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Eclipse: Battle at the Docks

Postby Vionora » April 14th, 2015, 3:19 am

Vionora arrives at the Stormwind Harbor...
20:52:23 [Emmerán]: She told us quite plainly that she seeks the end of the world and all life.
20:52:26 [Stepanos]: You talk in circles
20:52:30 [Tirien]: Jus' like you weren't there for any'a my times with 'er.
20:52:34 [Vionora]: Leave him alone.
20:52:38 [Tirien]: So -
20:52:44 Stepanos looks at you.
20:52:51 [Stepanos]: Ah. Something wicked this way comes
20:52:56 Emmerán turns suddenly at the voice, reaching for his staff
20:53:03 You look at Tirien.
20:53:09 [Stepanos]: Your swimming partner has arrived.
20:53:11 [Vionora]: You don't have to do this.
20:53:24 Tirien slips a hand behind his pack while their attention is on her.
20:53:29 Stepanos motions at his comrades. "Put away your blades, Guardians. Tirien says she is righteous. We have nothing to fear"
20:53:48 [Tirien]: Quit puttin' words in my mouth.
20:54:02 Emmerán looks to Stepanos
20:54:04 [Stepanos]: we were telling him your story
20:54:12 You look at Stepanos.
20:54:17 [Stepanos]: You said we do not know her like you do
20:54:22 Stepanos glances at Tirien
20:54:24 You look at Tirien.
20:54:52 Tirien turns to Stepanos, "You say she's an enemy. I say she's a person."
20:55:08 Vionora flinches a little.
20:55:13 Stepanos nods at Tirien.
20:55:16 [Stepanos]: Go on
20:55:19 [Stepanos]: Ask her
20:55:32 [Tirien]: V. Do these folks here think you're their enemy?
20:55:36 [Stepanos]: If she truly is a friend, she will not lie. like she told us, there is no need to
20:55:44 Tirien rolls his eyes.
20:55:50 [Stepanos]: We cannot stop what is coming, right
20:55:53 Vionora crawls with shadows; they obscure her figure, except for her gray-glowing eyes, and the glowing marks on the backs of her hands.
20:56:16 You look at Tirien.
20:56:18 Stepanos points toward her hands. "Tirien, she bears the mark of the plague. See?"
20:56:35 Stepanos laughs at Tirien.
20:57:00 [Stepanos]: she surrounds herself with shadow
20:57:08 Tirien is ignoring Stepanos and looks at Vionora with his smile.
20:57:16 [Vionora]: Stop smiling at me.
20:57:20 Stepanos nods at Emmerán.
20:57:29 Stepanos looks at Tirien.
20:57:47 [Vionora]: The warlock who bound me... he knows now.
20:58:00 Tirien keeps it up, though sighs a little. He arcs a brow, "Knows what?"
20:58:14 [Tirien]: Wait, woah, did you get it then?
20:58:41 [Hegran]: Get what?
20:59:05 [Vionora]: No... I'm his, now.
20:59:33 [Stepanos]: And what of Accalia, Elf?
20:59:51 Tirien narrows his eyes a little in slight confusion, "I doubt that."
21:00:02 [Stepanos]: Has it retreated back into the foul pit from which it wallows in fear?
21:00:35 Stepanos looks toward Anton. "Perhaps we should call for the Reverend Smithe?"
21:00:35 Vionora closes her right hand, the one emblazoned with the amber mark. "She will come. When the time is right. And the longer it takes... the more her power grows. Another powerful one was marked tonight. It spreads."
21:00:50 Stepanos smiles
21:01:01 [Stepanos]: And what will happen when the time is right?
21:01:07 You look at Hegran.
21:01:13 [Vionora]: Who are you?
21:01:37 [Hegran]: I am a Guardian of the Light.
21:01:42 Tirien keeps his attention solely on Vionora. "What d' ya mean yer his, V?"
21:02:31 Vionora doesn't answer that. She can't look at Tirien. Instead, she looks at Stepanos. "When the time is right, Accalia will enter the mortal realm, and hunt all life to extinction."
21:02:43 Stepanos turns toward Hegran. "I suppose Accalia will arrive and give us all cookies and cream, eh, Hegran?"
21:02:56 [Stepanos]: Oh
21:03:01 Stepanos nods, looking at Tirien
21:03:07 [Hegran]: Oh I hope they're chocolate chip!
21:03:16 [Stepanos]: Her words, not mine
21:03:23 Stepanos nods at Hegran.
21:03:32 [Stepanos]: Oatmeal and raisin
21:03:46 [Stepanos]: Hunt all life to extinction
21:03:49 Emmerán stifles a chuckle
21:03:55 Stepanos nods. "Sounds like an end of the world to me"
21:04:13 [Hegran]: With oatmeal and raisin cookies, the world would end pretty quick.
21:04:32 Stepanos frowns at Hegran's lack of seriousness in this matter
21:04:43 Tirien isn't laughing, "Ain't nothin's gonna end." he speaks with certainty.
21:04:54 Stepanos looks at you.
21:04:58 Vionora does look at Tirien now.
21:05:05 [Stepanos]: Is he right, Witch? Is the world truly safe?
21:05:19 [Hegran]: Or are you the Fel demon we say you are?
21:05:36 Emmerán looks at you.
21:05:59 [Vionora]: There is no undoing what has already been done. Accalia has gathered immense power in the two months since the mark has spread. If she stepped into the world today, Stormwind would fall.
21:06:07 [Stepanos]: Because, for some reason, we've taken a liking to Brother Tirien. We want him to live a long, fruitful life with plenty of people to drink and swim with
21:06:36 Stepanos looks at Tirien.
21:06:46 Stepanos nods at Hegran.
21:06:50 [Stepanos]: well done
21:06:51 Vionora 's gaze moves, slowly, to Stepanos. She stares at him.
21:06:59 Tirien tries to meet her gaze, but at this distance it's hard to.
21:07:12 [Hegran]: You are an odd one woman.
21:07:21 Stepanos stares at Vionora as she approaches
21:07:30 [Vionora]: I would like that too.
21:07:32 Hegran looks at you.
21:07:46 [Vionora]: But he will die.
21:07:46 [Stepanos]: But alas, if your beast is released, then that will not happen
21:07:52 Vionora steps back.
21:07:58 [Stepanos]: All life will be hunted to extinction
21:08:07 [Stepanos]: YOUR words, shadowspawn. Not mine
21:08:07 [Tirien]: She won't be released, cause V still has her say in th' matter.
21:08:18 Vionora is again not looking at Tirien.
21:08:26 Stepanos shakes his head. "No, lad. She's making it happen"
21:08:32 [Emmerán]: You would let your friend die?
21:08:40 [Vionora]: ...I have no choice.
21:08:47 [Stepanos]: One always has a choice
21:09:31 Vionora shakes her head. "One always has the illusion of choice," she says quietly.
21:10:17 [Emmerán]: So you will release an Old God, and it will kill your friend here?
21:10:27 Tirien looks to Vionora in earnest, "V, what did that Warlock do?"
21:10:40 [Vionora]: Yes. And then I will not die.
21:10:58 Vionora speaks as though Tirien did not address her.
21:11:04 [Hegran]: But your friend, and everyone else will.
21:11:14 [Vionora]: Yes.
21:11:22 Tirien glances over his shoulders at the men.
21:11:28 Tirien glares at Stepanos.
21:11:30 [Emmerán]: You see Tirien, she is going to get you killed.
21:12:08 [Hegran]: What kind of a friend would just let you die knowing they would gain immortality?
21:12:15 [Vionora]: Gain?
21:12:29 [Vionora]: It's a curse.
21:12:35 [Emmerán]: There is always a choice, and she has chosen a path that will end your life.
21:12:44 Tirien shakes his head at their comments.
21:13:26 [Hegran]: She's spreading the curse to strengthen this Old God. She's chosen to contribute.
21:13:48 Tirien snaps at Hegran, "Yeah well she ain't cursed me!"
21:13:53 You look at Tirien.
21:13:55 [Hegran]: To my death, your death, and everyone else's death.
21:14:16 [Hegran]: What about the thing inside of you?
21:14:26 [Hegran]: How did that get there if not by her hand?
21:14:40 [Tirien]: Know how long this's been here?
21:14:47 Tirien grips his gut, "You really wanna know?"
21:14:54 [Hegran]: Please, enlighten me.
21:14:57 Vionora gazes at Tirien.
21:15:00 Emmerán raises an eyebrow at the man
21:15:43 [Tirien]: Months.
21:15:50 [Tirien]: This shit has been with me for months.
21:15:57 [Tirien]: And guess who made it worse?
21:16:10 [Tirien]: You fuckers. Not her.
21:16:50 [Hegran]: Only because we didn't fully remove it when we had the chance.
21:16:58 [Hegran]: At your request.
21:17:03 Tirien stands off against Hegran. "There ain't no chance'a that."
21:17:11 [Tirien]: An' no chance y'all can understand.
21:17:13 [Vionora]: Tirien... You shouldn't be here.
21:17:38 Emmerán looks from the two men to the elf
21:17:46 [Hegran]: What is it that's inside of you then?
21:18:07 [Hegran]: What is there that the Light can't free you from?
21:18:33 [Tirien]: Family.
21:18:33 [Vionora]: The Light was a lie.
21:18:43 You look at Tirien.
21:19:20 Emmerán looks to the Elf "The Light is not, and never has been a lie, Shadowspawn."
21:19:48 [Vionora]: I was told I could find redemption in the Light. And I looked, for six and a half years. All I got was more suffering.
21:20:16 [Hegran]: What do you mean Tirien?
21:20:40 Tirien glares up at the man, "What I mean is there ain't no way th' Light can solve my problems."
21:21:01 [Emmerán]: Suffering comes from the Darkness. not the Light
21:21:07 You look at Emmerán.
21:21:10 [Hegran]: Only because you continue to run and hide yourself in the shadows.
21:21:16 [Vionora]: Then the Light couldn't save me from the darkness.
21:21:35 [Emmerán]: Or you never truly wanted to be saved.
21:21:48 Vionora 's eyes widen, and she takes a step back as though struck.
21:22:08 Tirien grits his teeth. "Call me a coward again."
21:22:47 [Vionora]: No..
21:22:47 [Hegran]: Continue to act as one, and i'll let your actions speak the brand for you.
21:23:23 [Tirien]: I know my options, Guardian.
21:23:33 [Tirien]: Yeah, sure, I can get this shit exorcised.
21:23:36 [Tirien]: But I'll die.
21:23:53 [Hegran]: Why would you die?
21:24:25 Vionora continues looking at Anton, no words to say.
21:24:30 [Tirien]: Because it IS me. This shit in me is mine an' without it, I die.
21:24:43 [Tirien]: So instead of running to death I choose to stay and endure.
21:25:05 Tirien steps toward the man, leveling a stubborn gaze up to him, "So call me a coward again."
21:25:11 Emmerán takes a few cautious steps toward the elf "why will you not fight against this? Are you so sure that there is nothing you can do to stop it? you will kill your friend?"
21:25:34 [Hegran]: And be tainted like you are? Miserable as you are?
21:25:46 [Vionora]: I tried... I tried...
21:25:58 Tirien nods once, slowly. "It's better t' keep livin' with shit than run from it."
21:26:23 [Hegran]: I saw the way you looked at your bottle of FOUL liquid. Like it could save you from the pain you carry.
21:26:27 [Emmerán]: You tried? But you gave up. You stopped fighting the Darkness.
21:26:45 [Hegran]: Well it can't. It will only worsen your Darkness.
21:27:27 Vionora sinks to the ground. The shadows over her disperse.
21:27:45 [Vionora]: The only way to make the suffering stop...
21:28:10 [Tirien]: It helped. Not anymore. Not it's just a habit, one I'm tryin' to stop.
21:28:20 [Tirien]: Guess who's helped me with that? V.
21:29:02 [Hegran]: You seemed happy enough to take a drink when I walked up to you earlier.
21:29:27 [Emmerán]: You hide behind a "lack of choice" but you really just gave up on fighting.
21:29:32 [Tirien]: You seemed happy t' lay down yer sword an' take up farmin'.
21:29:39 Vionora flinches again.
21:29:53 [Vionora]: No...
21:29:56 [Tirien]: Wait. No. Ya didn't. Because ya don't just break that shit over night.
21:30:38 Tirien caught the tail end of Anton's comment and Vionora's reaction and glances over his shoulder.
21:30:58 [Emmerán]: If any part of you still cares to fight, tell us how to stop this all from happening
21:31:27 Stepanos looks at Emmerán.
21:31:29 Tirien turns, "Hey! Who the fuck are you?"
21:31:45 Tirien stands in Anton's way.
21:31:48 Stepanos moves toward Tirien
21:31:50 Vionora lowers her head, her blonde hair falling to partially hide her face. She doesn't speak.
21:31:54 Emmerán looks the man in front of hum up and down
21:31:57 [Stepanos]: He's a friend trying to save YOUR friend
21:32:11 [Tirien]: I'm seein' a different thing here.
21:32:46 [Tirien]: I'm seein' a bully. Someone who doesn't know what he's talkin' about.
21:32:51 Stepanos stares at Vionora. "Tell us, Vionora. Tell us how to stop it."
21:32:53 [Hegran]: We're trying to stop an evil being from ending the world. I'm not sure what else you could be seeing.
21:33:00 Stepanos looks at Hegran.
21:33:35 [Stepanos]: He's blind, Hegran. Blinded by Fel burning in his soul
21:33:38 Stepanos looks at Emmerán.
21:33:46 [Vionora]: ...She can be defeated. She was, seven years ago.
21:33:47 [Stepanos]: Tirien
21:33:55 Vionora keeps her head bowed as she speaks.
21:33:57 [Stepanos]: And we can do t again.
21:34:01 Hegran looks at you.
21:34:11 [Vionora]: But so long as any of the once-marked live, she can return again.
21:34:13 Tirien backs up from Anton.
21:34:26 Emmerán maintains eye contact with Tirien "I'm trying to help. I see that your friend has suffered, and still is. I'm trying to stop her from killing everyone. I'm trying to get her to fight this."
21:34:26 Stepanos nods. "Can the marks be undone?"
21:34:32 Tirien tires to get between the three of them and Vionora.
21:34:52 [Stepanos]: Surely the marks can be removed.
21:35:29 [Tirien]: Ya ain't helpin'. I don't care about th' end'a th' world.
21:35:44 [Hegran]: So you don't care about the ending of your life?
21:35:51 [Stepanos]: You will lose her, Tirien, if it does
21:36:00 Vionora is silent.
21:36:06 [Stepanos]: And she will lose you.
21:36:12 [Tirien]: An' that won't happen.
21:36:16 [Stepanos]: So you contradict yourself
21:36:29 [Emmerán]: And if what she says is true, she will still be alive. Alone. Forever. Is that what you want for her?
21:36:47 [Tirien]: Ya keep speakin' as if it's gonna happen.
21:36:54 Stepanos leans into Anton, whispering. "Focus on her. I'll keep my attention on Tirien"
21:36:56 [Hegran]: So does she.
21:37:04 Vionora shakes her head slightly, helplessly.
21:37:15 [Stepanos]: Tirien! Are you daft, man?
21:37:28 [Tirien]: With everyone sayin' it's gonna happen, I ain't surprised!
21:37:29 [Stepanos]: Listen to what you say
21:37:51 [Stepanos]: You talk in circles. You claim to care for her, yet want to do nothing to save her
21:37:52 [Vionora]: Tirien.. Leave... Go...
21:38:04 Stepanos holds up his hand. "Stay, Tirien"
21:38:10 Stepanos looks at Anton
21:38:14 Emmerán steps to the side and kneels down, looking at the elf on her level "Help us fight this. Save everyone. Save Tirien. Save yourself."
21:38:18 [Stepanos]: You must hear the truth
21:38:20 Emmerán kneels down.
21:38:31 Vionora raises her head enough to look at Anton.
21:38:48 [Vionora]: ...You're right.
21:38:54 [Vionora]: I didn't want to be saved.
21:39:04 [Tirien]: I ain't gonna do nothin' that has a chance t' lose V.
21:39:07 Vionora rises to her feet. The shadows eclipse her again.
21:39:10 Stepanos looks past Tirien to Vionora
21:39:19 Emmerán rises to his feet quickly
21:39:24 [Stepanos]: You already are, Tirien
21:39:28 Stepanos steps backwards
21:39:44 [Vionora]: Tirien. It's time for you to leave.
21:39:53 [Emmerán]: Don't let the Shadow consume you.
21:39:54 [Stepanos]: If you leave, Tirien, you will lose her
21:39:59 You look at Tirien.
21:40:08 [Vionora]: I'm already lost.
21:40:36 [Emmerán]: No one is ever too lost to be found by the Light
21:40:53 [Stepanos]: Yet you can still be saved. There is always hope within the Light
21:41:08 Tirien takes a step closer.
21:41:11 [Stepanos]: The marks. Can they be removed?
21:41:21 You look at Tirien.
21:41:23 [Stepanos]: Tirien. Stay by her side. Keep her safe, lad
21:41:33 Stepanos looks at Anton, then at Hegran
21:41:51 Hegran takes a step back
21:41:58 Tirien looks at her, ignoring the three behind her and speaks quiet enough for her to hear.
21:42:27 Emmerán glances at Stepanos
21:42:34 Stepanos shakes his head
21:42:46 Stepanos shrugs, meaning he didn't hear anything
21:43:30 You nod at Tirien.
21:43:34 Stepanos slowly slips his sword from its sheath, quietly and more than likely unheard
21:43:54 Tirien winks at her and tosses down what he pulled from his belt when she first showed up.
21:43:55 [Vionora]: Go.
21:44:00 Stepanos mouths the word, 'ready' to Hegran and Anton
21:44:12 Emmerán reaches for his staff
21:44:29 Hegran reaches to his swords, not yet drawing them
21:44:43 Stepanos coughs as the smoke bomb is released
21:44:48 Stepanos looks at you.
21:44:53 Vionora looks at the three crusaders before her, unaffected by the smoke.
21:44:54 Tirien slips away in the smoke, a vague after image left in his place.
21:45:19 Hegran draws his swords as the smoke disperses
21:45:31 [Stepanos]: So, you managed to get him to leave after all
21:45:35 [Stepanos]: To what purpose?
21:45:46 [Stepanos]: So you could continue the lie?
21:45:53 [Stepanos]: We will find him again, you know
21:45:53 [Vionora]: Perhaps.
21:46:00 Stepanos nods. "Most certainly"
21:46:03 You look at Stepanos.
21:46:18 [Vionora]: You will be as helpless as I am. All of you.
21:46:27 [Stepanos]: You are not helpless
21:46:46 [Stepanos]: The forces of the world will be arrayed against you and your master
21:48:39 [Vionora]: The ironic thing is he seeks to save me too.
21:49:22 [Stepanos]: He is blinded by your Shadow
21:49:50 [Hegran]: He is blinded by more than her Shadow.
21:52:18 [Vionora]: But it is futile.
21:52:39 Vionora summons the shadows. They spring from the ground around the three men like the nightmarish tentacles of Old Gods, seeking to entrap them.
21:52:41 Stepanos nods. "Of course it is. As it always was."
21:52:52 Hegran draws his weapons expecting an attack
21:53:32 Stepanos dons the helmet fixed upon his belt and raises his sword in salute. "Light's mercy be on you"
21:55:32 Hegran swats away Vionora's tentacles with the back of his hand and laughs
21:55:45 Emmerán as the shadows form around him Anton closes his eyes and Light pushes it back around him, though not very well.
21:56:22 Stepanos seeing the tentacles creeping forward, easily dodges the filth-like Shadow, casually stepping aside and swinging his massive two-handed weapon at the Shadowspawn
21:57:45 Vionora reaches up and catches the massive sword with her bare hand. At point blank, she stares him down with her gray eyes. Then with superhuman strength, she throws him back.
21:58:28 Hegran spins around in a whirl of blades bearing down on Vionora
21:59:53 Stepanos 's sword is jarred from his hands, still hanging in the grasp of the witch. Shaken, but not stirred, he grasps it once more and pulls
22:00:20 Vionora lets go of the sword after she pushes Stepanos back, and dodges back from the whirlwind.
22:00:22 [Stepanos]: Light take you, Filth!
22:00:41 Emmerán dashes over to the other two and begins to cast a spell to shield them from attacks
22:00:45 Stepanos stumbles backwards, losing his balance for the most part and spinning around backwards in order to catch himself
22:01:30 Stepanos cursing, he gathers himself for the counter attack
22:01:31 [Vionora]: The Light didn't want me.
22:01:51 Vionora brings her hands together. A shadow nova explodes outward from her.
22:01:53 Hegran slows his whirlwind, stopping off to the side of Vionora.
22:03:21 Hegran gets blasted off balance by the nova
22:04:09 Emmerán stands against the nova, his shield stopping it from hitting him.
22:04:14 Stepanos throws his hands up at the shadow blast, growling in pain as the darkness overwhelms his sight
22:04:59 Emmerán throws his hand out and calls light out towards the elf
22:06:49 Vionora staggers when the light pierces through the shadow nova and strikes her full on. It sends her flying back into the crates and she collapses to the ground with a muffled cry of pain.
22:07:10 Stepanos 's demeanor improves dramatically, as he watches Anton heroically avoid the witch's assault and retaliate, blasting the creature with Light
22:07:20 Stepanos cheers at Emmerán!
22:07:32 Hegran cheers at Emmerán!
22:07:50 Emmerán takes a defensive stance and smiles at the elf
22:07:50 Stepanos readies his sword and charges forth, preparing an exorcism with the strike
22:09:17 Vionora catches her breath and throws herself to the side, dodging Stepanos' attacks.
22:09:20 Stepanos lifts his hand before swinging, sending a pulse of Light enhanced energy pouring toward the Elf
22:10:36 Hegran throws his sword at the Elf, spinning it as it leaves his hand making it spin around her multiple times before stopping
22:11:16 Vionora growls, a low, feral sound, and dodges that attack as well. Her dodges bring her close to Anton.
22:12:07 Emmerán throws out his hands as a cascade of Light comes pouring out at friends and foe, healing and harming
22:13:24 [Hegran]: The Light SHALL be Victorious!
22:13:59 Vionora flinches when the Light strikes her again. "Stop doing that!" She throws out her hands, and a dark coil of shadow, laced with fel purple and feral amber, appears in her grasp. She throws it at Anton and it moves, snakelike, to wrap itself around the priest.
22:14:06 Stepanos cheers, as Anton once again blasts through the fiend's shadow, rejuvenating his spirit and closing his burns
22:17:01 Stepanos seeing Anton yanked into the Shadows surrounding the Elf, Stepanos lifts his hand, fills himself with Righteous energy and prepares to Turn the Evil from Anton's presence [Turn Evil]
22:18:05 Emmerán cries out as he is dragged forward, surprised at his shield failing
22:18:54 Vionora hisses as the shadows over her darken to absorb the impact of the Light.
22:19:11 Stepanos frowns in anger as the attempt fails, seeing the Shadows darken from the absorption
22:20:26 Hegran cries out in rage then runs to Anton's side, defending him from harm, and unleashing another wail of rage
22:21:37 Vionora is knocked aside by Hegran. She falls back a step, keeping her feet, but separated from her target.
22:23:06 Emmerán stumbles back and unleashes an explosion of Holy Light [Holy Nova]
22:24:51 [Emmerán]: Let the Light fill you, Brothers! Stand against her Shadow!
22:25:01 Vionora is struck and cries out, but grits her teeth. She glares hatefully at Emmeran, and raises her right hand, the Eclipse-marked hand, to point at him. "The Light has only ever deemed me unworthy! No matter what I did! It knows no mercy... it is a lie!"
22:25:26 Hegran stands in front of Anton to defend him
22:25:48 Vionora throws a lance of darkness as Hegran moves. It shoots toward him instead of Anton.
22:26:00 Stepanos lets loose a cry to the Light, raising his sword high in Judgement. "Retribution is the only Judgement you shall have, witch!"
22:26:10 Stepanos waves at Hegran.
22:27:11 Hegran grunts in pain and stumbles as he's pierced through his strong arm, but still stands strong against the threat
22:28:46 Stepanos Raises his sword, sending a hammer of Righteous Light hammering from the heavens, directly over Vionora. "The Light Judges you, fiend!"
22:29:09 Stepanos sprouts golden wings atop his back, creating a glow around the Paladin
22:30:04 [Stepanos]: Let the Light Judge you witch! Back to the Shadows from which you came!
22:30:12 Vionora is struck by the hammer, dropping down to her knees as she gasps in pain.
22:30:15 You kneel down.
22:31:35 Hegran raises his better arm and launches a rocket from his gauntlets to blast the elf as she's on her knees
22:32:43 Vionora dives to the side, narrowly avoiding the explosion of the rocket when it impacts the cobblestones. She comes up in a crouch.
22:32:47 You kneel down.
22:33:09 Emmerán slowly walks backwards while channeling Holy energy into Hegran's wounds
22:35:19 Vionora rises to her feet. Her eyes have begun taking on a new hue... Amber, like the mark.
22:35:59 [Vionora]: Enough of this.
22:36:02 Stepanos stares with fervent eyes at the Shadowfiend, seeing that it's severely wounded and near defeat
22:36:48 Vionora summons all of the shadows on the surrounding docks. They slither and crawl toward each of the men, until near each of them forms a worg made of pure shadow, with gleaming amber eyes and a maw that is purple with fel.
22:37:29 Vionora stands back and watches as each of them lunge for their targets.
22:37:30 Stepanos sees the shadows, and calls out to his Guardians. "Steady Guardians! The Light shall push them back!"
22:39:05 Stepanos A blast of pure, blinding Light destroys the worg attacking him, sending it breaking into splinters if glistening shadow crystals
22:39:42 Hegran tries to block the shadow beast, but fails and is bitten
22:39:56 Emmerán stumbles back as the worg leaps at him and bites him on the shoulder, driving him to the ground
22:41:17 Stepanos points his blade at Vionora, seeing his friends fight their own worgs and sensing the time is ripe to strike. Wings glowing atop his shoulders, his pronounces the sentence: Execution
22:44:40 Stepanos grips his blade in anger, as the creatures Shadows once again absorb the executioners Sentence
22:45:50 Vionora snarls as she absorbs the holy energy. At the same time, she lunges forward at Stepanos, attempting to seize him by the neck.
22:47:09 Vionora seizes him successfully, lifting him in the air...
22:47:36 Stepanos attempts to parry the surprising lunge, but fails, being suddenly lifted into the air by the monster - held around the neck and gurgling from the hold
22:49:26 Hegran seems to grow with his rage, [Avatar], bashing the shadow worg with the pommel of his blade
22:50:50 Vionora | The worg is smashed, The shadows lose their cohesiveness somewhat and the thing staggers, stunned.
22:51:59 Hegran growls at the worg ferally and bares his teeth
22:52:46 Emmerán squirms back away from the worg, using his good arm to cast a spell to place a shield on Stepanos [Power Word: Shield] and then stammers a prayer on himself [Clarity of Will]
22:53:59 Vionora | Anton's worg shrugs off the Light and growls, a reverberated, dark sound.
22:55:46 Vionora reaches up with her other hand, tearing off Stepanos helmet. She throws it at the nearest target, which happens to be Hegran. Then she slams Stepanos into the ground.
22:57:28 Stepanos lies down before Emmerán.
22:58:11 Stepanos growls as his helm is ripped form hi head, then grunts as the ground meets him rather rudely as he's thrown to the ground
22:59:11 Hegran gets hit in the back of the head with the helmet of his respected leader, enraging him further
22:59:12 Stepanos still conscious and alive, he throws his hand toward the witch, Hammering her with the Light's Justice
23:00:24 Stepanos 's eyes widen as nothing streams forth, hearing the ringing of the Church bells in the distance as wooziness fills his head
23:02:18 Hegran runs to his Charges side, slashing at the Worg attacking him sensing he might destroy it with this blow [Impending Victory]
23:03:10 Vionora | Anton's worg leaps between Hegran's legs like liquid shadow, dodging the strike.
23:05:44 Emmerán , leaning on his staff, stands to his feet and utters a [Power Word: Shield] on Hegran, then speaks the [Prayer of Healing], filling the Order with the holy Light.
23:07:26 Vionora | Hegran's worg lunges for his back.
23:08:40 Stepanos feels inspired as he sees Hegran destroy the Worg that attacked him
23:08:52 Vionora | Anton's worg goes for the healer again, snapping for his weaving hands.
23:09:13 Hegran side steps the worg, and slashes at it with both blades [Raging Blow]
23:10:31 Emmerán jerks his hands away from the worg as it hits his shield, dissipating it into shadow
23:10:37 Vionora meanwhile stares down at the pinned paladin. She has him by the gorget, so her fingers aren't touching his skin... but she intends for that to change. She reaches for his face with her other hand.
23:10:51 Hegran yells a challenge at Vionora through the dissipating figure of his enemy, taunting her to attack him
23:12:45 Stepanos sees the Shadowfiend's hand reaching for his face and rolls, coming to his knees and hefting his blade. The Light may have faded, but the time has come for the Elf to feel the bite of cold steel from a midbody
23:12:54 Stepanos ||Swing of a [Crusader Strike]
23:13:11 Stepanos kneels before Emmerán.
23:13:15 Stepanos kneels before Emmerán.
23:14:52 Vionora attempts to block the strike, but the blade glances off her arm.. and is driven straight through her body, impaling her. Her eyes widen but she doesn't make a sound.
23:15:47 Stepanos cries out in Righteous Glory, calling his Guardians to go all in
23:17:38 [Vionora]: ...This again.
23:17:50 Hegran cries out to rally his allies [Battle Shout] and charges at the Elf slashing at her [Raging Blow]
23:17:57 Vionora closes a hand around the blade as it runs red with her blood.
23:20:05 Vionora is struck by the dual blows, unable to dodge with the sword transfixing her.
23:21:06 Hegran screams in joy as his blades sink deep into his enemy
23:21:19 Emmerán rushes over to the other and slams the end on his staff to the ground, sending out a [Holy Nova]
23:22:14 Vionora flinches at the Light but it doesn't seem to harm her. Her gaze has gone distant, and faded back to gray.
23:22:26 Stepanos follows suit, preparing to reverse,
23:24:26 Tirien || A howl echos after the toll of the harbor bell. Night seems darker, more oppressive as lights dim. From the ramp barrels down a shadowed figure of Fel spikes, claws, and almost inhuman form. His charge toward Stepanos ends in a brute kick.
23:26:13 Stepanos is caught completely off guard, but not enough to lose his grip on his weapon. He's sent rolling across the ground, tumbling with his sword underneath
23:26:24 Stepanos lies down before Emmerán.
23:26:31 Vionora is jerked as the sword is pulled out of her and falls to her knees.
23:26:34 You kneel down.
23:28:23 Vionora puts one hand over her midriff where the blood flows freely. She stares at the ground where the blood is dripping and pooling. Then she speaks. "Even if you killed me now, I would not die. And Accalia would still come." She rises, turning to put her back to Tirien as she looks at the crusaders.
23:29:18 Vionora reaches behind her, touching Tirien's arm, and the two of them simply vanish. No smoke. No shadows. They are just gone.
23:29:22 Stepanos rolls to a stop, facing the attacker and the witch. Another minion has joined the fight, yet blood flows freely from the Elf. He hears what she says
23:29:23 Tirien || Tirien's knees give out momentarily as he lets out a muffled gasp of Fel-garbled pain.
23:29:30 Tirien is taken.
23:29:39 Stepanos kneels before Emmerán.
23:29:58 Stepanos gasps, then struggles to his knees, grunting from the effort
23:30:30 Hegran howls in rage as the two disappear "Where have the cowards run to?!"
23:30:47 [Stepanos]: Back to the shadows from which they came
23:30:54 Stepanos slowly stands to his feet
23:31:05 Emmerán leans against his staff heavily letting out a sigh
23:31:33 Stepanos 's face grows into an incredibly large smile, as he looks at his two companions
23:32:00 [Hegran]: Quite the experience I would say.
23:32:01 Stepanos lifting his sword into the air, he cheers: "FOR THE RIGHTEOUS LIGHT! HUZZAH!"
23:32:53 Hegran raises his swords to the skies and lets loose a War Cry to the Light
23:32:57 [Emmerán]: Let's celebrate when we aren't still bleeding
23:32:58 Stepanos cheers!
23:33:01 Stepanos cheers!
23:33:09 Hegran cheers!
23:33:19 Emmerán says a few prayers to close the wounds
23:33:28 Stepanos pats Anton on the shoulder. "You saved us all, Anton"
23:33:56 [Hegran]: The battlefield is the place to celebrate Brother! Have I shown you nothing?
23:34:03 Stepanos nods at Hegran.
23:34:21 Emmerán lets loose a slight chuckle
23:34:21 [Stepanos]: Brother Hegran is correct. Here, on this hallowed ground where Shadow fell to the Light!
23:34:42 [Stepanos]: By all that is sacred, THIS is the place for celebration
23:35:08 [Hegran]: Lord High Commander, could we call a page with a feast out here?
23:35:12 Stepanos walks to stand in front of Anton. "Your actions saved the day for us, Guardian."
23:35:24 Stepanos nods. "First things first"
23:35:42 Hegran gives Anton a Fist to Light salute
23:35:49 Stepanos turns to Hegran. "Do you agree, Hegran, that without the aid of our brother, that we would have fallen?"
23:36:25 Emmerán looks uncomfortable with the praise "I.. I did what any would have"
23:36:33 [Hegran]: He truly was the Hero of this day
23:36:51 Stepanos nods. "And has always been the voice of reason when emotion might have ruled."
23:37:21 Stepanos smiles at Anton. "Anton Emmeran, High Priest and Guardian of the Righteous Light!"
23:37:25 [Stepanos]: Kneel
23:37:33 Emmerán kneels before Stepanos.
23:37:42 Hegran kneels before Emmerán.
23:38:13 Stepanos places his sword atop Anton's shoulders. "By all that is sacred and Holy, Under the White Light of Righteousness, I hereby name you HIGH INQUISITOR."
23:38:48 Emmerán is stunned speechless...
23:38:53 [Stepanos]: Through you actions, you have shown yourself worthy to wear the mantle. Rise, Inquisitor and be recognized
23:39:29 Emmerán rises to his feet slowly
23:39:35 [Stepanos]: From now and to days beyond, let all who walk under the Light know that Brother Anton Emmeran is High Inquisitor of the Righteous Light
23:39:56 Stepanos bows before Anton
23:39:57 Stepanos bows before Emmerán.
23:40:26 Stepanos stares at Anton
23:40:44 [Emmerán]: I.. you honor me Lord High Commander..
23:41:02 Stepanos extends his hand to clasp Anton's. "No, it is you who honour us."
23:41:07 Hegran whispers praise on behalf of Brother Anton
23:41:31 [Stepanos]: And now, we shall eat
23:41:35 [Emmerán]: By the Light I swear to honor this position
23:41:39 Hegran cheers!
23:41:47 Stepanos summons a page, who comes running with a tray of food, as if by magic
23:41:56 [Stepanos]: So shall it be done
23:41:59 Emmerán clasps Stepanos' hand
23:42:03 [Hegran]: A feast in honor of Brother Anton!
23:42:12 [Stepanos]: A feast indeed!
23:42:22 [Stepanos]: and an exploding tank
23:42:52 [Emmerán]: I would think there would be better craftmanship here in Stormwind
23:43:06 [Hegran]: you would think they might have worked out the bugs with as many have rolled through here already
23:44:10 [Stepanos]: So, Anton. What will be your first order of duty, now that you've been elevated to your proper place?
23:46:26 [Emmerán]: Making sure the two of you don't get yourselves killed seems to be a full time job
23:46:31 Emmerán chuckles
23:46:48 Stepanos nods as he gobbles a hunk of hog shank. "True"
23:47:08 Stepanos looks at Hegran. "That was some blow you rained down upon the witch. Perfect timing"
23:47:36 Hegran lifts an entire bird off the table and forgets his table manners, eating the fowl as a wild animal would
23:47:49 Stepanos chuckles at Hegran.
23:50:41 [Stepanos]: Now that we've accomplished that, we still have to deal with the Old God
23:51:01 [Stepanos]: Shame her minion spirited her away. We had her
23:51:37 [Emmerán]: The Light would have seen justice
23:51:46 [Stepanos]: One more strike and she was done
23:52:00 Stepanos nods
23:52:11 [Stepanos]: And then we could have held an Inquisition
23:52:27 [Hegran]: With our new High Inquisitor
23:52:37 Stepanos ||the page brings more food to satisfy Hegran's never-ending stomach
23:53:04 [Hegran]: These cooks will see me fat yet!
23:53:17 Stepanos looks around at the grounds, spotting his battered helm lying in the pathway
23:53:25 Stepanos kneels before Hegran.
23:53:25 [Emmerán]: That the creature had to flee, that the Light was with us, it is truly a blessing
23:53:35 Stepanos lifts the helm and gives it the once over
23:53:53 [Hegran]: That thing hurts by the way!
23:54:09 Stepanos chuckles. "You should have it ripped from your head! THAT hurt"
23:54:38 Stepanos holds it up. "Oblong. What did you do? Sit on it before returning to the fight?"
23:54:50 [Hegran]: I imagine you've withstood harsher blows than that though High Commander
23:55:19 [Stepanos]: being tossed to the ground by the creature... not sure I have
23:55:27 [Hegran]: I may have stumbled a bit after having it bashed against my head and stepped on it...
23:55:32 [Stepanos]: If not for Anton, I might have a broken back
23:55:38 Stepanos laughs at Hegran.
23:56:05 [Emmerán]: And what of Guardian Hegran? The only one to stay on his feet the whole time!
23:56:48 Stepanos nods, looking at Hegran. "Look at his size. Who could knock him over"
23:56:57 [Hegran]: Gifts of my birth High Inquisitor. Not like the skills used to keep us alive.
23:57:03 Stepanos shakes his head, tearing another piece of fish away from thable. "Not I"
23:57:18 Emmerán chuckles
23:57:33 [Stepanos]: If that kick had been aimed at him, the minion would have a broken leg
23:57:52 Stepanos grins "And we'd have taken them both!"
23:58:02 Stepanos tosses the bones into the grass nearby
23:58:08 [Hegran]: Or he would have a nub in its place
23:58:14 Stepanos laughs at Hegran.
23:58:33 [Emmerán]: You hear that? Next time get yourself kicked.
23:58:43 Hegran crunches on the bones and sucks the marrow from them.
23:58:51 [Stepanos]: Light! If your aim had been a few inches lower, Hegran, she would have been cut in half
23:59:05 [Emmerán]: We now know how to defeat the Old God. Let it kick Hegran Grey.
23:59:15 Stepanos nods. "That's it!"
23:59:18 Hegran laughs.
00:00:03 [Stepanos]: You heard her mention being under the control of a warlock, didn't you?
00:00:23 Emmerán nods solemnly
00:00:37 Tirien bows down graciously.
00:00:43 [Stepanos]: Though, after this disaster, she might be scrubbing chamber pots in an Ogre camp
00:00:44 [Hegran]: I do remember that. I meant to tear the name from her before she left.
00:01:28 Stepanos stifles a yawn, suddenly feeling his age
00:01:40 [Stepanos]: Gentlemn, I think I shall retire to a local inn
00:01:57 [Stepanos]: Or hearth back to Light's Flame
00:02:17 Stepanos pushes himself away from the table
00:02:17 [Emmerán]: Indeed, it is late. And rest will help us all heal better from our wounds.
00:02:38 [Hegran]: With us not knowing where they might lurk, it would make me more comfortable to know you were at the Light's Flame Lord High Commander.
00:02:50 [Stepanos]: Guardians, we did the Light's work this night. We shall sleep well knowing we sent the Shadow scurrying in fear
00:03:04 Stepanos nods. "We should all return there"
00:03:28 [Hegran]: Through the squeezey portals once more!
00:03:28 [Emmerán]: Agreed, that would be for the best
00:03:32 [Stepanos]: We won this round, but there will be others
00:03:37 Stepanos nods at Hegran.
00:03:45 [Stepanos]: I still get the shakes afterwards
00:03:51 [Stepanos]: Unnatural
00:04:03 [Hegran]: It doesn't feel right going into something so small.
00:04:21 [Hegran]: I fear sometimes that only part of me will fit!
00:04:22 [Emmerán]: I don't know, it's never bothered me as much.
00:04:26 Stepanos lifts his hearth stone from his belt
00:04:33 Stepanos looks at Refurbished Steam Tank.
00:04:41 [Stepanos]: They keep trying, don't they
00:04:43 Hegran looks at Refurbished Steam Tank.
00:04:50 [Stepanos]: Never seems to get past that point
00:04:57 [Hegran]: And failing...
00:05:05 [Stepanos]: One would think a Goblin was running the works yard
00:05:15 Emmerán reaches for his own hearthstone
00:05:34 Hegran pulls the hearth from a bag on his belt.

[[ This fight scene was moderated using the battle system described here. ]]


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Re: Eclipse: Battle at the Docks

Postby Tirien » April 14th, 2015, 1:00 pm

((Tl:Dr - A lot happened, so read it, lol. Thanks for that RP! I'm definitely remembering that battle system. It's so flexible between OOC Abilities and IC Abilities.))

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Stepanos DelaCroix

Re: Eclipse: Battle at the Docks

Postby Stepanos DelaCroix » April 14th, 2015, 4:37 pm

An amazing experience to be sure. To add even more to the flavour of the event, we had already spent near to an hour chasing Tirion and trying to convince him his little girl friend was the epitome of EEE-VIL.

Of course, he ignored us. We didn't even blast him with light. We're a more gentle group of zealots, these days. AND, the three of us whooped the Fel out of Accalia's avatar - all the while dodging out of control tanks rumbling down the Stormwind Docks. What a night!

Tirion even tried kicking Stepanos through the uprights for three points... and almost succeeded! Stepanos will feel it in the morning, I can assure you.

As to the combat system, Vionora? It's awesome. Even had our asses been handed to us, I would/will use that system again in a heart beat. I've not been a fan of roll/react rp battles. they tend to be so... l o n g. This one moved quite quickly and changed my opinion. The health/attack pools are fair and well-thought out, leaving plenty of room for creativity.

I've said it before, and will say again: thank you for creating the Eclipse storyline. It's been a ton of fun, and really brought our guild back into reality. While playing a minor role in the major plotline, we've felt included and just as important as the Horde side. Kudos to ALL who have joined this and made it epic.

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Re: Eclipse: Battle at the Docks

Postby Vionora » April 14th, 2015, 6:55 pm

[[ /blush... Thank you! I'm glad everyone is having a good time! ]]


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