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by darethy » March 25th, 2014, 5:35 pm

1 year ago.

Undisturbed a kingdom has sat on our boarders for years now, freed of responsibility they have instead turned to fighting amongst themselves like schoolchildren. They abandoned anyone and everyone to the orcs, to the scourge, and behind those stone walls they thought they would never worry again. But no, now is the time for worry, now is the time for bloody revenge. now is the time for shuddering and fear. The blinding light of explosions interrupts their languid dreams, property cracks and earth shatters as death itself rises from the ground, the wall splits open as waves of victims push through bearing hatchets, clubs, halberds, and countless swords for their wayward friends.

Sunlight poured into the spartan tent on the road to Silverpine, and a lone Forsaken rubbed his eyes a moment as he clambered out of his tent. His hair was long, covering his ears and his eyes were a bright orange that contrasted with his ghostly pale marble skin. He slept in a suit of mail armor. Black scales with the icon of torment draped over his chest, and on his back a simple cape of wolf fur. He reached over his bow, an ancient looking black bow with a blue skull in it's center, three arrows jutting from it, one of which was broken at the tip. Normally he didn't work in daylight, but there were things he must do, the world was waking and he needed to count an arrow for all of them, because he was going out to shake the gates of hell. as he passed a few Forsaken he smiled.

I'll either be on the parade back, dead in the ground, or in a Gilnean prison...if it's the last, I will tell them only that the sunlight dragged me here.

He nocked an arrow as he approached the wall, casually shooting one worgen rushing to fight to charge the Forsaken vanguard, in the distance an Ettin tossed boulders into the field causing chaos and making both sides break ranks. Yet he did not fall back to cover, or even slow, he nocked two arrows this time as he broke into a run and fired into the Worgen, screaming in Lordanian...something they probably couldn't understand...all the while "Come out you Gilnean scum, fight me like a man! Or run the hell away like the orcs made you on the green hills of Lordaeron!"

My Lords your time has come, right between the eyes.

"When we're done Genn will be the king of nothing really..." he nocked another arrow...this one lit aflame...and sent it screaming through a window, a home bursting into flames as it did "Fitting you'd die like dogs!" by this point he'd advanced well ahead of the actual Forsaken vanguard, and was immediately set upon by two worgen, he laughed...something he'd not done in quite awhile....as he rolled out of the way, a bear trap snapped against of their legs as what seemed like a horde of snapping vipers seemed to burst from the ground and bite his flesh. The other was knocked aside easily as a massive undead bear smashed him into the ground from seemingly nowhere.

Hear that? it's the shattering of their expectations, the breaking of hearts, and the ransacking of homes...it's fitting.


These days, Darethy had taken aside his mail armor for a mixture of cloth and metal. Around his body were thick black robes with gold thread made into the shape of skulls and demonic faces, small purple gems glowing against them. Upon his back was an elaborate Illdari cloak that glowed green against that dyed wolfhide, leading to a almost stereotypical crescent sorcerers hood, underneath it a hollowed out skull with glowing green eyes and pointed fangs that covered his face. On one side was a sword with a green wrapped hilt, it's crossguard shaped into the outer ring of the twilight hammer, glowing lights wafting off of it's perfectly sharpened edges, in his other hand was a greatstaff of simple design with a green pointed gem at it's base and at it's tip...one could almost use it as a spear. Finally at his shoulders were massive carefully shaped chunks of elementium and living steel, one end holding a demonic skull with a black blindfold around it's eyes(Which was also worn around his belt.) and the other holding a large purple gem with horns inexplicably protruding from the top.

It was because of these things that made it look somewhat odd when he put the weapons away in favor of a crude metal pipe, he had heard the Alliance were coming to Gilneas again and at the first availability he had rode off into capital city. Approaching a glass storefront, he looked it up and down for a moment...and then unceremoniously smashed the broad metal pipe through it.

Missed a spot.


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