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A silver lining

Postby Longdang » January 15th, 2015, 10:52 pm

The sound of the wind in his ears and the smell of the grasslands of Nagrand filled his nose, while he saw nothing with his eyes closed as per-usual a meditating Pandaren. He sat high atop the cliffs of Skysong Lake for what seemed like hours, possibly even days meditating and preparing for what he believed would allow him to better serve the Elements and his time was fast approaching. His eyes snapped open and darted to the sky to the sound of thunder, only to see large, fluffy white clouds rolling across it. He then glanced casually over his shoulder to see a primal Wind Elemental floating behind him. Long rose slowly to his feet and brushed the dust and dirt from his blue ritualistic robes. The Elemental waited patiently for the Pandaren to finish before speaking with a voice that seemed to whisper past his ears "Kalandrios is beginning to become impatient, Shaman. The conditions are right, it is time to preform the ritual or step away from his side and remain with the sea.". With a heavy sigh, Long shrugged and said "Then let us begin, shall we."

Long turned from the Elemental and walked toward the edge of the cliff, where he stood looking down upon the Throne of the Elements for a moment before turning his gaze to the clouds above. He closed his eyes, raised his arms to his waist, and opened his hands palms up and fingers lightly spread open. He stood there motionless for a moment before his eyes opened, glowing white. Long raised his right hand to the sky with his palm up, curling his fingers in, while slowly rotating his wrist and the clouds began to move and collect on top of each other. He did this for a moment until a massive cloud loomed over his head and lowered his hand back to its former position. His eyes began to slowly change from glowing white to glowing a deep blue as his hand began to drip water profusely and began to chant in Kalimag the Language of the Elements "For the Sea, the Sky. For the Waves, the Wind.".

The Pandarens eyes began to glow brighter and the water coming from his hand began to rise towards the sky. Slowly as first, then began to flow faster and faster and before long two solid streams of water were rising straight up into the clouds. The white clouds began to change as Long channeled his water magic into them, turning a light grey and as the Shaman emptied the last of his water magic into them, they were almost as black as a starless night. The magic faded from Longs eyes as he watched the streams disappear into the clouds and he slowly stopped his chanting. He watched with awe as the clouds glowed a dim grey with lightning dancing within and waited as the wind swirled around them.

After what seemed like too much time "Did it not work ... " Long said as he glances over his shoulder to realize the Elemental was gone. He quickly looked back to the clouds and muttered to himself "It must have worked, just a little longer ...". Anxiety, doubt, and fear grew with each passing second as he waited for something, anything to happen. Anger quickly washed over him "I have done my part, I have given you the Sea." he growled through clenched teeth and then shouted "Now give me the storm!". As the word storm passed his lips, a deafening clap of thunder rolled from above and a bright blue bolt of lightning tore through the clouds and struck Long in the chest. He dropped to his knees and held his chest as he watched the clouds lighten to dark grey, while Long himself gasped for air. Another ear shattering clap of thunder rolled from the storm and a massive bolt of blindingly white lightning raced from above and struck the Pandaren square between the eyes. Longs head rolled back to be facing straight up at the storm. The clouds changed to a light grey and the wind began to pick up as he collapsed onto his back.

His eyes flicked open to the feeling of a light rain upon his face and after a moment, slowly rose to a sitting position with a grunt. After he got his bearings. he quickly glanced down at his chest to see nothing, not a single thread of his robes were burnt and his chest unharmed. He then removed his wolfs head helmet to see none of the fur was burnt either. He returned the helmet to his head and rose to his feet and walked to the edge of the cliff once more. He stood there for a moment with his eyes closed, feeling the wind and rain falling upon him as he stretched neck and shoulders. He could feel the storm within him, bouncing around, begging to be called upon. He opened his eyes again, now glowing white with his new power and white hot lightning crackled from his hands and fingertips. A smile crossed his face as he eyed the storm above and then threw a powerful bolt of lightning through it causing it to dissipate as if a bomb was set off inside of it. He then lowered himself to a sitting position again, crossed his legs, placed his hands upright on his knees, closed his eyes once more, and began to meditate as the sun dried his robes.


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