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Rorrek Therrien
Rorrek Therrien
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Joined: March 23rd, 2014, 6:56 pm
Rorrek Therrien

Burdens of Fate

Postby Rorrek Therrien » September 8th, 2014, 3:11 am

Pale shafts pierced the dimness and wrought unto airs frugal a shimmering of dust before windowpanes soot coated. However, aroused not were comforts of abode as morn were come in truth. In lieu of warmth expected intruded but cold as though lent were breath uncaring from the lips of skies bleak. Soon then stoked plumes above smithies grand to which struck were iron in unison with steel and steam. Chorus thusly accentuated effortlessly the austere figure which lay atop beddings scant. Dwarven hands repeated ceaselessly the clash of metal throughout the district which oft awoke before those others which relished still the yawning of day. Brows stern furrowed in winces fleeting with each hammer fall for which walls thin but invited said heralding of awakening. Eventually did such brow sharpen, remaining a time shut tightly whilst sigh inaudible slipped breathlessly from lips as stone. The moss green gaze knew then light slowly and so met once more the ceiling untended.

Hands, calloused as worn, held fast in attempt futile unto one another as to mayhaps hasten the coursing of heat thither. Yet, despite form which perched at bedding's precipice with footing below enduring already boards abrasive, did flesh wearied yearn as always for reprieve lengthy. Such desire were ignored more oft than ever indulged. Grasp then arose unto nape sore, tracing thereafter in descent collar and gauze laden therein. Though faded were sense touch begotten long since girded before embers forge born could feel he each suture which lay beneath. Ache bitterly did such wound with breath deepened and temple leftmost throb resoundingly. Indeed, it were as though body worn sought to but overwhelm will stirring with a veritable cacophony of discomfort. But stern did demeanor stoic, bracing with solace that all rent upon he would fade eventually and hold place amongst countless else which marred both flesh and plate akin. Arise regardless then did stubbornness and personage solemn, foot falls making toward the armaments nearby kept. The morn would wait for naught, as with each morrow.

Lend notice would none toward the silent figure for whom at pace measured departed across canal and districts alike, nor Rorrek unto the splendor which slept still. Sight as his own, embraced within steels of violet shade and silvered with royal hues, had walked dutifully throughout streets labyrinthine countless times before. Cobblestone beloved caught not gaze of the Knight this day, though gilded and of grandeur looming. Seen had he such walls aflame, rebuilt, and fastened unto heights once unbeknownst amongst times of yore. Summer claimed the season aloft and yet fell winds chill, fall in drear to usurp gradually with omens pallid. So drudge onward did visage strict through morn foreboding as bare, beneath halls rustic and barracks tidied, at the behest of routine.

Steps plated hushed atop grasses lush for which now strode the wearied man betwixt hovels of antiquity and the mountainous border of Elwynn. Said range nestled against the city as barrier natural with walls adjacent before the city proper. Soon enough however came softly the buckling of grounds hay cluttered underfoot. The stable was practical as opposed to the more illustrious structures which stood near, suited to fulfill convenience and purpose alone. Meander did Rorrek therein, striding past numerous horses until steed his own were met. The muscled and proud steed stood penned before him, coat and mane alike of blackness ashen. Gauntlets arose after step inward to grasp gently the long face of steed tenacious and so stroke tenderly until the mount calmed sufficiently. A derisive snort announced its contentedness and consequentially acquiescence of obedience. Lead then did the stalwart his steed toward a chest well worn which sat situated amid corner within the humble enclosure. With the lifting of but a single latch and lid were the sizeable pieces of elaborate armoring revealed.

"Sir Therrien," mumbled respectfully an aged stable hand, the elderly man having entered the quaint structure so to tend the troughs. Such aid sought not to assist the Knight whilst steed were armored as all attempts perhaps offered before were met always with insistence polite for tasks thusly to be tended himself. Helm did turn to peer above pauldron amongst armoring of beast begun, brow to incline without word spoken for moment brief. But moments after glimpsed again the stable hand to no avail for vanished had rider and steed seemingly long since as though never were they at all.

Unfurl with abandon had cloak thick betwixt posture plated and seat high set whilst sweep did winds through gates wide. Rider and beast as one at gait orderly to which statuesque were both amid gazes sentry belonging which pervaded about the bastion's entryway. Knew both adornment amongst regality distinctly differing that hovel chosen at will of the former for respite nightly. Craftsmanship magnanimous, as offered through but trials of services rendered long since, ensured the steed itself bore resemblance of fittings merited for battle immediate in lieu of patrol leisurely as seen now. Blues vibrant, brimmed with bronze and gold, melded among shielding plated and leathers secure. That of coat which were beheld still accentuated well the latching and seating of velvet crimson, kept at fastening of gold yet more smoothly shaped. Insignias prided of majesty lion likened shone from that engraved and embroidered alike, that of the latter held taut within banner pike mounted which sat tied unto the risen seat backing. And yet, though of appearance stately, were weathered all such the same. Spoke silently wounds of warring rampant through tatters and denting, severing engraved as marks honor bound unto themselves. Certainly were sight peculiar they, disrupting without clamor all tranquility for which surrounded whilst ventured further did treading unto the Elwynn woods. Lost indeed became such sight along path well trodden and beneath canopy which yielded not toward the yet still forbidding heavens above.

Flitted past had forest immense within but moments before gaze accustomed long unto trails and whispers known hither and anon again once meted were return. Approached soon would border of lushness west most, yet progressed not did rider and steed restrained. Listless remained Rorrek atop saddle instead, sight to gaze through visor downcast of helm unto garrison afar. Such were sight loathsome unto he as recollection ever sought to regale why, bile to roil amid breastplate worn then. As wisps were the menagerie of memories which bid harshly for due their own, inquiries and days bygone lost within those ordered halls. Before consumed further were hour at which thusly strode the dawn did lash the Knight reins held, gait to resume for many a pace until halt abrupt saw said reins seized. Halted were sight with thought of imagery grim and since forgotten to brows furrowed. Remembrance of one man younger, though of disposition strict, for whom oft lent regards alongside formality of tipping the brim of hat worn. The sundering of saddle leashes and buckles attached for which followed descent unforeseen and demise untimely...Fleeting were such images as stoked slowly in recalling were brow as his now. As onward were bidden beast ridden did all such fade, yet linger still and so seep unto routine regarded were thoughts of smirk wry and wreathed amid shadows lost. Clench would gauntlets thereafter amid the morn hour upon reins held with tightness anew.

Lessened with each advance were thickness of forest brim, dawn rising to pour inward betwixt the boughs and trunks which grew ever more sparse. Soon accompanying such infusion of light became apparent the babble of stream coursing which with faintness echoed from afar cascade torrential. Arching across banks divided stood bridge of masonry familiar, yet as well of stature sullen with disrepair neglected long upon inspection closer. For moments brief sounded again thrum subtle of hooves atop cobblestone whilst surmounted were crossing. Flow thither would such river to sever the breadth of Westfall from the Duskwood until pour would waters then heated amongst the pools of Stranglethorn. Ponder then did Rorrek of current southward but faintly as musings bent then unto blackened stone polished beneath and embers wrought of firebloom fair amid cleft forlorn. Dared not would sight his own gaze down said stream's length and so drown instead would emotions welling behind countenance stone hewn. Warmth, for the first of such day, shone then atop visage sullen. Stood there tussocks and hills alike of radiance golden.

Though fallow lain and strife ridden shimmered beauteously valleys to be traversed as morns numerous and yet to be. Rays of sunlight themselves seemed to be low laid and so nestled amongst the province. And yet, coursed not warmth numbly felt throughout armament cumbersome. Shun in truth would Knight thusly said light hither for now with visor held with spite silent. Though wondrous were breezes which caressed these fields felt he only rasp harsh of airs stale. Knew well he each stead and path, hillock and ravine, which lingered amid said region forlorn. However, saw would he regardless of traversing current, but view overhead from sojourn lengthy and distraught. Dourness held fast upon each crevasse and contour Rorrek bore, arms to slacken as though weighted with memories despised. So approached rider and steed then in descent southward through lands without tithe to lend.

Road winding coughed forth dust as layers wind ferried were disturbed from slumber. Occasionally were perturbed silence yet more with cries shrill of carrion beasts, though approach would nothing unto the Knight. Onward as path ever unwound traveled they at pace which attested unto familiarity smelted amid mind and days bygone. Stir not would he atop saddle rigid for which ensnared were form within contemplation pensive. Such dwelt atop brow his own until cast were shadow anew. Gaze enticed peered upward unto gates neared, that of militia's holdings soon to be entered. Sentinel Hill, despite trials arduous and abandonment bitter, stood with pride unyielding. Remembered then upon faces numerous were pines monolithic and airs frigid as militia hereabouts knew once call clarion unto formation of brigade. So return did they, peoples destitute and sturdy, unto lands of ruination again once quelled were the world's crown. Few would in turn remember the statue likened figure from said turmoil since passed in campaigns buried, only that oft came rider stern in patrol through walls resilient here. So came and went again the reserved man unto where transient and passerby tread. Registered hardly were fork's turn westward once more and the passing of Moonbrook, locale sought at last within view.

Outcropping rock laden overlooked the cliff face which jutted outward unto seas billowing, jagged as maw which knew erosion relentless. It were here in which upon occasion numerous arrived the Knight so to preserve self and solemnity in silence utter. Naught but winds howling and plumes sea foam comprised spoke hither. Lead were steed toward brush dried and withered which sprouted betwixt boulders evident, reins tied unto these in fastening secure. Closed did gaze shut whilst removed were helm stern and so laid near thereafter. As well removed in motions deliberate as meticulous were tabard orderly in which folded atop helm prior were the twin lion insignia. Heave deeply then did the cuirass' entirety in inhalation before exhale heralded sight to open. Stare long did Rorrek upon the horizon which sat beneath a sun now raised well before stepping nearer the cliff precipice. Gale salt scented whirled in flurry through hair hazel to which light illuminating lent almost illusion as vibrancy atop expression his own. Though, farce were this whilst persisted the countenance walled as stone. So began the ritual of routine and preparation.

Turn did the solemn man so to face along the cliff's length, drawing slowly the armament holstered atop cloak worn. Greatsword, obsidium forged, knew grasps firm and breath measured. Such blade, weathered as armors girded amidst, were among weaponry varied in keeping. Held had palms plated hilts numerous as form and suits crafted. Each kept purposes specific for wearing or sentiment, yet these worn now had sufficed for seasons long enough. Yet, pitting shallow shone atop the weapon held from forays ventured in times recent to which swore did the poised figure to amend state pitiful. Crouch slightly then did form as positioning began in earnest, stance defensive as readied against foe unseen. Forward kept were girth of blade before straightened was posture and sword raised overhead for moments many. Began then regimen upheld since that of yore, blade swung in arcs connecting. Fluidity came at once unto said practice, though rigid were form his own in matters else seen. Sabatons knew place immediate in reciting wordless as whir yet swifter did steel cleaving. Forth and back repeated the motions in expertise calm, steps to curtail at portions and swivel to form in unison with gauntlets worn counters, parries, and thrusts. Such ritual seemed without flourish for which instead presided wholly naught but concentration experienced. Dance would shadow Knight belonging against the fields and cropping of stone near as wane did the sun but higher still.

Eventually, as such routine continued unabated, did develop pattern strict with alterations flitted throughout. With each pass came again steps yet swifter, strikes but more rapid in prompting. In truth saw no longer fields golden the eyes moss green in their furrowing. Before gaze thus occupied came sights unbeknownst to those only for whom preserved innocence still. Taken gradually were Knight from sparring furious and returned unto locales distant and far for which claimed once before fragments of soul housed. Scents intermingled with sights seen again, hairs standing atop nape despite collars mail and leather bound. Preserved amid recollection morose, and drudged forth from depths ill begotten at behest of motions practiced, were they. Ashen fields asunder torn, valleys pure stained crimson atop sheets of white, despoiled shores bleak with drift of wreckage rampant. Vary immensely would settings each for which eventually stood Rorrek no longer amongst Westfall's cliffs. Stare did the Knight unto faces countless in loss and moments fated which resided still amid memories kept. Change did forms their own before him in flashes fleeting, yet the same remained he and outcomes witnessed. Grit did teeth whilst sheen fine of sweat began to layer brow furious. Connecting of strikes perhaps witnessed before began deterioration. So as well would steps practiced falter slowly, growing precarious along cliff line strode near. Indeed, fall did stone and gravel unsettled beneath where walked stalwart armored as though courted were mishap intentionally should such occur. With each moment's passing became the arcs once orderly lashings rabid as blind. Haggard were breath and heaved did muscles in torment acrid. Yet, press onward uncaringly did the former stoic in the flurry of sights which now threatened to well over in emotion his walls raised. Anger bloomed forth alongside hatred rooted deeply, lusts for blood and fears ignoble rallying swiftly therein. Felt he emblazoned with shames innumerable, envy for those else as corpses which trudged heavily through did greaves crying out as the sweat which matted brow above. Skirted he in routine of swordplay lost to visions rent unto brim crumbling...yet, such were meant not this day to be.

Stagger with groan pained and so stumble inland did the disheveled being, sight his own far from disposition oft maintained. Against stone were thrust cloak and backplate as one, form to sink thereafter atop grasses dried. Absent were breath though burn did lungs his own, countenance beleaguered and disarranged now utterly. Hold still, as iron, did gauntlets then atop handle and hilt of blade hefty to which attempt lift again said sword would they...Met were such with failure apparent, grasps metal embraced to but reposition themselves atop hilt crafted whilst blade's point buried deep amongst soils loose. Grimace bore fruit to outrage as mourn did wounds sustained, flaring in protest to exertion rendered. Breathless and heaving began the tremors subtle as unfolded the pitiful display of loathing and efforts habitual. In silence did sight begin drifting, to dwell atop tabard folded and the Imperial crest therein."Peace," spoke once faintly Rorrek then for which such fell hollowly from lips with resentment imparted.

* * *

Never darker were such halls of iron and hate than now, darkness torch lit enveloping the silence which but moments prior rang of struggle and futility alike. Yet, disturbed still were the bowels of Orgrimmar and the underhold deeps with but sound repeating while raged the siege. The grotesque thud continued in encores sought not, met upon each fall with the shattering of bone and seeping of marrow blood mingled. Lift did haze of fervor from the gaze moss green to which saw he no longer beneath him the solemn countenance which bore likeness as his own. Again were sight as the world were, corpse Kor'kron pinned as remnants foul. Steep were the depression which cleaved the being's features, unrecognizable with exception of an Orcish similarity. Choking were the repugnant airs which emanated from the battered and nightmarish thing, disemboweled in body and armor with savagery brutish. Manifest did reality before the solemn man whom sat atop such butchery, horned helm in grasps with abandon shaking. Bludgeon had he, for time unbeknownst, said opponent formerly proud with mask unseemly. Bite indeed did pauldrons and cuirass hideous for which the veins of forging saronite born unveiled their madness and desires of bearer within then. Slumped did gauntlets then return the long and malformed helm atop countenance graven, seeking thereafter mace abandoned amid melee's fury. Smelt they of death.

* * *

Rampant were tremors which shook gauntlets violet colored, hilt grasped in desperation livid. Sight before enraptured with visions past now blurred and waned from focus and distortion whilst the stern man fought as to regain composure again. Fade did the memories conflict arisen for which in silence were breath found eventually as before. Peace indeed were word wishful, spoken with frequency now as seen never before amid decades rotted. Such utterance knew naught but vapidity from lips statuesque. Come again would the culling of war and all horrors inevitable. Stagnant were the world now, snuffed beneath blanket of tenseness stifling. This Rorrek knew. Trust not did sense his own in treaties frail, nor believed he to be alone in such...return would conflict abhorrent and so readied would armors and title be. Await did world for catastrophe unbeknownst whilst whispered were hope otherwise.

Return did control at pace feeble, composure forming once more Knight recognizable. Ache did laceration sutured beneath collar reinforced as gauntlet massaged thither in absence. Wander had brow fatigued as gaze closed shut, seeking thoughts elsewhere in lieu of those which harrowed without surcease. Warmth of hands healing amidst fragrances soothing seemed then to reach among thoughts fettered. Sight of tresses fiery and auburn which framed visage welcoming as demure in manner surfaced within the instant before open did gaze again. The Knight could not, despite disposition current, refrain from a slight smile in surprise of musings unexpected... Stare long would eyes moss green atop the crest of Empire sworn upon tabard near before stir would he again.

Time uncounted ebbed at said perch for which remained the fool of stubbornness weighted by years of allowance. Though come would tumult and burdens anew rose eventually he again and so in presence impassive as before strode rider and steed again, contemplations tucked amid compartments their own. So mended in wait stalwart wounded for which built expectations anew for that to be sacrificed assuredly thereafter to the seeking of peace.

Rorrek Therrien
Rorrek Therrien
Posts: 30
Joined: March 23rd, 2014, 6:56 pm
Rorrek Therrien

Re: Burdens of Fate

Postby Rorrek Therrien » October 24th, 2014, 2:25 am

Scream onward did discharge rampant for which tore skies clouded whilst raged clamor ceaseless below, earth reddened to know sundering as bombardment endless throughout. Hoarse were throat his own, sore beneath battering bequeathed by conveying of orders amongst hours long. Alongside shout intensive which resounded then from lips stern descended blade broadened and short, such halting as extended in accentuation of signal ordered. So plumed again billowing of powder and smoke as rendered were salvo torrential before cannon unto lines amid pandemonium deafening. Conflict likewise echoed amidst crags scarred and crevasses scorched alike, steel and iron both to sever flesh with fervor equal amid the Blasted Lands.

Silence reigned within dimness stale as decrepit, embers amongst soot and coals to emanate illumination faltering. Pervade did stillness throughout forge wrought of yore which but fell unto rot amid woods forlorn, all such as grave save for figure lone which settled and sought task beneath contemplation prevalent. Stained were that as he with oils and sweat atop layer of remnants tinder born which choked airs enclosed. Stir again had smithy forgotten, deeds therein of anticipation incensed which brooded upon brow and now the Duskwood.

Accepted had Rorrek summons of service, conscription unto duties familiar heralding title of Knight-Captain. Shoulders wearied endured beneath weight therein of responsibility bequeathed for which now stood he amongst armaments regal for which first were worn throughout campaign Northrend belonging. Pauldron of likeness gryphon inspired, wings flourished proud, perched at height of regalia knighted. Crests and shields minute as clasps held steadfast sashes of blues royal, steel therein of hues beige toned with gildings of gold amongst engravings intricate. Worn no longer were tabard of Empire known. Instead swayed then with defiance of winds war swelled lion insignia of Stormwind, such to as well coat shield ornate.

Oaths of yore would be upheld as duty were come, musings and emotion beneath brow stern tempestuous as tide which broke inwardly against composure ever maintained. Campaign thus to be would perhaps envelope extent lengthy... Nigh frenzied were motions simple as away were thought from that present to which polished intently were breastplate of cuirass to be soon adorned. Whetted had steel been and honed long form in preparation for such hour foretold, armament of austerity noble in title now tended seemingly misplaced amid structure dilapidated with neglect born from abandonment. With such resurrection of garb Stormwind pledged would preside much of which would lend wavering throughout souls unprepared, this he to ponder intensely whilst reveled amidst were as well memories pertaining. Swirl in tandem did din enclosed within brow wearied as weathered with that as cloth for which circled below plate kempt, passing of rag each as thought lapsing. Blank were stare during burnishing relentless though reflection therein gazed in return sternly until passed again had cloth and there watched within sheen instead visage grotesque and sightless. Swivel with swiftness had neck then as to peer unto figure misshapen which stood listless beneath shawl covering against wall afar...

Hauberk of ringlets thin, beneath panoply armored, bit unto flesh fatigued. Though exhausted would trudge onward form solemn whilst regressed would hands and recollection toward conflicts since passed so to draw forth experience necessary. Tabard once pristine knew flitting of shrapnel and lacerations amongst stains of bloodletting without surcease. With depression deep stood shield held for which distorted now were emblem of bulwark atop. Wreathed were sabatons with dirt reddened and clays blood intermingled, disheveled as form else which persisted yet still. Apparent were toll of onslaught waded upon Rorrek's statuesque features as with all whom lingered within said front.

Fierce indeed were bloodshed, comprised of brutality the likes seen not within such province for years numerous in truth. Descriptions hideous maligned all repute mayhaps once kept at least by legacy of such land since tainted in which desperate were stalemate amid both report and person. With expertise against foe of likeness uncanny stood command of Vindicator Maraad, orders all relegated from prestige entrusted by that of the Wrynn crown; however, stagnate had front thus contested. Lanes supply oriented but trickled through portals few and fleet of Marshtide busied with barrage of inland enemy grasped. Marines seasoned alongside mustering provincial depended nigh wholly upon champions directed, though earnest were endeavor of kingdom defended. Incursion unfaltering of the "Iron Horde" swept through desolation parched with fury unbridled. Such force furthermore seemed without stemming, as though but preliminary for yet more which lurked through portal reviled and agape.

With steps measured approached stalwart strict from regalia prepared unto figure curtain swathed. Hands calloused held firmly then layers near, to which with heave urgent were linen encompassing thrust aside. There stood amalgamation of madness and mourning before him, helm horned to stare spitefully from sockets dark as perturbing; such glimpsed within reflection prior. Images fleeting coursed through Rorrek's veins, of body cradled and loss of that mayhaps most cherished which lent birth of such disturbing armament hither in expression whilst discarded then were senses blood drowned. Steel darkened amongst veins saronite forged pierced unto he mockingly with spires ugly and hues dour that so adorned the fetid thing. And yet, allure were whispered from mask ill shaped of desires base and hour at hand.

Duty as this had grown as rarity despondent, to which fulfilled might yet be purpose without casting off of charge bequeathed. Court thither could that as fate be whilst adhering unto honor and loyalties akin...such was war. Veneer thin of which portrayed peace tenuous knew shattering at last. Long yearned were release of falsities which loomed, laid now bare. Order of which belonging the Knight trembled as testament toward such, Empire now with naught but uncertainties and hope vague. Steeped were such with politics foul and tragedies yet determined. Drawn clearly were lines of staunchness bitter amongst ash yet swept beneath ire blood bathed throughout those sworn unto vision inconceivable. Though severed were Rorrek from this by duty binding, of which preferred were trials horrid and arduous, would discord amidst Empire obeyed prevail on. Peace were at end and temptation of bile which ever roiled beneath restraint composed most near.

Close pervaded the stench of death, writhing contrived of wounds agonizing to befall many whom were granted reprieve foreboding of tents reserved for mending able. Encampment busied upon such shattered shore for which the Knight then walked amidst witnessed return oft of those bloodied and mangled. Few wandered unto fortifications frail unscathed, survival for some seeming more misfortune than not. Orders stern and pleas woe bidden alike wafted unto airs salt tinged, melding alongside clamor distinct of foray vicious. However, though battered and wearied, prevailed those thus present as yet fortuitous in comparison to those which perished ere counter initiative had at all begun.

Smote were Nethergarde Keep, ruinous and desecrated as monument of vigil now ended. As Theramore before it had such stronghold fallen utterly to brutality unrelenting. Barbarism therein harkened unto that glimpsed amidst Orgrimmar during breadth of siege recent. Littered were grounds burnt with debris and corpse, the latter of which oft were met amidst piles undignified. Morbidity seen ensured the festering of hatred profound amongst the hearts of those whom grieved and wept tears ashen, atrocities guarantee for quarter to be returned in kind as rendered. Drudged still as meld did days were remnants once proud, to which ever would bodies dismembered and with wounds visceral be retrieved. Casualties sustained now but lent yet more names enlisted unto record and remembrance to be spoken upon morrow unbeknownst.

Knew Rorrek that to come, suffering and loss to tread and reap their dues from all whom dared touch such fields afar. And yet, regardless were spurned he unto such calling whilst endured resolve tempered. Riddled were such armor as this since concealed within the dark with urge of bloodlust. Echo would hollowness amid breastplate and helm contorted with need intimate as to relinquish titles and so embrace anonymity for release of angers old and loathing of self. So indulged were such amidst chaos of siege before Orgrimmar, suit worn for which allotted were hate eager to subdue all restraint...To cast aside chivalry beneath cowardice of mask were vice intoxicating for certain, especially when ne'er were attained solace lasting. Slowly arose did hand as though to caress coating of helm wicked, and yet abstain did the wearied man from touch unto symbol therein.

Resounding had grown contempt of heart for weakness thus pondered, burden for which clung amidst campaign imminent no longer merely his own. Indeed, conscription were not alone that as his to wield. Ordered had kingdom known that such be extended in offer through the Knight upon those else noted amidst the Empire for which records appropriate were lent unto him. Remembrance of this aided to fortify forbearance which remained.

Veteran were Knight of conflicts numerous, many for which lingered thereafter as marring extensive upon form his own. But, throughout each campaign were routinely left he unto self for which delve would he amidst perils and duties with vehemence. Yet hither had countenance stoic delivered forth conscriptions likewise, of tasks varying, unto others...of which time and time again had accepted most condemnation amidst toil merciless. So weighted were pace of grieves with guilt of order done as opposed to conflicts before, missive of order carried through of heft greater than any hilt known. Consented had Keithson and Moonthorn to propositions lent, General and Ambassador respectively with expertise befitting such tasks. Offered were such the same unto Guardians Flamewind and Winterborne, for whose answers capable mayhaps would be never known unto he. However, it were not from summons of such personage that blameworthiness felt derived. Instead had burden of soul emanated forth chiefly from name unexpected upon list ascertained. Such house were that of Mackinzie, siblings Skylah and Brianna both proffered by that of Stormwind for eligibility despite status of nobility.

Talent therein in regards toward mending of wounds were known unto Rorrek as most exceptional. Witnessed were such especially upon duration of siege infamous, whilst tended were regiments throughout Durotar. Recollection swayed then unto the elder betwixt these, upon memories instilled at hand personal of Lady Brianna. Such as she, of astuteness kindly and stature as Patrician among the Empire, had offered services of healing unto the Knight upon occasions innumerable. Furthermore had welled forth bond of which preserved had Rorrek cherishing likewise with but others few. Those scarce else whom possessed eminence within heart guarded seemed severed from front horrendous due either to misfortune uncertain or miracle fragile...With reluctance were request of crown conveyed unto such estate during hours preliminary to contemplation current. With hope would decline be returned.

Regardless were there duty to be done, for which fade gradually would concerns tentatively amidst obligations ardent. Shelve would Rorrek then such musings, though harrow assuredly would thoughts armament and title again.

Patience would need abiding upon course as this, lest resentment of those near began suppuration of walls girded within. Secured were smithy of nightmare and ruminations misguided before departure of Knight solemn, adorned amidst regalia befitting distinctions earned. Arise mayhaps would opportunity to unleash lash of dolor unto self and foes, and thereafter penance for misdeed should such appeasement of turmoil piteous be allowed in weakness. So depart did stalwart in flight unto province eastward in pursuit of station and duties relayed, armor disfigured to remain sealed among concealment...with exception of helm disturbing absconded with before such passing.

Rorrek Therrien
Rorrek Therrien
Posts: 30
Joined: March 23rd, 2014, 6:56 pm
Rorrek Therrien

Re: Burdens of Fate

Postby Rorrek Therrien » November 5th, 2014, 9:53 pm

Slow were thrum which echoed throughout earth torn. Ripple then did pools fetid of blood and filth with pace ever more frequent. Gradually grew ascent of fervor of which elicited alarm throughout ranks ordered, thrum thereafter distinct as hafts against dirt and boot amid soil. Those as Rorrek knew well such harbinger which wafted amongst lines afar. Again would come wave against they as in tactic seen long before, skirmishers bounding unto foray of disruption toward formations drawn. With repetition of such excess had line Alliance maintained weakened considerably whilst mustered that else of the Iron Horde behind grounds barricaded for assault greater.

Naught possessed subtlety within throng which approached for which resounded then horn Orcish alongside torrent of battle cries much alike. Roars guttural and stamping fevered denoted frenzy of which horde upon horizon attempted to incite. Soon would charge come and so break that as they upon shields lion emblazoned. Trumpet of watch vigilant heralded response swift throughout lines outlying from encampment distant once confirmed were wave again through spyglass, signals of banners arisen ensuring companies hastened unto positions readied. Without delay or err were such seen unto as accustom had grown most hither to defenses employed.

So stood Rorrek then, sabatons and tabard stained to form at center of line which rallied then hurriedly. Gather once more closely would Marines and Soldiers akin of Stormwind with stances interlocked by that of shield brims. Girded well were phalanx long at which raised were insignias Alliance crested whilst overlapped firmly had been shield sides rightmost of each present atop left of bulwarks adjacent. As such were ordered column foremost, line which formed secondarily behind said men to unholster crossbows prepared. With precision were grooves therein laden with bolts steel wrought for which burrow shallowly would tips amid soil reddened as handlers above wound mechanism and strings taut.

Lean unto shield with crouch slight had the Knight-Captain, as those else near which comprised line shored. Peer o'er shield then had eyes moss green unto field since sullied and warband which encroached still. However, gaze whetted were affixed not unto Orcs advancing and instead upon marker flitted amidst debris thereabouts. Glint subtly would fragment steel derived among clusters of stone which each knew pacing deliberate as line were neared. Within moments of such were marker farthest surpassed by body of the skirmisher approach unto which with purpose had Rorrek raised short sword aloft. Turn did vision at which beckoned were blade toward cannons primed atop hillock reinforced. Wave of banner proud and thither lent acknowledgement, sword then suspended as sight peered unto clash imminent. Engulfed again were yet another marked for which steel clasped within gauntlet ascended vertically with posture straightened. Cleave forward did Rorrek airs with sword and motion prompt, salvo corresponding to deafen all else. Shot direct knew bestowment of accuracy lethal as seen among crumpling and fall of forms yet still far, mass then weaving in recoil during stride; however, persist did they with but haste goaded. Gains vanished as did markers thereafter beneath footfalls rampant as party enclosing bellowed unto charge frantic. "Kneel!" commanded Rorrek, order shouted above the din which grew and so obeyed phalanx dauntless.

Signal thereafter were similar to that given unto artillery distant, though now clearly toward crossbowmen of column secondary. "Loose!" bellowed the Knight with tone tinged with hoarseness of voice long spent. Volley immediate of bolts weighted flitted o'er that of the knelt rank, skewering en masse to occur as impacts numerous were dealt. Gasping grotesque and choking desperate accompanied the clawing of throats plenty, shafts then refitted to fell many as cannons before. And yet deterred were the advance not, bloodlust ushered forth determined as when charge began in spite of assembly now thinned. Wave ensuing were then but mere paces from line front. "Brace!" cried the wearied man whilst he stood, phalanx following suit with posture and shields redoubled. Moments fleeting which remained before collision inevitable seemed nigh halted before that of the stalwart.

Respite brief before clamor of battle were slowed within eyes dull which belonged to Rorrek, gaze amongst seconds therein to lock unto those of the Orc parallel unto him. Sighted already were the Knight-Captain, as is oft the fate of those whom bore title and armament of officer. Exposed were much of opponent soon to be, skin tawny stretched atop frame hulking and hunched. Naught were there but coverings scarce for which leathers and plate appeared decorative in purpose of intimidation in lieu of security proficient. Throughout form robust as well shone already seething of blood shrapnel derived from barrage sustained. Pride fierce emanated from the sight of such foe, dourness statuesque as stern to be returned from the combatant for whom said Orc had chosen in zeal. Amid veins his own coursed fear rampant which swelled therein upwards that of Rorrek's cuirass and nape, hatred and urges base roiling beneath surface composed. Whilst subdued were turmoil inward rang footfalls of skirmishers Orcish within the ears of the solemn man above all else save for that as his heart which seemed to attempt gasp from throat then. Higher soared resonating of both during such contesting though but momentary were pause of breath before storm. Berserker monstrous lent lift unto bludgeon held of mold iron crafted and then, without ceremony or grace, were sundered all. Collided had lines at last with throes ignited throughout column beleaguered.

Raised deftly were broadness of shield which Rorrek wielded, descent of arc bludgeon belonging to halt abruptly. Caught were that of the Orc's armament at haft below bulk hefty now by shield brim. Reverberate within instant had pain immense throughout contours aged from epicenter of arm beneath bulwark which impeded strike vicious, grounds at the Knight's sabatons to buckle slightly and fragment. Yet, hesitate could he not lest opportunity allotted rescinded. Forward did lunge austerity and form with shield held still against mace snared. Swift were thrust of short sword unto the Orc's demeanor, said warrior possessing quickness as well to attempt turn aside head with success moderate. Avoided were impalement immediate, but eluded not would anguish stand. Delve did blade still through tusk and cheek, edge whetted to half even ear pointed. Gruesome were severing of cartilage and flesh for which sagged then unseemly maw disfigured with teeth revealed. Before recoil could Orc thus struck were staggering obstructed by agony mortal. Sword of Soldier upon that of Rorrek's left found purchase deep within side exposed unto kidney therein from the Orc's back, Marine leftmost to follow suit with stab backward betwixt girth of shoulder blades ample. During such had Knight withdrawn blade so to rear again point for which skewered were stomach with finality morbid. Yet, onward demanded gauntlet his own from hilt with which mercilessly agape were torn abdomen gash hideous. So seeped profusely ichor and intestines akin with which feebly grasped the Orc before slump did body now lifeless.

Not glory nor honor were to be scrounged from such engulfment of formation stout, warrior Orcish to know end ignoble in slaughter orderly. Flanked had been foe now hewn with attack thrice pronged within instant before reform did phalanx enduring. Scenarios similar echoed across the line as Soldiers in tandem sought tactics pincer inclined against foes brutish. However, even as column reformed in advance gradual, remained there numerous combatants which came again yet still. Flurry unabated persisted onward at behest of the skirmisher offensive which sought breach unto the ranks of men, though mayhaps with caution greater than those felled before them. Glimpsed had Rorrek movement amidst vision peripheral for which approach of Orc toward section upon that of his immediate right were pronounced with cleave horizontal of axe serrated. At angle were held shield then, as had Marine struck as well, so to glance blow vicious from steel. Withdrew then after sweep had said Orc with gaze wary unto phalanx assaulted, harrowing with axe against shields arisen to repeat in succession quick whilst advanced yet further the formation. It were not long before misstep were witnessed in which drawn inward were the Orc and so rent and pierced in dispatching swift. Spray arterial coated those near, hair of hazel and countenance stern as Rorrek's to be then doused thickly.

Scenes likewise persisted as the line, though fatigued immensely, held fast as opposition to such savagery. For indeed, what lacked waves minute of Orc-kin in organization compensated they with strength inhuman. Oft were shields raised cloven in lieu of steadied for which gouged and pummeled beneath iron would lay Soldier unfortunate. If warded not by sorties brief from phalanx were enemy, Orc upon occasion to rupture formation, would task befall rank secondary. Crossbowmen therein aimed with poise preemptive upon ranks before them for occasion aforementioned so to lay low with arrow any whom breached rank foremost. Bled together would encounters thwarted as without surcease came surge which gauged strength as theirs, Rorrek to regard each the same as numbed were senses unto field marred. The stench of death and filth stagnated the airs hither alongside scents soot and iron originated. Faces tusked and fanged melded unto mosaic of the fallen within recollection of the Knight whom with each thrust of blade grew yet more solemnly girded. Yet, as suddenly had butchery begun would violence subside.

Blare again did horn which resounded o'er barricades Orcish, forerunners of conflict which harassed column determined to withdraw in haste. Deeds their own were done, regardless if the ranks of men still stood. Sought had skirmishers rampant to lay unto waste that which Soldiers stationed held, be it morale, munitions, or lives... In truth were all such waves composed with brevity, but prodding the defenses whilst marshaled the Iron Horde before that of the Dark Portal. Entitled were such foe, with numbers seemingly innumerable, to throw wantonly their excess against both the Shattered Beachhead and Landing as to impair factions therein. Signaled were reformation and triumph tentative, though enlivened none present with cheers rousing. Such heartiness were long since discarded and weathered. Instead would bolts further be loosed unto the backs of Orcs retreating for which afterward were retrieval administered by that of rank secondary. Forward trudged said armored men unto waste so to appropriate munitions able, in addition to tending unto the wounded and dead alike. Stood Rorrek amongst line which disheveled rapidly, though vigilant remained most unto horizon ahead should wave befall again. Wreathed were shore with despair sullen and exhaustion born of exertion without rest lengthy. Thankful at least were Rorrek for lack of Ogre presence hither, encampments of such brutes occupied with forays and excursions of those else directed throughout the Blasted Lands. Command tentative were bestowed unto he, as Knight-Captain, for such portion of defenses meted. Yet, all which were found to be were but duty to hold line against that which broke unto shields overlapped as raged on efforts thither.

Dissipate eventually had haze which Rorrek dwelt amongst, shuffling of greaves and armaments surrounding to draw him from musings so to hearken to the present once more. Flitting forth and back were reserves sparse whom, with each wave able, relieved those eligible from woes offered by that of the front. However, few indeed were such which left the bulk to but linger as armored husks in weariness. Stare did Rorrek unto bustle and order which asserted itself once ceased momentarily were bout violent, visages throughout drawn and pallid as his own. Amongst ranks now loose were spread remains of Orcs tawny for which eventually would themselves be dragged in pile and set aflame without courtesy or blessing. It were amid such carcasses farther down the line at which lured were attention of the Knight, that glimpsed by chance to be not corpse at all. Indeed lived yet unnoticed had the Orc, though fade swiftly would he as indicated by pool crimson which ebbed from form largely still except for hands atop chest. Grasps weakened clutched then in such moment object coarse and jaded whilst watched Rorrek. Brow stern furrowed in realization late as shout of warning were attempted unto those near such body. With strength left had Orc lain low pulled forth pin from that held, ramming instrument peculiar against its chest. The incendiary, though crude, promptly lent explosion cruel of flame and shrapnel. Alarm attempted halted harshly within Rorrek's throat, Soldiers closest unto incident to be engulfed wholly. Those nearest knew fate not as limp were forms thrust from force of impact, impaled and scorched within instant; however, those whom stood at distance intermediate endured that far worse. Reek of flesh burnt intermingled among foulness present as miasma, victims to flail and scream in pain excruciating. Armor which perhaps once protected acted then unto they as prison searing. Cries horrid rang out in din anew alongside ringing which deafened still from detonation initial, orders desperate thereafter for pails and blankets...Felt hardly did Rorrek the gauntlet atop pauldron borne whilst watched he, officer of bearing likewise to offer respite and replacement of duty temporary.

* * *

Bloodied were armament and demeanor stoic, intermingled with sweat of labor upon brow disheveled. Perched were Rorrek upon stool wooden with sabatons wide and settled unto ground course within the encampment's main stead. Stir not for time lengthy had Knight amid regalia tarnished from conflict waded but hour earlier, elbows covered atop knees plated with head downcast. Body welcomed wholeheartedly reprieve tentative as were offered by rotation of officers present upon the front, though in truth were weariness but shifted from hand unto thought. So began contemplation numerous and musings ill begotten which sought to berate and hew the stalwart whilst stationary were form. Wander firstly, as ever, would ponderings unto situation thus maintained.

Despite severity of service were there solace at least to be found hither, stalemate upheld prior at last coming loose in favor with merit. Regarded had Rorrek such shift, though gradual and in increment minute, unto arrival foremost of contingent Sentinel comprised. Though influx of efforts greater came with increase as warring drew onward had for many a day naught changed for the better. Halted were advance of this Iron Horde, lines held and skirmishes conducted throughout desolation of lands forlorn; however, arrival of those yet more experienced whom recognized such threat as seen within times of yore were comfort unparalleled. Conscription offered by that of Stormwind unto Ambassador Moonthorn appeared founded indeed. Though perception of said Kaldorei's opinionated personage varied could Rorrek defy not progress granted beneath instruction their own of Sentinel's now present. Such musing drifted amidst that of the Knight's brow to expertise witnessed beneath the boughs of Ashenvale long ago. Said thoughts vanished beneath tangent anew. Seek unto distance, o'er range afar betwixt provinces bordering, did recollection. Held still were hope that situation which permeated Blackrock ominously would be contained, General Keithson reinstated against such designs specifically.

Remembrance of poise broken and piteous before grave amid Stormwind passed within Rorrek's thoughts whilst recalled were the elderly Knight. Since then had Sir Keithson seen unto conscription as able, sending even those instructed unto the Shattered Beachhead for whom Rorrek peered after when duties crossed. Glimpsed had eyes moss green armament belonging unto Senator Catori upon the front upon evenings prior. Muse did Sir Therrien mayhaps opinion for which grave Donnelly had spoken fervently unto would hold in regards to this...With sigh were thoughts thus perused stowed whilst sought gauntlet beneath pauldron for burden utmost.

Retrieved gently from beneath armament worn were brooch beauteous, comprised of silver. Image of willow gnarled held said piece at the center with limbs wielding rubies primordial amongst branch and leaf. Thumb steel encased caressed but once upon the inscription engraved below depiction of trunk knotted. Peculiar were it to receive token of favor from Lady without request, yet so were such bestowed unto he with sentiment lost not upon the Knight. Conscription most recent at which were accepted heralded from bearer original of trinket thus grasped. Realized were dread most feared in such, Lady Brianna to persist and acknowledge offer from Stormwind bequeathed amid house her own. At last arose Rorrek's brow so to gaze unto the medical tent parallel unto his seat, that within battlefield in itself. Within the week would arrive she, of the few for whom the Knight cherished, to detriment his own. Still could the man envision discussion held at which disclosed were this and the weight which such summoned. Sight withering fell from lips stern whilst bow did head as before, hand about brooch to tighten shut before pressed were metal against his forehead. Slither then amidst heart did concern alongside musings of length at which campaign would be conducted...whispers rampant and known of flight through portal despised to follow soon after. The burdens of fate piled seemingly without end regardless of toil and endeavors made. Naught could the Knight do but brace and accept that which would inevitably come.

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Re: Burdens of Fate

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Idle lay quill amidst hand calloused, gauntlets set aside as implement of scribing were taken in lieu of the sword. Candlelight and that housed amid lamps weathered shone dimly throughout the encampment whilst onward trudged the evening. Soon would be lit fires with which would come again shift of overseeing unto the ranks of stalwarts; however, Rorrek held fast to task immediate that bore unto him urgency necessary. Likewise did others not at said hour uphold ink and parchment alike so to lend word beyond the front, ears and hands trembling assailed though still with the clattering of warring near. Yet, that for which would write the Knight now would in truth differ greatly in purpose than contact of those endearing as with most whom sought letters and parcels hither. Instead would be requested favor, though caught were his musings betwixt precisely what such should be before dilemma thus faced...

It were but hours prior when deepened still had dread with revelation the stern man had ne'er desired to entertain. Summons unforeseen were lent through guildstone kept unto him by that of Lady Brianna whose word claimed need for discussion imperative. So depart had Rorrek once ended were interval his own upon the front lines in seeking of such, woman of birth noble and companionship rare to impart therein woe immense through farewell unexpected... Knew had all present inevitability that were push unto the Dark Portal so to see gateway foul closed shut against the Iron Horde. Whispered were estimates ceaseless whilst muster and prepare did encampment for that to come, tension to but mount yet higher with the passing of each morn. By influence of the Archmage had gathering and collaboration alongside the Horde become apparent with purpose toward formation of an advanced sortie. Soon would effort begin unto the portal with precision surgical as decline did the lines of this threat. In concert with this had, as with all matters involved militaristically, contingencies begun latterly in preparation of all eventualities should those foremost chosen falter or require assistance. Addressed were Rorrek as Knight-Captain unto this push, assigned to lend aid amid force supplementary to the forward party once secured were that immediate through the portal's breadth. So spoke Brianna of this as well, assignment her own much the same as reinforcement.

Offered to others whom would tend as well to the numerous facets of this endeavor were allotments of time so to ensure affairs left would be seen unto. Yet, content were Rorrek to remain amongst the trials of duty until sounded were call clarion. Word of farewell were lent not by that as his lips, excluding notice of charge anew unto the office of superiors former. Indeed, bestowed as with missives before upon the house of Larmont and Ronae'Serrar had been letter of brevity concerning this... Pondered had the solemn man visitation as were allowed, such mayhaps to be welcomed at hour late; however, reserve himself did he from that. With child and expecting had been the General, brow stoic to desire not the lending of burden sorrowful during such miracle belonging to companion cherished. Mused as well had he toward compatriot wry confined to his knowledge still within garrison amidst Elwynn, though fleeting were this as subdue did the man such contemplation swiftly. As opposed those few held in esteem lofty which were severed from throes of peril endured had Brianna remained present upon the front as overseer of tents medically inclined. Glimpsed oft had Rorrek personage her own, having intended to lend farewell in regards to departure imminent thither unto the woman at least as near presided she. Yet, for the Priestess to be summoned for offensive as this...such were discovery unexpected as morose.

Laden were Rorrek's demeanor with concern since accepted especially had Brianna offer of conscription lent from that of Stormwind, such to waylay composure he bore with the traversing of each hour since her arrival. Knew Rorrek, with sense born of campaigns past, that incident thus repelled would be merely the beginning of conflict long and merciless. Though weathered were companion as she, expertise boon upon fields and encampments war torn, were that to come not as skirmish or siege distant. Severance as this from realm guarded and those therein were oft death knell for those which ventured forth... and so sought the Knight authority meager by which title and distinguishing of yore would lend. Ascertained were rosters written of units composed, to which glimpsed did he now amid the dimness whilst parchment awaited writing. Most named stood unknown to brow as his, yet peer had he upon several for which knew he still. With persistence were eventually found the surname Mackinzie of which Brianna belonged. Now halted Rorrek beneath contemplation grave, decisions able yet chosen at which muse all did he in earnest.

Throughout record lengthy and deeds wrought had the Knight kept favor and debt of some whom dedicated themselves amidst the bureaucracy of Stormwind, wars ever intertwined with such offices. Unto acquaintances involved with efforts hither would request be administered in missive with haste due, to which hope would Rorrek that reasons imparted and prestige amounted would be found amicable for that written. Temptation significant were there in thought to but simply entreat for Brianna's formal dismissal from active service, yet riddled were heart with misgivings for such. Witnessed had he determination the woman wielded, despite nerve and fear natural to endeavor accepted. Beseech might that as he forgiveness if done were this, yet insult unto courageousness pursued by such friend were ill the Knight would steep not low enough toward... If warded might not the Priestess be from course at hand, guided would be path traversed. Soon would nigh be the hour in which began clamor anew.

Quill, at last with decision made, began to spill forth appeal conjured. Confident were Rorrek that transfer of Brianna's person as personnel medical unto reinforcements meager in which presided he might be seen to, bound in assignment unto him throughout campaign to be. Swore did the Knight that this, at the very least, would be done.

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Rorrek Therrien
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Re: Burdens of Fate

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Utterance of such name, once bestowed unto but plateau mundane, could be scarcely heard above the tumult which now resided atop cliff side once bare. The felling of boughs lavender alongside hewing industrious of stone and timber alike throughout arose amongst canopy tranquil in cacophony distinct. Ferried upon ship malformed, wrought of iron and hate, were those belonging amid realm afar. All for whom stood now upon such world mayhaps in sense were of ability to summon forth familiarity vague; however, utterly foreign and unrecognizable loomed land now wholly alien. Labored with haste did slave and soldier whilst uncertain yet were fate, walls frail and tents bare to rise from momentum of excursion blood sullied. Hither, before valley of night eternal, began in earnest the campaign of Draenor.

Amongst hands busied and command reformed dwelt Rorrek, duties upheld to with necessity but heighten in strain and accrue weight burdensome. Weariness gnawed yet upon heels plated which bore he as with all whom sought tasks their own beneath morale diminished. Furthermore, wariness which harrowed the Knight-Captain throughout labors long assisted naught, land beauteous surely to hold deceptions perilous in turn. Oft unto him were lost that of hours passed amidst such peculiar locale, horizon and skies o'er encampment anew ever soft in lights soothing as that of midnight without surcease. Shadowmoon unbeknownst were this indeed which held contrast immense from such name once mayhaps known. Yet, despite casualties sustained and conflict fierce would bide hither at least remnants enduring in reprieve with breath allotted once more. So trudge dutifully did the Knight whilst gradually returned flush healthy atop visage pallid as stern, veins therein to know warmth again as opposed to days prior...

Seared were sight of foe once measured by that of waves thwarted within the Blasted Lands at which stricken fleetingly had Rorrek been with pall ashen. Lent were call of charge and so surged forth that mustered before the Dark Portal at behest of Khadgar, as had the Archmage amid days of yore. Foremost endeavored those chosen headlong unto swathe foreboding of crimson, followed thereafter as signaled were push at last by those else gathered as reinforcement. Harsh were history that surrounded portal vile for which none, especially kingdoms close, dared gamble to repeat. So thrust were resource and regiments prepared toward foray into the unknown. Thither kept amid formation swift were Rorrek, Priestess noble for whom would soon know dread yet deeper observed intently near. Halt immediate came unto all once intruded were threshold dour, enemy incurred in wait to stare upward and bore ire upon the hearts which opposed them.

Iron black and furnaces dire girded invasion glimpsed, Gronns as mountains to stand amongst tide innumerable of fury Orcish. Spires jarring flitted ramparts colossal, munitions and arms as fields abundant alongside machinations forge tempered. Yet more, sight foul were bathed with sound most sickening which emanated from either flank of the portal's gates. Screams, anguished as desperate, howled in descents countless as thrust were Draenei and Orc both unwilling unto pits below. Plumes ethereal then wafted aloft amid agony palpable, souls thereby feeding the Iron Horde's maligned passageway. So too were gorged thirst their own for conquest through magics eldritch and forbidden. Rorrek's countenance desired buckling whilst well inward did fear uncertain, quelled only by that as experience and loyalties bidden. Mirrored were this amongst many that stood atop stairway soon to be bloodstained before resolve and formations immediate were lent weight. Fleeting were the seething of trepidation as met were war's thrum again, faces all to steel soon enough with convictions held still close. Though, for some would this resurgence come not without beckoning. As though captivated within trance stood Priestess watched, Brianna to blanch and stare before shook gently were shoulder with as well name bidden thrice. Seen oft had Rorrek such sightless gaze before joined were battle. Dispelling of this though reminded the Knight more so of need at hand, faltering to hold no place thither as remain did those near and amongst homes since departed which lent dependence and favor akin. It were thereafter at which meted were fray intense.

Combat opposed exuded ferocity which eclipsed the entirety of waves fended off before, such not as skirmish harassing. Soon were lost all sense within tension thick comprised of iron and blood. Spilt were much upon such stairway then as would be so amidst the hours yet to be, Rorrek as many to yield unto instinct and commands lent. Held were steps grandiose whilst those amid vanguard of personages carrying import yet greater sought desperately the portal's end. Though engulfing were swirl of sweat and steel, muscles aching before long for reprieve which would come not, were all quieted once sound anew were heard. Eventually would pause be known as wane did portal trespassed...such were of weight far greater than fear of force now fought and would long be sound the Knight could ever still hear.

Bled and reel would memories conjured then, that afterward to meld amidst haze of exhaustion and adrenaline. Retreat unto jungle dense and humidity sweltering numbed senses haggard beneath blanket oppressive. Forays and the throes of loss echoed amongst such thicket, as did fire and once more the unforgiving meeting blades whetted. Yet, onward with haste from afar had seen all guidance of the Archmage through perils new found. Respect anew were born beneath breastplate and brow as Rorrek's then for that endured by the Sons of Lothar. Casualties steep were stymied with gain of hands once shackled as pursuit and withdraw progressed, slaves of this world to rise with opportunity presented as traversed were encampments cruel. Though hours seemed ceaseless then would calm all this as but memories jarring, condensed amongst musings fleeting and with clarity disheveled. The Knight could scarcely recall voyage for which swept were he once captured had been ship vulnerable, naught but plumes and gales salt laden to be regaled amongst recollection fatigued. Mayhaps would this prove to be for the better as that of the present offered odds overwhelming for which to contend.

Reprieve among duties of lethality lessened heralded spirit meager throughout survivors directed, such to embolden as stoked were hope again. Though wary still could even Rorrek claim such sentiment himself. Such knew height greatest within moments brief upon arrival amid Shadowmoon, the Archmage before all to open portal tentative toward Stormwind's bastion. Garrison of the Alliance, from beginnings humble, might yet stand proudly o'er glades harmonious as deceitful which covered valley now trodden. However, only might such come to pass if committed were all amongst duties provided. With each stone laid were founded fortitude anew, such to interweave assuredly throughout continent savage and denizens therein as onward drew these days of severance. Outposts were to be raised, patrols overseen, and land expansive tamed. But one amongst many were the Knight-Captain whom saw as ever to duty sworn alongside construction progressive. Only with patience and time would fate of campaign be revealed, outcome interwoven with providence of two worlds now. Regardless would hilt be kept near that of Rorrek's gauntlet whether such end would prove of merit or tragedy.

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Rorrek Therrien
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Re: Burdens of Fate

Postby Rorrek Therrien » November 26th, 2014, 5:15 am

"I saw him again. Laid me eyes straight at him," spoke the first timidly among the three figures whom huddled atop logs nearest a quaint fire. Though quiet was his voice would form be without mistake or conspicuousness, laden with hunch and fur bristling as the Worgen were. Claws rough sought task with knife and twig to busy in whittling nervous whilst spoken were claim again. Flannel red flitted with shavings wooden denoted him as laborer of carpentry, or perhaps a lumberjack.

"Sure you did." The reply of the second, in tone and gaze, were naught but utterly unfazed. Lean leisurely did such man, gauntlets crossing atop tabard and breastplate beneath. Clad were the skeptic within that of a footman's garb in its entirety, save for the helm which rested atop grasses lush adjacent to his seat.

Hurriedly did the Worgen raise his voice as though such would bolster the credence of his present company. "No, I'm being serious here! I swears, bloke was jus' looming over the foot of me bed. You gots ta' believe me! Nearly passed away with a fright I did!" Shudder rampant swept through coat black then as recollections supposed were given thought, implements clung to clutched closer in turn.

"Oh, for sure. Of course I believe you." Sigh cynical followed thereafter, tone coarse as stubble russet for which lay upon chin of the footman's tanned complexion.

"It's Hamby I tells you! I ain't the only one ta' see him either hereabouts since...you know." Eyes of amber atop muzzle shifted then toward woodland imposing before valley tranquil which stood yet nearby the mustering installation of Lunarfall. Murmur then did those conversing for such moment the word "podlings" with contempt most bitter upon their breath.

As opposed to the former two had the third figure, of shape far shorter and stout, yet to lend word to the discourse which continued onward. Form burly crouched atop seat offered in silence, beard of shade brown dusky with braids which swayed softly amongst breeze present. Helmet worn were painted a glaringly discernible yellow with cords of leather tied thereabouts the base. This, alongside hands callous laden and skin sun-kissed, revealed the Dwarf's occupation as a porter. Whilst betwixt the footman and carpenter escalated such discussion upon the rumor which were the current disposition of Jarrod Hamby had set the porter to task recreational. Pipe wooden with stem lacquered black that bore etchings ornate from tenon onto bowl sloped were withdrawn from the sturdy pocket of his overalls. Lips upheld such pipe as placed were ground silverleaf therein from the rucksack which but moments before were slung still o'er shoulders stocky. Struck then were match and such within lit, mouth to puff in rhythm the end piece in swift succession before pipe were allowed to lounge. Attention thereafter of the Dwarven porter quietly met again his yet debating compatriots that had argued all the while.

"Look, all I'm saying is that I have been here just as long and haven't seen anything of the sort. It's probably just your nerves. I mean, it could have happened to anyone with how things are at the moment... This place is peaceful enough on the surface, but I won't feel safe until we've more than boards to protect us. Sometimes I just pass the time watching the masons, holding my breath... Doesn't mean I'm going to start hallucinating though." Stare pointed which followed seemed to pierce the carpenter from where he sat, said Worgen returning this with a derisive snort.

"I'm telling you, I ain't seeing things. Or, maybe you plum forgot that me eyes are a tad better than yours? I don't much care how much financing Alexston been granted for this ruddy mess. Won't matter if none of us come back anyhow... I didn't sign on to be no Son o' Lothar."

Briefly thrust upward were hands then of the footman with frustration having since grown toward such stubbornness disputed. Gaze wandered as grumble did the man in thoughts brooding before settle had sight upon subject anew, eager to see that argued fruitlessly ended. "Well, look who it is." Jarringly were thumb struck with brevity outward. Around the bend of wall westward for which occupied they amongst tents erected strode then figure anew. Solemn were approach distant of the man, armaments of gold and blue signifying status as officer at least. Drawn were shield and sword akin whilst patrolled were perimeter again.

Peer unto the dimness did the Worgen, following indication vague. "You mean the one walkin' about like there's a stick up his arse?"

"That would be the one. Therrien is his name, or so I've heard. This isn't the first time I've seen him make the rounds...like clockwork, really. I wonder if he ever sleeps? Though, it wouldn't be too hard to believe that he didn't with a grimace like that."

"Careful now, that armor he be shoulderin' counts him ta' be a little higher than you round here. Must get a few more scraps from them tables, decorated like that, if'n you know the meaning."

"He'd have to be a dog at this distance to eavesdrop on us." Wince brief ensued before glance apologetic were spared unto the Worgen present whom regarded such remark with indignation. "No offense... Anyway, I once overheard him talking to one of our couriers a few days back. I couldn't understand a word."

"Maybe you was not quite meant to, hrm? Wouldn't be the first time I heard of cryptic messages being sent out an' back. Not too farfetched out in this place." Wood held and long whittled were soon thrust as tinder upon the flames, knife sheathed before arise did claw to stroke the tuft upon his chin and canine features.

"No, not like that. I meant it sounded like the man had either swallowed a bottle of perfume, or was choking on a bouquet of roses. Why do you suppose that is?"

Scratch tentatively did the Worgen then his jaw before such claw ascended to render much the same upon the temple above whilst pondered were this. "Hrm, now that you gone and mentioned it... I rightly think I've heard that chap jabber a bit too. Can't say though why he don't just speak bloody common. Maybe he's one them noble types?"

"He wouldn't be anywhere near this place if he was a noble. He would be sipping imported wine on the balcony of an estate out in Elwynn, or spitting on a passerby while lounging in a lofty tower back in Stormwind. Besides, I've never heard any noble talk like that before."

"You know, I once fancied a dame that thought herself an honest playwright. Adored that kind of flowery gibberish she did. Theatre, theatrics, and scribblin' nonsense with quills. Honeys the knickers they say." Laugh and sneer as billows wheezing fell softly from the grinning maw.

The footman paid no heed to this, lost in thought for moment fleeting. "Speaking of that, maybe you're on to something for once. Do you know the medical supervisor at the healing ward? Well, more like another tent at this point. Brianna something..."

Ears pointed of the carpenter perked immediately, to which raise before him did hands worn. Amidst the night airs did such Worgen motion deftly with yet another grin as though shaping curves nubile. "Aye, you mean the Mackinzie woman, eh? Can't say I do, but I wouldn't say no to gettin' me an appointment." Slowly turned the wheel behind brow his own, eyes widening before spoke he again. "You don't mean...?"

"I do not know, but I have seen the way she looks at him. Particularly when his back is turned." Lifting deliberate of brow single accentuated the speculation and hearsay.

"You tellin' me that fine little lass been pining after that stern codger? Well... she must got bad eyes. Just be sure ta' remind me how her table needs avoiding, injury or not. Rather me surgeon not be blind if all be the same. Though, maybe there be some trick to that loon's babble after all, even if nobody understands the bastard?"

"Humph, that is actually rather funny coming from you. I can hardly make sense of your whining at times. Then again, I don't quite care to." Pauldrons lifted as crossed were arms again with shrug nonchalant.

"Ey! Wot's that supposed ta' mean yew blitherin', rotsniffin idjit!? Me and that pontificatin' oddity ain't nuthin' alike and you'd need be deaf if'n ya said otherwise." That upon the carpenter's nape stood at end whilst crinkle did snout, dialect curtailed having grown more obvious as goaded were his nerves.

Before retort from smugness dwelt amongst could voice the footman were both such persons held by interruption gruff. "Enough," spoke the Dwarf then with voice coarse as flint against stone. Within such silence had the porter remained so that in truth had both footman and carpenter alike simply forgotten his presence throughout the dialogue shared. "Lay off the poor sods. How they talk and what they eye are no concern of ours. They're here in this Light-forsaken place just as any of us." Glare belonging unto the Dwarf remained steadfast and poised as steel for which linger did silence long. Whether the austere fellow truly held courtesy for those spoken of unkindly or if merely could he endure not a moment more of such bickering were unknown; however, clearly would no further nonsense be brooked.

For time lengthy would naught be heard but the crackle of flames dimming and sigh pleased which emanated from the porter as smoked were pipe intricate. Though, to his dismay, did talk eventually begin again.

"So...What kind of name is Lunarfall anyway?"


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