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Re: Silvermoon in Winter (Open)

Postby Kexti » December 23rd, 2014, 4:04 am

"Mon, that orc be...unfortunate."

Kex'ti and Yavo sat astride their mounts. In a strange twist of fate, Yavo rode upon a white hawkstrider; Kex'ti, a black raptor. What had started as an observation mission had devolved into a drinking contest with Karez, a Frostwolf hunter. Karez's wolf looked balefully up at Yavo, who currently held his reins. Yavo had provided some toad-steeped troll liquor.

Given that the elf's constitution was, even with his focus, lesser than that of his two companions, the contest took shape in the form of ever increasing dares. Karez had been dared to relieve his bladder into an open crevasse of magma. Provided he didn't die, Kex'ti was sure that Karez's deepest wound would be his pride, rather than boiling steam from his urine. The mists had been used to tend to embarrassing wounds since young Pandaren monks had dared each other to stick their fists into geysers.

However, Kex'ti nor Yavo had encounter magmawurms before. Likewise, it was unlikely that magmawurms had encountered a disrobed orc standing so neatly by for a snack. Karez had managed to pull up his mail fair enough that he limped through the snow back to the dugout in the rocks where Kex'ti and Yavo attempted to refrain from laughter. All the while, Karez held one hand to his pants and the other to a rifle which was fired recklessly over his shoulder. The magmawurm slithered back into its sinkhole, preferring its formerly exposed meal to the pelting slugs Karez's liberated Iron Horde firearm launched.

Kex'ti chewed at leftover boar from his meal earlier in the day. Kex'ti took a draw from the jar, shuddering as he realized that first, the toad had bumped into his upper lip, and second, that this fact meant the jar was nearly empty.

"Yavo, how do you typically celebrate Winter Veil?"

"The same way we be celebratin' every holiday. We honor de spirits an' dance."

Kex'ti thought back to Silvermoon, and the trees and decorations. He remembered Dalaran, and the high winter sun in Ratchet.


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