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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Brewdin » September 30th, 2014, 11:50 am

When Captain Ronae’Serrar gave Brewdin his assignment, he’d described what was in the old storage units as “non-op equipment”. What Brewdin found instead, after managing to shove one of the doors open with great effort, was a pile of garbage. Crisped capacitors, fried fuses, blown breakers; Everything an engineer loved to hate to see was messily piled up right in front of his face. Digging deep enough into this dilapidated pile of discarded equipment would, he knew, eventually yield gold. So he had strapped on his goggles and gotten right to work.

And Brewdin needed to be doing some work. With Thermaplugg dead, rescue and recovery had become routine back home in Gnomeregan. Deep infiltration and elimination of high-value targets with the G-Team had been exciting and important work, but it was no longer a necessity. Brew and the rest of the commandos were told to sit tight and stay sharp – counter-productive instructions in Brewdin’s mind. So instead of sitting tight, he got up and walked (through a portal, mostly) back to the Twilight Empire’s guild hall in Darnassus. He had missed countless meetings and no doubt had some catching up to do with them. He thought it would be refreshing to return to a group where peace reigned.

The current state of affairs then, began as a disappointment to him. But over the past few days, that disappointment had begun to simmer and become quiet anger. Two weeks ago, he had attended a guild meeting where the Empress described the night Senator Keithson had apparently thrown a fit and destroyed his guildstone while Senator Smartgear stole his away to some unknown place after insulting the Empress as well.

Or something like that.

After the meeting adjourned, Brewdin wound up lost somewhere in Darnassus looking for a forge because – and he is quite sure of this – there is not a city layout that is more confusing anywhere else in the entire world. So when the Gnome nearly ran over the now former Senator Keithson with his mechano-strider, it was in a place that he could only describe, no matter how much someone might press him for more specific information, as ‘by a tree trunk.’

It was a fortunate meeting though, in Brewdin’s eyes. He explained to Donnelly that he was concerned about the way the Empress had described the recent encounter. Despite his limited interaction with them, Brewdin was sure that the two senators wouldn’t act in quite the manner Aerana had described – Especially senator Smartgear. For a Gnome to act so irrationally or emotionally was almost unheard of. Sicco Termaplugg was a rarity before his lust for power wiped out nearly 80 percent of his race; To run in to another of his mind in a population so reduced was nearly a statistical impossibility!

There must be a logical explanation for his brother Gnome’s actions. Perhaps an explanation only his own kind would truly understand. He had to ask Tinox what was going on himself, before this hunt fuelled by a human woman’s emotions got out of hand. There were so few of his people left, Brewdin explained to Donnelly, that he refused to let one be harmed without extremely necessary cause. The former senator and general had agreed to pass on Brewdin’s message, and told him that he should simply wait.

Sit tight. Stay sharp.

It wasn’t long before Brewdin was fairly certain he had all the pieces necessary for a wormhole generator laid out on the table in front of him. All except for one: a widget. Normally, widgets were made of thorium. But the warrior, having always had more of a head for fighting than tinkering, couldn’t for the life of him remember that right now. Just as he was about to give up and retire for the day, one of the voices coming from the guildstone he’d set aside on the workbench caught his ear. The Empress had mentioned an ‘event’ involving Smartgear the night prior.

Brewdin and someone else asked for more detail.

Soldier Flamewind’s voice answered. “A report was given to the Empire by Diplomat Skygazer that she had suspicion that Smartgear was in Toshley’s Station in Blade’s Edge.” Brewdin scrambled through his things looking for a map. “Unfortunately, the report was… delayed in reaching our ears.” Flamewind had continued. “And so no trace of him was found. I am currently working on a list of likely places to search for him, including Gnomish settlements, as well as ethereal settlements in Outland.”

Screw the Thorium and screw Keithson. Brewdin needed to get to those settlements first and let them know they didn’t see anything the Empire might come looking for. He figured starting at Toshley’s (his only lead) would be the best bet.

He sifted through the pile of scrapped equipment until it produced a small chunk of refined Khorium and a handful of Felsteel. After crudely soldering the metals into probably the right places, the warrior got out of his work clothes and back into his powered armor. He tossed the Empire’s twin lion tabard on the desk and replaced it with Gnomeregan’s crossed wrenches. This was a rescue mission being carried out by a S.A.F.E. commando and he would need to look the part.

After also grabbing his shotgun and a parachute and making sure they were both secure on his back, Brewdin stood in thought for a moment. He held the wormhole generator-turned ‘ultrasafe’ transporter in his hands as he took inventory to make sure he had everything, pretty sure the coordinates he’d set were accurate enough and that the patch-job wouldn’t blow up in his face. A distant voice on the workbench reminded him that he'd forgotten his guildstone. That would certainly make this whole thing look extra suspicious.


He ran out to the hallway, punched the activation button and reality folded in around him.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Julianaz » October 1st, 2014, 8:48 pm

It was a horrible sensation, a sensation that felt as if she were being ripped into two beings. This had never happened during a crossing through the Dark Portal, yet it was as if one of her meditative visions had manifested itself into reality.
In that moment, Cirrus' wingbeats had slowed down to the point where the sapphire-tinged dragonhawk wasn't even moving. Julianaz could move around at a normal speed, yet it was if time itself had frozen around herself. The Aurora present inside the portal twirled and twisted in uncountable numbers around the pair, creating the almost nauseating illusion that they were moving at high speeds. Then, darkness loomed in the horizon, stopping short of swallowing the pair whole.

What she saw next was almost like watching a hologram's projection within the Exodar. Before her stood what first appeared to be the banner indicating the Twilight Empire. Twin Lions raised up on their rear leg as if attempting to join paws. It took a moment to realize that the lions were actually swiping at eachother. The sounds of yelling and screaming pierced the air as the blue of the banner became a bunch of birds huddled around each other, looking stricken and terrified as the lions fought. Julianaz watched in just much of horror as one of the lions connected a brutal hit to the other, shattering it like glass. It was in that moment that a great red maw opened up behind the birds, threatening to swallow them whole. The birds scattered, yet a grey tether shot out of the maw, lacing around one of the birds.

The scene blurred, the single lion turning to stare at the sight before roaring with fury. The bird struggled to free itself from the tether, yet Julianaz could only watch from the back of Cirrus as the maw fired off a purple-colored sphere at the bird. With a mind-numbing shriek, the vision had ended then.

That was earlier, and this was now. The sounds of grinding gears and puttering exhaust pipes were the backdrop to the current conversation she was listening two. As a Diplomat, she had to give in and listen to both stories of conflicting forces. In this case, she wanted to hear what Tinox Smartgear had to say before she made a decision about whom was the rightful source within the Empire's dilemma.

" But this goes further than simply restoring peace within the Empire now. The Empress has shown she will not hold back should she feel her power is threatened." Tinox's voice rang out as Julianaz snapped back to attention from recalling the disturbing image displayed to her upon the portal's crossing. Her eyes flitted back and forth between Tinox and Rednaxela as they conversed, the Diplomat allowing Red to ask questions that he had for the questionable Senator. She observed as the two discussed the Empress, making it known that they thought that she was intentionally taking the full command of the Empire with no additional voices now that the Senate had dissolved.

Tinox spoke, regaridng Rednaxela. "Has she acted against you, Pralea or Balticus at all?"

"No. " Julianaz' chosen life companion spoke up in response. "She's given the occasional cold remark, but otherwise has let me be. Thus, I've been trying to remind people that though I'm called a plebeian, I still act as a Senator." Julianaz knew that each of the former Senators had tried their best to reach the interest of the Vision in their own ways. Even still, Julianaz had not failed to note that the Empress had crushed each attempt. Donnely had tried to gain control of the military by trying to convince Aerana to let him lead as a temporary General, yet that only erupted in fire, leading to both himself and Tinox ejected from the Empire by Aerana's hand. Even Red had been jabbing back at Aerana's cold remarks with his own. The shaman did not feel any more easy from such antics.

" I fear the Guardians aren't the only thing she kept from us." The Draenei heard upon Tinox's mentioning, "This is not the woman that shared the vision with us and spoke of balance, Senator." The two before her would know Aerana much better than Julianaz ever could, so she had no current interjection to add to their opinions.

"She -will- make a mistake." Julianaz' eyes darted to Red, a concerned expression glossing her eyes.

" I do not wish her to. The Empress is important to the Empire." The gnome added, the sound of a piston from a nearby machine vented into the sounds around them. "But it is likely to be the easiest way to solve this conundrum."

It wasn't fair to depend on such a lack of action. Julianaz frowned at this notion. She did not want to see any harm come to the Empress, nor any other person involved in this situation.

~There shouldn't -be- a situation!~
~The Aerana I met when I joined the Empire is not the woman I've seen since return from this recent academic sabbatical.~
~Can you not just let the wind carry you away, letting the burdens of this whole mess drop from your weary shoulders?~

Julianaz narrowed her eyes in response to the vocal echoes that stirred within her memories, settling her eyes back on the two former Senators as Tinox spoke, "Captain Ronae'Serrar? He's in her pocket, you realize."

"I trust in Kate to be neutral." Rednaxela argued past the sounds of gears struggling to turn, "She's spoken like both sides are being foolish. She's probably right. Your act with the stones didn't help."

" I do not. She and the Captain presented that petition together. " The petition....? "I have not made a secret of that."

Julianaz took a moment to digest this information, releasing a sign and dipping her head. Within her noggin, she could see sheets upon sheets of information materialize, trying to search for past knowledge upon this petition the former Senators were now discussing. This petition was formed by the Empress upon a request to form the Guardians, that was well known. She knew the Senate had refused such a statement, yet why would the leads of the Military agree?

"I suppose. I'm just sorry for the price you have paid, and that we will all likely have to pay." Red's voice..... " I will bear any price for the Empire. But right now, I know I can do more good from my current position." Tinox's voice. Julianaz took a moment to gather her thoughts, unfortunately blocking out the rumbling of their voices before she spoke.

" ... it is not a fair price. I agree. Your act you pulled with the stones was not a good thing for the Empire to awaken to. Everyone has a distrust for the Senate.... and you may have a price on your head as long as you keep that item you took from the Empire, Smartgear." Julianaz addressed Tinox. The two former Senators turned their gazes away from one another to peer at her. Red briefly claimed that he heard what he wanted, stepping onto the piston lift nearby to take him back to ground level of the cramped building they met within.

"That the Empress tried to take from me, you mean."

Julianaz hesitated, staring at the gnome for a moment, " I understand that you are the Creator of these stones, I do."

"I'll stop you here." Tinox interrupted the shaman's thoughts, causing her to pay attention and listen to what the gnome had to say, "I do not claim this stone as its creator. I have left the rest of them for the Empire to find. I claim it as an active member of the Twilight Empire. No matter what the Empress says, Diplomat. It is mine just as yours is yours. And I did not want to taken from me."

The Diplomat had no real arguments. She could not counter-argue someone who still seemed to hold their faith to the Empire, despite the current mess that the Empire currently was in. Biting her lip, her diplomacy started to dig for more information, "Even if that means that the Empire will continue hunting you? 'Tis quite a steep sacrifice to pay, if you ask me."

"As I told the Senator. I do not mind, and I am more free of my movements in my situation."

The shaman continued to question the gnome's actions, inquiring about the stones and of why he had made it public that he had the option of prying into the conversations of other guildstones.

" I have used the stones to ascertain present matters in no more occasions than I can count on my hands, and even then, in only one case was it not a fellow Senator's stone." Tinox lifted his hands, wiggling his 8 fingers as visual support. "Most of the time, I simply track stone location. It has been an invaluable boon for the Empire, and this tracking has saved a sizable number of stranded or immobilized soldiers. I will contest the allegation that anything I've done is reprehensible."

Julianaz stared at Tinox for a moment. Could she trust his word, she wondered. She needed to be clear to him that it could be wrong. "... I see. However, you -do- have the capability of listening in. In my eyes, at least, could pose as a possible means of wrongdoing. True, you can listen out for possible treachery. However, such is questionable within itself. Why trust you, of you do not trust others?"

"Why trust any of the Senate? Why trust the Empress, or the General? We would not be where we are if we had not demonstrated our devotion to the Empire. But that is not even what you should trust in." Every member of the Empire has slightly different views of how to serve out for the Vision.... that is what made each individual unique, "You should trust in the whole. I asserted to the Empress that because of the diverse nature of the Senate, we are stronger, and less prone to error. If I was to do wrongdoing, do you believe Senator Catori would let me? What of Senator Furyswipes?"

"Then why has she shown distrust in the Senate? Surely, something has occurred to lead her to mistrust?" This was one of Julianaz' prime concerns. Did Tinox Smartgear have -any- information regarding such?

"Yes. Something has occurred. But we do not know what." Fel, if he didn't have any information, where would she go to next to help solve this dilemma? "I am happy for the Senator's visit. I had no direction. But now I know that I need to use my current predicament to find what it is that turned the Empress against us. I believe if we can find that, we may not need to wait until the Empire itself is at risk, until the Empress makes a costly mistake."

It was clear to Julianaz that Tinox meant no harm to the Empire, and suspected that the Empress herself could guide the Empire into the wrong stream of choice. Perhaps right off a waterfall. The Diplomat questioned the former Senator further, confirming that Tinox knew that there were not many at all who would believe his words if he went looking for information pertaining to the petition. Julianaz inquired about why she should trust his words, getting a response that if he wished harm upon the Empire, he would have done so already. Her thoughts turned bitter, thinking over the possibilities.... "However, a snake chooses to wait until it's prey comes close, mind you." Her stab was unintentional, yet it did slip out of her lips.

Tinox regarded the reason for why his argument with the Empress went the way it did. "I am implying, in this particular case, that had I not confronted the Empress, the events of Saturday night would have still happened. Stronger, and with more lasting consequences, and more victims. The tensions were rising. I merely burst a bubble that would have inflated even more. But you tell me, Diplomat. Do you believe me a snake? Because if you do, we will have to bring this to an end, as there's nothing else I can say to persuade you otherwise."

The Diplomat's mind reeled. She had come looking for answers, which were answered only to bring along friends in the form of questions. The thought of listening in on other conversations didn't settle well with her... yet, he had a different path of his own to follow for the Vision. "I do not know. I've not made that decision yet. There are many within the Empire who do not trust you. One priority was to convince you, as Diplomat, to submit the stone." That was not happening, and she knew that the Empress would be disappointed to the extreme, "However... I also want to understand what the fel is occurring to the family." It is all she had left. It was at that moment that Red came back up by the lift, regarding herself and Tinox.

"In either case, I'm not sure if we can let this go on much longer. You realize, Tin, that we will have to report having found your hiding place." Red's voice was doubled by Julianaz' agreement. She had all the information she could for the moment.

"Oh, yes. I won't be here more than a minute after you leave. Just the time to thank my hosts." Tinox stated of the community that surrounded them. Julianaz, as Diplomat, also concerned herself with the rights of peace within the other factions present. The community of Toshley's Station was small, yet it was far from quiet and well armed against the threats that Blade's Edge provided. Surely, the gnomes in this community would not look well to the Empire for sending out armed forces into their homes to harass one of their own species.

" I am sorry it had come to this, Smartgear. Unfortunately, I will have to continue my help to the Empress after this meet." Julianaz would meet with the Empress shortly after departing from the meeting with Tinox. She knew that, even if she alerted the Empire of Tinox's location, he would be long gone before the Military would even reach Toshley's Station. There is a possibility that the Empress would be furious with her decision, yet she found it necessary to take a blow and let the Empress make the decision. It was not the Diplomat's intentions to shake the hard-earned reputation of the Twilight Empire for such a childish pursuit.

"I will give some thought to your words, Diplomat. I hope you will mine."

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Zakarnas » October 2nd, 2014, 12:26 pm

Discarded pieces of the Captain’s signature armor laid scattered about the floor. Despite being thoroughly exhausted, Zakarnas did not sleep at all the previous night, nor did he expect to. He had left Katelle sleeping upstairs; she had finally passed out of exhaustion late last night. For that, at least, he was glad. She needed the rest.

He had simply kept his armor on, lying on the bed with his eyes wide open. Finally, when the sun’s rays had begun to peek through the crack in the curtains, he slowly shifted out of bed. The elf first glanced behind him to make sure he hadn’t woken the General up; he hadn’t. He leaned forward and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead before quietly skulking out of the room.

Zak went straight to his office downstairs, absently pulling pieces of his blue and silver armor off – all of a sudden, it had felt like the armor was choking him, crushing him, suffocating him. After discarding his gloves, bracers, pauldrons, and chestpiece, he finally felt he could breathe. Taking a seat in front of the large workbench in the corner, he began to fumble idly with various jewels and hides he had lying about.

He could not stop the previous night’s events from replaying in his head over and over. For most of the night, he was half convinced it was some awful nightmare, brought on by something he ate. The other half of his mind knew – and that was far worse.

"I know that which I ask, Captain. Yet I do it so that nothing else need be done."

Her words still burned. His mind raced, struggling to choke back the bubbling resentment. Yet he knew that it was his own fault. This was the choice that he had known he would inevitably have to prepare himself for. Truly, though, he had never believed he would be forced to choose.

She had never given him any reason to doubt or distrust any of her actions. She had always displayed a level of compassion and understanding of one far beyond her years, and it had changed his life. It was why years ago, in two separate incarnations of the Royal Guard, he had sworn his life for hers. He loved the Empire. He loved everyone in it. But he had sworn his vows back then to put her safety above all else.

That was then, though; that Royal Guard was gone, as were those stints of Guardianship. Now he was the Captain of the military. He was second in command, and because the General was suffering through an extraordinarily difficult pregnancy, he was in charge. Even when the General was able to do her duties, he had always been given a great amount of freedom to lead as he saw fit. He always sought to do what was best for everyone, and that had almost never been a difficult decision to make.

“I know that which I ask, Captain.”

Did she, truly? Zakarnas thought he had seen a flicker of sympathy in the woman’s eyes when she said it. He wasn’t sure, though. Perhaps it was wishful thinking and he had merely imagined what he expected to see. Worse yet, she had given him a choice after that.

As he stood there mutely, paralyzed by her words, she looked from her Guardian to him. “Or do I err in my assessment?”

It had almost sounded like a dare at the time, like she was daring him to defy her. Zak no longer knew what it had been, what it had meant. He was no longer able to remember the tone in which those words – or really, any of her words, for that matter – had been spoken. But he remembered his response to those words with crystal clarity.

“…No, Empress.”

Captain Ronae’Serrar dropped the bits of leather from his bare hands onto the workbench. For had that not been his choice, truly? He had put Captain Ronae’Serrar before Zakarnas. But what would Zakarnas have done? Would he not have walked the same path?

He knew he saw pain in her eyes this time. “I apologize for this path we now walk.”

“I have no regrets.” The words tumbled from his lips without thought, almost mechanically.

Zak stood up slowly from the workbench. Without warning, his legs buckled beneath him and he dropped to his knees. His forearms extended of their own accord, preventing him from collapsing completely onto the floor.

“Your oath is one I shall ever treasure… Captain.”

And then the tears, repressed and violent and boiling, erupted. He remained locked in that position, sobbing silently.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Aerana » October 2nd, 2014, 7:18 pm

“General?” The inquiry met only silence and Aerana hesitated for a long while, awaiting an answer. Though her mouth had not physically uttered the word, its cadence was nevertheless carried through an enchanted resonance, sure to echo quietly in Katelle’s own power-infused stone. As the silence lengthened, Aerana tried again to reach out to the woman with whom she had been conversing only a short while before. “I grow concerned with your absence. Is all well?”

Nestled beneath the tall and imposing pine trees, and partially obscured by dilapidated ruins, the Military of the Twilight Empire gathered together in precisely formed ranks. Captain Zakarnas Ronae’Serrar, fully armored and wearing the tabard and insignia of his rank, stood on a nearby dais. He addressed the Soldiers authoritatively, reasserting his leadership and control over the Empire’s Military in the wake of the uneasy mutters that had permeated the troops for the past couple of weeks. He emphasized the Branch’s mission to protect and serve those within the Empire in spite of the turmoil stirred by the upper echelons of the Empire’s leadership.

Standing behind him and to the side of the dais, Aerana watched the proceedings largely without emotion, immobile as she allowed the Captain’s words to glide over her. Her eyes stared forward, settling on each soldier in turn. In contrast to her motionless form, Aerana’s mind stirred uneasily as she awaited Katelle’s response. Apprehension crept into her thoughts and a nagging fear tugged at her gut as the unusual silence lengthened forebodingly. Without taking her eyes from the soldiers standing before her, Aerana reached out again to the General’s stone. Again, her inquiry was met with silence.

Eventually, Aerana turned her attention from the Soldiers to Captain Zakarnas. Still speaking through the stone, Aerana sent her next inquiry to Zakarnas. “Captain. Was the General expecting any visitors this night?” The sudden question interrupted Zakarnas’ address to the Soldiers. He hesitated but recovered quickly and continued his examination of the soldiers.

“No. Why?” His reply came quickly, as if sensing something of Aerana’s concerns.

The disquieting sensation had fully blossomed in the pit of her stomach now. Aerana did not respond directly to the inquiry because she did not yet have an answer. Instead, she sought permission open a link with Katelle’s stone, so that whatever had transpired with the General could be discovered. Permission was readily granted with an imperceptible nod.

Aerana unclasped her hand and moved her arms to her side. She pressed a single hand against the unseen Guardian stone, carefully sewn within a hidden pocket of her robes. A subtle tendril of magical energy flowed from her fingertips, gently infusing the stone and resonating with the enchantments already carefully inscribed during the stone’s creation.

As the spell was completed, all who held the Guardian stones became privy to the sounds broadcasted by the stone that Katelle carried with her.

General Katelle Larmont was speaking and while the context of the conversation was not immediately obvious, relief flooded Aerana’s limbs. At least the General was safe. After a moment, another voice responded to Katelle, transmitted over the Guardian stone’s network as he asked Katelle a question.

Tinox Smartgear. The gnome’s clipped and efficient manner of speaking was unmistakable.

Aerana’s complexion paled and her eyes immediately snapped to Myaka’s already-rigid form. The two women locked gazes as the voices continued their conversation over the stones only given to those most trusted by Aerana.

“I might be able to speak with her. She still trusts me, Senator. But I can’t do anything to compromise that trust, or my position on her council,” Katelle’s voice echoed softly over the Guardian stone’s network.

Aerana’s heart clenched abruptly as a chill settled around her. The Empress lifted her arm, beckoning the Guardian to her side as Katelle and Tinox continued speaking. Turning her head, Aerana gave Zakarnas a steady look. “Captain. With your permission.” The tightly controlled tone brooked little doubt that such permission was expected and that Aerana would be leaving, Guardian in tow, whether it was given or not.

“Aye.” Came the simple reply. The Captain returned his attention to the Soldiers, who looked in askance at the strange exchange but uttered no questions.

Aerana abruptly turned to leave, her robes swirling around her at the sudden movement. With metal boots clanking in quick, precise steps Myaka Winterborne stepped out of the ranks to join Aerana’s side. The two walked some distance away before Aerana stopped and lifted her arms, hands outstretched in a familiar gesture. Magical energies swirled around her as she murmured the spell beneath her breath, fingertips tracing little patterns in concert with the rhythm of the words. The air around the mage shimmered as the energy coalesced and an unseen breeze twisted through her hair. As the words faded, a portal to Stormwind solidified in front of the pair. Without pausing, both the Guardian and the Empress stepped through and disappeared from the Military Meeting.


“Military,” General Larmont’s voice reverberated over the guild stone, tinged with just the right mixture of shock and authority. “I require your presence at my residence in Stormwind. Tinox Smartgear paid me a visit and is attempting to escape.”

Already standing outside the General’s residence, Aerana deliberately scanned the surrounding area. Of Tinox Smartgear, there was already no sign nor trace. But that was not surprising: the Guardian stone had aired Katelle’s voice ordering him to leave earlier. Myaka Winterborne stood at her side, stoic and silent. The barely suppressed turmoil in the Guardian’s brown eyes hinted at an understanding of what Katelle’s actions heralded.

Aerana’s jaw tightened as those of the Military, far away in the Hinterlands, promptly signaled their understanding of the General’s order and began their swift trek to the City, believing that Tinox was making his escape at that very moment and that time was of the essence. Even traveling through a portal, covering such distance would take time. ‘Of course. A plausible explanation for why no trace of Tinox was found.’ The cynical observation did little to quell the emerging realization that surged within Aerana’s mind.

Time seemed to contort around her, condensing and expanding, as she stood motionless outside Katelle’s door. Her stomach churned and the air pressed hatefully against her, making it difficult to draw even a single breath.

“…You know there is nothing that would take me away from you or from the Vision we share, don’t you Aerana?”

Katelle’s voice drifted from memories, haunting her with the softly spoken question. Aerana felt the blood draining from her face and her muscles rebelled, forestalling any movements Aerana might have wished to make. She remain rooted outside, unable to lift her hand to knock or demand entry as the recollection overwhelmed her.

“…What is it, Katelle? I pray that you know that whatever it is that ails you, I shall stand by in what ways I may.”

It was a testament to the Military’s training that the soldiers arrived as quickly as they did. In one moment, Aerana and Myaka stood alone outside the doorway; in the next, they were surrounded by those who had responded to the General’s order. The sudden arrival of those in the Empire abruptly released whatever distant thoughts had previously immobilized the Empress. Aerana drifted with the group, carried by comfort of protocol and the eddy of activity that dictated her responses in such a situation. Her responses and orders were reflexes, ingrained to the extent that they had become almost automatic.

Inside the home, Katelle was perched on a well-cushioned couch, pale and clutching her guild stone. She pointed to the door but her words were superimposed by another memory in Aerana’s mind, when the two had sat in another room, on another afternoon.

“I am with child.”

Aerana blinked slowly, dispelling the memory and whatever emotions it had summoned. The secret that Aerana had kept for so long for Katelle’s sake was suddenly obvious to all Soldiers who stood in the room, facing their long-absent General for the first time in months. The blue robe that Katelle wore did little to obscure the bulge of her abdomen.

“Donnelly told me that I had better not be next. I know not if he was jesting, but he is already against the relationship between Zakarnas and myself. And Brewbies…Priestess Stoutbeard warned that with my previous infirmity, this could be a dangerous pregnancy. You understand that my ability cannot ultimately be judged by the condition, but I worry that the Senate may remove me sooner based on that alone,” Katelle had confessed. The General blinked back some unnamed emotion. “I’m not ready to lose that, Aerana. Not yet.”

“Senator Keithson has ever held fast to his ideal of what is required of Military personnel. And he is not willing to brook any argument with such, regardless of the merits of the other side. I understand well your worry, General, for it would not surprise me should he ask for your resignation based on that which you have just told me.” Aerana sighed softly. “Just as you are not ready to lose your place among the Military, so too am I unwilling to lose you. For your service deserves to be recognized and your ability to lead has not suddenly disappeared because you are with child. Women bear a different burden than men in such, yet it does not lessen that which we can contribute.” Her gaze sought Katelle’s and she sighed softly. “The Senate would be remiss to dismiss you solely because you are with child, General. Yet perhaps Senator Keithson’s view, born from the respect the Senate has for his military service, would prevail over a more reasoned response. Yet…”

Aerana pressed her lips together briefly before continuing. “We cannot deny that your condition makes it difficult for you to be among the Military in field exercises. But your mind is not lessened. If others might stand with the Military in the coming months, while you yet receive reports and give your input, would not the Senate’s fears be unfounded?”

And so, the news of Katelle’s ‘illness’ was spread to the Empire and she was secluded from the Military. Captain Zakarnas took personal leave to care for his ailing love. By Katelle’s hand, three soldiers were appointed to oversee the physical meetings that Katelle could no longer attend.

All the while, Aerana spoke not a word to the Senate regarding Katelle’s condition and indeed, vouched for the General in the face of Donnelly’s recriminations.

Aerana could not take her eyes from Katelle’s form and everything in the periphery seemed to darken. The air thickened and turned viscous, providing no aid to her burning lungs… or perhaps it was just the words catching in her throat, unable to tear free. Whether she spoke or not while the soldiers searched the home, Aerana could not say afterwards. All forms seemed to fade, becoming nothing more than ephemeral ghosts as Aerana and Katelle locked gazes, knowledge resting deep within each woman’s stare.

After a time, the Captain ordered all soldiers out of his home so that Katelle could rest after her ‘ordeal.’

Aerana and Myaka remained, like statues fixed within the room, as the soldiers filed out and Zakarnas moved to Katelle’s side.

The door finally closed, sounding unnaturally loud in the silence that had engulfed the room.
"It is all a balance."
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Myaka » October 2nd, 2014, 11:35 pm

The afternoon sun burned bright in the sky, the heat beating down on her blue plate armor. The night before, after the newest sighting of Smartgear at the General's home her emotions had refused to calm, going from fury one moment, to heartsick the next. There had to be a way to make something calm, to make the pain that had inflamed at her chest since the last night die away.

Myaka stalked in the room that held the battlemasters, even after the long stretch of time where she was unable to participate on the warfronts, she was well known amongst them as a hard headed warrior that seemed to not know when to stop.

Any teasing words died as the one manning the most recently open portal took in the look in her eyes. "I don't care where, or how long or how bad the fighting is. Just send me anywhere." He only took a moment longer to take in the fury and grief that danced through her eyes and voice, before motioning for her to walk through the nearby portal.

She didn't bother to see where she was sent, a small part of her mind filled away where but the larger part of her mind spotted the horde running towards her, the battle they had sent her too was a losing one.

A tauren reached her first, a massive battle-axe swinging at neck. Battlerage flowed in reaction and the fury and rage drowned out the pain in her heart that had not left since the moment she left the General's home.

How are you holding up?

The pain laced again at the ghostly words, so clear that she wondered for a moment if the blonde woman had somehow managed to reach out to her stone. The sword in her hand moved in a wild strike towards the tauren, parrying the axe and pushing the beast back.

It's a simple question, dear, I know this whole thing can't be easy on you, but I want to know if you're trying to shove it all away in exchange for the heat of battle.

The sword knocked the axe away, biting deep into the Tauren's arm. The bull bellowed at her, and for the first time Mya wanted to scream back, mixing every bit of anger and pain and heart ache into a single cry.

The heat of the battle is easier for me right now, Her mind whispered brokenly, it sings its own song on the clash of steel and fury. I can let it sing, and I can forget.

The tauren smashed his hoof into her stomach, the blow knocking her back. Her sword danced through the air, tearing a chuck from the taurens neck.

Say, how'd you like to be my sister by more than honor?

Be quiet.
Mya hissed in her mind, Leave me be, let me forget. A orc lunged at her, twin daggers flashing as he leapt away from the alliance he had just killed. The woman growled low, and let the daggers bounced off her armor. The sword cleaved into him, and she kept charging through. Forsaken, Goblin, Sindorei any and every horde that stepped in front of her became the next target of her rage. The voices kept coming.

"You will -never- lose your family, Myaka," Katelle says, voice fierce like a mother bear protecting her cubs. "Nothing can ever take that away. Not after what we've been through already."

"I'm managing. It's lonely without you about, yeah?"

As will I you, Sister. Always

The battlemaster stopped her when she went to step through the next one. She had lost track of how many she fought, or how long she had been fighting, all she knew was she did not have to be back to her post yet.

"You've done enough miss."

Mya shook her head, "No, It's not enough, I...I need to still feel it, it hasn't gone away yet." She was aware she was babbling, but she didn't care.

"Miss, this ain't gonna help you. Go home, battle won't help you." I do not have a home, I gave up my key.

"Please, just a few more of them."

The man didn't back down. "It won't help you miss, it will only bring you death if you keep this up."

Mya turned on her heels angrily, leaving the room. She did not realize where she was going until she had stepped from a portal onto the hard ground of the Exodar. she stopped in front of a door she had not visited in quite a long time, and before what ever madness deserted her, she knocked quickly on the door. It opened, and she was happy he was home, Mervic Ducharme watched her strangely. "Mya? what-"

She cut him off, her voice shaky as she started to break down after so long at holding it back. "You were right, oh -Light- Mervic, you were right."
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by LEGION » October 3rd, 2014, 12:58 pm

Captain Landreth was at his desk, reading the details concerning rules involving new trade trade restrictions with the Steamwheedle Cartel -- what was allowed in, how much, what was considered contraband. Suddenly, Sergeant Sarkell entered with barely a knock, which surprised him.

"Captain Landreth? Sir, we may have a situation." Sarkell popped a quick salute, almost as an afterthought.

Landreth set the report down, concerned. It was rare that Sarkell interrupted without going through one of the administrative assistants. "What is it, Sergeant?"

Sarkell assumed an 'at ease' posture. "Darnassian Liaison Leafdream just came to me with a few reports: one from Darnassus, one from Dalaran, and one from Stormwind which suggests that a possibly violent schism is forming within the Twilight Empire." Landreth gestured subtly for Sarkell to elaborate. Sarkell nodded briefly before he continued. "Dantay dismissed their senate -- maybe two or three days ago, I'm guessing. The Darnassus report indicates that there is dissent amongst their guard because there is confusion over who is actually in charge. By all accounts, it sounds as though Dantay holds all the power."

Landreth's gaze narrowed. "If she actually held all the power, there wouldn't be dissent. Who else believes they have some kind of claim to authority?"

"The reports weren't clear, sir. The clearest report came from one of the Stormwind aerial guards who claimed to see a group of them holding others at swordpoint near the park. She alleges that one of them may have been Dantay backed by her soldiers, confronting former senate members."

"Were they detained and questioned?"

"No, sir."

Landreth slapped his desk. "Lightsworn, gods---!" The captain stopped himself mid-curse. "Apologies, Sergeant. I'll deal with that later. Please continue. Any reason cited for this fracture?"

"The only reason posited has been that Dantay wanted to re-introduce some kind of specialized guard, and the senate members refused. No reasons given why she wanted them, or why she was refused."

"This is ridiculous!" growled the Captain.

"Agreed, sir. With their numbers, a conflict could easily spill over into innocent bystanders if it turns violent. And that doesn't even address their ties to the Horde." Sarkell could see more curses forming in the Captain's expression, but the paladin's mouth simply thinned into a fierce scowl.

"I'm not prepared to be so alarmist, Sergeant. At least not without better intel on the situation. Too many 'alleges' and hearsay for my liking." The Captain walked a fine line between acting to protect the public, but also preserving individual liberties granted under Stormwind law. Sarkell's nod indicated that he grasped that as well.

"I'll set up an interview with Dantay and the others as soon as possible."

"Do that," agreed the Captain. "Only I want to be there. Get Grathier on-deck, too."

Sarkell could not hide his surprise. "Grathier?" He almost blurted, 'Are you sure that's a good idea?' but managed to not to make that misstep.

Landreth seemed to hear the unspoken question anyway. "Yes, Sergeant. I want to find out if our mad dog has finally learned to tolerate his leash." It was an uncomfortable comparison, but Landreth supposed it as fair description as any. Since the hearing with the oversight committee, and Landreth's meetings with SI:7, it seemed that Grathier had been digging in and trying to follow procedure at least in spirit, if not always to the letter. Landreth wasn't entirely sure what factors had brought the disgraced guard around. The bombing probably was one, though Grathier didn't strike him as one to be changed overmuch by a brush with death. Still, the effort was there. It was time to see if it cracked under pressure. "Was there anything else, Sergeant?"

"No, sir. I'll let you know once the interviews are scheduled."

"Thank you, Sergeant." Landreth returned Sarkell's salute before the sergeant turned and left his office.

He wasn't looking forward to this.
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Aerana » October 3rd, 2014, 3:56 pm

The waves rumbled as they churned forward, rhythmically crashing against the stone and dirt before receding quietly to the embrace of the depths – only to emerge once more and repeat their mesmerizing onslaught. The watery assault was not particularly fierce, but its abiding patience and deceptive gentleness would eventually wear down the stones, leaving no evidence that a lighthouse had once stood here proudly to guide ships into the dark harbor.

“Such is why I sought you,” Aerana had explained, her voice hardly carrying above the constant turmoil of the ocean. “For it is a problem and such is your specialty.”

“One could claim that his actions have enflamed the dispute,” the man before her said with a nod that mimicked Aerana’s. “Or invited challenge from the outside.”

“The Empire would not look kindly upon him taking out a contract on one of our own, such is quite true," she agreed. "However, I have little knowledge and fewer resources to devote to this matter, for any of the Empire would be immediately suspect.”

“I see. You have some talent at this; you might have done very well in times when it was a true art.”

Aerana had allowed the ghost of a smile to come to her lips. Tinox Smartgear had often been the point of contact for such clandestine matters of the Empire when his actions were cleared by the Senate as a whole. Much of her knowledge was gleaned from his methods and reports, combined with lessons learned from past mistakes. “I thank you for what I hope is a compliment. However, such has been gained at a price, as much knowledge is,” she replied simply.

He nodded at her. “Knowledge and pain are close friends.”

Her smile dimmed slightly. “Indeed. And yet we shall be thankful for that which we have been able to learn, despite what may have transpired to engender such knowledge.”

“I would, of course, be more than happy to divert resources to discover the source and specifics of this matter.” The man’s businessman-like tone returned as he directed their conversation to the subject at hand.

Aerana remained motionless, a pale statue affixed to the stone platform and wreathed in darkness so that no passing ship or errant flyer would observe that which was not meant to be seen. The breeze, salt-scented and strong, swirled around her, whipping the cloth of her robe to and fro. Myaka stood beside nearby, solemn and silent, with a gauntleted hand resting on the hilt of her sword.

“Knowledge and pain are close friends,” Aerana whispered, her gaze transfixed on the darkness of the sea that surrounded them long after their visitor had departed.

“That brazen little son of a whore,” Katelle swore, breaking the oppressive silence of the room after she had told the Soldiers that she had been unable to call for aid because her guild stone was across the room. As ordered by Zakarnas, the soldiers had filed out of the home and were still searching the nearby area for Tinox Smartgear.

The General’s curse broke whatever momentary paralysis that had gripped Aerana’s limbs and mind in the enveloping silence after the last soldier left. Aerana’s gaze sharpened and she spoke in a deceptively soft tone. “Where was your Guardian stone, Katelle?”

Katelle looked to Aerana, again meeting her gaze squarely. “In my pocket. But don’t you think he’d
recognize someone trying to communicate mentally over such an item? I sure as Fel can tell with some people, and Fel knows I’ve been out of practice long enough that I knew it’d show,” Katelle continued. “I wanted to keep him talking so I could maybe maneuver to my guild stone. I wasn’t about to become a blaring signal of the existence of another method of communication.”

“I see,” Aerana replied, her voice sounding distant to her own ears.

Zakarnas looked up at Aerana. “Are you quite alright, Empress?”

Katelle, however, understood the tone and the distance. “You think I’ve betrayed you, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

A faint, sick recognition seemed to slide over Zakarnas’ features. He glanced slowly from Aerana to Katelle.

Aerana closed her eyes. Her pale cheeks colored slightly as she tilted her head back and inhaled deeply, swallowing whatever reply had come immediately to mind. The color faded quickly as she reasserted her gaze on Katelle, once more neutral and impassive.

Katelle straightened slightly, meeting Aerana’s gaze dead on.

“I think that you are no fool, General, for a fool would not have lead the Military for as long as you have. I will not ascribe to you lesser intelligence than you possess.” She paused momentarily before continuing, her voice firm. “Had you wished to contact the Military or myself – Or Zakarnas or Myaka – you would have.”

Still seated next to Katelle, Zakarnas began to look physically ill.

Katelle opened her mouth to speak but Aerana raised a hand, forestalling the blond-haired woman. Katelle’s mouth closed and the General continued to watch Aerana silently. “Before you seek to defend yourself, know this: I possess the ability to open up the Guardian stone that you carry so that
all might hear what the stone hears.” Aerana emphasized the word, giving Katelle a blank look. “I would not have you seek to make a fool of yourself by weaving more words.” The Empress lowered her hand to her side, falling silent once more.

Katelle showed no signs of backing down. “I never harbored the idea that you couldn’t,” she shot back. “You’re right, I am not fool. But am I supposed to truly bank on Tinox Smartgear’s pity for a pregnant woman to ensure my safety, or that of my child, should I get caught trying to reach out to someone before I was certain I could do so safely? You know me better than that, Aerana. Do you think – do ANY of you think – I would truly try to subvert you?” Katelle looked at each occupant in the room.

No one answered Katelle’s question.

Aerana broke the silence by speaking up sadly. “Yet I was the one that opened up the stone. To do such would not have distracted you such that Tinox would have noticed. We would have noted matters earlier, had you done so, rather than waiting on my concern to prompt me to do such.” A distant, but firm, tone laced the words.

“You put too much faith in my ability to utilize the mental functions of
either stone in such a way after being so long out of practice.”

“Mmm.” Was all Aerana murmured in reply.

“I did not say anything to Tinox Smartgear that I would not have said straight to your face, Aerana,” Katelle tried again.

Aerana took a slow breath, inhaling and exhaling in the heavy silence of the room while Katelle raised her chin slightly, eyes locked on the mage. “Yet does the fact that you would say such to my face authorize you to speak to one who seeks out my weaknesses? Who said only a few nights ago that he would seek those who
know me?” Aerana’s voice softened. “Betrayal requires not only the betrayal of an Empress by a General, Katelle,” she concluded, using Katelle’s name as a reminder of the friendship they had once shared.

Katelle twitched, as if struck.

“Empress?” Myaka inquired softly, gently interrupting Aerana’s torturous journey down the labyrinth of memories. Aerana turned her head slowly, blinking away the remnants of last night’s conversation. She centered her attention on the Guardian’s earnest features, still seeing traces of the sharp pain of Katelle’s betrayal in Myaka’s weary brown eyes.

“It is alright, I…” Myaka had paused a moment as Aerana leaned heavily against the wall. The darkness of the corridor surrounded them, veiling the less obvious signs of their sorrow at that night’s events. “Cracks show, and some need time to repair.” It was rare to hear emotion color the warrior’s normally composed words.

“And shall they repair, Myaka? Shall time soothe that which burns so deeply now, quelling the embers and reviving a trust that lies shattered?” Aerana asked softly, her voice wavering as her composure slipped again.

“I…I don’t know,” Myaka admitted. “I…she was my friend, my sister.”

Aerana nodded slowly at the words, her gaze drifting aimlessly around the shadows that clung to the walls of her residence. “Though I claim no such familial title with Katelle, there were few who held my regard as she doe—once did.” Aerana pressed her lips together after correcting herself. She looked away from the shadows and towards Myaka for a long moment before repeating the question spoken earlier that evening in the General’s home. “…Did I err in my assessment, Myaka?”

“I can’t reconcile it,” the Guardian stated slowly. “She knows how to open the stones herself. She should have done so. But,” Myaka shook her head, her voice trailing off. “I trusted her. Maybe this is akin to playing a part, as she spoke of before?”

“What part is it that she plays in engaging in such actions, Myaka?” Aerana asked.

“A part to keep her and the Captain above suspicion,” Myaka replied weakly. “But, the Captain did not side with her?” The Guardian’s question was almost a plea for Aerana to come up with a plausible explanation for the discrepancy.

Aerana drew in a slow breath, shaking her head softly as she remembered the dead, almost mechanical cadence to Zakarnas’ actions that night. Pain flared anew in her heart at the recollection of his frozen gaze and rigid movements. “No, the Captain did not side with her,” Aerana agreed quietly. “And I do not believe she would have put him through such pain. For I know that my order this night caused him such…” She fell silent, unable to continue.

Myaka nodded. “I am not as close to her as the Captain is, but I would have thought she would have warned me too.”

Aerana’s look was tinged with sympathy. “Had such been naught but a play of the General’s, I would have assumed so as well. And because such a warning was not forthcoming, the conclusion is that her conversation with Tinox was in earnest and that she knew not that the Guardian stone had been remotely activated,” Aerana concluded sadly. “Am I remiss in thinking such? For did she not speak with him? And did she not tell him to leave when the Military was enroute?”

“I don’t want it to be true,” Myaka said, settling a resigned look on Aerana. “But I fear it is.”

“And so your own words confirm the fear within my own heart, though in many ways I wish that we were mistaken in such, Guardian. For not only does that threaten the uneasy semblance of peace we have achieved within the Empire, it also heralds the…” Aerana’s voice broke as she looked past Myaka, pain writhing in the depth of her blue eyes. She swallowed. “The end of a friendship once cherished.”

Shared pain stirred in Myaka’s brown eyes. “She told me I would not lose my family. I never thought she would break a promise to me.”

“Are you well, Empress?” Myaka asked again, moving closer to Aerana’s side. The Guardian peered into the darkness warily, ever mindful of her duties, before she glanced back to Aerana.

“I am well, Guardian,” Aerana replied, giving her head a little shake. She tilted her head to the side as she regarded her protector. Despite her alertness and ready stance, Aerana could see hints of weariness undergirded by sorrow in Myaka’s demeanor. Yet such was well hidden.

Despite the futility of the action, Aerana had returned the Guardian’s gentle squeeze, tightening her thin fingers around the cool metal gauntlets. “You are my anchor,” she murmured quietly, her voice still broken by her earlier sorrow. “And I shall be yours. For so long as I am never alone, neither shall you be, Myaka.”

Myaka had nodded. “When all else swirls around us, we have that to ground us.”

“Come, let us return to the residence, Guardian. The hours of night move ever towards morning and there is always much to be done,” Aerana said, gesturing towards the nearby gryphons hidden in the shadows near the wall. Myaka nodded once and moved over to gather the reins, drawing the creatures out. Tomorrow, she would seek out another whose pain resonated sharply with that carried by herself and Myaka.

Aerana’s head had lowered toward Zakarnas, her hand closed tightly around the white and green stones in her palm. “I…” She trailed off before shaking her head. Zakarnas watched her, though his eyes would not meet her gaze as she lifted her head. “No words can be spoken, Captain, for there are none that give voice to the weight of this duty. My pain compares not to your own, I am sure. And such shall never be forgotten.” She sighed, resigned sorrow clear in her features. “I apologize for this path we now walk,” she added quietly.

Zakarnas finally raised his gaze to meet Aerana’s blue eyes. Silently, he straightened and offered a salute before speaking. “I took my vows. And I knew this day could come. I have no regrets.”

Aerana did not look away from Zakarnas, though she did hear Katelle’s indrawn breath. “You oath is one I shall ever treasure.” She raised her hand in a slow salute. “Captain.”

Aerana’s jaw tightened and she swallowed. Mindful of the burdens that bowed his shoulders and the loyalties that undoubtedly tore at him, Aerana had not sought out Captain Ronae’Serrar this day. Yet weighty matters required discussion and, as acting leader of the Military, his attendance was required. Sighing softly, Aerana nodded at Myaka and the two women took flight, leaving behind the alluring call of the sea’s summon.
"It is all a balance."
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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Rhork » October 4th, 2014, 1:41 am

“This is really, really hard for me to admit. Really.” Rhork feels the weight of his head, palm long numb to his chin. A candle flickers above a pool of wax causing the playful shadows to move about the cluttered desk. This is not the first candle to struggle for its life here, nor is it the last. The steady, ambient glow betrays the chaos of a storm outside. Their stands long lost to wax; these blips of light highlight the blank void of parchment nestled in a space barely big enough to accommodate it. Rhork drums his fingers against the desk, their beat adding to the performance of rain, thunder, and the clink of a quill against an ink well.

“I think I’m in over my head on this.” The window heaves at the onslaught of a gust, earning a leer. Rhork enjoys a good storm, or any amount of rain, but a broken window during one is more stress than he would like.

“She said she’d be able to help whenever, but, c’mon. The Empress?” Rhork asks a skull atop a stack of tomes. It doesn't respond.

“Like she actually has time for that.” His chair creeks as he leans back, arms crossed with a sigh. “Plus…she’s kind of cute…” A clap of thunder rattles the room and scares Rhork to a start.

“Okay! Yeah! No! Not even gonna think about that.” The skull silently judges him with its empty sockets, the bone bathed in the soft glow of the candle. "I've got Daphni helping me with my magic problem."

The city bell tolls midnight. Rhork yawns into a stretch. He wants to write this letter and get it out of the way, but anything that concerns his family is tricky and leaves a bad taste in his mouth. His father requested an update on his schooling as a Mage, which is a whole other can of worms he doesn't want to think about opening right now. The thought sends a light chill up his spine. Another crack of thunder and Rhork gets the message. “Fine…let’s get this over with…”

“Dear Father,

It’s not going so well.


Satisfied, Rhork smiles, sprinkles some powder over the ink, and then seals the letter in a worn envelope. He likes to poke at his dad whenever he can. What’s he going to do, kick him out of the house?

“Pff, too late for that.” Rhork nods, licking the envelope shut.

Another yawn reminds him of how exhausted he is. With his tutor all but gone, his magic too much to handle, and his recent stumbling within the Empire he so recently joined, all of his efforts have gone into his swordsmanship. It’s great for stress relief and he enjoys how much better he’s gotten over the past month.

“Tarashan can go and shove it.” Rhork concludes, “I’m not gonna put all my eggs in the magic basket like an idiot.”

The candles go out as Rhork maneuvers toward his bed. His foot collides with a desk leg and he crashes to the floor along with a few tomes, papers, and the skull still judging him silently as a flash of lightning illuminates the room. He limps to his bed after shoving the books beneath a table and leaving the skull where it fell. As the rain patters against the window, Rhork stares up into the darkness until the sounds of the storm lull him to sleep. His last thoughts are of others and how they’re sleeping tonight. Comfortably, he hopes. No sleep sucks.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Resileaf » October 5th, 2014, 12:56 pm

Everything's gonna be alright.

Resileaf was getting excited for her military assignement. The first since she had come back, the first in many, many years for the Twilight Empire. She didn't intend to waste that opportunity to prove herself to the Captain. She had been directed to investigate why the big dinosaurs in Un'goro were growing in numbers and overwhelming the people of Marshal's stand and other affiliated encampments. She had a few theories already, such as Zandalari involvement or some other kind of nefarious accelerated aging for juveniles.

Everything's gonna be fine.

She was gonna need proper material for this mission, of course. Un'goro was VERY nasty on equipment. Probably the most humid place on Azeroth along with Sholazar in Northrend, it caused metal to rust and bowstrings to be damaged. And above it all, it made wearing just about anything a chore and a pain. Proper equipment that could help make it less painful would be vital. She had written herself a list of equipment and was reading it as she packed to make sure she didn't forget anything.

The Empire's gonna get through it. It went through worse before.

She wasn't going to be alone either. She had asked Pralea if she wanted to come along and she had accepted. In doing so, she wanted to make her participate in the Empire's activities again and get back in the saddle, so to speak. She hoped that way to make her prove herself to the Empress so that she might gain her trust again. Her thoughts drifted for a moment to the Brewfest celebration in Ironforge barely a week prior... The woman had been stuck in Worgen form since she the Senate had been disbanded, the turmoil in her mind keeping her from returning to her proper human form. Resileaf had been trying to get to talk to her since that fateful event, but hadn't been able to until just then, when the ex-senator had decided to return home and needed help to get there without falling down into a hole in the city due to being drunk. On the way there, Resileaf had done her best to cheer her up and had ended it by telling her that she trusted her, no matter what had happened in the past. The next day, Pralea had returned to normal and told the Night elf that it was thanks to her and a couple other people that also talked to her.

There's no reason to be worried. Everyone's gonna work together in the end.

Resileaf's eyes lowered to read her list again. Her vision was getting blurry, for some reason... She had another reason to want Pralea close to her. The recent events made her increasingly worried about what was going on with the disbanded Senate's members. She hadn't given it too much thought when it happened, but the events of the military's meeting when Katelle called on the soldiers to tell them that Tinox had been at her home were getting to her.

Stop thinking about it, you're imagining things.

Why had, only moments prior to Katelle calling the Empire, Myaka, Zakarnas and the Empress all froze in place or tensed at the exact same moment, as though they had seen or heard something no one else could? Why had the Empress and Myaka left, as if they knew what was about to happen? Why was the Captain so irritable in the next meeting, when he usually was completely professional and didn't let his emotions take over? Discipline had been lacking during that meeting, but still... He had gotten unusually angry.

Stop it... It only hurts to think about it.

She felt as though something terrible had happened that night. She couldn't prove it, not even to herself, but her gut told her that something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. So she wanted to be with Pralea, to convince herself that it was just her imagination making her think the worst, that there was no great conspiracy threatening to tear the Empire apart from within and without.

Everything's gonna be alright...

She couldn't read her list anymore. Her tears had soaked it thoroughly and she had trouble even holding it in her hands. Her body felt heavy, her legs wobbly and weak. She fell to her knees on the edge of her bed, and plunged her head in her arms in an attempt to hide her sobs, even though she was alone. Her body shook gently as her emotions started overwhelming her.

The Empire will never break.

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Re: A Rising Disquiet ((Open RP))

by Brewdin » October 5th, 2014, 1:37 pm

It hadn’t worked.

As it turns out, creating a device that punches a hole through time and space requires a little more nuance and precision than just shoving components together haphazardly. This became immediately apparent to Brewdin when he found himself standing just outside of the Empire’s guild hall in Darnassus, sparks and smoke sputtering out of the transporter in his hands. Asking a passerby the date revealed that he had managed to move through time and space – by half a day and maybe thirty yards. Though he grumbled unpleasantly as he stalked off back to the Empire’s barracks, he was grateful at least that his whole body had teleported to just above ground; No parts stuck in a rock or tree or anything.

By the time he’d reached his workbench in the storage unit of the Empire’s barracks, Brewdin had already settled on a new plan. After gathering back up his guildstone and Empire tabard, he found an old schematic, flipped it over and scribbled a note that he tacked onto the door before locking up and leaving. He was never very good at writing in Common, but he was pretty sure it would get the message across:





He spent the next few days in old Tinker Town of Ironforge. In between the time he spent with other engineers trying to fix his very poorly constructed teleportation-wormhole device, he’d locked his guildstone up somewhere quiet for a little while and gotten on a secure radio channel with S.A.F.E. in Gnomeregan, who agreed that if Brewdin found [the former] senator Smartgear, they would have a safe spot for him to stay.

Repairs and re-calibrations on his device had taken longer than he would have liked, and trying to get Toshley’s Station on the radio had been just as difficult. Apparently, communication with a small outpost on a fractured world hurling through magical storms in the Twisting Nether was a difficult feat for most. At the mercy of comm interference and other, much better engineers to fix his teleporting device, Brewdin began to feel helpless. Even if he got to Toshley’s, by now there wouldn’t even be a trace of Smartgear to be tracked. Brewdin was just beginning to think that maybe he should just search with the rest of the Military and hope that he could be there to convince them not to do anything rash if they found the former senator, when the general’s voice shot out from his guildstone.

“Military,” General Larmont had said. “I require your presence at my residence in Stormwind. Tinox Smartgear paid me a visit and is attempting to escape.”

Brewdin thought for a moment before acting. ‘Attempting to escape’? He’d heard the General was sick and probably bedridden for quite some time. He couldn’t fathom what she could be able to do to stop Smartgear from leaving. Further, Brewdin was sure the former senator wouldn’t walk himself in to a trap if there were even the hint of one at the General’s residence. And the likelihood of him allowing anyone to broadcast his whereabouts while he was still about where they were was nil. Smartgear was either already gone or on his way out at that exact moment. Stormwind was a crowded city, full of competent mages who could trace portals, at least a few engineers who might re-open a wormhole, and plenty of witnesses and guards on the ground and in the sky who could apprehend someone who appeared to be fleeing a crime or acting suspect.

Brewdin thought all of this over and began calculating the probability of each of Smartgear’s potential routes in the span of the few short moments it took him to gather his gear. Once he had everything, he tossed his guildstone into a storage locker he’d been using. If he was right and he found the former senator, he still wanted the chance to ask him about what was going on – privately.

The storage padlock closed tight with a dull ‘clunk’ and Brewdin set off hurriedly for what he had determined was the most likely route of egress.


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