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Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby RiktheRed21 » August 20th, 2015, 12:22 am

An eerie wind blew past the northwest tower of the Hellfire Citadel. Three grappling hooks dug into the side of the tower. Three by three, the Keepers and their comrades ascended up the ropes to the tower’s balcony. The bodies of several arakkoa lay in their midst, and amongst the dagger-sharp rocks clinging to the side of the citadel’s walls. Far, far below a moat of fel sludge churned angrily, having been cheated out of a helping of flesh and bone. Now, the group gathered themselves, preparing for the true test lying within the Citadel proper…

Brinnea Velmon kept her frigid blue gaze sharply cast upward, not wanting a repeat of her last encounter with a fel raven. Once the death knight was satisfied that another attack would not immediately come, she recommended to her comrades that they stand back from the arakkoa corpses. She drew upon the dark forces that gave her new life, and drove her influence like a nail beneath a hammer into the birdlike guards. They rose slowly, and bowed their heads to her, prepared to serve. She gave them a silent command, ‘Watch the skies, and watch for your friends. When they come near, kill them all.' And they obeyed.

Nearby, the amnesiac draenei paladin Kresk was checking each of his comrades, ensuring their health and whether or not they were prepared to carry on. Once he was satisfied, he turned his unwavering attention to Brinnea. “We stand ready,” he said in a voice as rough and steady as the earth itself, “Shall we carry on?”

Brinnea turned her attention back to the group. “Quickly and quietly,” she said in reply, her own voice smooth and biting as a frigid winter breeze, “The entrance to the tower is this way.” She led on.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Siané » August 20th, 2015, 1:02 am

18:40:00 [Brinnea]: Brinnea looks around at the gathering, a stern but not unkind look gracing her face. She nods to a nearby draenei paladin, and the man addresses the group...
18:41:00 [Brinnea]: Draenei: "Many of you are of the Twilight Empire, but all of you are here for the same reason. Innocent souls are in peril and we are able and willing to save them."
18:41:52 [Raenth]: Raenth shifts uncomfortably, slab-like fingers flexing as they fall to his sides
18:41:57 [Brinnea]: He takes a thoughtful look around the group before continuing, "My name is Kresk, and I am here to make sure none of you die."
18:42:27 [Ketani]: Ketani cocks her head to the side, eyeing Kresk up and down. She offers a nod to the familiar paladin, though he may not recall her.
18:42:31 [Resileaf]: Resileaf crosses her arms and remains silent.
18:42:38 [Siané]: Siané sits quietly, her gloved hands folded in her lap. She listens with wide but not fearful eyes.
18:43:11 [Myaka]: Myaka stands quietly, arms clapsed behind her back in an at ease stance.
18:43:26 [Brinnea]: Brinnea takes over then, "Kresk is here as a friend to the Empire. He owes us a debt, at least in his mind. I can vouch for his healing capabilities. Now, we shall brief you on the mission ahead."
18:44:03 [Raenth]: Raenth winces as the call to take cover echoes into the barracks
18:44:10 [Brinnea]: Kresk notices Ketani and gives her a knowing nod. He then holds up a map of Tanaan, with the Hellfire Citadel in the center.
18:44:33 [Siané]: Siané recognizes the map by its outlines.
18:44:58 [Ketani]: The warlock silently studies the map, copper gaze flicking across the outlined borders.
18:45:18 [Brinnea]: Brinnea points to a tower on the northwest corner of the map. "This is where the the souls are being held, according to our sources. The tower is lightly guarded when compared to the rest of the fortress, but the underhold is heavily watched."
18:45:38 [Sidrae]: Sidrae pushes back her hood and helm to get a better look.
18:45:49 [Resileaf]: "What about compared to the throne we've scouted yesterday?"
18:46:03 [Raenth]: Raenth glances up as the barrage unsettles streams of dust from the ceiling, almost unaware of the meeting happening before him
18:46:21 [Brinnea]: "As I am sure you are aware, the entire western, souther, and northern borders of the Citadel are surrounded by a moat of fel sludge. However, we will not be taking the eastern bridge as the primary forces shall."
18:46:40 [Siané]: Siané's brow furrows as she listens.
18:47:05 [Tayissa]: Tayissa cocks her head to the side as she listens.
18:47:07 [Brinnea]: Kresk returns the map to the table, and takes up a pair of gnomish machines. They appear to be some sort of rifle model, fitted with a grapple.
18:47:26 [Resileaf]: "So we're to fly, then?"
18:47:43 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "We will be scaling the tower using these. I've tested them personally. The only obstacle we shall face are the arakkoa."
18:49:23 [Brinnea]: "We have three grapples at our disposal, and they can only hold one person at a time with full gear load, so we'll be hounded the whole way up. The arakkoa will not strike us on the ground, however. Which is why all ranged units must make the climb last in order to cover the rest of us."
18:49:43 [Ketani]: Ketani nods once.
18:49:54 [Siané]: Siané nods too.
18:50:00 [Resileaf]: "Simple enough."
18:50:14 [Ketani]: "Quick strikes, or something quieter?"
18:50:16 [Myaka]: Mya nods, "Understood."
18:50:20 [Tayissa]: Tayissa holds a finger up, "I'll go last then."
18:50:31 [Brinnea]: Brinnea looks around the group once more. "I recommend Myaka, Raenth, and Kresk make the initial climb."
18:50:31 [Raenth]: Raenth's eyes fall from the ceiling down to Kresk, eyeing the blunt gadgets with a blank expression
18:50:50 [Siané]: Siané looks at Tayissa at the volunteer.
18:51:19 [Raenth]: Raenth's eyes flick to Brinnea, offering a tilt of the head in agreement
18:51:43 [Brinnea]: Brinnea then looks at Ketani. "The need for stealth will arise once we are inside. The importance of the climb is that we all reach the top as quickly as possible."
18:52:08 [Ketani]: The warlock nods again, indicating her understanding.
18:52:17 [Brinnea]: She offers a half-grin and says, "I have a plan for when we reach the top."
18:53:26 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Once we're inside, the situation will be trickier. I have on my person a rune that will transport us all out, but I can't risk leaving anyone behind, and we may very well only have one chance to do this mission."
18:53:48 [Raenth]: Raenth's eyes stay on Brinnea, flickering arcs of light illuminating the grey mist in his pupils
18:54:15 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Therefore, we cannot risk even one guard escaping to warn the rest of the forces. Any crippling abilities to slow their escape will be vital to our success."
18:55:26 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "I don't expect the orcs to be keep on running from a fight, especially the ones who are drunk on the demon blood."
18:55:49 [Raenth]: Raenth shivers, eyes falling to the floor
18:56:06 [Siané]: Siané watches Brinnea steadily as she listens.
18:56:30 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Kresk and I both know the path through the citadel well now, and we have several copies of our route for each of you." Kresk begins handing these out now.
18:57:23 [Tayissa]: Tayissa accepts a copy of the route. She begins to study it, although she is holding it upside-down.
18:57:27 [Siané]: Accepting her copy, Siané studies it.
18:57:32 [Raenth]: Raenth takes his copy gingerly between his index and middle finger, flipping it to let it drape across his wrist so that he might study it
18:57:37 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "The tower's staircase leads down to a hallway through which our destination rests. The room in question is a massive soul well full of Gorefiend's next meal..."
18:57:41 [Sidrae]: Sid takes Tayissa's paper and rotates it properly for her.
18:57:53 [Ketani]: Ketani frowns as she peruses her own copy, eyes glancing up occasionally as she listens to Brinnea.
18:57:58 [Tayissa]: Tayissa nods at Sidrae.
18:58:03 [Brinnea]: Kresk grins at Tayissa and Sidrae.
18:58:09 [Myaka]: Myaka takes the route, looking it over while listening to Brinnea.
18:58:27 [Resileaf]: Resi looks over her copy, nodding to herself.
18:58:51 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Once inside the soul well, we'll be trapped if the door is cut off. There are no other routes out of the room, save by teleportation."
19:00:02 [Resileaf]: "So it will be kill Gorefiend or die?"
19:00:06 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Freeing the souls will be a task paladins, priests, and death knights can accomplish. I may need assistance undoing the seal, specifically a warlock's."
19:00:10 [Raenth]: Raenth's face creases into a deep frown at Brinnea's words, forcing his eyes up
19:00:11 [Siané]: Siané blinks once, the only sign that she grasps the importance of what Brinnea is relating.
19:00:39 [Ketani]: Ketani nods at the mention of nethermancy. "You mean to keep the rune as a failsafe, should this occur."
19:00:39 [Brinnea]: Brinnea looks at Resileaf. "If our luck holds, we'll never see him. He rests in a different room."
19:01:06 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "But that room is nearby the soul well, so if our luck turns against us, we'll need to make a quick exit."
19:01:24 [Siané]: "We must save their souls," Siané says quietly.
19:02:11 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Lastly, the soul well is home to a coven of warlock crones that temper the souls night and day to make sure they are ready for...consumption."
19:02:30 [Tayissa]: Tayissa gazes outside the bunker as the thudding of more artillery echos into the bunker.
19:02:30 [Raenth]: Raenth grits his teeth as another barrage hits the outpost, fists closing into fists, crumpling the map between his fingers
19:02:34 [Ketani]: Ketani scowls.
19:02:56 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "These crones are -not- to be underestimated. They are highly skilled, and are capable of adding our own souls to the well."
19:03:06 [Siané]: Siané closes her eyes.
19:03:59 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "You understand the risks. I and no one else in this room will hold it against you if you leave now. If you wish to stay, however, I wonder if you have any final questions for us?"
19:04:15 [Ketani]: "While...unpleasant," Ketani ventures softly, "I am able to safeguard souls so that they may not be used in such a fashion."
19:05:23 [Raenth]: Raenth glances over at Ketani and nods, his grimace falling away
19:05:36 [Brinnea]: Brinnea regards Ketani, "For those willing to accept your offer, you may do so."
19:06:04 [Myaka]: Myaka nods, "If it will keep us safe, I have no issue."
19:06:08 [Brinnea]: Kresk: "I will take my chances with the Light by my side, warlock. However, I thank you for the concern."
19:06:27 [Siané]: "I'll be safe," Siané says quietly.
19:06:49 [Ketani]: Ketani inclines her head towards Kresk, eyes flicking between Myaka and--for a curious moment, Siane. Her copper gaze lingers on the woman before nodding once more.
19:07:10 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "I have some experience when it comes to dealing with soul-stealers. I too shall take my chances."
19:07:24 [Siané]: Siané looks at Brinnea.
19:07:35 [Resileaf]: "I do not think it will be necessary. As long as we do not take unessecary risks, we should not be at risk."
19:08:34 [Brinnea]: Brinnea regards the whole group once more, "Now then, as soon as we are all prepared, we will move out."
19:09:05 [Siané]: Siané whispers a prayer to bolster the group's fortitude as everyone starts to stir from their positions.
19:09:48 [Tayissa]: Tayissa reaches to pick up her rifle.
19:09:57 [Raenth]: Raenth starts at Siane's words, eyes going wide with shock
19:10:13 [Brinnea]: Kresk holds out his arms, muttering a prayer of his own. A drape of holy light flickers over all in the area, and they feel their inner strength bolstered.
19:10:14 [Ketani]: Ketani glances towards Myaka. "The process will not take long. Keeper Velmon, would now be preferable, or will there be a...'safe'...place to do so outside of Lion's Watch?"
19:10:27 [Siané]: Siané's eyes are closed for a few moments more before she rises and prepares to make the journey.
19:10:58 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "If the process is short, you may conduct it while we set up the grapples."
19:11:07 [Ketani]: She nods. "Very well."
19:11:56 [Brinnea]: Brinnea begins to walk outside. "When you are ready, come with your mount to the western gate of Lion's Watch."
19:12:11 [Siané]: Siané follows.
19:12:16 [Brinnea]: Kresk follows as well.
19:13:51 [Brinnea]: Brinnea blows the Horn of Winter. A chill goes down the spines of the nearby party, but also a strange sense of strength as well.
19:14:11 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Ready? Let's ride."
19:17:06 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Just a bit further."
19:18:43 [Brinnea]: Brinnea dismounts at the foot of a large chunk of bare rock. On the other side of the rock is the moat of fel sludge, and beyond that, the Citadel.
19:18:44 [Raenth]: Raenth stares up at the tower, expressionless.
19:19:05 [Tayissa]: Tayissa mutters quietly, "Shit that is high."
19:19:12 [Siané]: Siané climbs down from her mount and regards the sludge with some fascination.
19:19:31 [Ketani]: Ketani eyes the surroundings studiously, eyeing the slude in particular with interest.
19:19:36 [Resileaf]: "Well, let's hope those gnomish things work, because if they don't... Well, this mission will be cut short pretty fast."
19:19:46 [Brinnea]: Kresk steps off his war elekk and the beast vanishes. He hands one of the grapple devices to Tayissa, and another to Resileaf.
19:19:46 [Raenth]: Raenths shifts his footing
19:19:58 [Ketani]: "Myaka, over here, please."
19:20:28 [Tayissa]: Grabs the device, holding it in her left hand.
19:20:30 [Ketani]: Ketani speaks softly to the warrior, low enough that the others cannot hear.
19:20:37 [Brinnea]: Brinnea takes the last grapple for herself. "I'll show you two where to aim. Afterwards, I'll need to to keep an eye out for the arakkoa."
19:21:01 [Resileaf]: "I thought the ranged were to do it last?"
19:21:30 [Tayissa]: Tayissa sets her gun down, so she could aim the grapple device with both hands.
19:22:02 [Brinnea]: Brinnea hoists the device. "The grapples can be mounted into the rock and will pull tight. Then the first few shall go."
19:22:12 [Myaka]: Myaka nods at Ket's murmured words, speaking softly as well.
19:23:10 [Raenth]: Raenth holds his palm up and watches as ash settles upon the worn leather of his gloves
19:23:18 [Brinnea]: Brinnea points to wooden beam running horizontally across the tower, its face looking out in their direction. "Aim for that. Try and overshoot so the grapple comes back to lodge into the wood."
19:23:41 [Resileaf]: Resileaf grumbles at being ignored but does as she is asked.
19:23:54 [Ketani]: Ketani nods in return before silently retrieving a small, dull stone. With a last look into Myaka's eyes, she raises her other hand and--murmuring a single word in another language--begins the ritual to temporarily remove the woman's soul.
19:24:08 [Siané]: Siané watches, standing by quietly until she might see a way to help.
19:24:14 [Brinnea]: As Brinnea takes aim, Kresk readies himself for the climb.
19:24:25 [Tayissa]: Tayissa nods at Brinnea's instruction, picking up her rifle again to stand guard.
19:24:33 [Siané]: Her gaze moves to Ketani and Myaka, and her forehead creases.
19:24:51 [Ketani]: Within a few seconds, the beam of inky blue light emenating between her hand and Myaka's body fades, and the stone shines for a moment before she tucks it away in a pocket of her robes.
19:25:53 [Brinnea]: Brinnea takes a good minute of careful adjustments before finally taking a steady, well-placed shot that lodges into the wood above.
19:25:58 [Myaka]: Myaka stands quietly during the draining, the only outworldly action is a small shudder as it finishes.
19:26:18 [Siané]: Siané looks worried for Myaka, but doesn't protest.
19:26:27 [Ketani]: Ketani observes the warrior for a brief moment before nodding in satisfaction. "Give it a minute and you will be alright," she murmurs gently.
19:26:29 [Brinnea]: She then fiddles with the device, making sure the other shooters may see the process. Then she plunges he device into the rock, and the rope becomes tight.
19:26:56 [Ketani]: "Come. I believe you are due for a climb."
19:27:09 [Myaka]: Myaka chuckles quietly, and moves towards the group.
19:27:28 [Siané]: "I can make you lighter," Siané offers to the climbers.
19:27:42 [Resileaf]: Resileaf gives the warlock a suspicious look, but no more, as her own grappling hook hits the target, and is planted in the rock.
19:28:07 [Ketani]: Ketani returns the look with a placid, assured one of her own.
19:28:14 [Brinnea]: Brinnea regards the whole group, "If any of you has butterfingers on the way up, I'll be sure to grip you back onto the rock. The landing will be rough, but much less so than the alternative."
19:29:46 [Brinnea]: Kresk steps forward to test the rope of Brinnea's grapple, and finds it satisfactory. He does the same for Resileaf's.
19:31:10 [Tayissa]: Tayissa aims carefully and fires her grappling hook, then returns to stand guard.
19:31:14 [Brinnea]: Brinnea keeps a close eye on the tower, waiting for a glimpse of an arakkoa.
19:31:40 [Siané]: Siané looks at Brinnea. "Would it help to levitate the climbers?" she asks quietly, not wanting to be a distraction or unhelpful.
19:32:03 [Brinnea]: Kresk finds all three ropes satisfactory and nods to Brinnea. She looks at Siane first and says, "That would be helpful, yes."
19:32:05 [Ketani]: Ketani holds her hands at her sides, eyeing the ramparts as well. A close observer would notice her hands positioned in a casting-ready stance.
19:32:24 [Siané]: She nods, looking to those who might step up first to the ropes.
19:32:46 [Brinnea]: Brinnea: "Alright everyone, we need to begin quickly before the birds start pecking at our grapples. Myaka, Kresk, and Raenth; begin the climb."
19:33:15 [Raenth]: Raenth steps forward, examining the contraption and gripping the rope tightly, leather gloves creaking under the pressure
19:33:19 [Resileaf]: Resileaf takes hold of her bow and prepares for combat.
19:33:34 [Myaka]: Mya steps up, grabbing the rope experimentally.
19:33:35 [Siané]: As they reach for the ropes, Siané whispers another prayer, and a small puff of wind gathers under them to make it easier for them to pull themselves up the rope.
19:33:41 [Ketani]: Ketani's hands begin to glow with a soft orange haze.
19:33:59 [Brinnea]: Kresk begins the climb carefully, but once he starts going, he quickly picks up speed as if practiced.
19:34:25 [Raenth]: Without glancing back Raenth begins to ascend, pulling himself arm over arm up the rope, working his way up the rope machine-like.
19:34:44 [Myaka]: Mya also starts to climb, slowly at first and then quicker as she gets used to it.
19:34:47 [Brinnea]: Brinnea's eyes widen as a shadow, quick as a bullet, flies across the ground.
19:34:48 [Siané]: Siané opens her eyes again and watches them climb, her brow once again furrowed.
19:36:34 [Brinnea]: Everyone except Sidrae and the climbers spot two fel ravens flying high above. The pair notice the group, and let out a near deafening screech.
19:36:52 [Resileaf]: "Heads up, everone. We've got birds."
19:36:55 [Brinnea]: Everyone easily heard the screech.
19:37:07 [Siané]: "Sentries?"
19:37:18 [Brinnea]: Brinnea draws her swords and prepares to death grip anything that comes near.
19:37:27 [Sidrae]: Sidrae is startled by the screech and looks about frantically for the source.
19:37:28 [Tayissa]: Tayissa spots the ravens as Resileaf points them out, swiveling her gun to aim upwards.
19:37:54 [Brinnea]: "Those ravens could take down the ropes in just a few passes, bring them down!"
19:37:59 [Raenth]: Raenth keeps moving, ignoring the shrieks of the fel ravens
19:38:21 [Ketani]: Ketani's body shifts to follow the path of the Fel Ravens, her hands rising and covered in destructive fire, intending to immolate them.
19:38:34 [Siané]: Siané bites her lip, not having any means to help stop the birds.
19:39:24 [Tayissa]: Tayissa takes careful aim at the LEFT raven, "It's almost out of range..."
19:40:59 [Siané]: Siané gasps as the bird dives at Myaka's rope.
19:42:14 [Brinnea]: The raven to the right side makes a dive for Myaka's rope, managing to get a swipe on her, piercing her armor. She dangles from the rope by one arm.
19:42:59 [Brinnea]: Brinnea takes the opportunity presented by the raven's dive to use a death grip...
19:43:21 [Brinnea]: Brinnea grips the raven.
19:43:37 [Brinnea]: Myaka manages to continue climbing, the wound slowing her down not at all.
19:44:03 [Resileaf]: Resileaf tracks the movements of the left raven expertly with her bow, but at this distance hitting the actual bird is difficult.
19:45:36 [Tayissa]: Tayissa takes careful aim at the Raven, firing a single, heavy shot. After firing she quickly goes about reloading her rifle.
19:45:47 [Ketani]: Ketani successfully sets off her Immolation spell, attempting to follow it up with an immediate Conflagration. Fire shoots through the sky towards the raven.
19:46:18 [Siané]: Siané focuses a prayer of mending on Myaka.
19:46:53 [Brinnea]: The raven on the left is burned, and shrieks in pain. It flies up further, preparing for another dive. The right raven is now covered in icy chains, a secondary effect of Brinnea's death grip.
19:48:00 [Ketani]: Ketani scowls and shifts her arms as she tracks the raven's movements, waiting for it to come closer before attempting another attack.
19:48:35 [Brinnea]: Brinnea takes advantage of the downed bird's surprise and inflicts her diseases on it.
19:49:29 [Resileaf]: With the right bird in reach of Brinnea, Resi continues aiming for the left one to keep it far from the ropes.
19:49:56 [Brinnea]: The left-hand raven begins diving.
19:50:17 [Brinnea]: It is hit and downed by all ranged attacking it.
19:50:45 [Brinnea]: The downed bird attempts to defend itself rather than attack.
19:50:57 [Tayissa]: Finishes reloading just as the left raven begins to dive. She pulls out the ramrod and hastily aims another heavy shot, hitting the raven.
19:51:01 [Resileaf]: Resileaf lets loose an arrow that pierces the bird's head.
19:51:28 [Ketani]: Ketani's hands remain engulfed in their bright fire, the flames shooting away from her and towards the raven as she Incinerates it.
19:52:18 [Brinnea]: Myaka and Kresk make decent progress, and Raenth manages to make it two-thirds of the way up.
19:53:44 [Brinnea]: Ketani, Sidrae, Tayissa, and Myaka notice new enemies approaching from the tower.
19:54:22 [Brinnea]: Six shadowy arakkoa begin to fly down, eyeing the climbers angrily.
19:54:23 [Ketani]: "Enemies at the top!"
19:54:37 [Myaka]: Myaka looks up to see how much farther they have, she growls lowly, "Arakkoa!"
19:54:50 [Siané]: Siané tries to focus her prayer of mending on Myaka.
19:55:05 [Tayissa]: Tayissa sets the butt of her rifle on the ground, reloading, "I see them."
19:55:30 [Brinnea]: Myaka has never felt better and begins climbing faster.
19:56:12 [Ketani]: The nethermancer swivels again, this time to face the tower, and widens her stance to perhaps encompass a larger spell.
19:56:38 [Sidrae]: Sidrae spins the sword in her hands and braces herself, preparing for the new contact.
19:56:46 [Raenth]: Raenth continues his climb, hand over hand, pulling himself up the rope. A rumbling hum rises in his throat, the melody of some old Draenic psalm forming behind clenched teeth.
19:57:12 [Brinnea]: Kresk hears the warning, and braces himself for attacks.
19:58:14 [Myaka]: Mya is still climbing, but watches the air in case of attack
19:58:16 [Brinnea]: On the ground, the raven's chains loosen, and the beast shrieks, disturbing those on the ground. It lunges for Brinnea.
19:58:35 [Siané]: Siané gasps and tries to throw a shield around Brinnea in time.
19:59:36 [Brinnea]: The raven's talons grab the death knight, and the beast attempts to take flight with her in tow.
20:00:09 [Brinnea]: Brinnea struggles to break loose, chilling the air around her in an attempt to freeze the bird's talons.
20:00:18 [Resileaf]: Resileaf pulls a glaive off her belt and attempts to jump at the raven grabbing Brinnea.
20:00:47 [Tayissa]: Tayissa had finished reloading, and aimed at the Arakkoa exiting the tower. She fires her rifle at the Arakkoa just as the Raven grab Brinnea.
20:03:25 [Ketani]: Ketani swears quietly as the arakkoa fly from the ramparts, swapping her stance. Her hands glow brighter for a moment as she focuses her energies, and a swirl of flame engulfs her body with Fire and Brimstone. More flame shoots from her hands, and if her luck holds, all enemies within ten yards of the centermost Arakkoa will be immolated.
20:06:03 [Resileaf]: Resileaf is attempting to slash her glaive at the raven's talons to free Brin.
20:07:14 [Tayissa]: Tayissa's bullet whizzes between the Arakkoa, hitting the tower behind and breaking off a piece of concrete. Tayssa returns to gun to the ground, loading in another bullet.
20:07:55 [Brinnea]: The arakkoa focus on the climbers, and begin casting wind-based attacks to blow them off the ropes.
20:08:04 [Siané]: Siané bites her lip, looking amongst all the action and trying to figure out where she can help.
20:09:08 [Ketani]: Ketani switches her focus to the arakkoa closest to the ropes. Her hands begin glowing with shadow energies and she murmurs a harsh, silibant word, intending to use her powers to terrify one of the arakkoa away from the ropes.
20:09:48 [Brinnea]: The three climbers manage to hang on with ease. They continue climbing, and manage to reach the top.
20:10:26 [Brinnea]: The fear spell is effective, as it is not interrupted.
20:11:20 [Raenth]: Raenth pulls himself up onto the ledge, crouching there for a moment to survey the rampart
20:11:42 [Brinnea]: Meanwhile, the fel raven with Brinnea begins to get higher off the ground, seemingly returning to the tower's height.
20:12:08 [Myaka]: Mya pulls herself onto the ledge, looking around for enemies as well.
20:13:02 [Siané]: Siané cries out for Brinnea, extending a lasso of light to try to pull her out of the raven's grip.
20:13:10 [Tayissa]: Tayissa finishes her reload, aiming at the arakkoa again.
20:13:40 [Resileaf]: Resileaf grits her teeth, Brinnea now far too high to risk killing the raven. But as Siane extends a lasso of light towards her, she clenches a fist and awaits to see if Brin will fall to do the same.
20:13:41 [Brinnea]: The raven begins to drop Brinnea into the fel sludge below, but she is suddenly snatched from the air by Siane.
20:14:55 [Resileaf]: Resileaf sees that Brinnea is pulled to safety, and dispels her own lasso, instead going to the rope, expecting it to be her turn to ascend.
20:14:57 [Siané]: Siané was acting as strongly as she could and not thinking about the consequences of succeeding other than getting Brinnea to safety. As a result, the death knight slams into her and Siané hits the ground.
20:15:03 [Brinnea]: Only Kresk manages to take down one of the birldlike humanoids. His draenic maul crushes its skull and sends it flying onto the rocks below.
20:15:39 [Raenth]: Raenth pulls his sword from the latch upon his back, rising to stand upon the ledge and stepping out into the air to drop down to the ramparts. Frost begins to etch itself into the cobbles beneath his hooves.
20:15:58 [Brinnea]: Brinnea quickly recovers from the landing, and moves to help Siane up.
20:16:17 [Siané]: Siané is helped up. "Hurry!" she says desperately.
20:16:40 [Ketani]: Ketani switches her focus yet again, this time to the remaining Fel Raven. Flame explodes from her fingers to engulf the raven once Brinnea is separated from it, and streaks of flame shoot out immediately following.
20:16:43 [Raenth]: Raenth unleashes a blast of frigid wind past the first shrieking Arrakoa to strike at the two behind, giving him a few precious moments to deal with the first.
20:17:18 [Brinnea]: Brinnea calls out to the group, "Next three, myself, Ketani, and Siane! The rest follow once we reach the top."
20:17:40 [Siané]: Siané turns toward the ropes, whispering another spell to levitate Brinnea, Ketani, and herself.
20:18:02 [Resileaf]: Resileaf nods, giving her place. "Alright, you and me, Tayissa."
20:18:10 [Ketani]: Ketani strides forward, swirling flames still engulfing her form, and reaches for one of the ropes.
20:18:36 [Siané]: Siané bites her lip and reaches for her rope. Physical activites are not her forte.
20:18:52 [Tayissa]: Tayissa grunts in acknowledgement as she pulls the ramrod from her gun and aims above.
20:20:22 [Ketani]: Ketani gives Siane a nod of encouragement before starting up the rope, hand-over-hand, with surprising swiftness for a nethermancer in robes.
20:20:47 [Brinnea]: Brinnea and Ketani begin climbing at a quick pace. Brin notices Siane struggling, and when she falls slowly thanks to her levitation spell, Brin uses a quick death grip burst to swing her in the cliff's direction.
20:21:40 [Siané]: Siané squeaks in terror as she steps off the edge but immediately loses her grip. Brinnea returns the favor by pulling her back onto land. She wavers for her balance.
20:22:03 [Raenth]: Raenth snarls as the Arrakoa before him ducks under the wind crushing swing of his sword and runs a a length of jagged iron into the gap between Raenth's chestplate and pauldron
20:22:20 [Brinnea]: Kresk lands another blow on an unsuspecting arakkoa, managing to knock him to the ground, stunned.
20:22:31 [Tayissa]: Tayissa takes careful aim, exhaling a breath and holding. She squeezes the trigger and hits her mark, killing the arakkoa.
20:23:21 [Myaka]: Myaka pulls her two handed sword from its scabbard in a smooth motion, rending into an arrakoa. Killing the bird man.
20:23:39 [Brinnea]: The arakkoa realize the battle has turned against them and begin to fly off, presumably to warn others. The feared creature recovers and quickly joins the other.
20:24:38 [Brinnea]: Brinnea and Ketani can make it to the top without further interruptions.
20:24:43 [Siané]: Siané bites her lip again and makes another go at the rope, clinging as hard as she can.
20:24:46 [Raenth]: The force of the Arrakoa's impact pushes Raenth backwards into the rampart, plate armor scraping against stone and ice. Then it is gone, leaping off and away, squawking indignation as it flaps away to join its brothers.
20:25:22 [Brinnea]: The arakkoa are easily picked off as they flee. The coast is clear for the moment.
20:25:58 [Tayissa]: Tayissa reloads her rifle, hastily taking aim and firing before the last arakkoa fly out of range. She manages to down one of the two.
20:26:38 [Resileaf]: "I think that was all of them..."
20:26:58 [Raenth]: Raenth resumes humming his song as he regains his footing. He looks over to the other two, grimacing as he slowly pulls the long knife free from his armpit with a wet scrape of steel on steel and sets it onto the rampart.
20:27:08 [Myaka]: "I think so too."
20:27:15 [Ketani]: Ketani repeats her performance with the Fel Raven and engulfs one of the fleeing Arakkoa in a conflagration before finishing it off via incineration. When they are downed, she allows her hands to fall, the fire swirling about her palms falling away as well.
20:29:45 [Raenth]: Raenth leans over the rampart, glancing down at the climber making their way up. He grasps the rope in two hands, braces a hoof onto the rampart, and begins to pull, hoping to free the anchor and speed the climbing process by pulling both climber & rope.

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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Ketani » August 20th, 2015, 2:38 am

The nethermancer drew her hood up once more, covering her burgundy hair where it had been exposed during the quick climb up the grappling rope. She delved a hand into the tightly-secured pouch at her hip and withdrew a handful of small, dulled gems. Kresk was still making his rounds--Ketani was pleased to see the draenei functional, as the last she had seen him he had been near death--and Brinnea stood vigilant with an eye on the dark, roiling skies.

With these precious few seconds of spare time, Ketani murmured a soft word and released a single breath. A gentle stream of green-yellow light, pulsing in time with her heart, flowed between her unburdened hand and the gems within her other palm. The gems continued to glow for half a second after she finished the channeling, though their newfound color remained bright after the glow faded away.

"Healthstones, should any of you desire one for future emergencies," the warlock offered with a low murmur. She stepped up to follow Brinnea, silently wondering which of her supposed comrades would accept her assistance and which ones would content themselves with mistrustful gazes.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Myaka » August 20th, 2015, 9:12 am

Myaka glances around the area, making sure no other enemies were on their way while the group re situates themselves. She holds back a shudder as her battlerage dies down and curls back into it's dormant state, bringing back the strange empty and cold feeling that had permeated her body since she allowed Ketani to stow her soul for safekeeping. The vaguely uncomfortable feeling had been pushed to the side when the fighting started by the fire of the battlerage, and even now she had pushed the discomfort of the feeling to the back of her mind after a few moments to readjust to it.

She moves to follow after Brinnea, taking one of the offered healthstones with an apologetic smile to Ketani for the mistrustful looks the woman had been given by the rest of the party. I don't understand why they are mistrustful, do they think me so naive that I would entrust my soul to anyone I didn't absolutely trust to give it back?

She shakes her head to clear the thought, and looks towards the area they are about to enter.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Resileaf » August 20th, 2015, 1:19 pm

Resileaf quickly went on to follow Brinnea, her eyes locking on every shadow to discern the possible threats that might come from them. An arrow is already nocked in her bow, and she was ready to get into aiming position the moment something that wasn't the assembled group got into view.

She paid little heed to Ketani's summoning of healthstones. She could heal herself if the need to do so came, and she trusted her own powers much more than those of a warlock.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Siané » August 20th, 2015, 11:16 pm

Siané was just glad she'd made it up the rope.

Her arms and legs trembled as she followed Brinnea without faltering too much. Though the death knight had taken the rescues, both received and given, in perfect stride, Siané was finding it rather harder to recover so quickly -- mostly from the former. Maybe someone else would have pulled Brinnea to safety when she began to fall, but Siané couldn't be sure of that. And the idea that it might have only been her actions to save someone from grievous injury or worse was terrifying.

She couldn't even protect herself.

A whisper of warning at the back of her mind had her remember that she couldn't think about that. Not here, not now. The last thing she wanted to do was be a liability, and following those thoughts would make her one.

She called on the Light to create a shield around Brinnea, in the lead. Focusing on what she could do was... well, all she could do.

At the offer of healthstones, Siané looked back at the warlock. Ketani was her name. It had been unnerving to watch her draw the soul out of the friendly warrior Myaka, but she was Twilight Empire. She was surely trustworthy. And only unwise beggars were choosers. If her own situation had been different, she might have accepted the same offer Myaka had.

Siané bit her lip, then walked over to the warlock and accepted one of the stones. "Thank you," she said quietly.

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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby RiktheRed21 » August 22nd, 2015, 1:27 am

Brinnea paused at the entrance to the tower’s top floor. She placed a hand against each of the truesteel hinges, drawing the very warmth from the air around her palms. When the metal frosted over, she clamped down on each hinge and yanked them off the door, which fell at her feet. She turned to the group, saying, “Myaka, take point. Heaviest armor in front, healers in the middle, ranged and spellcasters behind them. I’ll watch the flank.” She waited for each of them to take their positions, and accepted one of Ketani’s healthstones as she passed. The death knight thought back to the many times one of those stones helped keep her alive and well on the battlefield, and decided they were invaluable to have at the group’s disposal. Once the whole group had passed, she took to the flank, making sure to pick up the door and shoving it back into place with enough force to stick it in place. She drew a pair of runes, one blue and one orange, and placed them by the door. They would deter any who thought to sneak up on them, and offer her warning in such a case.

Kresk waited for Myaka to take point and followed closely behind her. He placed a hand on her shoulder, and a shield of sacred light fitted itself around her armor, adding to her protection. He gripped the long haft of his draenic maul tightly in his right hand, easing the power of his holy seal into it. Once inside the tower, he took a look at the long, swirling staircase leading down for many levels of the Citadel. He could feel the demonic auras far below, and the faint cries of terror from the trapped souls. The Naaru’s voice echoed in his short memory, ‘You are the instrument of righteousness, paladin. Go forth and use our Gift for the good of all.’ With his maul in hand, Kresk intended to do just that.

At the base of the tower, the group arrived at another door, in similar style to the last. Brinnea had been cautious of patrols in the tower, but none had shown themselves the whole way down. Once the group was in position in front of the door, Brin cast a howling blast into the door, and told the group to be ready to charge in.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Stumpythegoalie » August 22nd, 2015, 5:41 am

Tayissa positioned herself at the back of the group, following after Ketani and Resileaf and being the last ranged fighter, followed only by Brinnea. Before they moved out, she set the butt of her rifled musket on the hard floor and loaded a bullet. It was a quick process she could finish in about fifteen seconds, and she was ready to move by the time the group had set off.

They were a strange group, Tayissa mused. Brinnea and Raenth, a pair of death knights. Myaka, the ever quiet warrior who seemed to forfeit her soul to the warlock. Ketani the warlock, one Tayissa knew little about, but warlocks were strange folk. The rest of the party seemed mistrustful of the warlock, but Tayissa felt she was in no position to judge. Siané, who seemed to be some sort of priestess, who didn't quite look like a normal elf, even stranger than the warlock. Resileaf was the other elf, one Tayissa had heard speak very often, but rarely interacted with. Kresk seemed to be a paladin, one Tayissa had never met. Rounding out the party was Sidrae, Tayissa's loyal mute cook and Paladin... They were a strange group indeed.

Tayissa gripped her rifle tightly, she hoped if they came across trouble, they could handle it without her having to fire a shot. The last thing they needed was half of the citidel chasing them down because her weapon of choice was obscenely loud. At this thought, Tayissa patted the pouch on her belt where she pocketed one of Ketani's health stones. If it came to that, at least they were prepared.

As they reached the door at the base of the tower, Tayissa knelt down to steady her aim and pointed her rifle at the door, prepared to shoot if anything was waiting on the other side.

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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Myaka » August 23rd, 2015, 12:07 am

Mya moved slowly with the group, moving into position when they started entering the tower proper. She kept her sword it it's scabbard; frowning softly when she realized they might be in to close quarter for the broadsword to be of use.

Battlerage surged after a moment, she noted with an almost strange apathy that it didn't normally start without combat. The thought was discarded distractedly as the light energy flashed along her armor from Kresks shield. She nodded in thanks to him before reaching up to prepare to draw her sword when Brinnea told them to charge.

She looks about the room, looking for enemies as the heat of battlerage surges more to fill and push away the empty feeling from the soul draining earlier.
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Re: Freeing Souls in Hellfire Citadel

Postby Ketani » August 24th, 2015, 11:09 am

Gone were the burning flames that had swirled and danced around her body as they made their ascent into the tower. In their place was a flicker of shadowed energy that dimmed after outlining the nethermancer's palm. The aura would enhance her own and her comrades' magical abilities; perhaps Resileaf may not approve, but Ketani hardly cared. She was here to aid Brinnea the souls of the soon-to-be-damned, and her talents were useful to the group as a whole whether or not someone took issue with their origination.

She noted who partook of her proffered healthstones and who didn't. The warlock had not expected Resileaf to do so, and had surveyed the woman's deliberate ignoring of the offer with distant amusement. Brinnea and Tayissa were rewarded with nods, Myaka with a slight softening of otherwise stern features, and Siane with faint intellectual curiosity as she dipped her head in acknowledgement. There was something odd about her, beyond her appearance, but Ketani simply could not identify what.

Sharp copper eyes flickered towards Myaka's form as their group took up their positions. The bitter tang of the warrior's battlerage filtered through her mind before fading. Would the younger woman be able to keep herself in check without her soul present to temper her rage? The consequences of a negative response were...troubling, to say the least. Ketani flexed her will experimentally upon the linked soul, testing the bond without imparting any thought or action. It was strong--consensual donors always were--and should the need arise, Ketani was confident she could forestall any of Myaka's unnecessary recklessness.

The warlock held her hands at the ready, prepared at a moment's notice to release the Nether's shadowed fury upon assailants beyond the door.


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