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[NC-17]Black Scale Tome: Omnipotent Verses for the Forgotten

PostPosted: April 24th, 2014, 7:59 am
by Fantomas
((Welcome to my new creative writing project: Place yourself in the footsteps of our hero as they enter into a lost tomb. Azeroth is full of many mysteries, some lost forever in the ruins of time, while others are being discovered by adventurers, archeologists, knowledge seekers, etc. I've attempted to keep the opening very sex-neutral for all readers to enjoy from their point of view. DO NOT READ THIS if you are easily disturbed or faint of heart; Rated R, NC-17.))


Somewhere deep within a mountain range in the plaguelands...

An adventurer enters into forgotten catacombs, spider webs cover the hallways, and the adventurer easily burns through the webs to make their way down into the main chamber. No enemies or undead are found in this dead tomb, it's assumed that this is a lost tomb, forgotten over time. The air fills the adventures nostrils with an old moldy stench, our hero covers their face with a cloth to avoid the foul air as they investigate around the room, torches line the damp chambers.

The adventurer lights them around the square area and as light fills the room, a view so cruel is illuminated before our hero; a black dragon scale bound tome sits on top of an stone alter surrounded by raven corpses and feathers that encircle the alter, the floor is covered in demonic markings, this place appears to be a church for black magic rituals, and sacrifices to some god…demons perhaps? The adventurer takes their first steps on the stairs to ascent the alter, just as spirits are believed to leave the body into the holy light.

Our adventurer places their torch in the sconce on the wall and brushes off the dust from the book; unbeknown to our hero a face manifests behind them void of any emotion and dissipates into the dark as quickly as it appeared. The book itself has no title on the front cover, upon lifting the cover our adventurer finds it fairly difficult, but manages to open to the front page; after turning the page past the 120 degree angle the cover slams down as if a magnetic force suddenly took hold.

As the black scale cover makes contact with the alter a heavy crackling of thunder immediately echoes throughout the tomb, dust crumbles down from the ceiling as a gust of wind comes from some unknown corner carrying the whispers of a voiceless entity on its trail. "This place is surely cursed" says our hero while looking around the room to ensure their own safety.

As the rumbling gradually turned into a soft humming silence; our hero turns their attention back to the ancient tome, on the cover page it says in the old common tongue, "Omnipotent Verses for the Forgotten." The writer obviously thought they have some god like ability, and who are these forgotten ones? This was obviously written completely by hand, no publishing company would print such a obscure book. Whoever made this possessed a quaint penmanship. There is no authors name written on the opening pages. The adventurer begins to shiver as the temperatures in the room drop, as their breath turns to mist they begin to read the first pages…

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PostPosted: April 24th, 2014, 10:28 am
by Fantomas
Our hero flips to the first chapter of the tome...

ACT I: Melancholy and Grief

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PostPosted: April 25th, 2014, 11:21 am
by Fantomas
Terrible visions fill the adventures mind with visions of a world in turmoil...The chamber around them seems becomes a projection of the poisoned words written in the book...Our hero continues to study the tome as vision fill their mind and the space around.

Hymn to Sargeras

Scepter of Medivh
Open the Dark Portal
Unleash the eternal fel
Undead legions arise

Sargeras the Dark Lord
Master of the Legions
Commander of the army
Star of Malicious Blight

Reaper of the Constellations
Poisoner of the Grains
Shine down on this world
Tainted beams of evil

Black Orb of the Destroyer
Smoldering will of flames
Evaporating the holy sons
Dragon whores lay his eggs

Crucify the demon hunter
Maggots devour her corpse
Creators, titans, protectors
Bow before your demon god

Boiling Tides of Darkness
Clash upon Darnassian Shores
Engulf the world trees in flames
Enslave the immortal race


Another horrendous vision is seen by our adventurer; Night Elves in chains are forced through the Dark Portal, and sent to the Black Temple as slaves. Men and young children are slaughtered in their villages and homes, pregnant women are stabbed in the stomach and ripped apart by imps in green flames. The writer of this tome had an obvious hatred toward Elves, perhaps because the fought during the invasion and prevented the world from being destroyed? An unsettleling uncertainty sets in as our hero continued reading the dark verses.

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PostPosted: April 25th, 2014, 11:50 am
by Fantomas
Abortion of the Constellations

I was born with a birthmark of doom
Raised in abodes of the Undead
Baptized in Alcohol
Spit sulfuric acid on the virgins face
Cursing up rustic storms
An epidemic-Cosmic plague

Lament for the stillborn child
Valkyr bleed on winter skies

Dead souls devoured by the nether
Twisting in the turbines of the machine
Old gods rise from the ancient ruins
Conquer the mortal civilizations
Kel'thuzad manifest whole once again
Raise the scourge upon this world

Devoured in multitude of holy lies
Corrupt the elven wells

Necromancers, Warlocks:
Bend to the will of our demon lords
Sacrifice their first born
Enslave the women for our bidding
Black altar radiating evil
Birth of the messiah

Lord of Black holes arise
Eclipse that never ends

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PostPosted: April 28th, 2014, 7:50 am
by Fantomas
The scene completely changes and our hero is in the old forests outside Stratholme, a hooded figure appears in the distance and walks to the adventurer’s direction. Quickly our hero hides behind the nearest tree and watches wraith. With its head looking down and arms in each of the drooping sleeves it walks past our hero without looking at them. “Is this real?” they thought as they slowly perused the masked figure.

The wraith continues on its path over and hill, and on the other side were manmade steps that led to an open grove surrounded by trees. In the center was an altar with two fire pits on each side. Our hero carefully makes her way down the stairs and takes cover. The Wraith lifts both of his arms outward from his body and ignites with pits; the groves becomes illuminated and on the other side of the altar there are three posts in the ground. Tied to the posts are three girls, bound, blind folded and gagged. One of them appeared to be an elf and the other two were human; they must’ve seen the light around them as they become very distraught as the flame light up the area, they wiggled and were muffled by the gag, but they tried to scream through it for help.

The wraith slowly walked around to the left where a beautiful blond maiden was mounted on the post. Her beautiful golden hair was tied in a braid that was over her right shoulder, she wore a ruffled white blouse and blue wool dress. The wraith cut her binds and began to whisper very softly to her in a reassuring voice, but he’s words were empty and his promises were void as he led her to the altar. He punched her in the face and she began to struggle, he shook her by her shoulders throwing her head back and forth, and finally knees her in the face. While dazed he lifted her up on the altar and locked her wrists and ankles in iron binds.

He grabbed her face, smushing her cheeks together and began to whisper in her ear sweet things, and false reassurance, “Don’t worry my dear, there’s no reason to be afraid. We’re going home to see mommy and daddy.”

The torture and torment the girl went through is too terrible of a tale to tell...

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PostPosted: August 15th, 2014, 8:43 am
by Fantomas
Cold World

Journey with me to a land
Drowned by Darkness and Cries
Where the earth will crack open
A place where the dead will rise
Clouds looming overhead
Crackling thunder is the only light
Where man leaves his religion
to Dwell in the night

I have abandoned all my possessions
and cremated all the ones I loved
The echoes of frost and wind
howling on plague griped tides

The citadel calls my name and I follow
The air gets colder, paralyzed, and hallow

Follow in the steps of the prince to
where the crown of the world resides
Invoke the darkest of powers
Cast all your hate and beliefs aside


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PostPosted: September 25th, 2014, 7:24 pm
by Fantomas

Deafening Chaos
Malicious Tides
Orders of those
Dwelling in the deep

Wells collide.
Infinite Tide.
Static of the Skies.

Dwelling Giant
Dwelling Giant
Dwelling Giant

Tolling Bells.
Chaos Reigns....
Gleaming from the Skies....
Pale Green clouds, burn alive...

Infinite legions
Chaos Reigns...
Boiling in the fire
Asphyxiate in the sulfur.

Cosmic sea of Dust

Eyes winter grey
Gleaming Lips
Echoes of the endless tides.
My consciousness detained...