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Bounty Notice

Postby Konro » November 5th, 2014, 1:49 am

The 37th Infantry and their commanding officer Konro “Stormreaver” has been declared an enemy of the Horde by Warchief Vol’jin. Wanted for conspiring Warchief Vol’jin and Baine Bloodhoof’s death, aiding Garrosh Hellscream’s supporters in the Barrens, the deaths of over fifty members of the Horde and the disappearance of thirty prisoners of war.
Wanted Dead.

Two figures in the crowd of Thunder Bluff looked coldly upon the command board.
“Looks like we’re traitors sir.” said the Orc.
“Looks like. Not that it matters, we knew this was coming.” The Tauren grumbled.
“They’ll never find us.” The Orc turned to the other. “What do we do from here?”
“What else? Serve the Horde.”
“Of course. We’ll meet again in Draenor” The Orc walked away.
“For the Horde.” The Tauren grabbed his axe from his back and made for the dead man.


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