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Joined: November 6th, 2014, 6:00 pm

Arboreal Musings (A Druid's Journal)

Postby Kenjin » November 6th, 2014, 6:05 pm

Most people never give a thought to what a tree must be feeling. Trees are just there, a part of the landscape. Why would anyone give them any thought? People don’t realize how much life is involved in being a tree.

My name is Kenjin. I am a druid. Through study and training I have learned to take many forms. I’ve run with the stags in the Moonglade. I’ve slipped through the water with the seals in Booty Bay. I’ve hunted as a cat on the Barrens and know the secrets of the Bears. I’ve soared through the sky with Wyverns and Griffons. I’ve experienced more aspects of life than most beings could ever hope for. I am a Druid, and I love life in all its aspects, but mostly, I love being a tree.

Today I planted myself by the riverside near Farstrider Retreat. As I sat, toes sunk deep into the earth, feeling my roots soak up nutrients from the rich earth beneath me, I saw two elves walking hand in hand. They leaned up against my trunk and spent several minutes talking of life and current events. I pay little attention. I heard them as a dull murmur in the background, focusing instead on the sound of the wind through my leaves. After they wandered off, I let myself enjoy the sun pouring down onto my leaves, feeding and restoring me with every second. A squirrel tries to gnaw on my branches, but a gentle shake sends him scurrying away.

Life is good. If only people would stop banging those swords around. The sound would be so much nicer without them.


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