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Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Rules & Disciplinary Procedures

PostPosted: March 20th, 2014, 5:50 pm
by Aerana
These are the rules of the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum and the consequences for violating those rules.

Please note that these rules are subject to change and the Moderators and Administrators ("Sanctum Team") of these forums have the authority to ban or discipline people without warning, though warnings will usually be given. By posting on the Ravenholdt RP Sanctum, you hereby agree that you have read the rules, understand them, and are subject to the rules as administered by the Sanctum Team. These rules will be construed liberally by the Sanctum Team in order to promote the values of the RP Sanctum. We ask that you abide by the rules in order to foster a strong and vibrant RP community on Ravenholdt.

The Rules:

Be respectful
If you cannot say something nicely, do not say it at all. Constructive criticism and debate is welcome, but the moderators will act if posts become disrespectful.

Leave it at the door
The Sanctum is not a place to nurture personal grudges. If you do not like someone, we encourage you to either avoid interacting with said person or try to talk things out in PMs. Do not under any circumstances take your personal grudges into public posts on the forums.

No Trolling
This includes posting offensive, unrelated, or negative posts that attempt to push a thread off-topic or insult some of the posters in a thread. We want to keep this a comfortable environment for all roleplayers and, while constructive criticism is acceptable, trolling/flaming is not.

Harassment will not be tolerated
Any type of harassment aimed at a specific person, group of people, or a guild will not be tolerated.

No excessively vulgar language
While some curse words are appropriate for roleplay and fit the RP of certain characters, excessive use of vulgar language will be frowned on by the moderators. Please use common sense when writing your posts!

No pornographic links/pictures/spamming or similar behavior
Links to pornography or other such inappropriate material are unsuitable for the environment that this website tries to foster. Please keep in mind that younger individuals might be part of the RP community. Individuals found posting such links or spamming the boards repeatedly with the same message will likely be banned immediately instead of being dealt with via the usual three-strike system.

Follow the Mature Content Policy
Make sure you tag your thread appropriately and ensure that the content of your posts falls within the guidelines outlined in our Mature Content Policy.

Do not abuse the Report function
If you are reporting a thread or a post, make sure you do so for a valid reason. Frivolous reports clog up the Sanctum Team's workload and can result in disciplinary action against the reporter.

Follow Blizzard's ToU
Although the Sanctum is not officially sanctioned by Blizzard, we will not support posts that violate Blizzards Terms of Use. This includes posting links to or discussing illegal, third-party software, private servers, cheats, and anything else covered in Blizzard's official document.

Follow the directions posted in each forum (E.g. IC forums are IC)
Please follow the directives of the forums that you are posting in. If a forum is declared to be IC, please post IC as much as possible. When posting OOC in such forums, denoted it with the (( ))'s that are commonly used in RP. If you have an idea for an additional forum that is not currently in place, please let an Admin know via the "Website Feedback" forum.

Obey the Moderators/Admins
The moderators and administrators of the site are in place to ensure that the website remains true to its mission to promote RP on the server. If they ask for you to delete a post, edit a post, move a post, or anything else, please heed their instructions.

Re: Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Rules

PostPosted: March 20th, 2014, 6:29 pm
by Aerana
Disciplinary Procedures:

The following procedures are in place so that posters know what to expect regarding the structure of discipline on the site. While it’s hoped that these procedures are never invoked, they are nonetheless an important part of ensuring that this site remains true to its stated mission. Moderators and Administrators of the site will actively moderate the boards to ensure that the rules of the site are being followed.

In the majority of cases, the Moderators/Administrators will employ the three-strike rule.

For the first two strikes you will be warned and receive a notification explaining the reason for the warning. Warnings will expire after 90 days so long as you have no further infractions.

A strike on an account with two warnings will result in an account ban. In most cases, bans are permanent.

Occasionally, bans will be given outside of the three-rule system. This applies to pornographic content or thread-spamming, over harassment, and other similarly unacceptable behaviors. Furthermore, the Sanctum Team holds the right to ban anyone for any reason, with or without warning. We will exercise our best discretion and fairness at all times.

A detailed explanation of our moderation procedures and appeals process is provided below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Now please go out and enjoy the forums!


The following information is intended as a guide to help navigate through the procedure a Moderator follows when receiving a report.

1) When a thread is reported, either through the “Report” button or through a PM, a Moderator will make a post in the Officer Forums regarding that report.

2) In that thread, the Moderator will note who was reported, quote the post reported, and note the alleged infraction. The Moderator will also share who reported this information.

3) The Reporting Moderator will then give their insight into the matter and wait for other Moderator’s to contribute to the discussion.

4) At the same time, the reported post will be edited by a Moderator to show its reported status and the post will be locked. The post will also be edited to delete any material that is too offensive to remain. The deleted material will be preserved in the appropriate thread in the Moderator Private Forums.

5) The Moderator will respond to the person who submitted the report to let them know that the report has been received and is being dealt with.

6) Once a decision has been reached by the Moderators, the reported poster will be notified via PM if the Sanctum Team has decided to take any action on the post. If action is taken, the disciplinary action will be noted in the public records that track such things.

7) The report at that point is considered handled. If a poster does not agree with the decision, they are allowed to PM the Moderator and state appropriately why they do not agree. That post will be conveyed back to the Officer Forum and discussed.

8) The decision on the appeal will be conveyed to the appellant. Appeals are final.

Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Rules Disciplinary Procedures

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Re: Ravenholdt RP Sanctum Rules & Disciplinary Procedures

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