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The Execution of Illiana Riverdawn [Log]

by Merelain » May 21st, 2015, 11:24 pm

Merelain arrives to the graveyard in Stormwind. She observes the gathering. Illiyana and the executioner stand at the top of the stairs.
19:06:19 [Hrathen]: My lady.
19:06:22 You look at Symorick.
19:06:23 Illiana looks up at everyone as they appear.
19:06:24 Hrathen salutes Illiana with respect.
19:06:29 Hrathen glares angrily at Surram.
19:06:57 Surram smirks slyly at Hrathen.
19:07:18 Illiana smiles weakly, "Hello my friends. I'm glad to see you in my final hour."
19:07:25 You look at Illiana.
More and more Invictus Sanctum members arrive.
19:07:47 Jeordra looks at the ground somberly, unable to look her Captain in the eye
19:07:47 Illiana looks over her shoulder at her executioner. "They have been preparing...and are almost ready."
19:09:02 Illiana notices the somber faces around her. She continues to force her smile. "Come now, let's not get caught up in the moment. This guild has a great future ahead of it...with members like you."
19:09:03 Hrathen grimaces at the notion. "This is wrong Illiana. Please, my friend we are running out of time. You must tell us what you know before it is too late.
19:09:32 Hrathen eyes Kipp up and down.
19:09:35 [Illiana]: I've told you all I can tell you.
19:09:48 Hrathen says a prayer for Illiana.
19:10:09 Jeordra cries on Verinium's shoulder.
19:10:15 [Illiana]: My death allows for a better understanding of our guild's future.
19:10:15 Hrathen comforts Jeordra.
19:11:01 Kipp holds his claymore before him in a stalwart stance, overlooking the crowd in his ironic peace keeping position.
19:11:22 [Jeordra]: You don't really think this will end with your death, do you?
19:11:44 Illiana shakes her head. "I certainly hope not. You all need to be prepared for what is it come."
19:11:56 [Illiana]: Take care of each other.
19:11:59 [Illiana]: As brothers and sisters.
19:12:31 Merelain murmurs to Symorick, "What are the charges?"
19:12:40 Hrathen looks at his captain. "And what is too come? Enough with the diversions, just tell us the truth of the matter. What is going on?"
19:13:04 Verinium motions at the human with the sword.
19:13:11 Symorick says faintly "I am not very clear on the matter."
19:13:18 [Verinium]: You there, i have a letter from the white order, may i approach to deliver it?
19:13:23 Merelain frowns thoughtfully.
19:13:30 Kipp raises his eyebrow inquisitively at Verinium.
19:13:35 Illiana watches Verinium with interest.
19:13:43 [Kipp]: Step forward, citizen.
19:13:50 [Kipp]: Hands where I can see'em.
19:13:56 [Verinium]: Of course
19:14:10 Kipp accepts the parchment, looking over it briefly.
19:14:15 Hrathen looks behind him at the unfamiliar faces with a disapproving look. "Who are all of you?"
19:14:29 [Merelain]: I am here to see justice done.
19:14:43 Hrathen bares his teeth and snarls at you.
19:14:46 [Hrathen]: Justice?!
19:14:52 Kipp arches his eyebrow, before tearing up the letter and throwing it aside.
19:14:53 [Hrathen]: You think this is justice? Damn you!
19:14:57 Kipp looks at Surram.
19:15:02 [Kipp]: Get on with it...
19:15:02 [Symorick]: I am a friend of Illiana's.
19:15:03 [Merelain]: It could be. I am not the judge.
19:15:08 Surram nods at Kipp.
19:15:11 Xandric slides off the mount as he comes up, standing directly behind Skylah.
19:15:12 [Illiana]: My guild...
19:15:17 Hrathen looks at Illiana.
19:15:35 Skylah looks up past the gathering, her eyes to focus on Illiana. Looking to her left does she nod quickly. "Thank you for your speed, Soldier."
19:15:37 You look at Emmerán.
19:15:43 [Merelain]: High Inquisitor.
19:15:43 [Illiana]: ...be strong...take care of each other...and always know that I love every one of you.
19:15:49 Xandric doesn't take his eyes off what is in front of you.
19:15:50 Jeordra looks away
19:15:56 Illiana slowly makes her way to her feet.
19:16:01 Surram nods as they take Illiana back to prepare her for her fate.
19:16:10 Hrathen tries to hide the tear that falls down his cheek as he hears his captain's words.
19:16:10 Xandric lets out a small growl. "Stay here."
19:16:20 Kipp grabs Illiana's arm.
19:16:22 [Kipp]: Move.
19:16:24 [Merelain]: How strange that the charges are not specified...
19:16:40 Xandric raises his voice into a growl. "Oi."
19:16:51 Hrathen looks at Xandric.
19:17:00 Jeordra looks at Xandric
19:17:05 [Kipp]: The Crown's will shall be done... no murderers will walk in the vicinity of his Majesty's land unpunished.
19:17:14 [Merelain]: Murder, is it.
19:17:26 Hrathen says a prayer for Illiana.
19:17:28 Verinium whispers under his breath. "says the man about to commit murder."
19:17:34 Xandric narrows his eyes through the hood. "You aren't the Stormwind City Guard."
19:17:54 Xandric clenches his fist, knuckles cracking as he walks.
19:17:55 Hrathen eyes widen at Xandric.
19:18:17 [Merelain]: How strange indeed, are they not the official Guard?
19:18:37 [Hrathen]: We must do something!
19:18:45 [Hrathen]: We cannot just stand here and allow this to happen.
19:18:48 [Skylah]: Murder...perhaps my knowledge limits me, but is Illiana being charged with murder?
19:19:05 [Hrathen]: Unjustly yes. My captain is no murderer.
19:19:11 [Verinium]: Stay yourself Hrathen, patience. The time to act may not be yet.
19:19:26 [Merelain]: It would appear she is already condemned for it, though the details have not been made available to the public.
19:19:28 [Verinium]: Something is afoot and haste can make a mess of this
19:19:37 Hrathen eyes Surram up and down.
19:19:44 Surram shoots a fire ball at Illiana, sealing her fate.
There is a massive fireball. No remains are left when the smoke clears.
19:19:50 [Emmerán]: Rather odd, is this a trial or has that already passed?
19:19:57 You gasp.
19:20:00 Hrathen gasps.
19:20:06 Jeordra cries.
19:20:12 Kipp raises his forearm to shield his face from the heat.
19:20:18 Kipp spits on the ground.
19:20:22 Hrathen fist clenches.
19:20:25 [Kipp]: Toasted night elf... nasty.
19:20:29 [Skylah]: I have conversed with Illiana in the past, she is no murderer.
19:20:40 Symorick frowns.
19:21:21 [Verinium]: The same cannot be said for your mage....
19:21:27 [Merelain]: ...What is done here may or may not have been justice.
19:21:52 [Verinium]: Then why is it the mage still lives?
19:22:18 [Sonoia]: I came as fast as I could.
19:22:21 [Sonoia]: Is she....
19:22:24 Sonoia looks around.
19:22:25 Hrathen nods at Sonoia.
19:22:28 Symorick wipes a tear from his eye.
19:22:41 Sonoia falls to the ground as she begins to cry.
19:22:45 Merelain looks at the charred stone where Illiana had stood.
19:22:49 [Kipp]: His Royal Highness, King Varian Wrynn, in his infinite grace and glory, has the divine right of the Light!
19:22:51 Jeordra wraps her arms around Sonoia
19:23:06 [Verinium]: Then why is the information provided shoddy at best?
19:23:07 [Merelain]: Is this how Stormwind deals out justice, High Inquisitor?
19:23:10 You look at Emmerán.
19:23:16 Jeordra whispers "She's gone"
19:23:47 [Emmerán]: It has been quite some time since Stormwind ever dealt out true Justice.
19:23:51 [Hrathen]: This is not the way of the Light. There was no trial. No real evidence. No justice was done here today.
19:24:10 [Hrathen]: You are the murderers.
19:24:12 Sonoia continues to cry, unable to say anything.
19:24:22 Hrathen glares angrily.
19:24:23 Jeordra looks at Anton with murder in her eyes
19:24:23 Merelain looks at Anton Emmeran thoughtfully.
19:24:32 Jeordra hugs Sonoia.
19:24:36 [Symorick]: Leave them be...They just followed orders.
19:24:48 [Hrathen]: And that makes it okay?
19:24:59 Hrathen spits on the ground.
19:25:00 [Kipp]: If you want to complain about it, seek audience with the King. There is no higher authority.
19:25:14 [Symorick]: No but unless you want to die too I would know your place for now.
19:25:14 [Merelain]: The Light is the highest authority.
19:25:14 [Kipp]: Don't like it, take your bitching to him. I'm just doing my job.
19:25:28 [Verinium]: Was your job not to deliver that letter to the king?
19:25:42 [Verinium]: Or do you have the authority to jeopardise the war on the orcs?
19:25:42 Merelain 's ears perk at mention of a letter.
19:25:55 [Kipp]: You must have taken a wrong turn on your way to the courier's office...
19:26:46 [Kipp]: I'll not be lectured on fighting wars by people who have nothing better to do but gawk at an execution.
19:27:19 [Kipp]: If you'd like to gather your friends remains...
19:27:28 Kipp glances at the smoldering crater where Illiana used to be.
19:27:35 [Kipp]: ....Oh, nevermind. As you were.
19:27:45 Hrathen glares angrily at Kipp.
19:28:21 [Kipp]: Orders are orders. They don't pay me to make decisions.
19:28:26 [Sonoia]: Illiana was my friend! She didn't deserve this! Whoever gave that evidence was coerced or forced to....
19:28:31 Sonoia walks forward.
19:28:36 [Verinium]: Would you care to share the paperwork for those orders?
19:28:45 [Sonoia]: I'll find out who is behind this and then I'll have your head for taking her life!
19:28:53 Sonoia walks off, wiping the tears from her face.
19:28:56 Hrathen agrees with Sonoia.
19:28:59 [Merelain]: Oh my. It does appear things may get violent.
19:29:00 Kipp lets out a long, drawn-out sigh.
19:29:07 [Kipp]: I knew I should have applied to the arcane academy...
19:29:08 Emmerán nods
19:29:10 [Symorick]: If it does I am ready.
19:29:18 Höenheim smirks slyly at Kipp.
19:29:37 Kipp looks at Höenheim.
19:29:39 [Verinium]: You hold a sword and murder innocents because somebody tells you to. Trust me, you saved yourself time and embarrassment.
19:30:15 [Höenheim]: If you have a problem, take it up with the king.
19:30:24 Höenheim motions for them to leave.
19:30:27 [Merelain]: I would speak with you, High Inquisitor, on what we have seen this day.
19:30:36 You look at Emmerán.
19:30:37 [Kipp]: The citizens are getting restless..
19:30:50 [Kipp]: Might want to go notify the reserves.
19:30:52 [Verinium]: Sounds like a good idea, Deputy, might I receive that letter to deliver it properly?
19:31:06 Xandric chuckles, walking down and shoving Kipp with his shoulder as he walks by.
19:31:10 [Verinium]: I shall take it up with him right now, peacefully and productively
19:31:12 Kipp glances down at the shredded pieces.
19:31:18 Emmerán nods, "of course"
19:31:24 [Kipp]: ...Well that's awkward.
19:31:30 [Merelain]: Do you know of a place suitable for conversation in this city?
19:31:56 [Emmerán]: There are a few places about
19:31:59 [Kipp]: I hear the Blue Recluse has a hell of a happy hour. Ladies drink free.
19:32:04 [Merelain]: Care to lead the way?
19:32:06 Höenheim nods at Kipp.
19:32:10 [Kipp]: That'll bring your collective bill to nothing.
19:32:13 A sly smirk spreads across Kipp's face.
19:32:32 Skylah looks to Xandric, her expression that of sadness. Her gaze to fall back the two before them.
19:32:37 Jeordra glares at Kipp
19:32:54 [Verinium]: I will take that as a no?
19:32:56 Emmerán turns and walks off, rolling his eyes


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