vilmah. Farewell!
19:14:11 [Vilmah]: It was nice seeing you, let me know if you ever want to have a little "axe to axe" talk.
19:14:13 [Grimal]: Draenor's gonna be a mess for a long while.
19:14:13 Vilmah giggles at Braxle.
19:14:21 [Braxle]: Thank You. I will
19:14:22 Vilmah nods at Grimal.
19:14:30 Bayonnii nods at Grimal.
19:14:31 [Grimal]: Enjoy the down time I say.
19:15:02 [Vilmah]: Heh.. to be honest, not fighting just makes me nervous.
19:15:05 [Xaraphyne]: Vilmah ain't the type ta relax when there's work ta be done.
19:15:17 Vilmah nods at you.
19:15:20 You smile at Vilmah.
19:15:33 Vilmah waves goodbye to everyone.
19:15:36 Grimal gives a light shrug. "As you will then."
19:15:37 You wave goodbye to Vilmah. Farewell!
19:15:58 [Braxle]: How do you know her?
19:16:09 [Xaraphyne]: Who, me?
19:16:15 [Braxle]: Yea.
19:16:17 [Bayonnii]: I should get these bottles off the floor...
19:16:22 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, she and I go way back.
19:16:51 [Braxle]: Really? How far?
19:16:55 [Xaraphyne]: Met her back when the Horde was goin' ta Outland the first time!
19:17:50 [Braxle]: Wow...I remember hearing stories about that. You must be really accomplished if you made it through that
19:17:56 You smile at Braxle.
19:18:00 [Xaraphyne]: Eh, maybe.
19:18:16 You poke Lilliana. Hey!
19:18:22 Lilliana looks pissed off.
19:18:44 [Xaraphyne]: How goes the annihilation?
19:19:08 Jinsai eyes Lilliana, "What's got you down?"
19:19:11 [Leyujin]: Tanight? Eh...
19:19:15 Awatu snorts.
19:19:18 Xaraphyne looks at Ley and nods.
19:19:36 Lilliana scowls darkly, but looks up at Jinsai and grins....a quick switch.
19:19:38 [Xaraphyne]: Ain't it kind of an all or nothin', thing, annihilation?
19:19:41 You laugh.
19:20:10 [Bayonnii]: Not if ya screw it up!
19:20:24 [Braxle]: It was nice to meet you
19:20:31 You nod at Braxle.
19:21:40 You look at Jinsai.
19:21:54 Bayonnii nods.
19:21:55 [Xaraphyne]: Ya know anything about the Grim, Jinsai?
19:22:15 [Jinsai]: I think Sanctuary has shome sort of quarrel with them, lately. ...hic!
19:22:26 Diotrephes chews out an AWOL grunt.
19:22:30 Awatu glances over at the bargoblin. "Got any more of that Burnwine?"
19:22:33 [Xaraphyne]: Oh, really? Why, 'cause of Kex'ti and Syreena's fight?
19:23:36 Jinsai shrugs, "I think...Not really sure. I mostly avoid conflict. I know someone attacked somebody, and then someone else got mad about it...maybe?"
19:23:44 You nod at Jinsai.
19:24:23 Leyujin was distracted, but looks up as he overhears the conversation.
19:24:39 [Xaraphyne]: Well, I'm sure it'll be fine. Grim and Sanctuary have coexisted fer a long time.
19:25:07 [Jinsai]: I hope it'll be fine. Would be a shame to shee people die needlessly.
19:25:26 Lilliana 's blue eyes consider Xaraphyne and then Jinsai, figuring what they are speaking about. She cants her head.
19:25:40 Bayonnii shrugs. Who knows?
19:25:41 [Xaraphyne]: Heh, no one's gonna die! We're all Horde here!
19:25:49 [Xaraphyne]: Ya might get a pile of corpses dropped on yer lawn, though.
19:25:54 Xaraphyne gives Lilliana a sardonic look.
19:26:01 [Jinsai]: I don't got a lawn, sho no problem there.
19:26:14 You smirk slyly at Jinsai.
19:26:15 [Bayonnii]: I had that happen. Except it wasn't a lawn and they weren't corpses.
19:26:20 Lilliana looks away, partly apologetically and partly....well, that one you can really read, it's a darker look.
19:26:23 [Grimal]: If you do let me know, I'll send them to Undercity.
19:26:23 [Xaraphyne]: Huh? What was it, then?
19:26:39 Lilliana chuckles at Bayonnii.
19:26:51 Jinsai grins wickedly at Bayonnii.
19:26:51 Xaraphyne looks over her shoulder and grins at Grimal.
19:26:54 [Bayonnii]: I live in the goblin slum. Ain't got no room for a yard.
19:27:09 [Jinsai]: You got those grassy patches, though. The fake ones?
19:27:25 [Bayonnii]: So the dead dragon chunks got thrown in my face instead.
19:27:31 [Bayonnii]: An' they were on fire.
19:27:35 [Xaraphyne]: That sounds unpleasant.
19:27:48 [Bayonnii]: Yeah. Orgrimmar is weird.
19:27:57 You laugh at Bayonnii.
19:28:27 Lilliana rubs her forehead, and scowls. She isn't scowling at anyone here, just....scowling.
19:28:28 [Bayonnii]: Eh. Kinda hurt.
19:28:39 Xaraphyne looks at Lilly.
19:28:57 Leyujin notices the goblin behind him and gingerly steps out of the way.
19:29:03 [Grimal]: Need a massage Lilly? You look tense.
19:29:06 Lupinum spits small spots of... something onto the ground.
19:29:23 [Lilliana]: Ewwwww. *catches sight of Lupinum*
19:29:29 [Lilliana]: Didn't go well?
19:29:31 [Jinsai]: You alright? ...hic!
19:29:32 [Lilliana]: What is with tonight?
19:29:35 [Bayonnii]: 'Least it ain't me.
19:29:35 Lupinum shrugs and cracks his neck.
19:29:42 Lilliana grins wickedly at Bayonnii.
19:29:50 [Xaraphyne]: There they go again.
19:30:01 [Lilliana]: Heh, they left me behind this go around.
19:30:07 [Lilliana]: I'm not up to it tonight.\
19:30:13 Grimal gently pats Lilliana.
19:30:14 [Xaraphyne]: Ya look like ya need the rest anyway, Lilly.
19:30:21 Awatu eyes Lilliana up and down.
19:30:30 [Lilliana]: Rest is for the weak!
19:30:33 [Bayonnii]: I can get'cha a ride home...
19:30:34 You laugh at Lilliana.
19:30:51 [Xaraphyne]: Everyone's weak sometimes, Lilly.
19:30:52 [Lilliana]: Hehe, a ride home? *looks at the goblin with the funniest expression*
19:31:04 Lilliana smiles at Xaraphyne. "Even Grims, eh?"
19:31:09 [Xaraphyne]: Even Grim.
19:31:18 Grimal tells you NO. Not going to happen.
19:31:26 [Bayonnii]: What? Remote controlled chopper.
19:31:26 Jinsai stares intently at Lilliana for a moment, before giving Xara a similar look.
19:31:27 You blink at Grimal.
19:31:31 [Jinsai]: You two match.
19:31:38 You look at Jinsai.
19:31:40 [Xaraphyne]: Huh?
19:31:42 [Xaraphyne]: Oh!
19:31:47 [Lilliana]: Gee, this is a new record. *she laughs over Jinsai's observation*
19:31:47 [Xaraphyne]: Lilly's my aunt, kind of.
19:32:10 Bayonnii shrugs. Who knows?
19:32:15 Lilliana smiles at Leyujin.
19:32:19 [Jinsai]: Wash wondering why you two look alike.
19:32:29 [Xaraphyne]: Well, that's why!
19:32:43 [Lilliana]: Well, now you know. *she grins and reaches for her snowcone*
19:32:49 You look at Leyujin.
19:32:53 [Xaraphyne]: Stay!
19:33:07 [Lupinum]: The Mandate is a powerful call.
19:33:08 [Lilliana]: He can't. He's gotta slay.
19:33:09 [Leyujin]: Wut, an' be sociable?
19:33:15 [Xaraphyne]: Yeah!
19:33:16 Leyujin rolls on the floor laughing.
19:33:17 You laugh at Leyujin.
19:33:26 Brammorn nods at Lilliana.
19:33:35 Lilliana does offer Leyujin and Lupinum a bit of a pleading look, but it's more because she's not out there with them fighting.
19:33:36 [Xaraphyne]: Lilly, yer bodyguard showed up.
19:33:37 Bayonnii looks at Brammorn.
19:33:42 Lilliana greets Brammorn warmly.
19:33:45 [Bayonnii]: Can I get'cha somethin'?
19:33:47 Lupinum gently pats Brammorn.
19:33:47 [Lilliana]: hey, big tauren guy
19:33:55 [Leyujin]: Well, if da battlemastahs bein' slow, ah kin talk.
19:34:01 [Brammorn]: Gree.....tings.....priest-friend....
19:34:02 [Leyujin]: But now, ah go! Fwoom!
19:34:09 You let out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:34:22 [Lilliana]: We don't want Leyu'jin around anyway. *she snorts*
19:34:29 [Xaraphyne]: Yes you do.
19:34:35 [Lilliana]: And hi Brammorn. And the goblin asked if you wanted a drink, tauren.
19:34:48 [Bayonnii]: See, ya! Don't get caught in the bug zapper! We gots big mosquitoes.
19:34:50 Lilliana looks at Xaraphyne, tilts her head, and giggles tiredly.
19:34:55 [Brammorn]: No....need....
19:35:04 You smile at Lilliana.
19:35:17 Jinsai looks around, patting himself down. "I'll be right back. Gotta grab something!"
19:35:18 Bayonnii shrugs at Brammorn. Who knows?
19:35:24 You look at Jinsai.
19:35:39 You look at Awatu.
19:35:50 Awatu looks at you.
19:35:52 You wave at Awatu.
19:35:53 Lilliana dares to do something really evil.
19:36:00 Awatu nods in greeting.
19:36:01 [Lilliana]: Hi, Awatu....did you win...or lose?
19:36:08 You look at Lilliana.
19:36:10 [Awatu]: A decisive victory.
19:36:12 [Bayonnii]: I blinked. What happened?
19:36:14 [Lilliana]: Yes!
19:36:16 [Brammorn]: Sun-man....
19:36:23 [Lilliana]: Ha ha ha
19:36:40 Xaraphyne leans back against the chair.
19:36:43 [Lilliana]: Why'd he go over there?
19:36:45 Lilliana points at Jinsai.
19:36:57 [Xaraphyne]: I dunno, said he had ta do something.
19:37:05 You look at Leyujin.
19:37:09 [Xaraphyne]: That was quick.
19:37:16 Lupinum grins at you wickedly.
19:37:21 Lilliana pokes Leyu'jin in the shoulder when he appears.
19:37:23 [Leyujin]: Aye. Da foe wuz weak.
19:37:30 [Leyujin]: Oh. Sorry. Gotta go agin.
19:37:33 Leyujin bows down graciously.
19:37:33 You sigh at Leyujin.
19:37:35 [Leyujin]: Ma apologies.
19:37:49 Lilliana scowls.
19:37:56 [Xaraphyne]: Who needs conversation, anyway?
19:38:13 [Grimal]: No one in truth.
19:38:18 You look at Grimal.
19:38:21 [Xaraphyne]: Maybe you don't!
19:38:32 [Xaraphyne]: I'd start talkin' ta myself if I had no one ta talk to.
19:38:59 You look at Lilliana.
19:39:01 [Grimal]: Nothing wrong with verbally discussing with your inner monologues.
19:39:40 You look at Lilliana.
19:39:42 [Bayonnii]: I shut mine up with-
19:39:47 [Bayonnii]: Wait, that's my secret.
19:40:01 Grimal chuckles at Bayonnii.
19:40:19 [Xaraphyne]: With booze?
19:40:22 You raise a drink to Bayonnii. Cheers!
19:40:27 [Bayonnii]: Too easy.
19:40:31 You laugh at Bayonnii.
19:40:41 You stare Lilliana down.
19:40:42 Lilliana returns all creepy like.
19:40:43 You tell Lilliana NO. Not going to happen.
19:40:50 [Lilliana]: I love this potion!
19:40:53 You tell Lilliana NO. Not going to happen.
19:40:55 [Bayonnii]: Naw, it's more complicated than tha-
19:40:56 Leyujin covers his face with his palm.
19:41:02 [Bayonnii]: Lilli-dude?
19:41:02 [Lilliana]: Leyu'jin loves it too.
19:41:05 You tell Lilliana NO. Not going to happen.
19:41:26 Lilliana nods, as it's so happening.
19:41:26 [Brammorn]: Where.....priest-friend?
19:41:36 Lilliana waves at Brammorn.
19:41:45 [Lilliana]: It's me, I'm just under a potion. Here.\
19:41:48 You sigh at Lilliana.
19:42:04 [Brammorn]: ...Strange....
19:42:05 [Lilliana]: NO one likes it when I do that. *scowls*
19:42:16 [Grimal]: Xara, heard anything out of Civ? I'd hoped she'd be around again.
19:42:18 [Xaraphyne]: No offense Lilly, but yer cuter ash a female.
19:42:23 You look at Grimal.
19:42:34 [Xaraphyne]: Civarra? Not in a bit. Sorry. I can tell her ya said hi, though.
19:42:44 Grimal nods at you.
19:42:51 [Grimal]: Thank you.
19:42:57 Lilliana sits and pouts.
19:43:13 [Grimal]: Believe I'll retire for the evening myself.
19:43:23 [Bayonnii]: Goodnight!
19:43:26 Grimal thanks Bayonnii.
19:43:27 You nod at Grimal.
19:43:30 [Xaraphyne]: Have a good night!
19:43:34 Lilliana smiles at Grimal.
19:43:39 [Lilliana]: Goodnight, Grimal.
19:43:45 Grimal nods at Lilliana.
19:43:57 [Grimal]: See you all later, if you all haven't killed each other.
19:44:03 [Xaraphyne]: Hah!
19:44:05 [Lilliana]: I ain't killing no one!
19:44:38 [Grimal]: Well, probably would see you then too, after Sylvanas got done.
19:44:44 Grimal cackles maniacally at the situation.
19:44:46 You snort derisively at Grimal.
19:44:55 You greet Jinsai warmly.
19:45:03 You smell Jinsai. Wow, someone stinks!
19:45:03 [Lilliana]: Monk guy!
19:45:05 [Xaraphyne]: Smoke!
19:45:07 [Grimal]: Anyhow. Good night.
19:45:10 [Jinsai]: Sorry about that, had some urgent mail.
19:45:12 You wave goodbye to Grimal. Farewell!
19:45:14 Lilliana waves at Grimal.
19:46:08 [Xaraphyne]: What were we talkin' about?
19:46:21 [Lilliana]: Not killing each other.
19:46:27 [Xaraphyne]: Before that.
19:46:37 [Xaraphyne]: How Awatu smells, right?
19:46:47 Lilliana leans back on her hands and looks up. "Well....before that......I dunno. Grim and Sanctuary co-existing I think."
19:46:49 You wink slyly at Lilliana.
19:46:49 [Bayonnii]: What I do to keep the internal monologue away.
19:46:53 [Jinsai]: Thought Tauren just smelled like that...
19:47:00 [Lilliana]: Oh, and how Awatu smells.
19:47:06 You giggle at Lilliana.
19:47:10 [Lilliana]: Oh, hi Awatu.
19:47:18 [Lilliana]: And bye Awatu.
19:47:18 [Xaraphyne]: Bye Awatu!
19:47:23 [Bayonnii]: ...
19:47:25 [Bayonnii]: Well.
19:47:25 [Lilliana]: See, never will get in trouble with him.
19:47:31 [Xaraphyne]: I know, right.
19:47:35 [Lilliana]: He's all bad ass, but he's gotta be around to be badass first.
19:47:47 [Bayonnii]: With that, I think I oughta close up. You all have a way to get back from here?
19:47:52 You look at Bayonnii.
19:47:57 [Xaraphyne]: Not far, just Mulgore.
19:48:23 [Bayonnii]: Cool. See ya all next week!
19:48:25 [Jinsai]: Got a monk trick for getting back.
19:48:32 [Bayonnii]: Ooh, fancy.
19:48:43 You look at Jinsai.
19:48:49 Lilliana smiles at Bayonnii.
19:49:01 [Lilliana]: Thank you for hosting this again. *she says to the little goblin*
19:49:07 You nod at Bayonnii.
19:49:08 You raise a drink to Bayonnii. Cheers!
19:49:38 Bayonnii grins wickedly.
19:49:47 [Bayonnii]: Night!
19:49:49 Lupinum perks up, and he has no bodily things to spit out this time.
19:49:50 [Jinsai]: We'll have to meet up shome time, Xara. It'sh been too long.
19:49:55 You nod at Jinsai.
19:49:58 Leyujin has hardly participated this past hour, but as he phases back into existence he grins broadly at the goblin.
19:50:05 [Xaraphyne]: Whatcha doin' now? We could go shomewhere fer drinks.
19:50:46 [Jinsai]: Nothin' really. ...hic!
19:50:50 You smile at Jinsai.
19:51:00 [Xaraphyne]: Wanna?
19:51:32 [Jinsai]: Shure. Unlessh you feel like killing some Legion in Shattrath. Been trying to impress thish Sha'tari girl.
19:51:35 Lilliana peers over at Awatu.
19:51:42 You laugh at Jinsai.
19:51:44 [Xaraphyne]: We can do that!
19:52:09 You wave at Ulrezaj.
19:52:13 Ulrezaj nods at you.
19:52:14 Lilliana waves at Ulrezaj.
19:52:17 Awatu snorts. "I heard what you said, earlier."
19:52:25 [Xaraphyne]: Hey Ully! I'm about ta head out.
19:52:30 Xaraphyne pretends like she doesn't hear Awatu.
19:52:38 Lilliana looks at Awatu for a few moments, as if deciding what to do.
19:52:43 [Brammorn]: Sun-man....smells....
19:53:01 Brammorn grunts a lone hacking laugh.
19:53:02 [Awatu]: That is what I heard, yes.
19:53:20 You look at Jinsai.
19:53:23 [Xaraphyne]: Shall we?
19:53:31 [Jinsai]: I'll meet you there! ...hic!
19:53:32 [Lilliana]: Xara said it first. *she whispers to Awatu*
19:53:33 You nod at Jinsai.
19:53:39 [Ulrezaj]: Don't.
19:53:39 [Xaraphyne]: I did not!
19:53:45 [Awatu]: I blame both of you equally.
19:53:51 Lilliana looks back. "Did too....!"
19:53:52 You laugh.
19:53:53 [Ulrezaj]: Ahh, de stoic speaketh.
19:54:00 Ulrezaj chuckles at Awatu.
19:54:02 You blink at Jinsai.
19:54:06 [Brammorn]: Trick-man....!
19:54:06 Lilliana then turns to Awatu and giggles. "Probably fair to do that." She grins sheepishly.
19:54:11 Brammorn glares angrily at Ulrezaj.
19:54:12 [Ulrezaj]: You can't know dat.
19:54:13 You look at Brammorn.
19:54:15 [Xaraphyne]: Uh oh.
19:54:24 [Ulrezaj]: Nope nope nope.
19:54:36 [Brammorn]: Bram...morn....watch...trick-man....
19:54:44 [Xaraphyne]: That's right, Brammorn!
19:54:49 Awatu pokes Lilliana in the forehead. "It would be best to watch your mouth."
19:54:56 [Ulrezaj]: You be watchin', but ya eyes deceive you ah think.
19:55:06 You grin wickedly at Lilliana.
19:55:11 [Ulrezaj]: Validation comes through a testimony o' two o' three witnesses.
19:55:14 Lilliana rubs her forehead. "Ow, Awatu." Then she scowls. "I can't watch it, need a mirror."
19:55:17 Lupinum laughs.
19:55:26 [Lupinum]: That was a fun one, Wordbearer!
19:55:28 Ulrezaj welcomes Leyujin.
19:55:32 [Brammorn]: Trick-man....talk....circles....want....cruuuuuush.....
19:55:33 [Lupinum]: Those quishy little bastards...
19:55:45 [Ulrezaj]: Wordbearer making you feel all giddy.
19:55:47 Leyujin cackles maniacally at Lupinum.
19:55:54 Lupinum grins wickedly at Ulrezaj.
19:55:55 [Ulrezaj]: It be called de exploits o' fulfillment.
19:56:05 [Awatu]: Then carry a mirror at all times.
19:56:15 Lilliana giggles at Awatu.
19:56:28 [Xaraphyne]: Well, I'm off ta hunt some demons.
19:56:29 [Ulrezaj]: Reportin' in, Leyujin.
19:56:30 [Lupinum]: Brammorn. Is today a good day?
19:56:37 Leyujin smiles to himself. "Dat wuz sum gud sparrin'."
19:56:38 Brammorn still stares at Ulrezaj unblinkingly.
19:56:38 Lilliana smiles at you.
19:56:41 Leyujin salutes Ulrezaj with respect.
19:56:46 [Ulrezaj]: We had at least killed ninety-nine arena contestants today.
19:56:47 You smile at Lilliana.
19:56:50 [Lilliana]: Bye Xaraphyne....and don't get me into trouble, I can do that myself, thank you.
19:56:54 [Ulrezaj]: One more and it woulda made Kargath smile.
19:56:57 You laugh at Lilliana.
19:56:57 Leyujin claps excitedly for Ulrezaj.
19:57:01 [Xaraphyne]: Ya didn't have ta join in!
19:57:11 [Ulrezaj]: Aye. Awatu's axe is sharper den ah knew.
19:57:16 [Leyujin]: Excellent. We bin havin' fun ourselves.
19:57:22 Leyujin grins at Lupinum.
19:57:27 [Brammorn]: Day....same....
19:57:30 You wave goodbye to everyone. Farewell!
19:57:33 [Ulrezaj]: It be like smash whoop - bam! Suddenly, all fall down.
19:57:34 Lupinum waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
19:57:34 Lilliana looks back and eyes Awatu.
19:57:36 Leyujin waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
19:57:43 [Leyujin]: Latah sistah.
19:57:44 Lilliana waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
19:57:48 You wave goodbye to Leyujin. Farewell!
19:57:49 [Ulrezaj]: Lateh.
19:57:51 [Awatu]: Actually, I have not sharpened my axe in a long time. I simply strike harder as it becomes dulled.
19:57:53 Ulrezaj waves goodbye to you. Farewell!
19:57:53 [Xaraphyne]: Cye!
19:57:56 Brammorn is still watching Ulrezaj like a hawk...waiting for the slightest movement.
19:58:00 [Ulrezaj]: Cye? Um, okay.
19:58:10 Ulrezaj peers at Brammorn searchingly.
19:58:11 You pet Cyelaena.
19:58:12 Leyujin chuckles at Awatu's humor.

18:41:20 [Lilliana-TwistingNether]: I don't know how to play the game, just rp.


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