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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Tarashan » October 15th, 2014, 3:31 pm

They stood there on the edge. Dracila held Tinox in her claws, dangling the troublesome Senator over the Nether, keeping the others at bay while Tarashan muttered an incantation to reopen the portal that Aerana and Myaka had disappeared through moments earlier. As Tarashan completed the spell and the portal opened Dracila pulled Tinox back from the ledge, flinging the diminutive Senator towards Xandric and sprinted for the portal with Ezraeil close behind.

Tarashan took one last look at the group that had arrayed themselves against her and her companions. Xandric Lycus, Julianaz Skygazer, Averila Blacksun, and Brewdin Steelslugs. Of those four, she had thought Xandric and Julianaz would at least stand by the Empress’ side. Only a month ago she had stood nearby at the end of a meeting, watching as Xandric swore a solemn oath to Aerana to stand at her side. After Julianaz’s failed attempt to reason with Smartgear she had thought the Diplomat would see that the gnome couldn’t be trusted. She had been wrong, it seemed. The moment it had become known that Katelle had not become even more ill, that she was instead held under house arrest without her guild stone, everything had changed. Where before everyone had seemed willing to let events unfold with Tinox safely held in stasis, in that moment the tide had turned against the Empress.

Tarashan spat as she looked at them, all oath-sworn, and all standing there in defiance of the Empress. She turned her back on them and dived through the portal, sealing it behind her as she passed from Hellfire Peninsula…

And landed face-first in the damp soil of Baradin’s Landing.

She quickly pulled herself up, brushing dirt from her robes and spitting some from her mouth. “Ow,” the mage said quietly as she stood, quickly taking stock of their surroundings. The Empress and Guardian Winterborne were nowhere to be seen. She had followed the trail, reopening the portal that the Empress had created. Of course, they likely had moved on, but she had hoped they might have been able to regroup quickly. A motion off to her right caught her attention, and the mage watched as Ezraeil smashed his guild stone under his heel with a muttered curse, and Guardian Brownmane popped her own stone from the pommel of her blade and crushed it to powder.

Tarashan looked down at her right hand, her own small white stone set into her glove just above her wrist. She closed her eyes and heaved a heavy sigh as she reached down with her left hand and popped the stone free. Such a small thing, yet it signified so much: her connection to the Empire, to her friends. But it was also a danger, able to be tracked freely with Smartgear on the loose. They had lost this battle. The sacrifice had to be made. She tossed the stone lightly up and down in her hand, voices still echoing in her ear, sounds of surprise at Ezraeil’s actions, curses at the escape they had made from Hellfire. With a snarl Tarashan hurled the stone into the air, quickly following it with an ice lance… which shattered harmless against the stone. It fell back to the ground with a dull thud.

“Dammit…” she muttered as she stepped forward to the stone. “Stupid stone.” She placed her foot over the small rock, her heel resting on it and pressing down against the guild stone. “So much for showmanship.” Under the constant weight the small stone turned to dust beneath her heel.

In a small corner of her mind it amused her to imagine how Tinox must feel about this. He hated when members of the Empire lost their guild stones. She could only imagine how he must feel knowing that five of them had been destroyed inside of this month. First Donnelly had crushed his, now she and her compatriots had destroyed theirs. She could only imagine that Myaka had destroyed hers as well.

Her thoughts were interrupted from such happy musing though as she felt a claw tapping on her shoulder. “Soldier Flamewind.” Tarashan turned to face the worgen, raising an eyebrow as she saw a dagger in the woman’s hand, the hilt extended towards the mage. “I need your help with something.”

“What is it you need, Master Sergeant?”

“My guardian stone,” the worgen replied. “I need you to remove it. Not here though. Follow.”

And so the trio had moved, racing on borrowed mounts to the middle of the spider-infested forest that dominated the center of the island. “Here,” the Master Sergeant said. “The stone is next to my heart. I need you to cut it out and destroy it.”

Tarashan looked around at the surroundings. “Lovely place for surgery,” she said, managing to at least keep some of her irreverent sense of humor despite the trials they had experienced this night. She drew her dagger, using some alcohol from her bag to sterilize the blade. A useless gesture, she realized later, given that her ‘patient’ was already dead. She looked up to see Dracila removing the armor plates that covered her chest. “You’re an idiot, you realize that?”

“Just get it over with.”

And so she had, ramming the blade into Dracila’s chest and removing the stone—“This was your stone, yes? I didn’t grab your heart by mistake?”—and shattered it by hurling it against a nearby tree.

They had moved after that. A portal to Theramore, in hopes that they might find the Empress there, then flying to Winterspring, realizing that there was nothing to do but wait. To wait, it seemed, for Aerana to use the last remaining means of communication they had available. As Dracila explained it, the Empress had some sort of connection to Ezraeil, able to communicate through him somehow. The exact manner wasn’t something Dracila could specify, but they had to hope it would work.

They had landed on Frostsaber Rock and built a small fire, sitting around it and saying very little as they waited. A flash of brilliant green light had made Tarashan nearly fall backwards off the rock, and when she looked over to her right Ezraeil had vanished. The mage had stood up then, moving to look out over the beautiful forests of Winterspring. “Now what,” the mage said softly as Dracila moved beside her

“We wait.”

For long minutes the two stood in silence until at last Dracila spoke. “So, what do you make of all this?”

“I have no idea if she’s suffering as Tinox claims she is. You would have a better idea than I.” The mage stared at the Guardian beside her, taller by a head, and armored head to toe in plate. She seemed to search for something in that fierce face, trying to discern some hint as to the validity of Tinox’s words.

Dracila sighed, staring out from their position atop Frostsaber Rock. “Perhaps. Even so there is not much we can do.”

Tarashan nodded beside her. “Regardless, his methods are idiotic. The former Senators have professed to try and help her, and every time she has said that she will speak to any who wish it in private. Yet always they sought public confrontation.”

“Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Private, it’s behind closed doors, and by definition sneaky. Public is, as Aer said, a challenge.”

Tarashan nodded again, adjusting her stance and folding her hands behind her back as she stared out over the beautiful Winterspring landscape. Silence hung between the pair before Tarashan finally spoke again. “Is he right?”

“I’m not a shrink,” the death knight responded simply. And as the words fell from her lips, the pair felt the familiar pull of a summons: a hole twisting its way through the Twisting Nether for each of them, just waiting for them to step into it.

In the next instant they stood somewhere a world away from Winterspring — in Feralas, on Lake Dumont, site of the first military meeting after Katelle had her stone taken from her. The meeting where Versies had chased cats, and the Captain had become uncharacteristically angry. Aerana was there, with Myaka flanking her, and Ezraeil nearby. As they appeared the Empress nodded to them both, speaking their names quietly, then raised her voice so they could hear plainly. “As I spoke the words to Soldier Ezraeil, so too shall I thank you both for standing by me in such… uncertain times.” Aerana pressed her lips together soon after though, and her normally placid demeanor seemed to falter for a moment. “I would ask for that which occurred after Guardian Winterborne and I left.”

After they had filled Aerana in on the particulars of the events immediately after her departure, and their own trek to the north, Aerana spoke again. “The wards of my residence have activated. They now search my study and have entered my bedchambers.”

Tarashan spoke softly, the fingers of her left hand playing over the empty socket in her glove where had kept her guild stone. “Out of curiosity, I gave you that bag of guild stones from Tinox’s lab. Where are they now?”

The Empress’ reply was what Tarashan had expected, though being right was hardly a comfort at this time. “The guild stones reside in my Study.” As Tarashan looked down, tracing the pattern of the carefully crafted socket Slaye had provided her to hold her stone, Aerana spoke added. “Yet if we can gather such materials, I could craft more.”

Tarashan nodded. “I suppose it’s only right they find their way to the Empire once again. None of us would wish to cripple them.”

“Indeed,” the Empress said in gentle agreement. “We would not wish to harm the Empire nor its Vision, despite the troubles that now assail us.”

Tarashan raised her right arm, turning her wrist so that the empty socket could be seen in her glove. “We destroyed ours the moment we came through the portal to Tol Barad.”

“Such is appropriate, even though it is painful,” the Empress replied as she looked at the empty holder in Tarashan’s glove, the woman’s own hands rising to the base of her throat. In spite of herself Tarashan smiled a little at that, having herself been toying endlessly at the spot where her stone used to rest. The guild stone was a part of each of them, their connection to their comrades and friends. Without it, they were truly out on their own.

Dracila was speaking again, drawing Tarashan out from her brief moment of quiet contemplation. “—pain was a small price to pay both times to protect the stone. At the beginning, and to help you now.” That stupid stone the worgen had put in her chest.

Tarashan absently touched her glove again and for the third time that night posed the question: “What now?”

The Empress stood there, her lips pressed together, thinking for a moment, her gaze turning from the four that had followed her from Hellfire. “They have entered my residence and I have no doubt that they shall soon search for us. They cannot allow such dissent to run amiss, as we unfortunately did.”

Tarashan stared at Aerana as she spoke, and her question in reply as straight to the point. “Will they search for us, or for you?”

“I believe that I shall be their primary target,” the Empress admitted after a moment’s thought. “Might we… sit for a moment?” The Empress wearily gestured at a nearby tree. “It has the additional benefit of making us less visible than we are at this moment.”

As they settled themselves in the shade of the tree a question came to Tarashan’s mind. “What is the harm in letting them find you?”

Aerana looked at Tarashan, brows drawing together in concerned thought. “I fear that which they may do,” she admitted after a moment’s pause. “For such matters have… been brewing for a time and their words have been ominous in the past.” The Empress lifted a hand toward Dracila, the death knight having moved to stand next to Aerana when they had moved to the tree. “Guardian, if you would summarize that which has occurred up until this point? I believe that Soldier Flamewind deserves to know what it is we know. Begin where such seems logical to you, though I would imagine it stands shortly after the Guardians were revealed?”

Tarashan shifted her gaze towards Dracila, listening attentively as the worgen began to speak.

“Well,” she began, “after Myaka was revealed we made a decision that I would remain hidden and do what I could behind the scenes. As a result, I listened in on a few conversations between the Senators, and made contingency plans should they make a move against Aerana. That night we all met in private and decided to place a spy on the Senate. It was revealed that Tinox was going to make Aerana step away from everything, by force if necessary. Myaka had her own encounters with Rednaxela, which further reinforced that the Senators were up to something. Then, of course, they tried to get Myaka to give up the rest of us. You should know the rest of the story after the Senate was disbanded that night.”

As Tarashan listened to the story, her mind raced. Bits and pieces of it she had figured out for herself, but the thought that Tinox had been ready to force Aerana to step aside by force… well, hadn’t he done that already? She flicked her gaze to the Empress, observing as the woman kept her hands intertwined in her lap to keep from reaching up to touch the bare spot on her neck where her guild stone had hung until just recently. Tinox had stolen the Empress’ guild stone. Had robbed her of her connection to the Empire. Had forced the five of them into hiding.

Aerana’s voice brought her back to full attention. “I would only add that after the disbanding, Rednaxela continued to press Pralea to infiltrate the Military for the Senate. And you know of his and Julianaz’s reluctance in reporting their encounter with Tinox. And, as you are undoubtedly aware, Rednaxela has sought to stir unrest throughout his presence. Yet… there was little I could do for such. Though now I see that my mistake has cost me much.”

“It has cost us all,” Tarashan said softly, touching the empty space in her glove again.

The Empress continued to speak though, her voice dropping, barely above her whisper, her head bowed, the curve of her hood covering her face and making her expression unknowable. “I… apologize for such. I thought not to use…” The Empress shook her head, falling silent.

Into the silence, Tarashan spoke softly, seeking to comfort the woman she called her Empress. “You have nothing to apologize for. I made a choice.”

Dracila was more interested in the second part of the Empress’ words. “Use what?” the death knight asked.

Aerana did not look up, though she did answer the death knight. “To use such force to quell simple whispers. I had thought that in time, such would settle.”

“So did we all,” Tarashan replied, her gaze hardening as she looked at the Empress. “I had never thought we would find so many…” the mage trailed off, then suddenly spat the words out. “So many traitors in our midst.”

Aerana seemed to flinch at the word, or at their force, but she nodded. “To be a traitor to the Vision… I can understand disagreement with me or that which I proclaim to guide the Empire. But to be a traitor to the Empire makes them…”

Tarashan picked up where the Empress had left off. “They betrayed sworn oaths. I watched as Xandric swore an oath to stand by your side, and there he was standing in opposition to us tonight.” Dracila nodded as Tarashan spoke, signaling agreement to the mage’s words.

Aerana raised a hand up to her head, sighing as she spoke. “And yet they were placed in a situation where their hearts were called in two directions. The General…” the Empress trailed off, shaking her head. “Can I truly blame those who heeded Katelle’s words? For is she not their General, despite her actions?”

Tarashan shook her head in disagreement. “She may be the General, yet you are our supreme commander. We swore to follow the orders of our superiors. Are you not that?”

Aerana nodded. “I am,” she answered softly. And to Tarashan, that simple acknowledgement seemed to breathe new life back into the Empress. At last the woman looked up and gazed on the four that had followed her to Feralas. “They should have understood that what I have done has been for the Empire and those within it. They knew not what had occurred, for I wished not to malign those who have yet served. And yet my silence allowed the Senate a foothold, from which to… accomplish that which they did this night.” The Empress once again reached up to touch her throat where the guild stone had so recently been.

“They acted idiotically,” Tarashan said softly, fixing her gaze firmly on Aerana. “You made it clear from the beginning that you would listen to all in private council. But they desired to shame you, and publicly. It started at that meeting, when Rhork asked to be one of your Guardians. After the meeting they confronted you. They questioned your health, your fitness to lead. And for all to see.”

Myaka picked up where Tarashan had left off, and the mage smiled as she saw Aerana nodding at her words. “They never tried honest counsel and help. It was public shaming before, then plotting when they pushed, and then they were angry when you pushed back to make them see that which they do.”

Dracila interjected then. “Though I judge you not for feeling overwhelmed after tonight’s events, Aer, we need a course of action.”

“Of course,” the Empress responded quietly, and Tarashan smiled again as she saw the Empress’ expression shift to that familiar neutral state, though her eyes blazed with renewed purpose and thought. “First we must ascertain a way to communication. I am able to create such stones, provided I have the materials. The materials are somewhat rare. All are within my residence…” The Empress trailed off, looking at the four of them in turn. “Assessment on the viability of a reconnaissance of my residence?”

“Is there a means of teleportation into the house?” The others threw in objections about the house being watched, but Tarashan reasoned that if they could teleport inside the building they could snatch what was needed and leave before being spotted or being detained.

The Empress shook her head. “The residence itself is warded against teleportation as a security measure. Although such could be accomplished outside.”

Tarashan simply shook her head at that. “The point is to avoid being outside.”

“Then such is impossible,” the Empress answered. “The residence was chosen specifically for its ley line placement.”

“What materials do we need, then?”

As Aerana began to list off the various enchanted dusts, Tarashan smiled. Their problems were all but solved in that regard. “Empress,” Tarashan said with a light smile. “I can handle these things. My own enchanting stores are rather well-stocked, and what I don’t have can be easily acquired. Gems as well.”

Aerana nodded, then looked around at the four assembled under the tree. “As for a course of action after such a method of communication is established, I confess that I am at a loss for the moment. I would solicit your insight.” The Empress lifted a hand, gesturing at them, indicating they should speak their minds.

Dracila was the first to speak. “I see two general paths. We push back and dispose of the Senate, fix the damage done. Or we cut our losses with the Empire and move on and start anew.”

Tarashan could see the Empress trying to keep her expression neutral, but the mage simply rolled her eyes and gave her thoughts. “We act as the Senate did in the past. You hid your information against them, but now is the time to reveal it. Smartgear pitches himself as simply wanting to help you. Let us show them that he simply desires power.”

“And how would you propose to do this?” Aerana was staring at Tarashan now. “There are many who stood against us this night.”

“As Tinox did. We appear at meetings. We… agitate. They say all they want to do is speak? Then they can speak. But they do so publicly. Where they can be heard by all, and where they can be exposed. Before we destroyed our stones I heard the beginnings of his conversation with the Empire. He wants to be viewed as savior. He says he just wanted to help you. He does this for your own good.” At those words Aerana’s lips pressed into a thin line once more, but Tarashan continued on. “Even now they hunt you. You said they raided your home. We have been forced to throw aside our own bonds to those we loved and served in order to save ourselves and to help you. Are these the actions of someone that wants help?”

Myaka nodded, cocking her head as she considered the mage’s suggestion. “The guild hall is open all, and we know when the meetings are. I don’t think you’ll want to be there though, Empress. If they do mean something insidious, with the whole of the Empire there, it’s not safe.”

As both fell silent the Empress spoke again. “Then what would you suggest? That others go in my stead to…” the Empress’ voice trailed off, as if she was having trouble getting the word out. “To agitate?”

“I… don’t know,” Tarashan replied after a moment. “I don’t think they can do anything to us in Darnassus. Sentinels patrol the hall and stand watch outside. It’s not like in Tinox’s lab, or in Hellfire.”

Aerana sighed and shook her head, a firm gesture of denial. “I would not ask others to do that which I am not willing to do myself. I understand that you have your duties, but so too do I have mine. Whatever it is that I can do, I will.” Aerana turned her gaze on Tarashan. “The materials for the stones. You are in charge of gathering such.” She shifted her gaze to Dracila. “We shall need multiple locations where we might gather outside of the Senate’s ear. If there are ways to monitor the Empire’s actions from afar, or through speaking to Sarah, see to such. Do not be observed, for they are undoubtedly watching.”

After a few more suggestions of places to hide and suggestions of people who might be loyal to them in the Empire, the Empress rose up wearily and dipped her head towards Dracila, Tarashan, Myaka, and Ezraeil. “That which has been shown this night shall not be forgotten. My life is in your hands, and I thank you for the honor of having you by my side.”

Tarashan smiled, bowing her head slightly. “I swore it once before, but I do so again. You have my loyalty Empress. I’ll stand at your side, no matter what.” She snapped a salute. “Tor ilisar’thera’nal. Now, more than ever.”

As the trio of Ezraeil, Dracila, and Tarashan turned and left, they could hear the Empress giving them a farewell. “Be safe and well, my loyal Guardians. For your actions have bestowed upon you more than oaths could.”

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Resileaf » October 17th, 2014, 9:11 pm

This evening had started like any other. Resileaf had been hanging around the Temple of the Moon, awaiting the Empress' arrival so she could give her the good news that she had written for her at her request. Soon, she heard the telltale sound of a portal opening, and from it, Aerana Dantay and Myaka emerged, both of them as impassive as ever. The Night elf stood as they passed.
"Good evening, Empress."

The human mage stopped for a moment to turn toward her and return her greeting before continuing her way through the city after motionning for the elf to accompany them. Resileaf had planned on telling there, but decided against it and just followed after them, wondering when the best time to do it would be. They walked, silently, until they arrived, at which point they all took their normal positions. Resileaf and Myaka in the line, Aerana at the dais. The elf traded places with the gnome Brewdin to stand next to Pralea, and after a greetings, noticed just how exhausted the cursed woman looked.
"You look out of breath. What have you been doing, Pralea?"
The woman shrugged slightly before enumerating just what she had been doing.
"Fighting demons in the brawlpub... Meditating... Regaining feelings in my legs... Y'know, stuff."
They idly spoke with each others of their recent activities, awaiting the meeting to begin, and Resileaf noticed that the Empress looked... Disturbed by something. Looking around, she saw the presence of a few people who hadn't been around in a while at the guild meetings... Or who shouldn't.

Balticus, Donnelly... All that was needed was Tinox.
"Why is everyone here..?"
She mumbled under her breath, making Pralea next to her shrug again.
"Well, it IS the guild meeting. It's not that surprising."
Resileaf grimaced a bit.
"That's not what I meant..."
She turned her attention back to the Empress as she began to call the meeting into session.

And that is when everything spiraled out of control, as Donnelly stepped in front of the dais and placed the small device on the ground in front of the stairs, from which Tinox appeared from.


Resileaf had been among those who teleported after Aerana, to see what was going on, to see with her own eyes... Her worst fears were starting to become reality as the crowd in Tinox's study began to argue with each others and with those in charge.

"Stop it! Stop fighting! Everyone just stop!"

Her own words were drowned by the crowd's demanding voices, all seeking answers from whoever could give them.
Aerana, sick of some insidious mental disease that made her apparently incapable of making decisions...
Katelle, imprisonned by the Empress with her guildstone taken away from her. Now she ordered the Empress' guildstone to be taken away from her, to hold her prisonner because she was not apt to lead...
Tinox, frozen in a stasis prison by Tarashan's trap...

At some point, Resileaf had found herself in the middle of the crowd, between Aerana and Donnelly. The Empress was in clear distress as the former Senator tried to approach her and Resileaf did not want to let that distress keep growing like this.
"Please step aside, Resileaf. I am working to help someone we both care for."
Resileaf had shaken her head, standing before the old man, trying to look resolute before him.
"In this way? By doing this in the middle of a guild meeting?! What you're doing is... You're forcing her hand! This is not caring, this is hurting her!"
She looked back at him in the eyes, trying to plead with him.
"There are other ways, Donnelly! G-general!"
Donnelly did not relent, however.
"You are correct. But right now I am trying to keep her from doing something that would harm the Empire."
With tearful eyes, she once again tried to make him turn back...
"And I do not want you to do something that will harm it either! I don't want everyone here to tear themselves apart because someone's hand has been forced!"
With a more imperious voice, he once again ordered her to stand aside.
"Resileaf, please do not interfere with me. Trust that I will not harm Aerana."

The elf faltered slightly, at a loss for things to do. She did not think Donnelly was lying to her... But at the same time, this was the absolute worst way she could think of to confront Aer with her illness. To do so publicly, to throw it at her face, to make it for all of the Empire to witness as they flinged their dirty laundry at each others.
Even now, they ignored her, instead talking to each others.
She had to do something.
She had to stop them.

"Stop it, everyone... Someone's going to fight someone else at this rate..."
Resileaf desperately tried to beg with the crowd.
"Things are going to go to blood!"

She heard Katelle on the guildstone, ordering everyone to take Aer into custody.
"I can't do that Katelle... Not when someone might get hurt from it..."
That is when she recalled what she had written herself in her letter to the Empire...
Am I actually ready to do this..?
She had to... It was the only thing that could stop this madness, if anything could...
"Empire... The blood I spill today, I spill it in the name of peace... Please understand that..."

She took a step back from the group, and unsheated the dagger at her belt... Almost in a trance, she brought it to her side...
With a swift movement, she thrust it as deep as she could in her stomach. The pain almost made her drop to her knees, but she continued, and slit her entire stomach, from side to side, wide open. A flood of purple blood immediately flowed from her wound as she fell to her knees, agonizing pain wracking through her body as her damaged organs intensely protested against the self-inflicted wound.
The people around her shouted in shock (and anger) at the sight of the elf having slit her stomach before them. Confusion arose as the Empress and her close guard took advantage of the unexpected event to teleport away, to join Ezraeil who had already teleported away with Tinox earlier.
"Everone step back! Get a healer over here!"
"What just happened?"
"Light... Give her room! Resi, I'm gonna smack you if you live through this...!"
"Resileaf just stabbed herself!"

The voices around her mixed, but she couldn't understand them, as pain the likes of which she had felt only once before wracked through her body... With one arm, she clutched her open wound, trying to keep the organs from spilling out along with her blood. With the other, she clutched the guildstone she possessed.
"I spilled my blood... For peace and unity..."
She could barely think... She was focused on this one mantra...
"I did what I had to... For peace and unity..."

The medics of the just reinstated medical corps of the Empire had almost immediately jumped on her to treat her. The Mackinzie sisters had both started working together, wrapping her stomach in bandages, using their healing magic to keep the blood from spurting out like a waterfall... Their quick reaction had saved the elf's life. If no one had stepped up, she would have most likely died on the spot.
"No more... Violence... No more... Threats..."
She couldn't move. She could just watch as the Empire continued discussing what to do now that the Empress was gone, and to chase her.
Still clutching her guildstone, she was lifted from the ground by Niala, who would bring her to the Cathedral.

Resileaf lost track of what was going on. The blood loss was so much she barely could remain counscious.
"I've failed..."
Voices came from it, but she couldn't hear them.
"I've failed, and everyone is fighting..."
Blackness flooded her vision.
"I've failed, and I am dying..."

More words from the guildstone.
"Resileaf, I forbid you from dying, do you understand? You must not die now!"
She could not see them, but she felt the tears flow from her eyes.
"I don't... I don't want to live... I want to die..."
She had been placed in a bed at the Cathedral now. The Mackinzie sisters had stripped her of her top clothing that was soaked in her blood, including her tabard and had layed her down there, working as quickly as they could on her wound. Finally, someone decided that the Night elf had to ceaze talking, and she was made to be put under anaesthetic. Her vision darkened as a dreamless sleep quickly overtook her.

Everything's gonna be alright...

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Verin » October 17th, 2014, 9:14 pm

Verin yawns, his report ready to be sent off to Captain Landreth. Within the manila folder is a summary of a small incident wherein he had asked a group of people to vacate a home in Stormwind, its owner unable to verify if the group was given access. Normally, he wouldn’t have noticed anything was wrong since the curtains were closed and no odd sounds were made. Only the word from a passerby, one Verin knew, made him rethink checking the premises. The witness had confirmed seeing a handful of people enter the house, to which Verin gave a second pass.

A woman, heavy with pregnancy, answered his knocks at the front door and explained it was her friend’s house and she was given a key. What troubled Verin was when she mentioned her friend was missing, and had been for a day or so. After instructing her to file a missing person’s report, he then prompted her and her newly introduced fiancé to leave the home. All went well even when a Gnome approached, inquiring what was going on. After a brief dialogue, the Gnome Tinox, was instructed to visit the Westbrook Garrison, as Verin had heard of a disturbance earlier that evening involving the Twilight Empire in the Mage’s Tower. The Gnome’s tabard was enough for Verin to recognize his affiliation with the group as well as the Gnome’s own words about being a “Senator” or whatever leadership position that entailed.

The vacated home, the disturbance at the Mage’s Tower, and rumor about a potential altercation at the Mage Quarter overlook were all that the folder contains. With a short sigh, Verin slides the old chair back, flinching as he feels a leg buckle. It didn’t break and Verin made a mental note to also inform whichever Clerk he hands the folder to about it. Rounding a corner into the main offices is more a hassle than ever. It seems something was up, though he only wanted to turn in this report. After a near collision with Clerk Digsby, Verin hands it to her with an apologetic smile. The rolling of eyes and a quip about Verin’s love-life signals the end of the trade and leaves Verin in a dour mood. He sighs as he watches her walk toward Captain Landreth’s office.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Sieln » October 18th, 2014, 1:03 pm

Just as he had predicted.

Lines had been drawn and sides chosen.

Lazarus walked the Whispering Forest. Leaves were falling and coating the small forest in shades of brown, yellow, and red. He found the display rather suiting given past events. He inhaled the musky air and continued down the path that he knew led to a demure little lake. This was his sanctuary and he loved it.

He had walked here as child before Arthas returned from Northrend. It wasn't a secret that this place existed nor was it exactly well known. Still it suited him that his sanctuary was rarely disturbed.

He snapped his fingers and his chair of undeniable character appeared next to him. Stepping over he sat in it and stared out at the lake as the whispers continued around him coaxing out his troubled memory.


“This has to stop” Averila had said.

He had picked out her simple statement amidst the chaos that was the Mage Tower of Stormwind after Tinox Smartgear’s capture.

Inwardly he knew she was correct. The situation was far out of control and chaos was reigning. With barely a thought he sent a message to the Empress’ guildstone and offered a simple comment.

“I can take Tinox away from here if you so desire.”

Barely a moment passed before she nodded in his direction and gave him leave to do it.

He knew it was a poor choice. But given the situation every choice seemed poor. If trend kept the Mage Tower was going to become the epicenter of an explosion of sheer violence and pent up emotion. If the stone was not retrieved Tinox would be doggedly hunted yet again. Taking Tinox meant he would shift priorities of the group. It also meant he would be pursued.

So be it.

With a flare of fel power and bit more flourish than strictly necessary his form morphed into that of a demon. Looming over those in attendance he shouted a demonic word of power causing flame to shoot up around him bathing the tower in bright green light. A sudden shift in pressure was felt followed by a pop as air rushed in towards the flames. As the flames receded both Lazarus and Tinox were gone.

Acrid air stung his lungs and opening his eyes he found himself staring out into the shattered world that was Draenor. Nowhere else did he feel closer to the powers he commanded. Nowhere else did he feel quite so comfortable. Looking down at the Gnome he shook his head.

“I do apologize for the inconvenience Tinox.”

The frozen Gnome offered no retort. The only noise around them was the ever present sound of power ravaging the shattered land as they stood on a broken rock floating in the atmosphere of Hellfire Peninsula.


His guild stone was a frenzy of activity. Apparently someone had decided stabbing themselves was a good idea and already a force was looking for him. With annoyance he noted that they seemed to already know he was in Outlands.

Minutes passed and over the guildstone he heard a familiar voice state that they had located him. Dumbfounded that they felt it a good idea to announce it over the stone he carried on him he couldn't help but laugh.

“To think… I call these people my family.” He shook his head and balanced himself.

Repeating the ritual from before his surroundings changed and he was again safely away from his pursuers. He once again made his location known to the Empress. It however became evident that he could not safely update his location to the Empress without the others finding out somehow as well. With a sense of resignation he allowed the two groups to converge on him.

“So be it” he said to himself. He looked at the frozen Gnome and felt his annoyance rising within.

The standoff was fruitless. Neither side would concede and the dimwitted Gnome that announced his finding of Lazarus over the guild stone managed to surprise them all with a device that emitted a deafening sound and blinding light.
Releasing Tinox from the stasis was a mistake. Trusting the other side to allow them to retrieve the stone was a mistake. Indeed it seemed the whole of the Empire had turned their collective backs on the Empress.
All it took was but a moment for Tinox to steal the Empress’ stone and to abscond to the safety of his protectors with nothing but tinkered devices.

That was the breaking point.

Spells flew and brother faced brother. Both sides were reluctant to spill blood and all efforts were focused on suppressing the other. Lazarus’ bout with Xandric was infuriating as the man was incredibly resilient to spells that impacted will. It took an astounding concert of power to force the man to flee, and even then it only lasted for mere seconds. But seconds was all that was needed for Master Sergeant Brownmane to rip Tinox to her side and dangle him over the edge of Hellfire Peninsula.

The break in combat that ensued was enough to allow Aerana to teleport safely away with Myaka.

The uneasy standoff continued as Tarashan reopened Aerana’s portal the group prepared to follow after the exiled Empress. They all knew they had lost.

Before stepping through Lazarus gave in to his inner rage and turned towards to Xandric. The broken landscape continued to fracture and dust swirled about the group. Indeed no other place could be so appropriate for such a moment. Glaring at the man he had once felt a degree of familiarity with he uttered a single curse and stepped through the portal. He wasn't sure if the curse remained on the man, but he couldn't waste time waiting to see. Silently he wished that the shattered realm would consume the traitors.

Finding himself on the other side he withdrew his stone and dropped it in the dirt at his feet.

“Peace be with you. Traitors.” He said as he slammed his foot down on the stone and turned to look at his sisters as they emerged from the portal.


Lazarus was watching the waters of the lake. He became aware that the whispering of the forest had ceased.

“I have nothing left for you.” He said as the silence enveloped him.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Huli Jing » October 18th, 2014, 4:48 pm

Huli took a deep breath as he stood at the railed edge of the seat of knowledge in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. He looked out at the devastation and sighed heavily. The last days had been hard. He had found a new wellsprings of motivation for his quest, a quest to help his new family. Yet, it was his companion that had carried him through. He looked compassionately at the red fox that had been his partner for so long.

It had started the morning he woke up and missed the meeting. He was still unsure how his stone had ended up in that mug of dwarven ale. He had been studying the founding documents of the empire. They had been extensively damaged during the attack on Stormwind. He needed to understand his new family if was going to help it. If he could figure out the structure of the family perhaps he could determine where and what was attacking it. That is when the news of what happened came to him. The empire was in chaos with the what had been happening. How could have things come so far?

He was sure that what ever enemy they faced was preying on the structure of the family. How could such a close knit group of individuals become so polarized. His reading had focused in on the two conflicting groups. The Empress and the Senate for it was they who had seemed to have lost their purpose. His mind drifted to the descriptions of the two structures in the copy of the scrolls he now had in his pack.

The Senators are drawn from both branches and encouraged to represent the vision of their branches before the Empress. The Senate is the body that makes the major policy decisions of the Empire- both diplomatically and militarily. Senators are to be available to aid members and act as mediators when necessary. There had been rumors that the senators had lost touch with the people. That they had become consumed by the power they wielded. That the Senate or certain Senators had gone to far extremes to secretly monitoring individuals and holding closed discussions. These were not the actions of those who represent the vision of their branches.

Empress Aerana oversees the Twilight Empire and acts as a caretaker for the vision of the empire. She strives closely to work with the senate to craft policy and ensure the continued growth and survival of the Empire, while at the same time keeping the empire true to it's original vision. She is also expected to meet with leaders of other orders in order to solidify diplomatic relations. The Empress had formed a secret group of advisers and protectors. She had disbanded the Senate and isolated one of the Empire's members. Some of her followers were blindly loyal. His thoughts went to the the Kaldorei huntress who lay in the cathedral. She who had eviscerated herself to stop the conflict. These were not the action of a caretaker.

Did those factions not realize that the vision was not controlled or possessed by one person or a group but by all. Each Plebeian, Honored Citizen, and Soldier carried that too. The Senate maybe the body and the Empress the eyes but the others were the heart and spirit of the vision.

Secrets. Secrets are the darkness that poisons the soul his father had once parted to him. Secrets were now tearing this group apart. What dark force or deed had infiltrated this family like the Sha sowing seeds of fear, doubt and pride. How could he hunt these and defeat them so the family could be closely reunited again. That is why he had come to see the wisest of all. He had come to see Lorwalker Cho.

Now the Empire needed to be unified more than ever. The dire predictions given to him by the earth mother were coming true. He had seen sketches of this dark gate. It was the same as that which has existed in the dream given to him by Shen-Zin Su. This was the source of threat that he had come to the empire to help with. Yet the empire could not be there if it was in this turmoil. Worse one of its members, Diplomat Skygazer had disappeared in the vicinity of the gate. Perhaps before the meeting tomorrow they could find her. Yes tomorrow could bring more storms or perhaps clarity. Whichever it was to be the future of the Empire could balance on it. But that was tomorrow, today he would head to the gate and lend his own powers to the search of the missing diplomat and hope it was not to late.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Aerana » October 20th, 2014, 5:52 pm

Sleep did not come easily — not for the hunted.

Aerana pulled the heavy quilt up to shield herself against the chill that seeped through the stones, covering her shoulder as she turned to her side. Her body protested against even that simple movement and the ache in her muscles pointedly reminded her that she was more accustomed to hours of studying than…escaping.

The hectic rush of the past week swirled together, blurring into endless hours of traveling and casting, crossing multiple ley lines, and leaving such a convoluted network of portal traces that none would be able to ascertain which path the Empress and her Guardian had actually taken. Landscapes almost blended together as Aerana’s fingers wove the portal spells while Myaka stood next to her, stoic and silent. The shimmering materializations of instantaneous travel sent rays of light dancing across their tired features as they approached a chosen portal out of the many surrounding them. The pulling sensation of such travel became the norm of their days, interspersed with rare moments of respite and stillness.

The small but neatly appointed room on Scryer’s Tier had provided one such moment of calm, a week ago. Aerana had once spent a great deal of time developing a mutually beneficial relationship with the organization; Alistaire Nightsong’s contributions to the Scryer’s — and his loyalty to Aerana — had also not been forgotten during the intervening years. Their hosts asked no questions and, according to Aerana’s request, duly forwarded the package of enchanting materials, which had arrived addressed to “Nightsong.” Food and drink waited on trays, largely untouched by the room’s occupants.

Aerana and Ezraeil conversed in quiet tones in the small room, careful not to wake Guardian Winterborne, who rested beyond the doorway after an evening of standing watch over Aerana’s troubled sleep. Scrolls littered the desk in front of Aerana while stones and dusts were scattered messily on a nearby table— evidence of the day’s work. While she continued the slow but important work of creating the network between the stones, the robed and hooded man leaned against the lectern, reading from his own books in silence.

Aerana glanced up from the runes she was reading. Sparkling dust drifted downward from her fingers, creating an intricate pattern around the five stones that rested on the desk. She moved her hand, weaving the various colors of dust around the stones as she finished the complex pattern. Brushing the dust free from her hands, she reached down to the satchel at her side.

“In the end, I killed him,” the voice had whispered, its timbre the ghost of the man who had spoken to her only moments before. She had started at the unfamiliar voice but Ezraeil gave no indication that he had heard the whispered words. And so she said nothing and merely set her hand against the orb within the satchel.

Her blue gaze softened with sadness as she paused in her work to look over at the studious man. ‘We all have been forced to do that which may trouble our souls,’ she thought sadly before returning her attention to the five stones lined up in front of her.

They continued their respective endeavors, studying together in silence.

Aerana tucked her hands under the pillow and turned her head away from the soft light that glowed from the door’s threshold, sighing tiredly. Bone-deep weariness clawed at every muscle, dragging her towards the false promise of rest. Unfamiliar sounds, however, startled her and shot adrenaline through her mind. She glanced around worriedly, searching the shadows of the strange stone room for any hint of a threat. Neither Aerana nor Myaka relished the idea of remaining in a location for any length of time. They would leave here soon, just as they had left Shattrath upon the completion of the new stones for those now called Guardians.

Aerana turned over, wincing slightly as she tried to find a comfortable position. Even now, days later, her body remembered the effort and power it had taken to create the particular network of portals from Scryer’s Tier to their intended destination. The shimmering openings had wavered within their small room, strangely unstable as if her own flagging strength had been transferred to the portal itself. The flight afterwards, through the frigid air of Northrend, did little to help her recover her energy. Yet her mission was necessary and so she completed it without complaint.

The sweet and earthly smell of pine had wafted through the lodge, mixing with the smoky scent of a merrily burning fire somewhere downstairs. Aerana and Myaka had only taken a moment to rest before Aerana pulled forth the glassy orb with its own inner flame. The orb was silent now as it rested in her palm. The Empress quietly murmured the name that had been entrusted into her hands and a pillar of green fel-flame heralded the immediate arrival of Ezraeil. With a quiet greeting and a gesture, the three individuals swiftly performed the ritual that would call forth the remaining Guardians.

Aerana gazed in turn at those who eventually came to stand around her in the small room. So few…

Tarashan Flamewind.

Dracila Brownmane.

Ezraeil Graysong.

Myaka Winterborne.

Despite the fact that they numbered so few, the Guardians’ gazes were confident: focused and sharp as they spoke and collaborated respectful tones, each inherently understanding the weight of the burdens upon the others. Their words had been wise, their counsel welcome, and their advice insightful.

In time, Aerana had bowed her head respectfully as she stepped forward, truly touched by their trust and their encouraging words. She lifted her cupped hands, cradling that which had taken days to complete. Five stones rested in Aerana’s slight hands, pulsing softly with a faint green light.

One by one, the loyal Guardians stepped forward and chose a stone.

So few.

Perhaps, in time, there would be more.

Aerana’s breathing steadied and became more rhythmic. She could hear the familiar heavy steps of armored boots on stone right outside her doorway. Myaka. The sound was comforting and her eyes fluttered closed with the knowledge that she was protected. She turned over, her hand instinctively reaching up to the base of her throat. A familiar, but now useless, gesture. There were no reassuring murmurs from those she had known as family. Instead, her mind sought to occupy itself by musing on the words, both comforting and troubling, that Resileaf had shared only hours earlier. The injured elf had verified her suspicions: Tinox was using some sort of alleged medical journal from Northshire to prop up his false claims and support his bid for power. Without her presence, and with the Guardians cast in a suspicious light, there was little to stem the swaying power of the Senate’s words.

Sighing softly, Aerana’s breathing eventually deepened as sleep finally claimed her consciousness.

“Come here, little one,” her mother cooed, drawing the child into her arms and smoothing her hair comfortingly. “Sleep now, I won’t let them get you. Nobody is coming inside.” Aerana peeked between her mother’s thin arms and looked around their small one-room home. The room, usually tidy and neat, had fallen into haphazard disrepair. The dinner table, which had once served as the centerpiece of their small living area, was tipped on its side and pressed flush to the doorway. The curtains were drawn so that no moonlight shined inside; the only light came from the flickering candle on the stand nearby. Across the room, the countertop was piled high with rotting vegetables that her mother had cut in half and left out in the open, muttering softly about being traced, tracked, and monitored.

The thin arms tightened around Aerana and her mother began rocking slowly, back and forth. Soothed by her mother’s gentle movements and soft, if incomprehensible whispers, Aerana closed her eyes.

“They’ll try,” her mother whispered fiercely, responding to something that Aerana couldn’t hear. “But we’re safe now. When the Horde come and burn everything down, we’ll be safe. They won’t find us here. Not now. They can’t.”

Aerana knew that the only person who would come by was Brother Neal, bringing them fresh fruit from the orchard or vegetables from the garden. She hoped he could convince mother to get rid of the rotten ones; though these days her mother rarely listened to the Brother.

Sleepily, Aerana reminded herself to ask Brother Neal whether the Horde were really coming, like mother had warned. Aerana had heard a lot about the Horde from her mother, but she had never seen any of the gruesome deadly monsters that so often terrorized her mother’s thoughts.

As she drifted to sleep, she wondered briefly if her mother would be screaming in the morning, shrieking at Brother Neal to go away. She hoped not.

She liked Brother Neal.

Without warning, her mother’s arms constricted and the glass windows exploded inward, shattering noisily on the wooden floorboards. A bright light — painfully, stingingly, horribly bright— filled the room and blinded her even though her eyes were closed. Aerana instinctively reached for her guild stone, for the only family that she had left, to warn them…

But her fingertips touched nothing but her own bare collarbone; it was gone — stolen.

As her dappled vision cleared, she could make out vague forms standing amid the ruins of the little room. Their weapons gleamed menacingly and their glares cut through the remnants of her sightlessness even though their bodies remained indistinct, shadowed blobs. Brewdin. Averila. Xandric. Julianaz. Tinox.

Xandric took a step towards her, blood dripping from the side of his armor. She lifted a trembling arm, holding out a white cloth. A bandage. Torn from her own gloves…When had that happened?

But it wasn’t Xandric any longer. And she wasn’t in Hellfire either.

Instead of glares, those strangely gentle green eyes stared at her, glowing softly as Kiron lifted his arm and reached for her outstretched hand. The other malignant shadows had faded with the ruined vestiges of her home, leaving them alone in an open expanse. The grass beneath her soft boots squished quietly as she took a step towards him. A salt-scented breeze rolled off the nearby water, playfully gliding through the grass. The fear in her eyes faded and the confused despair that lined her features disappeared. She took one step towards him, and then another. She almost seemed to float above the grass, her body lightened by her soaring heart. Yet she never seemed to come closer to his outstretched hand — reaching for her as she reached for him.

Inexplicably, she continued to rise — floating higher and higher. The movement lost its peaceful quality as she suddenly jetted upwards at a startling speed, carried aloft on a pedestal of earth that rose violently beneath her. Below, Kiron fell to his knees, his side bleeding as Xandric’s once had. The ground around the single pillar, far below, erupted violently and crumbled into a voracious nothingness that relentlessly consumed everything around her. The inexorable darkness started devouring the column that supported her, gnawing its way from the bottom up. Fear lanced through her and adrenaline pricked her skin as she realized that the pedestal was tumbling away, fading into the all-encompassing darkness below.

…And then she was falling. Her stomach jumped upward, lodging itself in her throat. She couldn’t cast, couldn’t scream, and couldn’t stop. She tumbled downward, flailing like a doll tossed down a well, with her hand still outstretched towards nothing more than a memory.

A stench. Death. Decay. The sound of rushing water. The sewers of Dalaran.

“You are safe, Aerana,” a soothing familiar voice called to her. “Come back from that which haunts you.”

“You will lose everything,” rasped another voice, much closer. Its fetid breath stank and she gagged.

Or was it a sob?

Two people moved to stand next to her: Alistaire and Katelle, with their hands resting on the hilts of their daggers. They stared in the distance, following the direction where her outstretched hand still pointed. Aerana looked away from them and down the tunnel, trying to see what she was pointing at.

A figure stumbled forward from the darkness, stepping into the eerie glow coming through the grates above. The light danced off the sharp shards of ice that protruded from the person’s chest. Blood bubbled forth, slowly soaking the deep blue tabard and turning it black. The blood trickled down the clear, cold ice, marring its pristine face as the person tottered precariously against the sewer walls.

Aerana forced her eyes away from the blood — so red against the clear, flawless ice — and to the face that gasped for the last breath of a fleeting life.

Aoife O’Bailey. Of the Royal Guard.

She fell to her knee, splashing in the sewer water. Was she falling? Or was Aoife falling? Both?

The former Guardian’s body contorted, strangely twitching in its death throes as her breath rattled wetly in her throat. Aoife looked at Aerana, staring into the Empress’ blue eyes as death glazed them, turning them glassy. Then Aoife’s eyes were her mother’s. Kiron’s. Tiburion’s. Rosamunde’s. The visions began to flicker so quickly that she couldn’t name all of the people who stared at her from Aoife’s dying body as it crawled wretchedly through the water, towards her.

The air grew heavy; she couldn’t breathe. Now she was the one fighting against the current, desperately clawing forward despite the agony in her chest, the warm blood flowing across her side. The sewer walls buckled, falling inward and trapping her.

“You are safe,” the voice said again, urgent but soothing.

She felt a pressure against her, pinning her down. She was trapped. Captive.

They had caught her.

Aerana gasped suddenly at the unfamiliar pressure on her shoulder, crying out in the darkness. Sapphire blue eyes flashed open at the same time as her mouth moved, uttering strange words in the familiar cadence of a defensive spell. Thin fingers wove instinctively through the air, their movement erratic and jerky, dulled by sleep. Aerana’s skin, already pale and chilled, shimmered now as crystals of ice flickered into existence, forming a barrier around her. Only then, after the unconscious spell, in the split moment that it took her to fully awaken, did Aerana’s blazing gaze hone in on the woman whose hand was resting gently on her shoulder.

Myaka did not flinch or react to either Aerana’s spell or the mage’s alarming expression. “I’m sorry,” the Guardian murmured. “I wanted to avoid waking you but the dreams were tenacious.”

Fully awake now, Aerana exhaled and the terror in her eyes dimmed. She allowed the shimmering ice crystals surrounding her to fade as she shook her head. Sadness replaced the fear, lingering in her gaze as she met Myaka’s earnest brown eyes. “No, Myaka. It is I who should apologize. Tenacious as such dreams may be, they cannot excuse my startled reaction. You need never apologize for seeking to rouse me from such. For in truth, no sleep is better than a sleep poisoned such malignant sights.”

"Such is true,” Myaka agreed quietly, moving her had to her side now that Aerana was awake. “Nightmares can be most unkind, especially ones that dig their claws in and don't let go." The warrior shook her head lightly, as if clearing the thought from her mind.

Aerana moved to sit up more comfortably on the bed. Light streamed in from the now-open doorway and Aerana wondered momentarily how disturbed her sleep must have been to alert the Guardian from outside the room. The two women continued to speak — vanquishing the ephemeral threat of nightmares and their very real threat of reality with the quiet, comfortable conversation that had become natural over time. Knowing that neither of them would find rest yet this night, they contented themselves with conversing through the early hours of the morning as they awaited the arrival of the other loyal Guardians.
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Myaka » October 21st, 2014, 12:11 am

Something is wrong.

She stood in the middle of the armory, light brown eyes blinking in bemusement as she stepped in a slow circle. It did not seem any different: the same forge, the same anvil, the same everything.

Something is wrong.

Why was she in Theramore? She shouldn't be in...Where should she be? Why shouldn't it be Theramore? She was a Theramore Guard...no that did not seem like the right title. Soldier? Guardian...

Something is wrong.

Why was it so quiet? She would use the armory as a safe spot because it was right in front of the main area of the Citadel; it was so busy that he would not come find her. It had always been so loud — there had never been silence. She had always been able to hear people, to hear those moving to and fro.

Now it was quiet, absolutely quiet, as if she was the last person in the Citadel; as if she was the only person in the town period.

"You are alone." The voice, the terrifyingly familiar voice, sounded from behind her. She turned sharply, heart jumping into her throat at the sight of the man in front of her.

Dominic Sanders stood, leaning casually against the wall. A dark smirk played on his expression. “You thought you were safe, you foolish girl. But you are not, and you are alone."

It can't be. Her thoughts raced. He is dead, this can't be. The logical part of her mind was drowned out by the fear, cringing away when he stepped towards her. She became aware of whimpers, pleading words, begging the man to stay away. He stepped closer when she walked back.

"You. Are. Alone." He enunciated every word. "They have abandoned you; they chose to stand against you — even the woman who you thought would never leave you alone. You were never able to keep me away in your dreams without help and now that is gone. Beg, for there is no one who cares enough to hear you."


Myaka shook her head lightly, trying to clear the unsettling dream. It had set the mood for her nights since that disastrous guild meeting. She would be able to get a short moment of sleep, but she would always end up in that armory in the middle of an empty Theramore — empty but for two people, at least.

She had hoped to keep the dreams at bay after their escape. But the first time she had tried to sleep, she was so locked in it that Aerana had to wake her up. It had only taken a night or two of the woman waking her, of flinching back from her friend wearing Dominic's face, to make her realize she needed to start to speak of the man that still haunted her, even if he was two years dead.

You are alone.

They were not; there was more than just her.

But she did not trust the others: she could admit it here, in her bone deep exhaustion. She did not trust the other three, but she could not leave them truly alone by speaking of it. She leaned against the wall, sagging slightly as she rested against the cool surface of the place that they would be staying for a bit. She had to try to sleep more than she had been. Her energy levels were flagging dangerously.

I don't want to go back to that room. Light, I don't want to go back. I don't want to sleep, not if he is going to be waiting for me.

She had to though. She was one of the few who had stayed loyal; one of the few who had not abandoned the Empress when the Senate played their hand. She could not let her mind be dulled.

They claimed to want to help her, and then they removed that which was important to her. How could she be helped if they cut her off from the Empire she loves? If she even needed the help in the first place?

She had to pray that the Empire realized what the Senate was doing — before they created the problem they expect her to be. Was it not what they did that caused everything to escalate? She pushed back away from the wall, falling into a patrol rhythm. She turned towards the room Aerana was sleeping in, hearing the woman in a nightmare of her own.

This has to end, before we all break. Before all we have left are the nightmares.
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Huli Jing » October 21st, 2014, 12:34 pm

Huli settled down in his room in the Golden Keg. The innkeeper Thaegra Tillstone had gone out of her way to procure a Pandaren bed for the room. The soft layers of feather bed made for much more comfortable sleep. In return, he usually spent about an hour talking to her about one of his favorite subjects, beer. The Empire's meeting this night had gone relatively peaceful. At least no blood was spilled.

The meeting had started as usual. Huli was still not sure why everyone tried to line up in straight line. He felt like a goose in a rack of prize geese out for sale. Perhaps if they semi circled the line so all could see all. It could create a more relaxed atmosphere. Yet, that was the least of their problems now.

He was not entirely sure when the strangers showed up. Their presence seemed to send a small ripple of reaction. He would later find out these were the Empress's guardians. Tinox sat passively to the side of the halls central area. It was odd, he spoke little if any at all. The senators Furyswipe and Donnelly ran the meeting. It was apparent that Senator Furyswipe was in distress over the missing Diplomat Skygazer. Red his fox kept a wary eye on the visitors. It was odd that the empress would choose these as guardians. He looked at the three. A undead worgen warrior, a warlock and the third a mage of some sort dressed in dark attire. To look at the trio did not convey the light of the Empress. Huli also knew appearances could be deceiving. Yet they remained silent in observation.

After the meeting is when things began to happen. It was also when Huli began to act on the advice he had received from the venerable Lorewalker. He had approached the worgen guardian. He had never really grown accustomed to those they called “Death Knights”. On the Isle, death was death and it did not walk around still in its mortal shell. Yet the figure was polite and calm. When he had asked for an audience with the Empress, he had been told that it could be arranged in a safe neutral area. He needed to hear all sides of the story.

It was later when things became more heated. He was approached by the Warlock they called Ezraeil. He was wary of this kind of practitioner. He scent was the scent of death. Huli had only meet a few before and the outcome was far from pleasant. They were those who dabbled in black arts and affiliated with demons. He heard that they were ones who sought power and only served themselves. Yet in this conversation he thought he sensed something else. He did not doubt the warlocks devotion to the Empress.

As he was talking the crowd began to thicken around them. Huli began to feel the pressure rise. Words began to ice over with anger and contempt. Huli tried to defuse the situation by pointing out errors on both sides. It was hard to hear over the murmur of the crowd. He had heard Resileaf, who despite her injury, had made it to the meet. The Kaldorei Huntress was making an impassioned plea. It was then that a thought occurred, one prompted by those venerable proverbs drilled into his head as a child.

“I propose a solution guardians.” he said. “In a weeks time when the Empire meets again. The Empress and her guardians should assemble on one end of the hall. The senate will assemble on the other. Between the two will stand the populace. They will be judge and jury. Each will have a chance to calmly explain their actions. The people, the true spirit of the vision will judge as what is to be done. The Empress is the caretaker and the eyes and the Senate is the body and heart but the true spirit of the vision lies in neither of them. It lies in the empire as a whole, each plebeian, honored citizen and soldier. The Empire must unite and soon to face the current danger” The guardians said they would pass on such a suggestion to to the Empress.

Before Huli left, he approached Senator Donnelly. He looked tired and melancholy standing alone on the upper landing of the hall. He had repeated his request to the aging senator and was told that he would pass it on to the Senate. Exhaustion hung on Huli's limbs like ripe fruit on a small tree branch. He looked back at the hall before he left. The crowd was still gathered. He had hoped it would end civil tonight but his old body was near its limits. A thought occurred to him. Who would direct this meeting. It needed to be a neutral person. Certainly not him. He was just an old hunter not a diplomat. Diplomat Skygazer was missing. Perhaps, he could locate the one called Elothox who had filled the library with such wisdom on the subject. He had hear roomers of the great oratory skills of the gnome that had once been Minster of the Citizens. Could he be coaxed from retirement to save this day. There was much to do before the meet. Huli could only hope to get it done before the next week or before something dreadful happen.

Skylah Mac
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Skylah Mac » October 22nd, 2014, 2:18 pm

Waking early in the morning, Skylah remained in bed although seated, back against the headboard. Across her lap she had the file all those in the Medical Corps had been given on the Empress’ condition. She had read it many times, continually looking for any detail she might have missed. It frustrated her that this was not a simple fix. She wanted so badly to be able to lay her hand upon the Empress and heal her, to bring her back to the Empire. Light knows that they needed her.

Reading through the file over and over again she couldn’t stop her mind from drifting to the Guild and Medical meetings this past week. She told herself that she would remain professional, but she cared for the Senators about as much as she ever had. The few meetings she had with the Empress were friendly, cordial, and left her feeling like she was talking to someone who truly cared for the Vision, and the people who help uphold it. The same could not be said when conversing with the Senators. Back to being ignored. The thought circled her mind ever since the Empress was forced into hiding. Even at a meeting designated for the Medical Corps, a branch that she and Brianna resurrected, she could see her suggestions going unanswered, not like she expected them to be knowing who was leading it.

She tried to use this anger she felt to spur her towards finding a treatment for the Empress, but it was difficult. The young Priestess tried to find solace in all the interest people had shown in the Med Corps as of late. Four interviews this week alone, two down and two more to go. Yes, surely the Corps could find a treatment. But what of the fool Guardians? She thought. Brianna had suggested summoning that wretch, Ezraeil, and to Skylah’s dismay, it might be the only chance they have to get through. If only I could speak to the Empress, maybe I could make her see that she does need help. Another thought that kept her distracted. Though their interactions were limited, she felt a small bond between her and Aerana, whether it was enough for the Empress to listen to her or not, she did not know. It had taken time for Skylah herself to admit the Empress was suffering from some mental illness, though mainly because she didn’t want the Senate to be right, so who knows what it might take to convince the one actually affected by the disease.

“Thank the Light we keep a full stock of wine lest I go crazy myself!” She exclaimed to herself, turning slightly to look over the side of her bed as she had heard small footsteps run across the bedroom floor. Looking down she could see the eyes of a small, silver fox staring back at her, his front paw extended towards her, like he was shaking hands with someone unseen. “Aye, Boots, a walk does sound grand right about now. Maybe Beth and Emberie will join us.” The small fox chirped as he began running circles around the room, unable to contain his excitement no longer when the names were mentioned.

With that did Skylah stand slowly, turning to place the folder across her nightstand. “We’ll find a way, Empress. We’ll find a way to heal you and give back what is rightfully yours.” The spoken words bringing a smile to her lips as she worked quickly to dress herself. “Come, Boots, we’ve much to accomplish today.” And with a final look in the mirror did she leave her room and descend the stairs, stopping by the kitchen to fill a basket with some of Violet’s baked goods. “If Brianna returns, do let her know I went for a walk to clear my head please.” She said to the aging woman as she continued to fill her basket.

“Yes yes, now take your fill and out the kitchen you go! And try not to stir up any trouble today, hrm?” Violet spoke the latter with a bit of a smirk.

“My dear Violet, I would never think of such, and it pains me for you to believe I would!” She said lightheartedly as she walked to the door, yelling “Love you, Vi!” just before it were to shut.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

Postby Rorrek Therrien » October 23rd, 2014, 2:56 am

"Soldier Therrien,

The Empire, as always, stands ready to defend Alliance lands should the Alliance call on it. The recent troubles do not change our stance on the matter.
Furthermore, the Empire issues no call against conscription. Our members are free to enlist in the Alliance forces if they so desire.

As for observations: be frank. I have already met with the Stormwind City Guard regarding it. I am certain you have no information they do not already have.

Senator Smartgear"

Arrive did courier unto encampment along the Shattered Beachhead during hours eve belonging, sun to wane again beneath clouds thick and ill with the vapors of war. Relieved grew brow stern whilst revealed were contents of missive awaited long, concern atop visage of Captain Ronae'Serrar to dissipate from thought as his own then. Alongside conscription accepted had sought quietly Stormwind state of Empire now tempestuous from perspective his own for reasons unspoken. Such were bidden during time of Imperial strife to which coincidence were this not. So suggested unto Rorrek were seeking of advisement Senate derived unto which stalled had he lending of report formal until such arrival thus now held. Instilled were placation expected toward realm inquisitive, desires and probing of crown though without reciprocation to be read nonetheless whilst weakness pervaded order ever harrowed for vision peculiar. Circle did beasts carrion even amongst the most regal of crowns, bastion as Stormwind seen before to inquire and seek with suspicion boundless despite all loyalties proven.

Upheaval recent bordered upon disastrous in truth, though resolved were those both whom departed and remained. Sickened were the Knight with machinations rumored and whispers fleeting, plans laid without word unto personage his own and lent then only until situation surveyed were at pitch fevered. Rife were such turmoil with such confusion and misgivings. And so, demand for frankness were sight most rejuvenating for which intended regardless had he. Though sworn unto Stormwind were the solemn man could deny he not its habit of trepidation during hours dire as now, hence inquiries numerous throughout orders as the Empire so to lay trials gauging of testimonies lent. The man gave hope faint that, in correlation with call for utterances honest, would word as his within missive imminent be alike unto that bidden toward guards keen.

Though reluctant were gauntlet would grasp lower hilt in favor of quill upon said evening with hope therein that peering of kingdom would then be sated. Preferable were indeed return unto duties ardent now kept and endured in lieu of uncertainty which gripped Empire without guidance whole.

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