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Collections of a Former Theramore Guard.

PostPosted: March 23rd, 2014, 7:09 pm
by Myaka
((Hello all! I'm restarting Mya's collections thread that was on the original sanctum. As before, as a catch all story thread all ratings are possible. Most stories probably won't be worse then PG-13, and I'll have warnings on specific stories if I think they need them!))

Drums of War

Her fingers tapped softly against her arm, the ghostly echo of her fingers impacting against the plate over her arm playing a continuous rhythm.


The Commander sent with them from the Battlemasters prattles on behind her, she does not turn nor give any thought to his words. Battlerage coils and spreads through her, already disregarding the mans' words as useless, mutterings of a coward as he says they've already lost. His reasons immaterial, she's already written off those listening to him as nothing more then fodder. All the while, the tapping continues, never ceasing.


The man gives up his attempts at convincing those not listening and sounds a charge. She darts forwards weaving through those milling around the base and in a smooth motion jumps into the saddle of the warcat that is her mount into battle. He roars and takes off in a run. Even though she doesn't tap out the rhythm anymore, it is echoed in the pounding footfalls of the cat.


A bellowing roar precedes the swing of a mace held by an orc. She rolls from the back of the cat and pulls her sword from its scabbard, the continuous rhythm playing through the traded blows between the two.


The bellows of the orc cut short as she thrusts the sword though bare skin unprotected but for tribal tattoos on the orc's chest. The orc falls dead, even then continuing the rhythm in the thumps his body makes in the ground.


She can hear it clearer now, ethereal and eternal, playing in the shrieks of swords and maces. The cries of the dead and dying. So many sounds, so many songs, all underscored by the rhythm blending them together, the single undying beat. So undeniably present that even one such as her. Someone who has fought for peace, bled for it, seen people die for it can't deny the thought that flickers though her head and is echo'd through the fighting.

So do sound the Drums of War.

Re: Collections of a Former Theramore Guard.

PostPosted: August 12th, 2015, 11:12 pm
by Myaka
((I liiiiiive! It's been a while since i've posted something here. I thought this would be a nice return story.))

She took off in a brisk run. The rising sun bathed Stormwind in red and orange hues. These runs had become a normal part of her routine after choosing to learn to be a shield barer. The rough hewn shield she was wearing now was nothing like the more elegant one that she was planning to use. It did not matter though, at this point she was getting used to a shield on her back compared to her broadsword. I have the extra time to learn this anyway.

It had surprised her how much free time had opened up, not that she should have been surprised. At her busiest she was assisting in running the military with Brownmane and Flamewind and keeping on top of her Guardian duties and Soldier duties. Now all she needed to worry about was her Keeper duties and what ever assignment she was given for the month.

In the beginning, she thought the large amount of free time would bother her after she stepped down as a Guardian. She enjoyed the extra time to do what ever struck her fancy at the time. Like her newest project, she was not just learning a new fighting style, she was doing a lot of research as well. New designs, new materials, she planned to have everything be completely new by the time she was done.

Well, not completely new. She mused. The shield that had hung in her home was the shield she wanted to use. She was still unsure if she would use it, it was a cherished family heirloom and it would break her heart if something happened to it. She would need to do something to protect it if she did use it. Perhaps an enchantment of some kind would work best, but she didn't know the first thing about that sort of enhancement.

Perhaps Ketani’s stewards project could be helpful in that.

She slowed to a stop, biting back a groan at her stupidity. Ketani was the answer to her problem! She was a very good enchanter from what Kate had told her. She also trusted the nethermancer to treat the shield with the respect it deserved.

Ketani could sometimes be a little intimidating, but she didn’t think the nethermancer would dismiss her out of hand.

I do have my path work that I wanted, to be more sociable. Speaking with Ketani for this would count yes? She mused to herself. She wasn’t sure, technically while the nethermancer was intimidating; that didn’t mean that she wasn’t one of the easier people to talk with. She debated with herself back and forth on the run, the path so ingrained to her that she did not have to focus on where she was running. It was early enough in the morning that the streets were fairly clear too so she needn’t worry about running into anyone.

I can’t risk someone destroying it, or weakening it. Even if there are others who I could go to be more open to working with others in TE I can’t risk someone I can’t trust. The shield was the only one she had, it was not like she could remake it if it was broken. It was her fathers, and even a remade shield wouldn’t be the same. If she could not be relatively sure it would remain in one piece she could not risk it’s destruction.

She shook her head lightly, bemused at a sudden thought. I would need to seek Ketani out anyway. She’s the one making Kate’s wedding gown, and I need to wear something more than that black dress to the wedding if I will be the Maid of Honor at the wedding. Her decision made, she turned towards home, she would seek out Ketani when the nethermancer was available.

Re: Collections of a Former Theramore Guard.

PostPosted: November 9th, 2015, 1:20 am
by Myaka
Leon landed outside her home but Mya did not dismount from the gryphon. Fury raged and boiled inside of her. Battlerage had roared and snarled from the moment Chancellor Skylah Mackenzie’s kidnapping had been announced. Someone, some nameless enemy had struck out at her family. But she had only thought she was angry. The stone, with Skylah’s fearful voice calling out for her sister, had fanned the flames and even now they did not die.
She pulled lightly on the reigns, taking care to not hurt the gryphon in her current state. She couldn’t go back home quite yet, the memory tugging and making the fire harsher.

Leon landed again, this time in front of the enchanted training dummies on the outskirts of Old Town. Typically she avoided this area; both because the proving grounds at Xuen’s Temple in Pandaria tended to be a better outlet, and that there are some in Old Town that would be tempted by a lone woman even if she was normally in plate. But now, she didn’t care of that, she almost hoped someone would give her a reason to hit something more than the sack of straw that made up the training dummies.

She pulled the shield from her back and confirmed she was alone before closing her eyes and letting down the walls that kept the rage from overwhelming her. Her eyes snapped open, black overtaking the light brown until there was no hint of the difference between her iris and pupil.

She charged forward, the shield bashing into one of the training dummies.

Skylah’s panicked, horrified scream as she tried to call out to her sister rang out over the stone.

A side swipe overwhelmed the enchantment on the training dummy, rending it in two. The sword cleaved into the other.

Attacked at the Hallow’s End gathering.

A snarl ripped itself from clenched teeth and she charged to another, a forward stab impaling the dummy nearly to the hilt, another cleave left the dummy barely in one piece as the enchantment tried to repair it.

Kidnapped while with the caravan.

Another wide swing of the sword destroying the second dummy before it could repair.

The Grim

She lost track of the attacks, of the charges and swings and shield bashes. She continued, each dummy replacing itself as the enchantments on them reform after a while. Her breath comes in hard gasps but she does not stop, wishing each dummy was the forsaken holding her fellow imperial. Wishing each were the horde who had –dared- lay a hand on those of her adoptive family. The words she had spoken to Kate returned to her.

I will show them the ways of their foolishness.
They will learn the lesson, and if they are lucky, they will live to
regret it.

Re: Collections of a Former Theramore Guard.

PostPosted: November 11th, 2015, 9:33 pm
by Myaka
((Is another story! I had to write a reaction to the recording. Those of you interested in what an angry Mya's like, you is gonna get it =P))

Myaka stood in the open area in the middle of Lions Watch, she had gone to assist those still fighting the Iron Horde. It had been meant as another way to siphon off battlerage, but now…

The recording played on, and the warrior could only watch; shock still and face paling rapidly as the macabre scene played out. Rage roared through her as her mind caught up with what she was seeing.

They dare-!

Her hands curled into fists at her side while a low snarl ripped itself through clenched teeth. Rage continued to grow, fury growing so much within her that she could not put a name to the violent emotion stirring itself into a frenzy. And then, suddenly she could.


Hate burned through her with the force of a raging inferno, nearly overflowing the walls of her control. She didn’t want to hold the flames back, she wanted to let them go. She wanted to see the Grim, and those on that fel damned recording, reduced to cinders. To let there be nothing but a smoldering ruin, to leave every memory of them nothing but ashes.

The threat to leave Skylah’s head in Lions Watch snapped her from the dark path her thoughts were going down, even as another snarl fought itself free. She could not be here, not when her own control was so precarious. She knew as much as leaving behind the want for revenge rankled at her, Skylah needed to be freed. Then, and only then, would they be safe to teach the Grim the lesson they so greatly deserved.

Her eyes, light brown tinted to an unsettling black, snapped back to the recording this time focusing on what she could discern of the faces of the Horde in the screen. If she would not be able to see the Grim burn, then perhaps with luck, she could see those three ablaze.