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John Weston
John Weston
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John Weston

((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Nights

Postby John Weston » April 24th, 2014, 12:14 pm

(( In an attempt to get to know the community I've set an open RP location in one of Alliances favorite hubs, Goldshire ))

John Weston had been living in Ironforge since the winter of last year. He picked up an internship with the Dwarves and Gnomes to learn Blacksmithing and Engineering, during this time John basically built all their armor for free and saw it as a way to honor the Alliance between the Human and Dwarves. During his time there he scrapped by eating what food he could find, and living off the tips of the heroes generously donated to him for his find work. Living off bread and water wasn't enough; Determination brought the hammer down harder, determination lit the coals brighter, and soon he was awarded an apprenticeship for his fine work.

Tognus Flintfire was the one to approve his work and write the document for his release to work under contract as a professional blacksmith. Upon completion of his Internship and his entry into the guild of smiths he found that work was scarce for a couple of months. The Siege of Orgrimmar was over; Garrosh had been imprisoned and the inflation of gold had made the cost of repairing armor so expensive that most champions set their armor and weapons aside as the conflict began to settle.

Unfortunately there had been a sudden death at the Goldshire Forge and a spot was in need to be filled. John quickly jumped on the opportunity, and through one of his instructors had a good word put in for him. Now that things are starting to look good for John he's set out to his new home. Under the tunnels of the Deep Run Tram, to the streets of Stormwind, and finally down the busy roads of Elwynn Forest John has made his way to Goldshire Inn to find room and board and to await his first day as Apprentice Blacksmith John Weston.

As he makes his way into the Goldshire Tavern he is approached by Innkeeper Farley.

Farley: "Top of the afternoon to ye, traveler. We have don't have any rooms available for the night unfortunately. Is there anything else I can assist ye with? We have plenty of food and drink if yer looking to stay awhile."

Weston ruffles through his backpack as the Farley talks to him. He finds a set of papers and hands them over.

Weston: "I've been set up with room and board for a fortnight, paid in full by the Stormwind Aristocrat Society."

Farley carefully examines the documents as he humbly smiles, "Yes, I recognize these signatures. Welcome Master Weston, I hope that your stay here is satisfactorily, we have prepared a room for you during your stay. We've been in need of a smith ever since our last one passed on, he was of old age, but he worked that forge everyday until the day he died. He'll be missed."

Weston: "I'll do what I can to honor him with the craftsmanship that I've been taught."

Farley: "Well, excellent spirit. Please this home is yours make yourself at home; I'm the Innkeeper, around here they call me Farley, and don't worry about the other patrons, they are the regulars here, but they're of no harm."

Weston: "Cheers Farley, nice to make your acquaintance, I'll make the best of my stay."

Weston orders some boar pull pork and a tall mug of ale before taking his seat by the fire...

Thomas Jarington
Thomas Jarington
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Thomas Jarington

Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby Thomas Jarington » April 24th, 2014, 5:39 pm

Stormy Jake Janzen was bored.

The Scarlet Raven was as quiet as a morgue these days. No more all night parties, no more dancing, drinking or carousing. The Funk was gone, vanished in the blink of an eye – or at least the flash of a bomb. And with it went the excitement.

Word of the Eastvale bombing had reached Darkshire within hours of the occurrence, causing the already suspicious folk to question what happened. Rumours flew as fast as the crows: Goblin assault teams, the Guard doing it themselves to kill off the deliveries, magic gone wrong (people in Darkshire always blamed magic) – even a band of pirates trying to seize control of the fabled drink.

Jake doubted the validity of the stories, yet he had no clue of what had truly happened. Grimmka had left him hanging in this Light forsaken horror of a town, with nary a word of instruction. It was almost like he no longer existed to her, or the Company – the fabled and fabulous TwinSeas Trading.

She had pulled him from the netters, rescuing him from a life of never-ending knots and sea tales while seated amidst slimy fish. Instead, he found himself flung into a dark forest, in a dark town (even named Darkshire) filled with suspicious people who rarely talked.

In other words, boring. And it was time to go.

“See ya round, Trelayne,” Jake said, placing his empty mug of ale upon the bar. He dropped five silver coins beside the mug. “I think I’ll be headin on o’er to Goldshire, see what the cat’s dug up an all that.” The barkeeper nodded, not bothering to look at her only patron.

“Give my regards to Farley,” she said, whisking the coins away, then wiping down the bar. Jake waited for her to say something more, but she didn’t. Instead, she walked into the kitchen and ignored Stormy altogether.

“Yea,” he said. “I’ll be doin ‘ that.” He shook his head, plopped his hat atop his head and walked away from the Scarlet Raven.


Goldshire was ‘slightly’ busier than Darkshire, he noted, seeing one well equipped adventurer ride through on his way toward Eastvale. By the look of the man, Jake doubted he’d be stopping in the lumberyard, instead continuing onto Redridge.

“I reckon that place be dead as well,” he said, meandering his way toward the tavern. He laughed, thinking of the bombing as he said the words. “Dead,” he repeated, chuckling. “I no be thinkin a bomb went off there.”

He noted a heavy Guard presence in the town, especially when he mentioned the word, bomb. Two glared at him, carefully studying the former sailor from beneath their steel helmets. Jake even knuckled his forehead at the Marshal, certainly as a sign of welcome. He got a harsh stare in return. Maybe the man be suspicious of all newcomers, Jake thought, crossing the street toward what had once been called the Hearthstone. It no be like I got a bomb er anythin’.

The clinking of glass captured his attention as he walked through the door, as well as the scent of roasting meats. It was already a much better experience than the Raven and he’d not even entered the common room yet.

Stepping around the corner, he opened his arms wide and smiled. “Stormy do be here,” he exclaimed. “Ready ta be regailin ya with tales of gold, glory and far’way lands!” He imagined winds snapping and billowing his wide, whitish sailing pants, his long brown hair blowing behind him – held only in place by a thin, leather cord.

A mighty sailing captain standing atop the bowsprit as his ship sailed into port, greeted by cheers and shouts from fair maidens who lined the dock - ready to lavish Stormy Janzen with kisses and more. Crowds upon crowds standing ten deep, waving and shouting to the returning hero – knowing the treasures he brought would be spread amongst them all.

The man behind the bar stopped cleaning the mug he held, his mouth agape, his towel stilled at the sailor’s glamorous entry. A head peered around the kitchen’s corner, eyes narrowed with surprise at what he saw. A barmaid stopped swabbing the floor, her mop leaving a wide puddle of water from being stopped mid-swish.

In fact, Jake noted, all eyes turned his way - not that there were many to do so. The place looked as empty as the Raven, though certainly lighter and more cheerful feeling. He felt the hero and a hero needed drink.

“Ah,” a man said, wiping his hands on a white linen cloth. “Can I get you a drink, sailor? Bourbon, perhaps. We’re rather famous for our bourbon.”

“Cherry grog,” Stormy stated, placing his hands on his hips, much like he’d seen Captain Sebastian Stealjaw do when the Widow’s Tongue sailed into Booty Bay. “And ifn ya no grog, the bourbon be doin just fine.”

The innkeeper lifted an eyebrow, nodded and turned toward the bar. “Bourbon it is. Have a seat anywhere, we’re just readying for the rush.”

Stormy Jake Janzen smiled, looking around the room and noting only one additional patron; currently, anyway. The innkeeper had said rush. Nodding, he found a seat near the bar, his body filled with the feeling that he would no longer be bored.
Thomas Jarington & Co.

John Weston
John Weston
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John Weston

Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby John Weston » April 27th, 2014, 9:08 am

((Sorry for the late reply.))

John had been drinking since noon and still felt sober ever though his balance was slightly off. The bread must have been absorbing the alcohol, which is a good thing because he never liked getting completely drunk, especially in public.

From an outsiders point of view he looked either angry or deep in thought, it was hard to tell. His brow was tight and forehead wrinkled with the burdens of life as he watched the embers of the fire fly up through the chimney. Occasionally he would slice off a small piece of cheese from his plate and take small bites; he was somewhat lactose and tolerant which caused him stomach pains and increased flatulence, he was also a smoker and would step outside occasionally to get his fix and release gas:


Outside of the lion's pride inn he would lean up against the fence post with his elbows resting on the top plank as he would smoke and observe people. Occasionally an adventurer would wander through and John would give a friendly nod of acknowledgement of their being. Being a man of few words he hardly struck up a conversation with anybody, even the people he knew he hardly spoke to unless there was a topic of importance that needed to be brought to attention, or it had something to do with work. However he was humble, and treated others with respect.

The guards outside noted the new visitor in town; they conversed to each other about everybody though. I suppose it was their job to keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious characters. As John was people watching he happened to catch eyes with one of the guards; he tilted his head towards the guard and raised his index and middle finger side by side to his eyebrow in a half salute to the guard. The guard slightly nodded his head in exchange, but didn't move too much to break his position of attention while standing guard.

John's didn't really smile, he smirked as if he was forcing himself to smile to be more appealing to others and put forth a friendly attitude. His right cheek would lift and his right eye would shut slightly, but he never showed his teeth when he smiled. Over the years of smoking and drinking it had damaged his teeth and they had a slightly yellowish tint. On a good day they would appear white, after being off the wagon for awhile and increased proper dental hygiene.


As he continued to stare deep into the flickering flames his attention turned towards the commotion as a new patron entered the room. A loud sailor entered the tavern and bellowed out loud calling for the locals attention; he seemed to be well known as they all welcomed him as he entered with arms wide open. He soon turned back to watch the fire but was also watching people in his peripheral vision. Non-intentionally he was eavesdropping on the conversations from across the room. Not that he was spying on anybody, but when you can hear somebody talking it's hard not to pay attention.

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Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby Ghian » May 5th, 2014, 2:06 am

The smell of pipe smoke lingered outside the entrance to the Lion's Pride Inn. Ghian held her breath and quickened her pace, pushing the door open. No smoke inside proper. She exhaled in relief and made a beeline for Farley.

"Well, now!" The human man beamed down at her. "Another customer. What can I do for you?"

Ghian retrieved a folded, pale blue parchment from inside her jacket and held it out. "The Tower of Azora's bimonthly grocery trip, if you please."

Farley studied her with interest. "New to the service, eh?"

Ghian nodded briefly. "Yes." She didn't like this type of work; established servants always held grudges against newcomers, no matter how temporary, and the Tower's servants were no different. Playing fetch-me for a few days to gain access to Theocritus' library of enchantments was a small price to pay.

"Hmm." Farley looked over the list. "We're short on coffee, should have a shipment in soon. The whiskey is no problem. If he doesn't mind green beans, I can fill the rest of the lot in an hour. Except the chicken pot pie. Don't think I can have it that quick."

"I'll wait," Ghian said. "He was very adamant on that pie."

"I'll have Tomas get it started. Have a seat."

Ghian gave the innkeeper her politest smile before taking his suggestion. There were a few gnome-proportioned chairs scattered among the furnishings meant for Tall Folk. She claimed the nearest, intending to pass the time people-watching.

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Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby Darren » May 19th, 2014, 2:33 pm

Darren heaves a sigh after hearing the boastful entry of a new patron to the Lion's Pride. The energetic fellow entered not a moment before him, his enthusiasm halting Darren's steps just outside the entrance. He walks in a moment after, confident the other patron had moved away to the bar or something. With a quick two whistles, Darren flicks a finger toward the hearth, his Wolf reluctantly obeys the command and pads over. The beast stomps lightly in a small circle on the stones before settling down, his sharp eyes never leaving his master as they track his approach to the bar. Likewise Darren keeps a close eye on the Wolf as well. It wouldn't be the first time the animal tried to get the better of him at an Inn. The last time taught him to never let his guard down around the thing. It is incredibly inconvenient, though at least he can count on the Wolf to take down his enemies. Probably 'cause he wants to off me himself at some point. Wily bastard.

A few more steps and a nod or two to the patrons present, Darren tosses a few coins to the counter top and levels his attention to Dobbins. "Whiskey, go light on th' ice."

"Go easy on my patrons and you'll get your drink, Darren." Dobbins retorts, eyeing the man in his ragged green-tinted leather armor. The last time Darren graced the tavern he nearly put a crossbow bolt between the eyes of a paying customer, a Worgen at that. Seems the Guard finally let him go after a month or so. "Here," he grunts, sliding Darren's drink over after he gave a nod.

"Thank ya." Darren nods, taking the drink over to the hearth. He settles near his Wolf, leaning against the table as he begins to sip the first drink of many to come.

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Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby Ghian » May 25th, 2014, 8:26 pm

It quickly became clear there were few interesting people to watch. The pipe-smoker was regaling the inn at large with some adventure, in a sailor's argot so thick barely one word in five was understandable. A hunter stood by the hearth with his wolf.

It was going to be a long wait.

Ghian went to the bar, ordered a cup of hot milk with cinnamon and extra napkins. The bartender eyed her funny before shrugging and trudging off to the kitchen. Ghian pocketed the pencil he'd left on the bar, paid the man when he returned and went back to her chair. She tasted the milk, took out the pencil and began making notes on a napkin.

Material options:

-bone, easy to find, but not of high quality == (death symbolism -- counterproductive)

clay -- common, easy to use, easily replaced. too porous?

ceramics --- as clay, but not porous. (? maybe?)

pewter, gold, silver -- not good for drinking from. G. costly. S. better? s. associated with moons, moons with illusions and dreams -- no.

iron - ugly.. mithril and truesilver? may not have skill for this...

northrend metals too closely associated with death. lk's
lies. no good!

malachite? jade? talk to kurgana -- could she carve?

glass - clarity, farseeing. find out, does gruft still make glass?

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Re: ((Open RP)) - Goldshire: Blacksmithing Days & Drunken Ni

Postby Weston » August 18th, 2014, 1:05 pm

(( Quick note: I've decided to make some changes to my RP story due to certain character changes that would not work lore-wise with my other characters. Sorry I have not responded in some time but I'll try to have an in-character response on this thread later. ))


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