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Sleepless in Redridge : A "For Keeshan" Tale

Postby Jenasis » October 16th, 2016, 3:14 pm

Charlie is awakened in the middle of the night by loud screams that seem to be getting closer. As she sits up in her bed several empty rum empty bottles roll off the blanket and crash to the floor. She rolls out of bed onto the floor, hastily pushing all of them underneath it.

Innkeeper Brianna runs into Charlie’s room with a lantern held above her hed “Whos in here?” Charlie raises her hand as she gets to her feet “Is just me Bree, I musta accidently nodded off in one of your rooms last night.”

The innkeeper shakes her head with disapproval “Accidentally my ass Charlie!” She approaches Charlie and sets her lantern on the night stand before continuing “I dont minda ya sneakin a free night stay when I aint booked up, but you got ta stop with the screamin! Your scarin my payin customers.”

Charlie gasps “Aint me!”

Brianna raises an eyebrow curiously “Oh? Then what were ya dreamin about?”

Charlie’s countenance changes to a neutral stare when she answers “Orcs, I guess.”

“Mhmm, and are these Orcs are a friendly lot?”

Charlie stares through Brianna as she replies “I dunno. I start hacken em up fore I can find out.”

“Ya best get yerself right Charlie. One more time and i’m gonna charge you for all the nights you snuck a room.” Brianna tenderly pats Charlie on the arm “Knowin your family like I do, you can’t afford that.”

Charlie shakes her head “No ma’am.”

“Thats that, get back ta sleep...and you better clean up all them empty bottles under tha bed when you leave.” Brianna looks back over her shoulder smiling as she leaves the room “This is my inn, I see everything!”

Charlie flops onto the bed face first letting out a sigh of relief. She then pulls out a bottle of brandy conveniently tucked underneath her pillow “Now ima need a night cap ta help me sleep after all that comotion.” Charlie’s hands shake as she removes the cap. “Damn, my last bottle.” She rolls onto her back, drinking until her eyes grow heavy “Wonder if this is how all tha other Paladins feel when they start workin fer tha Light? Aint as easy as I thot it’d be...”

Charlie falls fast asleep cradling the open bottle close to her chest.

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